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Higher Moral Obligations: An Additional Burdern for Oppressed Minorities
Being a victim of discrimination is not easy. Research shows that targets of discrimination are at higher risk for a range of negative mental and physical health outcomes , including increased ...
psychodrew 03/04/2014 24 23 - -
Mitt Needs the Nuge, because they Shoot Liberals Don't they?
While some are more then willing to ignore or blow off the comments of "Terrible" Ted Nugent to the NRA as simply being the ramblings of an aging irrelevant rock star, there are very good reasons to ...
Frank Vyan Walton 04/22/2012 10 38 2 120
Anders Breivik Claims Self Defense For Killing 77 In Norway Massacre. Really.
The trial of Anders Breivik has begun. Here is the self defense argument taken to its absurdist conclusion: self defense against Muslims taking over white nations. He appears to have modified Hitler'...
eXtina 04/16/2012 47 23 - 227
Pure. Undiluted. Evil.
Some moments in our lives can show who and what we truly are. We can rise to the occasion with courage, faith, love, hope, empathy, grace and affection or we can fall to the depths of envy, anger, ...
Frank Vyan Walton 03/23/2012 206 580 8 3454
New Witness in Trayvon Case: The Girl on the Cellphone
In the minutes before the shooting of Trayvon Martin, it appears there was yet another witness. Trayvon was using his cellphone (which remains missing ) as he was stalked, hunted and Lynched by ...
Frank Vyan Walton 03/20/2012 222 435 4 2857
She Said Yes!
Scarce 03/19/2012 126 400 1 2595
I have little patience for melodramatic TTFN's and GBCW's written to garner attention and sympathy. This is real. And its permanent. I'm not sick. I'm not depressed. I don't have a fancy new job ...
psychodrew 02/08/2012 275 198 2 2896
Stand Up To Rightwing Terrorism; Support Aden For Congress!
By now most of you know the horrifying story of Gato, the cat who belonged to Jake Burris, campaign manager for the Ken Aden for Congress campaign in Arkansas. Sunday night, Jake and his young ...
ARDem 01/24/2012 8 18 - 62
"Newt" And Other N-Words
Wow! That South Carolina Republican Presidential Primary battle was the most bracing bit of race baiting, dog-whistle political campaigning I've seen since Lee Atwater draped Willie Horton around ...
MacDaffy 01/23/2012 26 55 1 373
Conservative Hater(s) kill family pet of Democratic campaign manager
The family pet cat of a campaign manager for a Democratic Congressional candidate was killed, had the word "liberal" painted on its side and was left on ...
The Southern Dem 01/23/2012 366 435 4 3291
Finally Some Justice for Stephen Lawrence
On April 22 1993, Stephen Lawrence a promising young black man was murdered while waiting at a bus stop with his friend Duwayne Brooks . It was an unprovoked racist attack in which the young men ...
NY brit expat 01/03/2012 20 25 - 183
Dude, Your Face is so Gay
Do any of these faces look gay to you? Do any look especially straight ?
psychodrew 12/08/2011 147 57 1 595
Bill Kristol Defames Occupy Wall Street as Racist & "Anti-Semitic"
Y'knew it was coming - and now here it is. Fox News Paid Pundit and Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol has put out an add that attacks and defames Occupy Wall Street as Racist and Anti-Semitic.
Frank Vyan Walton 10/25/2011 8 11 - 109
George Stinney And The Shame Of State Killing
davidseth 09/27/2011 19 20 - 81
ACTION: White House Death Penalty Petition
davidseth 09/25/2011 23 20 - 140
vigil ...update5, justice denied.
Time of death 11:08. . ...
Lady Libertine 09/21/2011 110 117 1 1121
Update9: Troy Davis, Time of Death 11:08pm -- How Can So Many Voices Be Ignored?
This morning 240,000 more petitions were delivered Also this morning, Davis' lawyers asked for a polygraph test but were denied by the Department of Corrections. Today his lawyers filed a brief in ...
joanneleon 09/21/2011 144 144 2 1369
I am Troy Davis *FINAL UPDATE* Troy Anthony Davis has been killed by the state of Georgia.
It now looks almost certain that the execution of Troy Davis, despite all of the lingering doubts about his guilt, will go forward.
SwedishJewfish 09/20/2011 602 426 11 5712
Fasting With Troy Davis on 9/21
davidseth 09/20/2011 56 75 3 365
Fear of Muslims is over the top
9/11 is a date feared by American Muslims...and it should not be. The 10th Anniverary was one of special concern.
myles spicer 09/20/2011 10 5 - 33
Clemency Denied: Troy Davis to be Murdered Tomorrow (w/ UPDATE: Troy Speaks)
psychodrew 09/20/2011 250 242 5 1532
#TooMuchDoubt-The Story of Troy Anthony Davis
I write this today with a heavy heart, knowing that thousands of miles away, in a small hearing room, the fate of a likely innocent man is being decided. His appeals are all exhausted; his requests ...
SwedishJewfish 09/19/2011 69 144 8 720
Justin’s Grieving Mother Visits Michele Bachmann’s Office Today
Scott Wooledge 09/19/2011 88 326 7 1765
Don't Let the State Murder Troy Davis
psychodrew 09/14/2011 18 45 2 146
Forgiveness: "Getting Even Has Never Healed a Single Person"
I am teaching a college course on research methods and last week, I taught a lesson on ethics in research. This is one of my favorite lessons in the course because I get to discuss the details of ...
psychodrew 09/12/2011 170 148 3 666
10 Days until Troy Dies
psychodrew 09/10/2011 169 160 - 1177
Is a Real Man Born or Made?
What makes a man a man? Fatherhood? ...
psychodrew 08/22/2011 105 46 1 261
In Which I Call Out The National Association Of The Deaf
I am very disturbed by the news ...
slinkerwink 08/12/2011 172 62 1 508
Disastrous Cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Let Them Hear Us Roar.
Another broken promise but this time, it is epic. Cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. [In debt talks, Obama offers Social Security cuts
joanneleon 07/07/2011 565 328 9 1532
I ♥ N Y
Let’s Hear It For New York!
Scott Wooledge 06/24/2011 320 363 6 1574
"Are You a Jewess?"
Over the last fifty years, social norms have evolved such that overt expressions of many forms of prejudice are now taboo. If you live in world in which you rarely, if ever, encounter such prejudices,
psychodrew 06/20/2011 488 301 2 2590
Iran to Turkey to Freedom: The Gay Underground Railroad
In the 19th century, anti-slavery activists created an informal network of safe houses and secret routes to help slaves escape the bonds of slavery. This network, known as ...
psychodrew 06/13/2011 33 51 2 196
Updated 4X: Martin Responds | Wherein I call “Bullsh*t” on CNN’s Roland Martin.
Scott Wooledge 06/13/2011 233 336 4 3433
Obama’s Future Win Will Come Too Late
Scott Wooledge 06/09/2011 175 171 1 1582
Little Girls Robbed Of Their Childhood
photo credit ...
slinkerwink 06/08/2011 222 213 3 1344
Celebrating LGBTQ History Month: June 7, Bayard Rustin
Today I would like to honor and pay tribute to Bayard Rustin. For those of you that follow TSM, you might remember ...
TheSolipsisticMe 06/07/2011 5 7 - 30
The Stigma of HIV
Tonight we discuss the issue of HIV stigma. I am not an expert on this area. In fact, this is a bit removed from my area of research. However, I've spent the last few days researching the issue of ...
psychodrew 06/06/2011 188 83 2 516
Obama Administration Issues Gay Pride Proclamation
The White House issued what has become its Annual Proclamation that June is Gay Pride Month. The full statement and some reactions after the fold.
Scott Wooledge 06/01/2011 48 42 1 332
Deaf Professor Wins Discrimination Suit
I was heartened to read this news story about the Texas Tech professor, Michael Collier, who won his ...
slinkerwink 05/30/2011 42 71 - 352
Hatred in America
50 years ago today the Freedom riders arrived, in a fashion, in Anniston, Alabama. To honor what they experienced, I am begging you to read Colbert King in today's Washington Post . He has ...
teacherken 05/30/2011 29 91 - 556
Our Women Suffer Too--Hearing Their Voices
As we approach Memorial Day, I would like to take a moment to thank all of our women troops, both veterans and those currently serving. I would also like to honor the fallen, most recently USAF MSG ...
joanbrooker 05/29/2011 233 146 1 654
Bloomberg: “I Cannot Tell My Niece That The Government Is Correct.”
Scott Wooledge 05/27/2011 153 292 2 1955
LGBT Kos - We are everywhere, finally
An odd thing, really: according to popular lore, lesbians and gays are an accepted, even celebrated, part of the artistic community. If you wear clothes, odds are, we designed them. If you listen to ...
LGBT Kos 05/25/2011 114 90 1 438
Guess Who's Left Out Of The Budget Debate?
It's not just progressives. It's women as well. Their voices are not heard and represented in the budget deficit talks. There isn't a single woman ...
slinkerwink 05/25/2011 172 265 1 1378
Whites Think They're Losing
I attended an academic conference a few months ago and particularly enjoyed one session ...
psychodrew 05/25/2011 700 296 13 3052
Major FAIL: Tea Party Proponent Attempts to Refute Accusations of Racism
Last summer, the NAACP started a bit of a firestorm by pointing out the obvious--
psychodrew 05/25/2011 275 237 11 2161
Day of Hate
Well, they're not calling it that. They're calling it the Day of Dialogue . But we know all too well what kind of "dialogue" on sexual minorities to expect ...
psychodrew 05/25/2011 41 53 1 379
Fox Host says President Obama "chugging 40s"
I feel a little uncomfortable posting this, because he seems like the type of guy who feeds of progressive criticism. That said, there are certain comments that straddle the fence between possibly ...
SquareBoy 05/25/2011 208 154 2 1756
Defending the Rights of the Women Who Defend Us
U.S. servicewomen put their lives on the line for us every day. We owe it to them to fight for their dignity and respect their choices. Written by Sarah Lipton-Lubet, ACLU Washington ...
RH Reality Check 05/25/2011 3 13 - 33
Erase the Hate: Black Patients and Aversive Racism
Welcome to the Erase the Hate. We are a group of Kossacks who oppose bigotry of all forms and created this group discuss prejudice and discrimination faced by different groups and ways ...
psychodrew 05/23/2011 296 64 4 1017
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