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The Easter Rising, 1916, Part I
On Easter Monday morning, April 24, 1916, hundreds of men and women arrived at Liberty Hall, Dublin, many by bicycle, ready to fight for their independence from England. They came from the Irish ...
Emmet 05/02/2015 7 22 1 -
Police Privilege Gone Wild
[The City Manager] has failed to rein in a police department that needs careful oversight and control. His administration’s shell game with a report on the fatal shooting by police of Kendrec ...
Emmet 04/25/2015 39 126 2 -
Police Privilege And Kendrec McDade
Kendrec McDade died three years ago, on March 24, 2012, in a crossfire of police bullets in Pasadena, California. He was 19 years old, a community college student with no criminal record or gang ...
Emmet 04/18/2015 9 20 - -
Adlai Stevenson and Second Grade Quailing
It was a warm, sunny morning in October 1956 in Pasadena, California. My big brother and I climbed aboard the school bus, bound for St. Bede the Venerable, our Catholic grammar school. School had ...
Emmet 04/04/2015 42 53 1 -
Antigone, Warrior Chicken
Do not fear for me. Make straight your own path to destiny. --Sophocles, Antigone Do you know why the Egyptians didn't have a chicken goddess? Even ...
Emmet 03/28/2015 43 66 1 -
The Second Coming
Before I start crawling over it with a magnifying glass (and others, I hope, join in) please just read it: The Second Coming Turning and turning in the widening gyre The falcon cannot hear the ...
Emmet 03/21/2015 18 22 2 -
C. Difficile and the Nosocomial* Blues
*Nosocomial , meaning "(of a disease) originating in a hospital." Even the luckiest, most heedless, most bulletproof product of the '60s runs headlong, one day, into the fact of his own mortality.
Emmet 03/14/2015 124 76 2 -
On The Upsurge of Humbledness
Humbledness is all around these days. I don't mean humility, a quality as rare as a cogent thought in Congress. No, certainly not that. I'm talking Humbledness, the state of being Humbled, the ...
Emmet 03/07/2015 34 23 - -
Meltdown at The Market; The Self Service Checkout
You provide the service, and guess what -- you don't get paid. Saturday 4:00 PM. Disaster impends. People are coming for dinner in an hour and I need acorn squash and long grain rice. These are ...
Emmet 02/28/2015 542 399 3 -
Write On! We Have to Talk
Top of the evenin' to you, Writers On! I haven't been hanging out as much as usual lately at our Thursday soirees, but I have an excuse. Or a reason; I can't remember which is the good one. Mr. ...
Emmet 02/26/2015 87 16 - -
The Great Famine: Ethnic Cleansing or Market Correction?
In 1845, there were 8.2 million people living in Ireland. 40% were tenant farmers who relied on the only crop that produced enough to feed their families on their small holdings, the non-native ...
Emmet 02/21/2015 105 159 8 -
The Weather People And The California Drought
Mr. Emmet and I watch a lot of local news. I think it’s a Zen thing. There’s a comforting familiarity, a seamless sameness, to it. There’s a daily checklist: * Five second mention of ...
Emmet 02/14/2015 127 164 - -
A Tough Mudder in Winter
It was almost exactly two years ago today: Saturday, February 9, 2013. According to the National Weather Service, Weather Underground, and Accuweather, it was 41.3 degrees F. in Temecula, ...
Emmet 02/07/2015 19 19 1 -
Andrea Del Sarto, Schadenfreude Gold Mine
Do you wake up in the night and involuntarily review your life, thinking of the terrible mistakes you've made, the (good) road not taken, good advice ignored, the doubling down on disastrous ...
Emmet 01/31/2015 14 17 1 -
So where's my Super Bowl ring?
Baseball begins in the spring, the season of new life. Football begins in the fall, when everything's dying. --George Carlin I dread my beloved sister-in-...
Emmet 01/24/2015 14 13 - -
Meeting The Beatles, 1964
Except Paul. Paul was in the house. This is how I remember it: The Beatles played the Hollywood Bowl on August 23, 1964. It was the summer after my freshman year in high school. Somehow I had a ...
Emmet 01/17/2015 20 25 - -
Baby Boomers Are Going All ALBO
If you're a Boomer, you've likely heard it more than once. Some Gen X doctor or banker or employer, radiating an amalgam of condescension and contempt, says to you, "Well, now that you're A Little ...
Emmet 01/10/2015 388 391 7 -
New Year's Resolutions And The Dark Tower
You can read it here. It won't take long; I timed it. If you've read it before and know all about the slughorn controversy and Browning's unconventional use of "estray" in line 48, it'll take ...
Emmet 01/03/2015 27 27 1 -
The Cookie Diaries, 2014
November 2 . Terrible literary novel,* assigned by book group, is due November 3. While trudging through its turgid treacle, realize Xmas is 52 days away. Check USPS to see when cookies must be ...
Emmet 12/27/2014 20 14 1 -
Write On! NaNoWriMo No Mo
Yikes. If I'm guest hosting Write On! it must be December. This means that a whole lot of things are in the rear view mirror that just a few minutes ago were only approaching from a great distance.
Emmet 12/04/2014 101 19 - -
Write On! NaNoWriMo Eve Eve
Ahoy and avast, writers! Also beware! We live in perilous times. As I write, we are poised on not one but several literary precipi: Precipice One: I am guest hosting Write ...
Emmet 10/30/2014 49 16 - -
Bookflurries-Bookchat: Orphans
Welcome to Bookchat where you can talk about anything...books, plays, essays, and books on tape. You don't have to be reading a book to come in, sit down, and chat with us. Tonight's edition ...
Emmet 09/10/2014 92 29 - -
Welcome to bookchat where you can talk about anything...books, plays, essays, and books on tape. You don’t have to be reading a book to come in, sit down, and chat with us. And heads up! This ...
Emmet 04/30/2014 110 34 - -
Write On! Look Who's Talking.
Covering for Sensible Shoes tonight, and with some anxiety because I'm not sure I know what I'm talking about on this topic. Please feel free to disagree. This isn't even close to ex cathedra. "...
Emmet 03/14/2013 42 14 - -
Write On! Auspicious Beginnings
This is a pinch hitter edition as SensibleShoes deals with real life. I've been thinking a lot about beginnings of novels, mainly my own deficiencies in the area. One of my college professors told ...
Emmet 02/21/2013 42 14 - -
Write On! Herding Characters
What ho, writers! This is a Brand X edition. Sensible Shoes has family responsibilities tonight and asked me to fill in. I was happy to but I didn't have time to get my hair done, so please ...
Emmet 01/31/2013 35 18 - -
Write On! You want Character on Those Extras?
Sensible Shoes is off tonight with family and deadline obligations and asked me to pinch hit. So I'm knocking the dirt off my cleats with the bat and getting ready to dig in at the plate. The ...
Emmet 01/03/2013 43 14 - -
Charlotte Lucas, 1913 to 2012
Today I put on summer clothes and journey to a world I've never seen --Michikaze (free translation)
Emmet 05/20/2012 141 437 10 1480
Monday Murder Mystery: Days of Swine and Porsches
Emmet 12/05/2011 36 29 2 284
Happy 98th, Charlotte Lucas!
Our oldest known Kossack has just scaled another peak in a Himalyan mountain of years , and ...
Emmet 11/23/2011 6 16 - 164
Monday Murder Mystery: Death And The Dancing Footman
Emmet 11/14/2011 95 45 - 448
Take it to the Bank! Protest in Pasadena, California
So, OneWest Bank in California wants to foreclose on state employee. She fell behind in her mortgage payments when her brother, who lived with her and their disabled mother, was killed two years ...
Emmet 08/19/2011 5 6 - 41
David Copperfield and the Deathly Vices
Reading David Copperfield is like eating your way through the cuisine of, say, India, in one meal. It's like Tony Soprano's New-Jersey-embracing drive home in the credits for The Sopranos. It's ...
Emmet 06/29/2011 24 12 2 112
Geronimo Pratt, 1947 to 2011
Geronimo Pratt has died at his home in Tanzania. I haven't found the cause of death. The Los Angeles Times has ...
Emmet 06/03/2011 8 15 - 70
Dead Cat Walking
He's not my cat. He's my sister's cat. She adopted him from a shelter as a tiny kitlet, and he lived with her for ten years. But when she moved into an apartment that didn't allow cats, she ...
Emmet 06/01/2011 38 63 - 263
A Book That Changed My Life: Huckleberry Finn
I'm the fourth of six kids, born to an English major and a lawyer. Words were supremely important in our house, and my mother read to us almost every night when I was little: Scupper the Sailor ...
Emmet 04/15/2011 87 58 6 343
Write On! The Monster Within
WARNING: Literary investigators have determined that the guest host of tonight's edition of Write On! has NO PUBLISHED WORKS. Her comments may appear witty and insightful, but they are NOT ...
Emmet 01/13/2011 88 14 - 100
My Bernie Sanders letter to the L. A. Times
I opened my home town paper, the L.A. Times, this morning with something in mind besides the Sudoku (which is "moderate" on Saturdays anyway). I wanted to see how they covered the Sanders speech/...
Emmet 12/11/2010 9 10 - 36
Lawyer Stuff -- Cross Examination War Story
Cross examination isn't the toughest part of being a trial lawyer. My father used to say, "Your mother's cat could do a decent cross. The test of a good lawyer is a good direct examination." But ...
Emmet 07/23/2010 21 3 - 21
Passionate Gardening -- The Sweet Spots
There are zillions of smells in a garden and few of them are shy. Steer manure, potting soil, cocoa mulch, the dog shit you just stepped in. Alaska fish fertilizer, especially if the bottle was ...
Emmet 07/10/2010 24 14 - 29
Passionate Gardening -- The Three Worst Plants Edition
There you are, weeding your way under the roses, around the daylilies, behind the lion's ear (in Southern California, that is). The [ Wayside Gardens] fall catalogue is ...
Emmet 07/03/2010 130 15 - 113
Hippie Lawyer versus the Feds
It was a Sunday morning well over 25 years ago, at a small Federal prison in the Midwest/South that had better remain nameless. Right about this time of year. The air at ...
Emmet 06/26/2010 29 45 - 247
The Great Bee Swarm of 2010
On Sunday afternoon two weeks ago I drove home from a meeting and turned into the driveway. Then I stopped the car. Something was up. Ahead of the car, right next to the house, where the ...
Emmet 06/19/2010 407 603 17 190
Pope calls out Satan the Snitch
Holy hell broke loose in the Holy See on Friday as the Holy Father, Pope Benedict, threw down on a long time adversary, Beelzebub, Prince of Darkness. His challenge came as the Vatican celebrated ...
Emmet 06/12/2010 13 8 - 20
Oldest Known Kossack Hits The Big Nine-Six -- Happy Birthday, Charlotte Lucas!
Yes, today's the day that Charlotte Lucas blows out 96 candles on her birthday cake -- if we can get her away from the computer long enough. You may know Charlotte from her World War II ...
Emmet 11/23/2009 193 489 10 325
Teachers -- worse than Hitler? Worse than Caligula? Worse than bubonic plague?
I usually confine my diatribes to punctuational and grammatical evildoing. There's less room for argument there and I know I'm right (except when I'm wrong). But I have been impelled to set ...
Emmet 03/11/2009 109 13 - 19
Hot, Horny Homophones Want You!
Oh yes, they want you. They want your kiss, they want to feel your hot breath, they want – not there, you insensitive lout! Put your mouth on this one! Now that I have your ...
Emmet 04/05/2008 89 21 - 8
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