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A Broken Bracket Report
This year it was the pundits who led me astray. If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, lots of information is worse. Far worse. And so it was that Eastern Washington/Iowa State and their ...
El Bloguero 03/22/2015 3 - - -
It's National Grammar Day
Sometimes it's like a nail on a chalk board. Except that chalk boards are rare. Or maybe it's like a broken record. Except... You're writers. Today's the day for grammar. And also for pet peeves ...
El Bloguero 03/04/2015 47 10 - -
That Other September 11; Those Other 3,000
Salvador Allende (1908-1973) Vive En Memoria It was on September 11, 1973, 40 years ago, that democracy died in Chile. A CIA backed coup, led by Gen. Augusto Pinochet, overthrew democratically ...
El Bloguero 09/11/2014 50 126 1 -
Join Me In Protesting Ferguson
Join me and thousands of others in protesting the murder of Michael Brown and the suppression of peaceful protest in Ferguson, Missouri. Put your hands up and post the photo. Very simple. Does ...
El Bloguero 08/14/2014 3 4 - -
Zephyr Wins Suit, Cuomo Goes To Israel
Zephyr Teachout, my favorite underdog candidate to defeat NY Governor Andrew Cuomo in the September primary, had a victory in Court today. Judge Edward Walker ruled against Cuomo's team in their ...
El Bloguero 08/11/2014 11 33 1 -
NY Gubernatorial Primary Goes To Court
Today Zephyr Teachout, a total underdog in the September New York primary for Governor against Andrew Cuomo, found herself in Supreme Court in Brooklyn to testify about her residency. NY law ...
El Bloguero 08/07/2014 23 29 - -
Is Cuomo The New Nixon?
A short synopsis: allegedly shocked, stunned and appalled by longstanding, well known systemic corruption in Albany, Cuomo starts a Moreland Commission to investigate it. After a while, before ...
El Bloguero 08/05/2014 18 7 - -
New York Governor Race: There is One
That's the news. November doesn't have to be the predicted Andrew Cuomo coronation. The widespread corruption in Albany doesn't have to continue. Progressives don't have to hold their noses and ...
El Bloguero 08/03/2014 27 18 2 -
The New York Anti-Corruption Candidate For Governor
Bet you didn't know you had a choice in New York's governor's race. It was going to Cuomo, despite the maelstrom created by his canceling "his" Moreland Commission and the impending investigation ...
El Bloguero 08/02/2014 6 9 - -
Unaccompanied Immigrant Children
Imagine this: You’re ten years old. You were born into a very poor family that’s barely getting by. Your house is falling down, there’s no work for the grown ups, crime is horrendous, even ...
El Bloguero 07/09/2014 34 14 1 -
World Cup For Kossacks: Thursday's Showdown
Your Bloguero loves futbol, soccer, calcio, whatever you call it. He’s now knee deep in World Cup. He’s put virtually everything in real life on hold (like the rest of the planet (except the US))
El Bloguero 06/25/2014 45 21 - -
World Cup For Kossacks, Midweek Edition
Your Bloguero, futbol fanatico that he is, hesitates to write too frequently about the World Cup/Copa Mundial. Why/por que? He is prone to excess. He’s written about World Cup twice: here and here .
El Bloguero 06/18/2014 6 18 - -
World Cup For Kossacks, Part Deux
Your Bloguero is one of the billion (yes, really, that many) people in the World who are utterly transfixed by the World Cup. It doesn’t matter to him what you call it: football, soccer, calico, ...
El Bloguero 06/17/2014 22 20 - -
World Cup For Kossacks, The Basics
Your Bloguero loves futbol utterly and completely. In that he’s a lot like millions of people around the world. And like them, he knows that beginning on Thursday he will put everything on hold (...
El Bloguero 06/09/2014 101 38 - -
2/11/14: The Day We Fight Back Against Mass Surveillance
There. I said it. Please join your Bloguero today and support The Day We Fight Back Against Mass Surveillance." What does support this mean? Spread widely on social media, and also, more important ...
El Bloguero 02/11/2014 1 11 - -
Don't Mourn, Organize! Eugene Debs' Birthday
Eugene V. Debs (11/5/1855 - 10/20/16) This is Eugene V Debs, a founder of the Industrial Workers of the World an the five-time Socialist Party of America ...
El Bloguero 11/05/2013 8 16 - -
A Last 9/11 Thought
As 9/11 of 2013 comes to an end, let's remember martyred Victor Jara, who was murdered forty years ago:
El Bloguero 09/11/2013 7 6 - -
That Other September 11th; Those Other 3,000
Salvador Allende (1908-1973) Vive En Memoria It was on September 11, 1973, 40 years ago, that democracy died in Chile. A CIA backed coup, led by Gen. Augusto Pinochet, overthrew democratically ...
El Bloguero 09/10/2013 31 82 - -
A-Rod, Please!
Seems that MLB has decided to suspend Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees for 211 games because of use of performance enhancing drugs and efforts to obstruct MLB's investigation. Oddly enough, the ...
El Bloguero 08/05/2013 32 7 - -
Part Two: Where's Your Bloguero's Dough?
(Amig@s, you will recall yesterday's banking drama in which your Bloguero learned to his surprise and horror that, alas, five of his accounts had been emptied. And they all said they had no dinero ...
El Bloguero 08/02/2013 16 19 - -
Where's Your Bloguero's Dough? He Wants It Back!
Your Bloguero's brain is about to explode. Where is his dough? He wants it back. Yes, he knows he's repeating himself. It's not perseveration. Your Bloguero was going to write an essay about how ...
El Bloguero 08/01/2013 11 8 1 -
Gideon's Army: Do Not Miss It!!
Tonight at 9 ET HBO is playing the documentary, Gideon's Army. It's about three public defenders and their work. Their work , lest we miss it, is no less than embodying the Sixth Amendment right to ...
El Bloguero 07/01/2013 5 10 1 -
About Time
This is my favorite ginko tree.She is wearing her early Spring green dress. She sways in the breeze. She smiles. She spins to show off her dress. She listens to the wind's song and hums softly ...
El Bloguero 04/29/2013 5 5 - -
Catching The Bombers: The Hats (Updated x 2)
For the past two hours, I've been watching the FBI tapes and looking at the photos. I've also listened to a lot of blather from "experts". So if we're being invited to catch these guys, I have an ...
El Bloguero 04/18/2013 68 5 - -
Escapes: The Mayan Riviera
The Beach in Bahia Soliman Maybe this is the beginning of another love story. People come from all over the world to the Mayan Riviera in Mexico as tourists, fall in love with it, and return over ...
El Bloguero 04/14/2013 70 69 7 -
Love Letters, We Get Lotsa Love Letters. Not.
I’m not snowed in. Nemo has ended here. And I have electricity. And oil in the tank. And wood to burn. And there’s really no reason to go out. If I still did that, today might be a wonderful day ...
El Bloguero 02/09/2013 7 6 2 -
A Holiday Story: What's In The Brown Paper Bag?
(I originally posted this item in December, 2009. This is a short story by Luis Ramirez, who was executed in Texas on October 20, 2005. My thanks to Abe Bonowitz for passing this story along to me. ...
El Bloguero 12/20/2012 3 6 - -
How To Honor The Sandy Hook Victims
I am sad. And I am angry. I don't want to debate anything. I don't want to argue. I don't want to hear about the politics. The theories. The ideas. The law. I'm way beyond that. I have been ...
El Bloguero 12/15/2012 5 4 - -
Please Thank Dog!
What is up with the cats? More specifically, what is up with cats and the Internet? First there was the I Can Has Cheeseburger , then Ceiling Cat . There are more photos of lolcats with and without ...
El Bloguero 12/01/2012 49 18 - -
NYC Penn Station: What A Disgrace
Sometimes your Bloguero has to rant. And this is one of those times. This time it’s about the main train station, Penn Station, in New York City. This rail entrance into an important (the most ...
El Bloguero 11/28/2012 147 76 2 -
Life Of Pi: Credit To Scliar, Please
Before, there was the novel, Life of Pi . Now there is a new movie, Life of Pi . But before them. Before Yann Martel picked up the pencil to write about a tiger in a lifeboat with a boy on the open ...
El Bloguero 11/25/2012 25 28 1 -
One World Futbol: Let The Games Begin!!
(Note: the perfect antidote for Black Friday's capitalist frenzy: giving something to somebody who has precious little.) Khartoum, Sudan Every once in a while, your Bloguero stumbles across ...
El Bloguero 11/23/2012 4 10 2 -
On Gratitude
At our house, when we have Thanksgiving dinner, we like to stop eating and talking to go around the table clockwise so that each person present can say what s/he is thankful for. When we first ...
El Bloguero 11/21/2012 9 12 - -
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