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Offending Native People with Enthusiasm?
November is Native American Heritage Month . Our Cub Scout pack wanted the boys to have a sense of authentic native culture but did we go too far? Navigate through Spider Grandmother's orange string ...
Enterik 11/27/2012 17 7 - -
Sam Wang: O 323 (+2.98%) R 215
Probability of Obama re-election: Random Drift 98.0%, Bayesian Prediction 99.8% The 95% Confidence interval is well above the line (around 290) Obama is predicted to get CO, NV, IA, OH, WI, MI, NH,
Enterik 11/04/2012 29 23 - -
UPDATED PEC: O 299 EV, R 239 EV, O+1.78% PV
According to the Princeton Election Consortium , the race has been above Obama +1.0% PV and O278 EV for the entire 2012 general election season.
Enterik 10/26/2012 30 9 - -
BREAKING: PA voter ID law!!!
Why did you even look when there are six others restating what is on the front page? See mines different because I used the states 2 letter abbreviation. Dirft on down below the orange cloud for ...
Enterik 10/02/2012 3 - - 59
UPDATED Affordable Housing coming to my neighborhood
Well this doesn't really seem like a campaign issue or commentary, but I am wondering what the community here thinks about the future prospects. I'll give you the historic contours and even my ...
Enterik 09/22/2012 80 15 1 327
Nurse In at the Hirshhorn
One of the great things about living in DC Metro is easy access to the free quality museums that line the National Mall. It's also a great resource for house bound parents experiencing a little ...
Enterik 02/14/2011 17 27 1 145
Obama's Business friendly appointees
Paul Krugman, and many dkos diarists and commenters, rightfully caution against the downside interpretation of the President's upcoming advocacy for "competitiveness" as potentially opening the door ...
Enterik 01/24/2011 8 1 - 47
Audacity and Hope are not enough...
I think you should reread the early chapters of "Audacity of Hope" where it appears Obama's main opponent is gridlock and his main aims are progressive.
Enterik 12/17/2010 1 1 - 38
What is change?
Political election campaigns are full of rhetorical abstract words that invite the listener to fill in their own meaning. Inevidably this process leads to disillusionment as people realize there is ...
Enterik 12/08/2010 13 1 - 32
November 3, 2012: Obama Re-elected!!!
“Nothing that a candidate has said or done during a campaign, when the public discounts everything as political, has changed his prospects at the polls. Debates, advertising, ...
Enterik 11/10/2010 27 5 - 76
Screw secrecy, here's who I'm voting for...
I'm not sure if this will be much of a diary, but here are my choices for the Montgomery County Maryland General Election of 2010 with state and county questions for those make it to the bottom of ...
Enterik 10/28/2010 27 6 - 132
2010 Election, Maryland, MC Register of Wills
In Maryland the Register of Will is an elected office with candidates declaring political affiliation. There are around 18 such Registers, one for each county I think. The current Montgomery County ...
Enterik 10/09/2010 20 1 - 87
RI gov opens door to domestic partnerships
That's the title of a Chicago tribune article . I will have a little to say about this if you care to ...
Enterik 11/18/2009 40 - - 71
Rockville, MD 2009 City Elections, Mayor & Council, postmortem
Well the votes, all 6,406 of them (17.39% trun-out) have been tallied. The only way to describe the results is "See change" with newly elected officials riding in on a wave of anti-development ...
Enterik 11/04/2009 5 - - 210
Rockville, MD 2009 City Elections, Mayor & Council
Well, the challenges of work and new parenthood have brought me up short...yet again, as such I will not be realizing my full treatment of all the issues at hand nor the various candidates positions ...
Enterik 11/02/2009 6 - 1 152
Rockville, MD 2009 City Elections, Mayoral Race, Trash Service, Staff Raises, RedGate Golf Course
I am running out of time to appraise, in depth, would be readers of all the issues relevant to this years mayoral election in the City of Rockville. Thus, I am forced to offer an abbreviated ...
Enterik 10/30/2009 4 1 - 47
Rockville, MD 2009 City Elections, Mayoral Race, Affordable Development
The City of Rockville, Maryland holds non-partisan elections for Mayor and 4 Councilmembers 2-year terms during odd numbered years (this year on November 3rd). This year is unusual in that a sitting ...
Enterik 10/29/2009 11 2 1 196
Rockville, MD 2009 City Elections, Mayoral Race, Budget
The City of Rockville, Maryland holds non-partisan elections for Mayor and 4 Councilmembers 2-year terms during odd numbered years (this year on November 3rd). This year is unusual in that a sitting ...
Enterik 10/27/2009 1 1 - 125
Rockville, MD 2009 City Elections, Argyle Street
Rather than fill precious time and space with more blather on the "need for civility" I'm going to revisit a topic that impacts more than 500 households in the Linfield, Fireside, Waddington Park, ...
Enterik 10/26/2009 6 1 - 130
Rockville, MD 2009 City Elections, Line Drying
Rather than focus on such pointless posturing, the need for "civility", in the hopes of broadening the subject matter of the election, I have canvassed the candidates, with questions of my own. I ...
Enterik 10/24/2009 19 6 1 152
Rockville, MD 2009 City Elections, Rain Barrels
Because the dearth of issues driving voter interest there seems to be a persistant assertion by most of the candidates of a need for "civility". Rather than focus on such pointless posturing, I ...
Enterik 10/23/2009 16 11 - 358
Rockville, MD 2009 City Elections
The City of Rockville, Maryland holds elections for Mayor and City Council two year terms in odd years. On November 3, 2009 voters must select one of two mayoral candidates and 4 of 10 city council ...
Enterik 10/22/2009 6 2 - 86
What I have asked Van Hollen
What follows is my missive to Chris Van Hollen's {D-MD) office staff. I'll let you know if I ever receive a reply. But I'd like to know what you folks think of my narrative as far as reasonableness ...
Enterik 08/20/2009 3 2 - 4
RNC fundraising for unresolved Senate seats
I get e-mails. I get them from GOP hacks. Why? Well I signed up under an alias so that I could keep abreast of the memes they are spreading. I just thought I'd post the latest appeal to land in my ...
Enterik 11/12/2008 17 3 1 2
Voting for Montgomery County, Maryland Charter Amendments
This election cycle, there are no just Judges and Board of Education officials to consider but two County Charter Ammendments as well. Qestion A initiated by act of County Council seeks to repeal ...
Enterik 11/03/2008 15 2 1 29
Voting for Montgomery County, Board of Education, district 4
It turns out that regrdless of which Montgomery County, Maryland Board of Education district you live in, you can vote for each district and at-large race on the ballot ($18,000 per year salary and ...
Enterik 10/31/2008 8 1 - 33
Voting for Montgomery County, Board of Education, district 2
Embarassingly, I've just figured out I reside within the county's Board of Education (BoE) district 2 ( map ). The ...
Enterik 10/31/2008 15 3 1 27
Voting for Maryland Judge of the Court of Special Appeals, at large
In 1966, the state of Maryland created the Court of Special Appeals (the intermediate appellate Court of Appeals for Maryland) to help reduce the expanding caseload of the existing Court of Appeals. ...
Enterik 10/30/2008 10 1 1 39
Voting for Judge of the Maryland Circuit Court, Circuit 6
The sixth circuit of Maryland's Circuit Court is comprised of Montgomery and Frederick Counties ( map ). There are two judges which ...
Enterik 10/29/2008 7 1 - 25
Voting for Montgomery County, Board of Education, at-large
If you are like me, you've been focussing on the Presidential election and are fully versed in the issues. Now with a little over a week left, if have looked up from my volunteer efforts on behalf ...
Enterik 10/27/2008 15 6 - 20
MD-08 voting on November 4th
Well I've finally taken the time to look into my local ballot. Here's who/what I'll be voting FOR ... PRESIDENT: Barack Obama-Joe Biden HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES: Chris van ...
Enterik 10/25/2008 16 2 - 21
Election Day Babysitting
My spouse and I have cast around for what more we can do to get people to the polls on election day. I intend to be driving voters to the polls in Northern Virginia. My spouse intends to open our ...
Enterik 10/22/2008 3 2 - 7
Kids Say the Darndest Things...
...I co-oped today at my sons preschool, come read what the four year olds are talking about...
Enterik 10/21/2008 23 11 - 1
Voting Irregularity Widget
Are you having problems voting? Do you feel like something is wrong? Then Submit your complaint to I have embedded their online widget below...
Enterik 10/01/2008 2 3 1 -
Canvassing for Obama & Warner in Virginia
I've got a bumper magnet, I've posted here, I've written letters to newspapers, I've donated, I've I've canvassed. If you're still curious, I've written about my experience below.
Enterik 09/22/2008 27 13 - 34
Countervaling the Palin Offensive
I accidentally flipped onto Glenn Beck tonight and I have to say I was alarmed by the Palin narrative that was being proffered. It's clear the GOP chattering class has been given their marching ...
Enterik 09/04/2008 3 2 - 1
Misunderestimating Palin?
Always one to sound a note of caution, I wonder if there are some upsides to McCain choice of Palin as his vice-presidential running-mate?
Enterik 08/31/2008 46 - - -
Palin's milky white albatross?
Many here seem inclined to dismiss McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as Vice Presidential running mate out of hand. "There's no way [GW Bush] can be taken seriously". I heard that sentiment in ...
Enterik 08/29/2008 26 8 - 26
Peter Overby, hacktabulous
While driving to work today, I caught the tail end of a report on Lobbyist financing by Peter Overby .
Enterik 06/06/2008 9 2 - -
Maryland's "outstanding" superdelegates
In the comments of Rachel Maddow's "Dem's Have 10 days to avoid defeat! by buckeyemike, I decided to make a list of Maryland's ...
Enterik 05/22/2008 35 7 - 2
Do we really want to end the War in Iraq?
I suspect these will not be popular sentiments in that I doubt it is widely expressed in these parts, but then I don't intend for it to be...
Enterik 05/16/2008 34 2 - -
UPDATED Edwards' delegates
Now that John Edwards has endorsed the candidacy of Barack Obama for President of the United States, I started thinking about his remaining delegates, super and pledged ... [NOTE: I've ...
Enterik 05/15/2008 14 10 2 -
Hillary Clinton did the party a favor!
Is there a silver lining in this gray cloud that seems to have settled over the Democratic Primary? Is there some way to make Lemonade? What is the best way to view the Clinton candidacy for this ...
Enterik 05/08/2008 19 6 - 1
Female Superdelegates
Out of curiosity I went through the superdelegate lists to see how many females there were and who they were endorsing...
Enterik 05/05/2008 4 - - -
Update: Guam +1 for Obama
Previously , I tried to figure out what the likely breakdown of delegates would be for the Guam 2008 Democratic Primary. ...
Enterik 04/29/2008 8 21 2 18
Guam is Clinton +4 delegates
What do we know about the Guam Caucus? Try as I might, it's been hard to find much about what is going on in Guam. I'll summarize what I've found thusfar...
Enterik 04/25/2008 27 2 2 10
Why should I take public transit?
I did a little math for earth day. Maybe someone can help me see the light...
Enterik 04/24/2008 34 1 - 22
That "Knockout Punch"
Lately, talking heads on the teevee seem to have adopted a new idea to describe what is not happening in the 2008 Democratic Party primary. I could only watch a little bit of the returning vote ...
Enterik 04/23/2008 8 2 1 -
RI Delegates
For those who love Rhode Island and/or just want to have a little more resolution on precisely who are the delegates going to the Democratic National Convention and for whom they will vote, I offer ...
Enterik 03/07/2008 1 3 1 -
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