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TEA Leader Introduces Bill to Shield Abusive Jail Guards After Son-In-Law Gets Fired
Sylvia Allen, president pro tem of the Arizona Senate, has introduced legislation that would have shielded jail guards from taking lie detector tests after her son-in-law was fired from a county ...
EricAZ 03/19/2015 9 19 - -
How Native Americans Beat the Kochs in ‘America’s Most Competitive’ Congressional District
Cook, Rothenburg and other pundits had labeled Arizona Congressional District 1 as one of the most competitive in America, and the Koch Brothers and others poured in nearly $10 million to affect the ...
EricAZ 11/08/2014 49 221 8 -
The Soul of a Republican
When you live in Keyport, NJ, you do not think of yourself as white trash. Certainly there are other neighborhoods along the southern shore of Lower New York Bay that have higher poverty rates among ...
EricAZ 05/13/2013 8 6 - -
Census Doesn't Count Slaves
The recently completed census, unlike the one done in 1860, does not count slaves. While there is increasing awareness of the horrors of human traficking in the U.S. and globally, the problem ...
EricAZ 12/22/2010 6 5 - 41
Wave Election To Take Out Traditional Media
We have all heard a thousand times that this is going to be a wave election, but what we haven't heard is that this election will wipe away the remnants of credibility of the mainstream media. ...
EricAZ 10/25/2010 35 32 - 226
Prosecute GOP Candidates As Unregistered Foreign Agents
Republican/Tea Party candidates who take money from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce should be prosecuted for failing to register as foreign agents. While the Scalia court in the Citizens United ...
EricAZ 10/16/2010 19 7 - 48
Making Republicans Pay For Tea Party Kooks
I hope the Democrats can run a national ad that makes the Republicans across the board pay for their lock step voting record and their embrace of the Tea Party kooks. Here is a modest suggestion.
EricAZ 10/10/2010 11 4 - 71
Let's Tea Party Like It's 1899
The Republico-Tea Party has been suffering recently from a series of meltdowns of unprecedented racism, ignorance, stupidity and farce. ...
EricAZ 05/29/2010 13 2 - 22
What's A Matter With AZ -- Why We Suck
This brief video shows the essential problem with the Arizona Legislature, which shocked the nation and the world by coming up with horrible anti-Hispanic legislation. I apologize for the ...
EricAZ 04/25/2010 6 8 - 26
AZ Dems To Fight Anti-Hispanic Law
The state committee of the Arizona Democratic Party vowed today to "take every responsible action" to oppose a law they said amounted to "government-sponsored discrimination, racial profiling and ...
EricAZ 04/24/2010 73 22 - 40
Post Office Needs To Adapt To Digital Age
The post office has responded to the digital age by continually pushing up the price of stamps. A new study finds that business model is no longer viable. The post office needs to see the ...
EricAZ 04/12/2010 34 1 - 28
Cherished Lie: Conservatives and National Defense
Of all the lies the conservatives love to tell, the most basic to their existence is that they are strong on national defense. This is, of course, completely false. Let's run down the list. --
EricAZ 02/19/2010 2 5 - 23
Poison Kool-Aid Chug Contest: McCain V. Hayworth
In a state Republican party where sanity is considered dangerous weakness, former GOP standard bearer John McCain is locked in a poison Kool-Aid chugging contest with loudmouth numbskull J.D. ...
EricAZ 02/15/2010 20 8 - 169
Health Care: Get the Messaging Right
One American family is forced into bankruptcy every minute (1) by medical expenses, and Republican senators, congressmen and Joe Liberman are well paid to keep it that way. As Democratic leaders ...
EricAZ 01/26/2010 9 3 - 17
For Lack of a Bot, a Plane Was Nearly Lost
It's clear that the U.S. intelligence services are still in the fax machine era, when humans could sort the faxes into piles and put them in filing cabinets. The fact that they use computers to ...
EricAZ 12/31/2009 35 12 - 45
Lieberman and the Medicaid Canard
Most people who want to sell a used car understand that they are trying to maximize their revenue and that the market sets the price. But go into health care costs and suddenly there is some ...
EricAZ 10/28/2009 10 2 - 15
Price of Hate: Murder of a Teen-Ager
While the blowhard right is busy making hate into a multi-million dollar industry, they should be reminded of the cost. The murder of 16-year-old Ricky Flores is one example. The Hispanic ...
EricAZ 09/17/2009 11 10 - 48
Howard Shanker: Raul Grijalva Would be an Excellent Choice for Secretary of Interior
Arizona attorney Howard Shanker is encouraging the Obama transition team to consider Rep. Raul Grijalva of Arizona for Secretary of the Interior. In a statement, Shanker said: ...
EricAZ 12/13/2008 10 8 - -
Help: Republicans Disenfranchising Apaches
Native Americans in Whiteriver, Arizona, are being denied the right to vote because their drivers licenses have post office boxes. Republican challengers are forcing the Apaches to accept ...
EricAZ 11/04/2008 154 499 14 65
Bush Wins Nobel Peace Prize for Destroying GOP
King Snarkfest III of Sweden today announced that George W. Bush would be given a special Nobel Peace Prize for destroying the Republican party. “We just wanted to honor this significant ...
EricAZ 10/21/2008 31 23 1 -
Apaches Criticize McCain For Poor Job As Senator
Many leaders of the White Mountain Apaches and the Hopi Tribal Chairman gave moving endorsements of Barrack Obama for President at a rally in Whiteriver sponsored by the Fort Apache Democrats.
EricAZ 10/19/2008 13 27 - 22
Now, McCain Would Rather Be Communist Than Losing Capitalist
In announcing his latest mortgage proposal, McCain has exposed himself as an erratic and insane narcissist, with no core beliefs whatsoever. He proposed that the government buy the loans of all ...
EricAZ 10/08/2008 5 - - -
If McCain Lies, We'll Tell The Truth About Him
As McCain begins to throw stones in desperation, we will have to shatter his seven glass houses with accounts of his role in defrauding the taxpayers of $256 billion, the Mob ties to his family ...
EricAZ 10/04/2008 5 5 1 3
Poll: Palin's Reason For Withdrawing Will Be
Have some fun and guess what Sarah Palin's reason will be when she drops out of the race. You can bet it won't be because the McCain campaign admits that she is simply awful. By the way, you can ...
EricAZ 09/26/2008 17 3 - 1
Bush Library to be Made of Discarded Ice Chests
You might think it would be hard for a lightly regarded dKos blogger to get an interview with the president of the United States, but it seems that The Decider’s schedule is not too busy these ...
EricAZ 09/22/2008 5 1 - 1
Sorry, But We Have to Step Up To Crisis
Cross-Posted From TPM Though it is hard for Democrats to swallow, we have to step up to the bailout. And if the bill is written well, it won't be as bad as you think. This crisis does confirm ...
EricAZ 09/20/2008 26 2 - -
Please Charge GOP Vote Suppression Under RICO
The vast GOP vote suppression operation should be charged under the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization (RICO) statutes. This type of suit can be brought either as a criminal matter, or as ...
EricAZ 09/19/2008 19 13 1 1
How To Save The Financial System
The financial markets are choking to death on a glut of unmarketable securities, and the U.S. government is reaching the end of its string in selectively bailing out individual banks and institutions.
EricAZ 09/18/2008 23 2 - 2
Palin Clueless on AIG Bailout
Palin uttered only 23 words on the economic meltdown, but it is clear that she doesn't even know the names of the federal agencies involved in the crisis. The shot that has been ...
EricAZ 09/17/2008 42 9 - 1
Religious Nuts Pray for McCain to Win, Then Die
Religious nuts are praying for John McCain to win the presidency, and then die so Sarah Palin can bring "Dominionist" rule to the United States. It's a mistake to think of the religious community, ...
EricAZ 09/16/2008 13 6 - 1
Rove: McCain Lying Too Much (His Theory)
Karl Rove made the astounding pronouncement on Fox News . (In fairness to Karl Rove – and who would not want to be fair to the ...
EricAZ 09/14/2008 8 6 - -
It's The Economy, Stupid: Bad Numbers Hurt McCain
While the country and the blogosphere seem transfixed by the salacious moose opera, one of the key economic numbers to be released during the general election campaign spells big trouble for John ...
EricAZ 09/05/2008 11 13 - -
AZ Dems Take Step Toward State Senate Control
Arizona Democrats took an important step toward denying Republicans control of the State Senate for the first time in a long time. The unique opportunity presented itself late in the campaign ...
EricAZ 09/04/2008 1 2 - -
McCain Helped Defraud American Taxpayers of $125 Billion
Johnny We Hardly Know Ye: Part III The last time the mortgage industry melted down, John McCain was receiving money from one of the corrupt Savings & Loan company executives -- the ...
EricAZ 09/01/2008 11 24 - 16
The Phony Who Created McCain’s Political Persona
Johnny We Hardly Know Ye: Part II John McCain’s political career in Arizona was launched and nurtured by a bogus former Air Force pilot. Duke Tully was the publisher of the ...
EricAZ 08/31/2008 14 30 5 232
McCain Fortune Has Ties To Unsolved Murder
Johnny We Hardly Know Ye: Part I The McCain fortune is closely tied to the assassination slaying of an investigative reporter by the corrupt Arizona political elite. This may sound ...
EricAZ 08/30/2008 5 4 1 15
Kirkpatrick Supporter Admits AZ-01 Race Within 4 Points
A supporter of Ann Kirkpatrick is admitting that Howard Shanker has largely overcome her overwhelming advantage in funding to bring the race to within four points. Kirkpatrick is heavily funded ...
EricAZ 08/22/2008 10 5 - 29
Quarter-Million Member Navajo Nation Endorses Shanker in AZ-01
A majority of the Tribal Council of the Navajo Nation has endorsed Howard Shanker in his quest for the Democratic nomination in the first congressional district. The tribe, with a reservation ...
EricAZ 08/04/2008 16 12 - 7
The Lamest Congress Money Can Buy
I received this email from Nancy Pelosi asking for support for the DCCC. Here is my reply: Nancy, The DCCC has produced the lamest Congress that money can buy. Is it surprising that ...
EricAZ 07/26/2008 6 2 - -
Why AZ-01 Grassroots Bucks DCCC
Grassroots Democrats in AZ-01 are organizing to buck the DCCC's decision to nominate Ann Kirkpatrick in our district. From a desk in Washington, Ann Kirkpatrick must look good on paper: Woman, ...
EricAZ 07/23/2008 10 3 - 5
Why Does Kirkpatrick Need $1.5 Mil in AZ-01 Primary?
Ann Kirkpatrick has said she needs $1 million to win the Democratic primary in AZ-01. Emily's List has upped that amount, saying their chosen candidate needs $1.5 million before the Sept. 2 primary.
EricAZ 07/21/2008 11 4 1 6 Registers Voters in AZ-01 and members of the White Mountain Democrats registered 29 members of the White Mountain Apache Tribe to vote in Whiteriver, AZ, during Native ...
EricAZ 07/19/2008 10 19 - 33
AZ Native Americans Won Right To Vote 60 Yrs Ago Today
Native Americans in Arizona won the right to vote 60 years ago today. Before the state Supreme Court decision, all Indians were considered "minors" under Arizona law, regardless of age. A ...
EricAZ 07/15/2008 4 11 - 5
Bush Funds Indian Health Care at Half Non-Indian Rate
Cross-Posted from The Indian Health Service, long funded at less than half of the true need, would be further cut under a proposal from the ...
EricAZ 07/13/2008 19 13 - 4
Shanker, AZ-01, Would Be Perfect for Orange to Blue
Howard Shanker, Democratic candidate in AZ-01, would be a perfect addition to "Orange to Blue." Please see his answers below to the Orange to Blue Survey questions. This will be a Democratic ...
EricAZ 07/12/2008 9 - - 5
Native American Vote Key to AZ-01
The White Mountain Apache Reservation is half the size of Connecticut with 10 registered Democrats for every one Republican . A key to winning AZ-...
EricAZ 07/06/2008 8 10 - 9
Straight Talk, Gun Smuggling, Albanian Lobbyists
The Albanians are a natural constituency for John McCain. They nod their heads no, and shake their heads yes, at least traditionally. Some of them have now adopted the opposite head motions. Such ...
EricAZ 06/24/2008 1 1 - 3
Bush-Cheney Energy Policy Pays Off Big Time
Now that gasoline has passed $4 on its way to $5 a gallon or higher, it becomes clearer why the creation of the Bush-Cheney energy policy was such a big secret. Bush and Cheney have ...
EricAZ 06/18/2008 6 6 - -
AZ CD1 Democratic Candidates Debate War, Health Insurance, Abortion
Howard Shanker took strong anti-war, pro-single-payer health insurance, pro-environment and pro-choice stands in a debate among the Democratic candidates for Arizona’s first Congressional ...
EricAZ 06/10/2008 4 4 1 24
Leastwise We Tain’t Republicans
The poor whites of Appalachia have an image problem. It’s not so much how the rest of America feels about them, but how they feel about themselves. Of course, they can’t go anywhere ...
EricAZ 05/21/2008 3 2 - 19
Obama’s Magic Number is 100
If Barack Obama wins half the delegates in the remaining nine primaries, he needs 100 of the 301 undecided super delegates to capture the nomination. If he gathers more than half the ...
EricAZ 04/23/2008 20 6 - -
Heather Phishes While Bush Plays Hooky
Cross posted from Millions of Americans have been receiving calls from “Heather at Account Services” in a blatant ...
EricAZ 01/20/2008 6 7 - -
Bush vs. The Worst Roman Emperors
Cross-Posted from George W. Bush is acknowledged as the worst American president ever, overwhelming both Buchanan and Fillmore in a ...
EricAZ 01/15/2008 37 17 1 1
Paradox: Corn 8 Cents A Pound, Heroin $60,000 A Pound
Cross-Posted from It’s ironic that corn sells for eight cents a pound and heroin fetches $60,000 for the same quantity, ...
EricAZ 01/13/2008 22 10 - -
Stop Letting Wal-Mart Pocket Sales Taxes
Cross-posted from Wal-Mart, or another big box retailer, approaches a small town and says, “We’d like to build a store ...
EricAZ 01/06/2008 12 20 - 5
Plan for Peace in the Middle East
Cross-Posted from Here is my plan for peace in the Middle East, including resolving the thorny issue of the right of return for Palestinians.
EricAZ 01/02/2008 10 1 - -
Bloomberg Run Could Throw Race To Senate
Cross-Posted from Policy Insight.Org Mike Bloomberg’s expected candidacy would change the calculus of the presidential race and could even lead ...
EricAZ 01/01/2008 29 6 1 1
Huck Takes To Raft To Promote Name, Save Air Fare
Cross-posted from Mike Huckabee put his raft into the Mississippi off Davenport, Iowa, yesterday, in a brilliant effort to associate ...
EricAZ 12/16/2007 6 7 - 1
Pygmy Olympics
The results of the Pygmy Olympics are in the history books and Mitt Romney has solidified his standing as a Pygmy among Pygmies. Rudy Giuliani refused to enter the competition, moving directly ...
EricAZ 08/12/2007 4 2 - -
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