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A technical question about NSA wiretapping
I was on vacation when the NSA story hit the wire, so this question may have been asked. Has anyone asked if the NSA is using speech-to-text to store our phone calls into a big database? I mean, ...
Ender 06/18/2013 30 5 - -
The Moore, Oklahoma Tornado and Global Warming
Was the F5 tornado in Moore, Oklahoma caused by global warming? Probably not. There hasn't been an increase in tornado activity in recent years. F4 and F5 tornadoes are extremely rare: Graphs ...
Ender 05/22/2013 1 6 - -
The IRS screwed up. No political group should enjoy 501(c)(4) status
The tax law requires 501(c)(4) organizations to operate exclusively to promote the "public welfare." In 1959 the IRS edited their tax codes to only require that they mostly promote the public welfare.
Ender 05/17/2013 50 14 1 -
Will the Response to the Boston Bombers Encourage More Terrorism?
On their best day, Hitler and Hirohito never shut down a major American city. If two amateurs with makeshift bombs can cause a major city to go into lockdown, isn't this a signal to terrorists that ...
Ender 04/24/2013 43 1 - -
How many years was Bush president?
I thought that George W. Bush served as president for eight years. Apparently not. If you count the red bars in the chart that Michele Bachmann displayed in her SOTU response, you will learn that ...
Ender 01/26/2011 13 11 - 69
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