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Let's Lose the Zero Sum Game
Don't forget this ever. We often believe, even if it is subconsciously, that if others are gaining, we must be losing something. We must be missing something, if they have so much. This is not true.
Ellinorianne 04/18/2015 18 3 - -
Pizza for Equality - Let's out raise them!
So, are you one of those people who are upset that so many came out and gave to the pizza parlor that would refuse pizza to anyone that was openly LGBT? Guess what? Do something about it. Now. ...
Ellinorianne 04/06/2015 5 17 - -
Climate Denial is Immoral, So is the Republicans Failure to Govern
Today Katharine Jefferts Schori, the presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church and noted as the "most powerful woman" in the Christian religion spoke out against climate change denial. She spoke out ...
Ellinorianne 03/24/2015 38 19 - -
I was wrong about Mo'ne Davis…
There is a story on the front page, Little League star Mo'ne Davis asks university to reinstate college athlete who crudely insulted her and I reacted badly, like, woh, knee jerk, I was wrong in ...
Ellinorianne 03/23/2015 45 26 - -
I have no idea what I’m doing
It seems to be a theme in my life, well part of it. So much change in the last few years, from innumerable personal losses, job changes which just meant moving from one job I don’t love to ...
Ellinorianne 03/23/2015 12 19 1 -
Vagina Tax Indeed
Oh Sarah Silverman, how we love thee. The Vagina Tax Campaign has launched and so has the over the top representation of a very real issue that every woman faces. Unequal pay for equal work. And yes,
Ellinorianne 10/13/2014 13 25 1 -
I'm coming out
Sort of, it's been a very long and difficult year of growth and newness. My divorce was final as of August 8th of this year. September 12th marked the 16th anniversary of our wedding. My ex got ...
Ellinorianne 10/11/2014 43 117 - -
Learning to Live in the Friend Zone
Dating has been beyond interesting. It’s helped me find a new center and understanding of myself that I doubt I would have wandered to on my own. Relationships grow through interaction and that ...
Ellinorianne 03/11/2014 8 6 - -
Valentine's is for You
It’s the first Valentines in a long time that I’ve been single. No date, nothing to do. And I’ve come to the conclusion that of course, it’s kind of awesome. I don’t need a Valentines. ...
Ellinorianne 02/14/2014 4 6 - -
What’s the worst thing that could happen?
This has been a new game for me to alleviate any crippling anxiety I may be experiencing. I tend to dwell and I tend to dwell on the things I can’t control sometimes. With all this change in my ...
Ellinorianne 01/05/2014 24 43 - -
My First 5k
It's only about 3 miles, a 5k, but it's such a long run for me. Just a handful of weeks ago I couldn't run a quarter of a mile without stopping. I asked my trainer how long she thought it would ...
Ellinorianne 11/25/2013 23 31 - -
Divorce and Finding Work
Big changes have come to my neck of the woods and the last couple of years have found me mostly absent from Daily Kos. I used to be quite a prolific diarist, I had a lot to say and still do, but ...
Ellinorianne 11/20/2013 42 43 - -
If only we got this pissed off about Climate Change
All the scandals, all the rants and the anger, it all matters, but I would probably be shocked to death if people got this angry over climate change and environmental issues in this Country as they ...
Ellinorianne 06/07/2013 109 212 - -
Helping Pesto the Doxie
I don't know what I was thinking, certainly not with my head, probably with my heart. I had a dog that I couldn't afford to help and it broke me, literally I think for a bit. I was so sad. People ...
Ellinorianne 03/25/2013 10 27 - -
I lost a dear friend today
Gus was a Kossack and a friend, he was someone I knew here in Orange County and someone I think who actually got me. He had called me recently to go to lunch and I had to say no. I wish I had gone.
Ellinorianne 02/13/2013 30 158 4 -
"Climate change presents a major challenge for society,"
For many of us who follow climate change news we've known this for a while and while the majority of climate scientists also believe this, the rest of the world is slow to follow. The US has not ...
Ellinorianne 01/12/2013 10 25 1 -
It Will Always Come Back to the Environment
Fiscal Cliff or not, there are so many issues that people feel are more important than Climate Change and the other issues our planet is facing and yet we fail to realize that the real cliff has to ...
Ellinorianne 11/29/2012 16 39 1 -
Who is Slaughtering Dolphins off the Gulf Coast
If Dolphins didn't have enough to worry about with Climate Change and the Challenges the Deep Water Horizon created for them over the past couple of years, it seems there is now someone killing ...
Ellinorianne 11/28/2012 30 29 - -
Susan Rice's issue is not Benghazi, it's the Tar Sands Pipeline
Secretary of State Candidate Has a Major Financial Stake in Canadian Tar Sands I keep wondering why Benghazi has been so blown out of proportion, it's not really an issue for Susan Rice, she said ...
Ellinorianne 11/28/2012 175 73 1 -
Climate Change, as strong a theory as gravity.
UN climate scientist: Sandy no coincidence and they are covering DOHA. Sandy's horrific consequences on the people who's lives were torn apart has hopefully gotten some attention from the mainstream.
Ellinorianne 11/27/2012 16 25 - -
Republicans, please listen to Meghan McCain and Barbara Bush
Meghan McCain said today: Times are changing. The face of America is changing and we as Republicans stand at a crossroads. Are we going to accept the changing face of America and change with it? Or ...
Ellinorianne 11/16/2012 39 25 - -
Woozles & Politics - Barking Out the Vote with Sutter Brown
Yes, I admit it, I've been a Sutter Brown fan for years now, well, since he set up shop on Facebook at least . He's the First Dog here in California and he's been touring the Golden State to "Bark ...
Ellinorianne 11/04/2012 17 56 - -
9-Year Olds & Presidential Politics - Too Young to be this Cynical
It's been a tough few weeks, not only do I care deeply about the Presidential race but I am passionate about all the issues that face our community, from State initiatives (Such as Prop 30 here in ...
Ellinorianne 11/03/2012 45 82 1 -
Romney,Disaster Relief: It's Like Cleaning a Football Field
Romney compares Sandy relief to cleaning up after high-school football game Lawrence O'Donnell took this clip from Romney's fake Disaster Relief event and showed us again why Romney is about as ...
Ellinorianne 11/01/2012 16 10 - -
President Obama "Surprised" Climate Change not mentioned in Debates
So was I. A lot of people were not just surprised, I was shocked and appalled. But hey, I think this is the most important issue facing the human race. I'm glad President Obama thinks it's ...
Ellinorianne 10/30/2012 15 11 - -
Custody Battle Over Obie - Obese Doxie
Oh, you've heard the story, Obese Doxie meets girl who's going to change his life but rescue agency has remorse over letting girl give this portly guy a new lease on life and now wants him back. Or ...
Ellinorianne 10/25/2012 17 11 - -
The Debates: The letter that was missing, E for Environment
There should have been a fourth debate and that debate should have been dedicated to all things environment. The environment covers a lot of issues, from natural resources including fossil fuels ...
Ellinorianne 10/23/2012 6 11 - -
Audio - Romney Urges Employers to tell Employees how to vote
No, that's not a typo, Think Progress has a piece about how Mitt Romney told employers on a conference call of the National Federation of Independent Business to emphasize the importance of this ...
Ellinorianne 10/17/2012 10 25 - -
The theme of the week has been one of loss, painful and gut wrenching loss. It's loss that has occurred years ago to loss that happened just a couple of days ago, but it's all about loss and loss ...
Ellinorianne 09/15/2012 47 107 1 522
Mario Batali - Living on Food Stamps
Mario Batali is taking the whole concept of walking in another's shoes very seriously, he and his family are walking in the shoes of a family of four who is living on food stamps. “For one week, ...
Ellinorianne 05/16/2012 310 473 6 2181
I was just thinking about the "lesser of two evils"
And I am sure someone else has had this epiphany. But we hear the argument that a vote for Obama is still a vote for a lesser of two evils. I get that. But I will vote for that lesser of two evils.
Ellinorianne 05/13/2012 18 6 - 193
KosAbility - Graduation Day
KosAbility is a community diary series posted at 5 PM ET every Sunday and Wednesday by volunteer diarists. This is a gathering place for people who are living with disabilities, who love someone ...
Ellinorianne 04/25/2012 29 26 - 142
3rd Gray Whale Tangled in Long Line Fishing Net in ONE MONTH-What you can do!
It is Gray Whale season along the Coast of North American but unfortunately we are having a banner year for Gray whales being entangled in fishing nets and just yesterday was the third one off the ...
Ellinorianne 04/18/2012 6 27 - 78
Whales Give Dolphins a Lift
I have loved this photo for a while now, captioned, reposted it, I adore dolphins and whales and have written about both quite a bit here. I believe that they need protection, from us. There are ...
Ellinorianne 04/03/2012 25 47 - 189
Let's Help Kenya - Lifetime Insurance Cap about to be Met
I am sitting here and I can't help but cry as I read about Kenya Wheeler, someone I've grown to admire even though I've never met him. I have also never met Ruby although we've chatted now and ...
Ellinorianne 03/28/2012 4 17 - 91
Think Progress:EXCLUSIVE: 141 Companies Drop Rush & Centrist Women Fleeing the Republican Party?
Does that not make the heart sing? ThinkProgress has obtained an internal memo from Premiere Radio Networks listing 96 national companies that have “specifically asked” their advertisments not ...
Ellinorianne 03/12/2012 121 271 2 1525
My Daughter is Concerned about this Election
My lovely eight-year-old daughter has been very concerned about the election and the candidates. The stories I am going to share are not new topics but that my daughter has expressed her thoughts ...
Ellinorianne 03/02/2012 15 23 - 136
My Health is in My Hands
I have been an absent Kos person for a couple of months now, struggling with health issues and recovering from my car accident from four months ago. My badly broken forearm is still recovering and ...
Ellinorianne 02/29/2012 12 16 - 76
Just one day in the Hospital
It has been almost three months since my car accident and I am still recovering. Today I had my first mammogram ever (right of passage) to find the lump in my right breast is due to the tremendous ...
Ellinorianne 02/01/2012 23 46 - 216
In Defense of Civility
This screed is not about anything particular here or Daily Kos in general, but all interactions among those that disagree politically either online or in person. And I know it has been said, ...
Ellinorianne 01/04/2012 50 104 1 441
Boycott Tar Sands? Canada Will urge a boycott of you!
No, you read that right.
Ellinorianne 12/21/2011 21 30 - 206
Thank you, though I do not feel worthy
I have been here for over four years now and have written extensively about personal issues, from my health, my weight to struggling to find my voice and my place in this world. I grew up amongst a ...
Ellinorianne 12/19/2011 39 57 - 176
Thank You Senators Boxer, Kerry, Sanders and Whitehouse, America must not back down on sustainable
Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. John Kerry, Sen. Barbara Boxer and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse have all collectively published the following in quite a fe online blog and news sources,
Ellinorianne 12/17/2011 2 16 1 77
Canada's Oil Ambitions and the Interference with US and International Progress on Climate Change
Salon has a damning piece entitled, Big Oil and Canada Thwarted US Carbon Standards with ...
Ellinorianne 12/16/2011 25 24 - 129
The end of the Iraq War, Thank our Troops
Rachel Maddow has always included coverage of the wars in her news casts. When she was on the radio she had a segment called, "Life during wartime". It was always a reminder that even hough the ...
Ellinorianne 12/14/2011 8 10 - 53
Massachusetts' Cap and Trade not a Job Killing Nightmare?
Believe or not, Cap and Trade, which was enacted in Massachusetts and 9 other Northeastern States in 2008 has not brought their economy to the brink, it has actually created jobs and revenue and ...
Ellinorianne 12/14/2011 3 10 - 48
Thanks for the Colorful Wool Sweaters!
I am thanking you ahead of time and hoping to get some help in a very strange way. Since breaking my left arm in a car accident last month and being put on disability I have been looking for things ...
Ellinorianne 12/13/2011 6 9 1 83
Saving Lives and Saving Sanity, The Daily Kos Community
I started to write here in the summer of 2007 during the contentious Democratic primary that was hard fought and quite bitter for many. I was drawn back into politics because the 8 years of Bush ...
Ellinorianne 12/13/2011 6 29 - 69
"Japan whaling fleet accused of using tsunami disaster funds"
It is another year and another early summer in the antarctic sea which means the Japanese whaling fleet is heading out again to meet its "scientific" quota of whales to slaughter, almost 1,000 of ...
Ellinorianne 12/11/2011 63 30 - 131
"Santorum: ‘Science Should Get Out Of Politics’ "
Just when you think the Republican candidates for President can't drag us back any further in time when it comes to the discussion of important issues of the day, from civil rights to Global Warming,
Ellinorianne 12/09/2011 53 51 - 391
Some DIY and Eco-Friendly Gifts this year
Since my sorry bruised ass has been painfully stuck at home for the past few weeks and I have been spending way too much time online and awake too late, I have been thinking about gifts that my ...
Ellinorianne 12/09/2011 14 24 2 111
We are the 1% - The US and Climate Change
When it comes to consuming the most energy per capita, we are the leaders. When it comes to pollution, we ruled them all up ...
Ellinorianne 12/08/2011 30 28 1 99
Sen. Boxer to climate change deniers: ‘You are endangering humankind’
Someone needs to be saying it and saying it often and it will not matter much if it is you to I here on this blog or any other blog. It needs to be said from as high on up as possible. This is a ...
Ellinorianne 12/07/2011 13 29 1 103
The Durban Daily: Report from Durban: Oxfam on Saturday's March
Singing, dancing and lack of decision at COP17 Climate Change ...
Ellinorianne 12/06/2011 2 12 1 37
"Potentially Earth-Like Planet Has Right Temperature for Life"
I Love science, discovery, the unknown that our universe holds, so a story like this makes my toes tingle with excitement and it is just one of thousands of reasons why we should fund Nasa.
Ellinorianne 12/05/2011 60 49 1 327
Boehner to tie Payroll Tax-Cut to Keystone Pipeline Approval
Republicans seem to be up to their same old tricks by trying to make what Boehner called "Chickensh*t" and turning it into "Chicken salad". Publicly they support the tax cuts but in private?
Ellinorianne 12/02/2011 8 27 - 145
Adding Injury to Chronic Health Issues - An Update
This is the unknown I face. Even though it has been over two weeks since the car accident we are still assessing the extent of my injuries and I do not know how they will affect my already ongoing ...
Ellinorianne 11/27/2011 22 19 - 123
Watch: Whales, dolphins and sharks caught in Tuna net
Greenpeace released a video yesterday showing how dolphins whales and sharks are being caught in tuna nets as by catch. The footage is shocking to say the least and should be a warning to those who ...
Ellinorianne 11/17/2011 8 16 - 76
Girl struggling with math LOL Fail - Sexism on Facebook
Yes, I have one good arm to type with since I broke one in a car accident while going to pick up my daughter from school on Tuesday. It was awful, surgery, lots of x-rays, ct scans and a car that I ...
Ellinorianne 11/12/2011 104 80 - 679
Tar Sands Pipeline White House Protest LiveStream And Action Items
Many are still waiting to hear if the White House is going to approve the Tar Sands Pipeline and if you are like me, you want this like you want another hole in your head. Right now thousands have ...
Ellinorianne 11/06/2011 14 33 - 108
Bringing Progressive Courage to Occupy Oakland, Golf Courses and Beyond
The Courage Campaign is doing amazing work in California. They've brought many issues to the forefront and helped support initiatives unlike any other organization we have here in the Golden State.
Ellinorianne 11/03/2011 2 7 - 34
A Community Responds to "Praying Away the Gay", it can lead to GLBT Suicides
I wrote about Compass Bible Church and their horrifying video entitled, Sins of the Father, ...
Ellinorianne 11/02/2011 10 36 - 132
Women and the Occupation - 2/3'rds of the working hours, 10% of the income
The most striking thing about OWS are the signs, not just that there are so many but that in so few words so much can be said. Economic injustice is far spread and has hit so many but it hits women ...
Ellinorianne 10/30/2011 181 154 5 671
The City of Irvine Grants Occupy OC the Right to Camp Overnight
You heard it, Orange County, California, considered one of the most conservative Counties in the Country and the Occupy Movement has been given the green light to Occupy over night by the Irvine ...
Ellinorianne 10/26/2011 4 12 - 50
Compass Bible Church and Praying the Gay Away
So this is what happens in Aliso Viejo? Sure, it's South Orange County, California, squarely Republican but not as conservative as you may think, the city voted against Prop 8, the ban on Gay ...
Ellinorianne 10/24/2011 32 24 - 143
Stacey Hessler is at OWS for ME - She did not "Ditch" her Family
As I've watch this movement grow and written about it just a bit, my understanding of it has grown. It's not just about income inequality. Of course, this is important, it's a cornerstone issues ...
Ellinorianne 10/23/2011 7 23 - 143
Climate Change and the Occupation
Where did Global Warming Go? It's another issue that's been pushed under the rug by the 1%
Ellinorianne 10/16/2011 6 16 - 75
Occupy Yourself
The past few weeks have been expansive for me personally and painful. I have found myself grieving for many things, not just personally but for our society in general and how we have become so empty,
Ellinorianne 10/14/2011 10 31 - 157
On What Path do We Go?
I see the photos and understand. I understand the 99%. The despair, the loss of hope, the questioning and the frustration. I also see hope, I see energy and I see power in the people gathering to ...
Ellinorianne 10/13/2011 8 5 - 38
I am so tired of hearing the same thing about Occupy Wall Street
I am hearing the same thing from Republicans, that their parents made it without whining, without protesting, why be jealous of what others have? They really don't get it. Many of our parents ...
Ellinorianne 10/09/2011 25 34 1 181
Why We Must Occupy and What the SINGLE Message is
I have been listening to the local radio in Los Angeles for the past few days and the daily rants against the Occupy Wall Street movement. The comments coming I am hearing are shocking to say the ...
Ellinorianne 10/07/2011 17 19 - 110
"Climate Change and the End of Australia"
Australia is at the other side of the planet and facing extremes that we have yet to deal with. Sure, we've had floods, hurricanes and fires this year, but not to the extent of Australia. Is ...
Ellinorianne 10/05/2011 92 210 8 1260
Chief Raoni Cries for his people, no, but you can still stop the Belo Monte Dam
This is not a new photo, it's been circulating for a few months now, but it has become new again because of Facebook and it is touching a lot of people because of the impact it has had.
Ellinorianne 09/29/2011 2 8 - 61
Are Those Strawberries really "Organic"
Grist just tweeted this story and it made me pause because I have been following the Methyl Iodide issue for a while now. California grows a huge number of the Strawberries Americans eat and Methyl ...
Ellinorianne 09/28/2011 28 16 - 143
Moving Planet: Transitioning is Moving Me
Definition ...
Ellinorianne 09/23/2011 21 86 5 437
More Americans Believe the World Is Warming, Blame Rick Perry?
Who would have thought those pointed questions during the Republican Presidential debates would actually drive more people to question Climate Change? I know that many here sit in awe as one after ...
Ellinorianne 09/17/2011 18 36 - 214
My Pootie needs your help and so does my Job!
There are two things you can do today to help me. Like Canstruction Orange County at Facebook (Yes, I am so ...
Ellinorianne 09/16/2011 44 82 - 492
Breaking the Boycott
I felt that I needed to join this boycott because of a larger issue of racism in our world, but I don't think it really makes that point. The larger issue at hand has to do with very few people ...
Ellinorianne 09/14/2011 269 201 - 1769
The Boycott
My reason for joining may seem strange and contradictory but be patient with me. I believe that the bannings and rate removals were fair. They may have felt unfair and disproportionate to many but ...
Ellinorianne 09/11/2011 36 40 - 415
Can you help a Fellow Kossack out today?
I really hate to beg, but I will if I have to. Because I need your help. I've written three previous diaries regarding Hello Kitty, Goodbye Hunger, a project I've worked on for ...
Ellinorianne 09/06/2011 10 36 1 197
Hello Kitty - Goodbye Hunger - CANstruction feeds the Food Insecure
It was a very long night, I was up until four am helping the Architecture firm I work for put up our structure for the 4th annual CANstruction , in South ...
Ellinorianne 09/03/2011 17 42 - 184
Cutting NOAA funding will affect future Forcasting abilities
Imagine a looming disaster heading for the US, a hurricane or blizzard is on the way and as things are, we're not quite sure what may happen but scientists can take an educated guess as to how the ...
Ellinorianne 08/27/2011 16 39 - 111
Iceland Abandons Fin Whaling this year
Some much needed good news on the whaling front, Iceland is not going to ...
Ellinorianne 08/24/2011 31 41 - 158
Moderate Yourself
Seriously. Have you every thought of just being responsible for yourself and what you say and leaving it at that? I understand that there are egregious things that take place here, those are just ...
Ellinorianne 08/10/2011 129 193 1 1047
CANstruction - Feeding the Hungry, One Can at a Time - Can you help?
I lost my job in April 2009 and was unemployed for over a year. It's a story that the whole nation knows well. With the most ...
Ellinorianne 08/09/2011 8 22 - 61
48 for East Africa: Women and Children
In most of the developing world the common thread is this, Women and children bear the brunt of many of the atrocities that face the people in these most hardest hi Countries. It is no different in ...
Ellinorianne 08/07/2011 38 66 - 151
The Battle's Still ON: Take Action on The "Super Committee"
The Courage Campaign is asking that you do something about the Super Committee. I am asking you to join me. Why? Because it's the same battle that Boehner's waging against what the public wants.
Ellinorianne 08/05/2011 5 17 - 42
CANstruction - Feeding the Hungry, One Can at a Time - Can you help?
I lost my job in April 2009 and was unemployed for over a year. It's a story that the whole nation knows well. With the most ...
Ellinorianne 08/05/2011 13 44 1 108
Mariachi Connecticut Serenades a Beluga Whale
It's been a great time to see Blue Whales. Since I stayed home from work today so my husband could take care of some important stuff, I was going to take my daughter whale watching. Needless to say,
Ellinorianne 08/03/2011 11 15 - 60
Why Bother Taking Polls, No one in Washington is Listening
No really, it doesn't seem to matter much. We vote and yet the minority rules now. Haven't gotten that feeling lately? The survey showed 80 percent of Democratic voters, 67 percent of ...
Ellinorianne 08/03/2011 13 22 - 105
Maybe there is Nothing wrong with this Site?
Just maybe there is nothing wrong with this site? Notice that when something offensive goes up, people respond, they comment and when there is a really awful, off the mark comment, it gets hidden?
Ellinorianne 08/02/2011 110 122 1 895
Community Candlelight Vigil for Kelly Thomas: Homeless Man Killed by Police
The Fullerton Community and beyond is reacting quite strongly from the news that Kelly Thomas was beaten to death by the Fullerton Police on July 5th. I wrote about the incident in ...
Ellinorianne 07/31/2011 15 23 - 83
Save our Schools: Matt Damon Speaks for Many of Us
As a Parent, mother and wife of a school board member, I can understand what is going on with the war on our schools and our teachers. The dismantling of public education is not an accident. It is ...
Ellinorianne 07/31/2011 5 17 1 66
Mentally Ill Homeless Man Beaten to Death by Fullerton Police
This is one of those times when you know something has gone wrong, very wrong and yet you wonder how it is even possible it has happened. It was July 5th when Kelly Thomas was so brutally beaten by ...
Ellinorianne 07/29/2011 266 317 5 1449
Mountaintop Removal Mines Means Higher Poverty and Health Issues for Communities
A study released by West Virginia University has shown that communities near Mountaintop Removal mines has a higher concentration of poverty and health issues than other communities giving those who ...
Ellinorianne 07/24/2011 24 31 - 90
Why not come and Meet me in the Middle on how we Talk to Each Other
So, I can't be the only one who is getting tired of the back and forth on the rec list between Democrats about President Obama and what he has and has not done. So why not meet me in the middle. ...
Ellinorianne 07/22/2011 21 22 1 118
BBC Makes Rational Decision Regarding Climate Change Coverage
Although from the headline I read, you'd think it was the opposite, UPROAR AS BBC MUZZLES CLIMATE ...
Ellinorianne 07/21/2011 65 190 4 1092
93 Days in Jail for Planting a Vegetable Garden in Your Front Yard?
According to Oak Park, Michigan, Julie Bass has violated the local city ordinance of what one can and cannot have for landscape in their front yard. Water wasting turf? YES! Ornamental plants ...
Ellinorianne 07/11/2011 391 482 8 2394
Speaking of Entitlements...Big Oil has to GO!
The League of Conservation Voters is pushing for the end to Oil Subsidies. That's an entitlement as well. Not only has ExxonMobil enjoyed record profits, they've just unleashed another ...
Ellinorianne 07/10/2011 5 21 - 84
Fracking Wastewater Bad for Trees and Other Living Things
If you've been paying attention, you know Fracking isn't very good for our water supply since it uses water and other nasty chemicals to help fracture shale and other underground rock formations in ...
Ellinorianne 07/07/2011 6 33 - 69
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