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Here is what I learned about guns in Australia
I knew Lauren Rousseau , one of the teachers killed at Sandy Hook Elementary. I met her several years before she started teaching, when she was a barista at the Starbucks on Mill Plain Road in ...
EquationDoc 01/20/2013 19 22 - -
IGTNT: Small Town Heroes in Connecticut
UPDATE : This is a reposted and updated diary several people suggested I repost on Memorial Day. In this area of central Connecticut, the cities feel like small towns. I live in ...
EquationDoc 05/26/2008 22 48 1 25
Small Town Heroes in Connecticut
In this area of central Connecticut, the cities feel like small towns. I live in Plainville, Connecticut, a city of 17,000 surrounded on all sides by larger cities that still pale in comparison to ...
EquationDoc 04/01/2008 20 15 1 59
Remembering Connecticut's 29 Heroes
Several times a week I see a new IGTNT diary on the Recommended Diaries list, and I follow the link to read one, or two, or sometimes many more, heart-wrenching stories of more American soldiers ...
EquationDoc 03/17/2008 15 13 - 10
No Child Left Behind Must Get Left Behind
We all remember the "Texas Miracle" that President George W. Bush touted as the future of education in the United States: simply put, testing plus accountability equals drastically decreased dropout ...
EquationDoc 02/16/2008 38 13 3 161
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