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I Will Reveal My Sexy Robot Fetish For World Peace
With the news of of the Sony hack, and the alleged cyber-counterattack of the North Korean internet, I have a the future all wars should be like this. I dream of a future where wars ...
Empty Vessel 12/23/2014 10 3 - -
Voting is Like Killing a Half-Dead Raccoon with a Tire Iron
When I was a senior in high school, I ran over a raccoon on a dark, rural road in Vermont. I was driving too fast, carving my way through corners on a twisty road from my house to town. The trees ...
Empty Vessel 12/14/2014 44 43 2 -
On Not Appreciating a Lovely Woman
With the recent release and discussion of the video showing the catcalls a woman received in New York , some men are asking what is the appropriate way to express their appreciation of a woman in ...
Empty Vessel 11/03/2014 330 141 2 -
Are White Male Voices Being Stifled on Daily Kos?
There have been some recent claims here at DKos that the voices of white, male, middle-class, healthy, Christian, heterosexuals are being stifled at the expense of black, Latino, Native American, ...
Empty Vessel 10/02/2014 413 204 2 -
What is this Boycott of Arizona of Which you Speak?
Yesterday, Kos announced that Daily Kos would not be participating in Netroots Nation 2015 that will be held in July in Phoenix, Arizona. Kos explained his reasoning thus I made very clear in the ...
Empty Vessel 07/20/2014 107 65 - -
Dear Men, STFU
Since the shooting in California last week, the issue of violence against women has been much discussed and debated here at DKos. Many women have shared the sexism, sexual harassment and sexual ...
Empty Vessel 05/30/2014 1167 553 19 -
Chris Christie: Follow the Money
I am not a lawyer, so I am not sure what this means, but I thought I would get it out there. As all now know, there is now email proof that a Christie's deputy conspired to close traffic in Fort ...
Empty Vessel 01/08/2014 19 15 1 -
Warren and Sanders "Embrace The Suck"
This will be a short diary. But I just wanted to note that Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders just voted for the budget bill, the one that does not extend UI benefits...the one that Pelosi urged ...
Empty Vessel 12/18/2013 94 24 1 -
Mark Pryor Just Became a More Important Person
With the end of the filibuster for administration and judicial (non-supreme court) appointees, Mark Pryor(D-AR) just became a more important person. The reason for this is simple. Where previously ...
Empty Vessel 11/21/2013 29 29 - -
What the Fv<K is Wall Street Doing?
-The rich are different than you and me. -Yes, they have more money. Likely apocryphal conversation between F. Scott Fitzgerald and Earnest Heningway I have long been on Hemngway's side on what ...
Empty Vessel 10/15/2013 60 4 - -
A Morally Bankrupt Argument Against US Involvement in Syria
I oppose intervention Syria. I oppose intervention because of the lack of any good options in Syria, the fractured nature of the opposition, and the very real chance that spillover will happen to ...
Empty Vessel 09/04/2013 56 13 2 -
"Bodies in the Desert" NYT
For several reasons, I will keep this short. But I wanted to draw people's attention to a video on the New York Times website, "Bodies in the Desert", detailing the identification of undocumented ...
Empty Vessel 08/19/2013 28 17 - -
Suckers and Shills (Repost)
The following is a repost of a diary I wrote a few years back. It seems relevant for today's events.
Empty Vessel 08/12/2013 16 15 - -
Why Support Obama? Major Update-I am Elizabeth Warren
For many years now, our middle class has been hammered. People feel like the system is rigged against them. And they're right. The system is rigged. Look around. Oil companies take billions in ...
Empty Vessel 08/04/2013 42 14 - -
8 of 12 diaries on rec list discuss Snowden, 6 with name in title
At what point are we going to have to accept that all this may actually be about Edward Snowden? Just asking.
Empty Vessel 07/03/2013 79 9 - -
Rox/Sux Explained
As many have noticed, we have long had a Dems rox/sux debate here at DKos. This is not an attempt to resolve that debate. Rather, this diary is an attempt to explain (partially) the differing ...
Empty Vessel 06/25/2013 73 17 - -
Tr**tor and Tr**son
I have always hated the words traitor and treason. When I think of them, I see military firing squads and bodies dangling from the gallows. I see Joe McCarthy sitting in a wood paneled room on ...
Empty Vessel 06/24/2013 48 26 - -
Some NSA Meta(data)
Many people on DKos are justifiably pissed off about the recent revelations about the NSA, leaked by Edward Snowden. Others here have called for Snowden to be jailed, and consider his revelations ...
Empty Vessel 06/10/2013 9 12 - -
Richwine's Harvard PhD: The Committee and Dean Respond
Two days ago, I published a diary asking how Jason Richwine could 'earn' a PhD from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government based on a dissertation arguing that the low IQ of Hispanics is reason to ...
Empty Vessel 05/10/2013 470 392 6 -
How did Jason Richwine Get a PhD from Harvard?
As has already been diaried by Hunter , one of the authors of the discredited Heritage 'study' on immigration turns out to have written a dissertation on the need to exclude Hispanic immigration due ...
Empty Vessel 05/08/2013 332 280 4 -
A New Assault Weapons Ban
With the renewed interest in gun control legislation, there has been increasing interest in bringing back a revised and updated version of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban. The key words here are ‘...
Empty Vessel 12/30/2012 73 13 - -
Dumb Arguments about Guns 4: Anecdotes
Dumb Arguments About Guns is a series devoted to examining the (il)logic of the modern debate over gun rights, gun laws, gun ownership and gun possession. The purpose of the series is to help ...
Empty Vessel 12/27/2012 33 13 - -
Armed Officers in Schools and Mission Creep
This will be a short diary, but I just want to get something out that I think matters. As everyone knows, the NRA suggested that every school in America should have armed officers stationed in them.
Empty Vessel 12/21/2012 23 12 1 -
Dumb Arguments About Guns 3: RKBA
Dumb Arguments About Guns is a series devoted to examining the (il)logic of the modern debate over gun rights, gun laws, gun ownership and gun possession. The purpose of the series is to help ...
Empty Vessel 12/18/2012 104 26 1 -
Dumb Arguments about Guns 2: Bad Comparisons
Dumb Arguments About Guns is a series devoted to examining the (il)logic of the modern debate over gun rights, gun laws, gun ownership and gun possession. The purpose of the series is to help ...
Empty Vessel 12/17/2012 6 6 1 -
Dumb Arguments About Guns 1: 2nd Amendment
Dumb Arguments About Guns is a series devoted to examining the (il)logic of the modern debate over gun rights, gun laws, gun ownership and gun possession. The purpose of the series is to help ...
Empty Vessel 12/15/2012 11 13 1 -
Concealed Carry and Irrational Fear
Following Twigg's diary, I am also going to wade into the question of gun control. Like Twigg, I am not going to question the constitutionality. The Supremes have weighed in on it, and for the ...
Empty Vessel 12/04/2012 127 10 - -
And so it begins? Explosion at a Social Security Office in Arizona.
Today, At about 8:30 AM, it appears a small explosive was detonated at the rear door of a Social Security office in Casa Grande, AZ. Thankfully, nobody was injured. It is still early, and we cannot ...
Empty Vessel 11/30/2012 55 21 1 -
Rubio's Earth Quote Isn't Just Dumb, Its Much More Radical Than Most Liberals and the MSM Realize
This will be a quick diary. I just felt I need to post a quick note about Rubio's recent comment on the age of the earth. First, for those who haven't seen it, here's the quote. I've bolded the ...
Empty Vessel 11/19/2012 47 45 - -
What You Need to Understand the Petraeus Scandal
Given all the shocking new twists in the Petreaus scandal, what have we learned? For a full explanation of the scandal you might want to see this documentary.
Empty Vessel 11/13/2012 16 3 - -
The First Shots Fired in the Coming GOP Civil War?
This morning, I think the first shots were fired in the coming GOP civil war. It is no secret that the GOP has effectively joined three different factions to create their ruling majority. That is, ...
Empty Vessel 11/11/2012 283 451 5 -
On This Election Day, Don't Forget Parliament
Go out and vote, get out the vote, and vote Obama. And never forget in America, we are ultimately ruled by Parliament.
Empty Vessel 11/06/2012 7 2 - -
Why I Would Make a Lousy President, and Why I Voted for Obama
As we get close to tomorrow's election, it has become increasingly clear that its all coming down to Ohio. More-so, its looking like Obama is going to win Ohio, and the reason Obama is going to win ...
Empty Vessel 11/05/2012 5 5 - -
Nate Silver is an Evil, Deranged, Tweaker who Sniffs Engorged Baboon Asses--Mothership
Given today's numbers from 538 , and the reaction of many here to those numbers...I thought we might start a mothership for teeth gnashing. Please add links to your teeth gnashing, chill out or ...
Empty Vessel 10/12/2012 43 21 - -
A girl, or a Mormon Stereotype?
There has been a diary on the rec list all day that has troubled me greatly. The title alone makes me wary, WHAT ARE THE MORMONS UP TO IN COLORADO? Its not that the diary was written that bothers ...
Empty Vessel 09/24/2012 59 11 - 326
Romney's High Water Mark
Traditionally, the weeks after announcing the Vice-Presidential pick, and the days after the convention are the high water mark in any presidential candidate's poll numbers. That means today is the ...
Empty Vessel 08/31/2012 14 6 - 209
Knitted Uteruses For AZ Legislators
This is the best thing I have seen in weeks. An Arizona woman has knitted uteruses for Arizona legislators who have voted to allow employers to deny their employees birth control. I sadly don't ...
Empty Vessel 04/05/2012 8 16 - 122
The Fudging Arizona Legislature is a Piece of Sugar
Hidee-ho everybody, I just thought I would update everyone on the latest bit of silly goofiness that the Arizona State legislature is proposing. You all know some of the other goofy little laws ...
Empty Vessel 02/11/2012 26 19 - 164
Other than being a bigot, sexist, homophobic hater of the poor, sick and disenfranchised...
Ron Paul is just ducky. A real progressive champion, if you exclude all that other stuff.
Empty Vessel 01/07/2012 202 110 1 908
Is Santorum (or Perry) the perfect GOP Establishment Candidate?
Stick with me, please. I want to propose something, and I am not even sure if I agree. Imagine you are a bankster or a corporate titan. Imagine that you just woke up to find your chosen candidate ...
Empty Vessel 01/04/2012 4 1 - 42
Surging from Behind: Santorum Salad...Seriously
Via TPM , a manager at Pizza Ranch has renamed their Chicken Salad...Santorum Salad. Seriously. I'm not kidding. I guess this would ...
Empty Vessel 01/02/2012 50 23 - 322
Santorum, Really?
So now its Santorum? Really? Based on the recent polling ( Here ,
Empty Vessel 12/30/2011 13 4 - 99
OWS Does not do Endorsements: For or Against
This will be short. There have been some recent diaries on DKos from people who have been involved with the Occupy Wall Street movement. To be clear from the start, I have been greatly impressed ...
Empty Vessel 12/29/2011 18 15 - 148
Another Argument Against Abstinence Only Education
Empty Vessel 12/22/2011 6 3 - 79
Herman Cain--The New Frontrunner
I have been thinking about the recent revelations that Cain sexually harassed two employees while serving as the head of the NRA (No, not that NRA...the other NRA [the National Restaurant Association]
Empty Vessel 10/31/2011 13 4 - 108
I'm done for now: Disproportionate Punishment
Owing to the disproportionate nature of bannings and discipline for Black Kos members, I am logging off DKos for a week. Though it is hard to get solid numbers, this is what I see. Black Kos ...
Empty Vessel 09/11/2011 68 76 3 921
AZ Prison/Industrial Complex: New $25 Fee to Visit Prisoners
For those of you who do not know, folks in Arizona love their prisons. The Governor's chief of staff used to work as a private prison lobbyist. Last year the republicans tried to privatize death ...
Empty Vessel 09/04/2011 106 193 2 1031
Enough with the Troll Bull$h!t
There is an old rule in politics...if you lose the debate, blame the media. On Daily Kos there is a different rule...if you lose the debate, blame the trolls. And so today, we have yet another in ...
Empty Vessel 08/04/2011 165 41 - 629
Are Tax increases allowed in the Joint Committee?
OK, I have had a question all day. Boehner has been claiming that the deal does not allow for tax increases to be part of the joint committee report. Obama says they are. So who is right? This ...
Empty Vessel 08/01/2011 34 4 - 91
It's Quiet, Too Quiet
OK, this isn't a diary, but has anyone else noticed that since the senate vote, nobody's talking. There are a ton of senators on the hill, with nothing to do...and silence. No leaks from the ...
Empty Vessel 07/31/2011 3 - - 84
What are you willing to give the Republicans?
Ever since Democrats lost the House in the 2010 elections, it has been clear that no significant progressive legislation would be passed and some concessions would have to be made. Elections have ...
Empty Vessel 07/25/2011 50 3 - 159
Debt Default Negotiations Made Simple
1. Obama and the Senate will not accept spending cuts unless they get substantial tax (revenue) increases. 2. Republicans in the House will not vote for any plan that includes tax (revenue) ...
Empty Vessel 07/21/2011 7 1 - 69
Why aren't people protesting in the streets?
This diary began as a comment to ...
Empty Vessel 07/20/2011 37 11 - 211
Who Wrote the Pro-Murdoch WSJ Editorial?
This morning, Mrs. Vessel and I were talking about today's editorial in the Wall Street ...
Empty Vessel 07/18/2011 16 6 - 176
Still Wasting My Time: Ezra Klein's "Facts"
Much to my own dismay, this is now the second in a series of diaries-- the ...
Empty Vessel 07/12/2011 29 29 - 258
Wasting My Time: "Facts" Aren't Facts
I know I am wasting my time, I already posted a comment about this and it hasn't received a rec, and the only comment to it was my own ...
Empty Vessel 07/12/2011 68 16 - 289
WAG: Republican Convention Floor Fight
Note: WAG=Wild Ass Guess This will be short. I am putting my marker down on a prediction. At the Republican convention, there will be a massive floor fight between the moderate and tea-party wings ...
Empty Vessel 07/08/2011 13 3 - 121
Weiner and Powerful Congresswomen
This is an expanded discussion of a point I initially raised in a comment I am beginning to think that Weiner's resignation is the result, in part, of the new prominence of women in ...
Empty Vessel 06/16/2011 49 10 - 285
My Problem With Vermont Liberals
I am a native Vermonter, living in exile in Arizona. Let's just say it has been an education. But, as luck would have it, this summer I have returned to Vermont...I have returned to the glorious ...
Empty Vessel 06/04/2011 37 13 1 276
On Suckers and Shills
As some on this site are aware, I am an archaeologist. I’ve got a Ph.D., teach at a major university and have written books and articles on the subject. When it comes to archaeology, I am what ...
Empty Vessel 05/25/2011 152 28 - 456
Less Effective than Naderites
There has been much talk on DKos about 3rd parties, whether people who vote for the them in the next election are good or bad, whether 3rd parties have any shot at winning, or even if the advocacy ...
Empty Vessel 04/14/2011 31 9 - 207
Fukushima is bad, but the West Coast is Safe
This will be a short diary. I have seen several comments in various threads today from people in Hawaii and the West coast wondering if they are in danger. The short answer is no. People in Japan ...
Empty Vessel 03/14/2011 20 12 1 293
What I learned Working in a Reactor
When I was in graduate school, I worked in a small (5 megawat) research nuclear reactor. Before I worked there, I believed that reactors were dangerous, that we needed to work our way to a point ...
Empty Vessel 03/13/2011 52 27 1 350
Education and Collective Bargaining
Over the last few days we have been blessed by numerous Republicans, led by the Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, teaching us about the dangers of public sector unions. In particular, we have been ...
Empty Vessel 02/19/2011 9 8 - 106
AZ Special Session
Perhaps I am jumping the gun, perhaps there is not enough to justify a diary, but what the hell...we need to start the Baja AZ Kossaks off with a traditional Arizona welcome. Corporate Tax Cuts.
Empty Vessel 02/13/2011 15 5 - 138
Mourning Over:  AZ Republicans are back to Killing the Poor and Keeping them Dumb
Today the Jan Brewer and the Arizona Republicans got back to work. The recent tragedy in Tucson in their rear-view mirror, they decided to get back to fundamentals--killing the poor and keeping the ...
Empty Vessel 01/14/2011 46 32 1 124
Travelogue: Bodh Gaya (Nov. 2010)
After two decades of studying Buddhism, I have finally arrived in Bodh Gaya—the place where the Buddha achieved enlightenment. Today this small city has become the pre-eminent pilgrimage ...
Empty Vessel 12/31/2010 14 12 1 213
Another Argument Against Abstinence Only Education
Empty Vessel 12/23/2010 6 9 - 45
Why Obama Exasperates Me (Updated)
Many here have said that I am too supportive of the President--that I am an apologist, Obamabot, etc. I have always said that I prefer nuance. That Obama is a blend of good and bad. Some have ...
Empty Vessel 12/18/2010 65 14 - 78
Breaking: Meteor Blades is a Sellout
This is a bit of Meta. But for those who have not visited MBs diary on the FP ...
Empty Vessel 12/17/2010 201 15 1 71
I just broke the law
This will be short. Really not a diary at all. I should have waited for an open thread, but I was hoping others might join in the fun.
Empty Vessel 12/07/2010 63 31 - 42
The 50th Least Progressive Senator
Since Obama has been elected, we have been forced to constantly hear the names Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson, Scott Brown, and Olympia Snowe. The reason is simple, they are about the 60th least ...
Empty Vessel 08/11/2010 68 21 - 61
The Sound of Distant Thunder
I don't want to be writing this diary. I want to be swimming laps in the aquatic center near my house. I started swimming a few months ago to lose some weight (20 pounds so far--yippee) and get ...
Empty Vessel 08/09/2010 43 6 - 43
Preemptive Financial Reform Dairy (Updated)
As a service to the DKos community, I propose to move the debate over the recent financial reform legislation ahead by writing all the diaries we can expect over the next few days. With luck this ...
Empty Vessel 06/25/2010 27 13 - 87
Never trust an AZhole
There has been much written about the new law banning the teaching of Ethnic Studies in Arizona. This short diary is intended only to explain the "framing" technique being used by the AZholes who ...
Empty Vessel 05/12/2010 33 8 - 14
Action needed, rec up oil spill diary
Earlier today Ericlewis0 posted a diary proposing a possible solution to corral the ...
Empty Vessel 05/09/2010 12 7 - 23
We all agree, mostly (Updated)
Following the meta wars over the last few weeks, I have become increasingly despondent about the state of things on Daily Kos. As I read them, it felt like democrats were increasingly fractured and ...
Empty Vessel 04/11/2010 130 19 - 208
Stop being intemperate sacks of Sh*t
Over the the last few months I have noticed a distinct lack of civility and honest debate here at the Daily Kos--we have broken into two factions. One faction engages in civil debate in the great ...
Empty Vessel 04/06/2010 42 37 1 40
New Flight Rules Make no Sense
This will be a short diary, as the new TSA flight rules are so very simply stupid. Simply put, the new rules state that people cannot get out of their seats for the last hour of flight, cannot have ...
Empty Vessel 12/28/2009 54 13 - 33
Boycotting Komen is Wrong
About once a month I volunteer at the local food bank. I don't do anything dramatic--I just unload and load boxes in the warehouse. There are many volunteers (not enough, but many), and many ...
Empty Vessel 12/14/2009 82 14 - 38
Obama has Exceeded my (low) Expectations
Like many here, I have become increasingly saddened by the lack of progressive action by the Obama administration. It seems, at a basic level, that we are losing many of the most important elements ...
Empty Vessel 12/06/2009 32 11 - 76
A Small Proposal on Citing Sources
Apologies for a short diary in advance. Today I was looking through a diary (it doesn't matter which one really), where a diarist posted on what appeared to be an important topic. It reported on ...
Empty Vessel 11/13/2009 46 16 - 97
Full Disclosure (Update x8)
In light of recent events, I have decided I must fully disclose my biases, sources of income, and other relevant material before I post any more diaries. In that spirit I declare, on a stack of ...
Empty Vessel 09/02/2009 75 14 - 37
NYT Gets it right on Health Care. Really!
We at Daily Kos have been correctly angry at the main stream media's treatment of the screamers. All too often they report the claims of the right wing, but fail to mention that these same claims ...
Empty Vessel 08/12/2009 6 6 - 2
Fallacy of the False Dilemma
The informal fallacy of false dilemma (also called false dichotomy, the either-or fallacy) involves a situation in which only two alternatives are considered, when in fact there are ...
Empty Vessel 08/08/2009 7 7 - 78
Measles Case in Arizona: Why Failing to Vaccinate is Dangerous
A female tourist from France has been diagnosed with measles, and she may have exposed others to the highly infectious disease during a weeklong visit to northern Arizona and Utah. The ...
Empty Vessel 07/31/2009 25 27 - 31
The One dKos Community Approved Group to Hate: Republicans
Those that would bash those of the Jewish faith here are singled out for their anti-Semitism. Those that would bash those of the Islamic faith here are singled out for their bigotry. The hostility ...
Empty Vessel 07/18/2009 100 46 - 17
Arizona: Guns in Bars but no State Budget (UpdatedX2)
How crazy are republicans? How stupid can they get? Today, we have an answer. In the state of Arizona--where Republicans control all branches of government--the legislature passed a law allowing ...
Empty Vessel 07/01/2009 112 14 - 111
If Pelosi is telling the truth, she committed war crimes
The CIA briefed me only once on some enhanced interrogation techniques . . . The only mention of waterboarding at that briefing was that it was not being employed . . . Those briefing me ...
Empty Vessel 05/15/2009 191 7 1 22
Fox News: Dow proves Obama Economic Plan Working
A short time ago, the Dow closed at 7924--25 points less than the level last seen on January 20, 2009. That was the day Obama became president. As of now, the Dow is up 674 points since Geithner ...
Empty Vessel 03/26/2009 38 10 - 19
I'm Kinda Dumb
Two years ago I bought a house, thinking the housing market had bottomed out (1 year later I sold it) 8 months ago, I bought Goldman Saks thinking the the bank stocks had gown down as far as they ...
Empty Vessel 03/24/2009 24 4 - 4
New Innovative Gasoline Tax
In light of the recent proposal by Ray Lahood to impose a mileage tax, I propose radical new way to tax Americans' driving. I call it a gasoline tax.
Empty Vessel 02/24/2009 14 4 - 17
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