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A reply from Cathy McMorris Rogers about the future of S.S. and SSDI
It took about 4 weeks but this morning I finally heard from the 4th most powerful Republican in Congress concerning my letter to her in which I mentioned my concern for keeping Social Security ...
Ewashstate 02/13/2015 9 5 - -
Rollingstones' Tim Dickinson-"Obamacares Working"
I love my Rollingstone magazine subscription, and I love Tim Dickinson.Well just as we all knew, the GOP's worst fear has come to reality. Obamacare is working. Healthcare costs per year now are at ...
Ewashstate 04/12/2014 11 17 - -
Side Effect of Climate Change on health/weight
I just read in the latest issue of Men's Health magazine the first of its kind study, on a pretty major, negative impact that climate change is having on the worlds health in general, and its weight,
Ewashstate 02/05/2014 3 4 - -
My Congresswoman to give GOP reply
Well, this really wasn't too surprising to me and my sister when we found out Cathy McMorris Rogers will give the GOP reply to the State of the Union speech next Tuesday. We have been talking about ...
Ewashstate 01/24/2014 12 8 - -
"A House Divided" & "Inside The Suicide Machine"
For anyone who does not subscribe to Rolling Stone Magazine either online or in magazine form, if you read one article this week, please, you must read two brilliant stories by Sam Wilentz and Tim ...
Ewashstate 10/13/2013 11 8 - -
The Fossil Fuel Resistance
I just read a fascinating story in the latest issue of Rolling Stone Magazine about the next big thing in global warming/climate change. Taken togther the new movement is loosely called The Fossil ...
Ewashstate 04/11/2013 2 9 - -
My letter reply from Congresswoman
A couple of weeks ago, I like many of you surely have done as well contacted my Congressional elected officials to let them know of my thoughts and feelings regarding the safety net, specifically SS,
Ewashstate 03/25/2013 5 5 - -
Repugs claim of worry about the debt
The other day I caught "Hardball" and Michael Smerconish was on filling in for Chris Matthews. The first subject of the day was the GOP's claim that they are very worried/concerned about the debt, ...
Ewashstate 01/04/2013 2 - - -
Wash State: a progressive leader? Might be...
This morning I noted a local tv affiliate mentioning that the two biggest referendums in Washington State in my opinion, appear to be passing. All eyes are on the marriage equality referendum, #74. ...
Ewashstate 11/06/2012 20 10 - -
Obamas Two Biggest Weaknesses
Ok, going into a the debate tomorrow night, and listening to President Obamas comments last week about how he was "too polite" in the first debate, I see two major weaknesses he has to address and ...
Ewashstate 10/15/2012 8 - - -
Referendum 74 ( marriage equality) Wash. State-update
I just saw another recent poll take on where we stand with Referendum 74 the marriage equality initiative here in Wash. State, and again its looking favorable. I just saw a %55-40 rating with 6 % ...
Ewashstate 10/09/2012 11 8 - 71
New NBC/WSJ Poll results at 3:30pm est today
and they could be really big for Obama and very bad for Romney. I have been seeing one good result thus far in the headline news all day, and that is that 38% of Americans now feel more positive ...
Ewashstate 09/18/2012 57 4 - 715
Repug. for Gov. of Wash. State won't release his taxes either
Yesterday Repug. for Governor of Washington State, Rob McKenna, said he would not release ANY tax records, even though Dem. Jay Inslee has released 5 years worth. Remind you of anyone? McKenna, ...
Ewashstate 08/29/2012 18 14 - 63
Challenge issued to my fellow Kosians
I made another donation this morning to the Obama campaign. We are now headed into the home stretch where we really have but 2 more months remaining. Anger towards what I have been hearing and ...
Ewashstate 08/27/2012 2 3 - 22
5th Congressional Dist. in E. Washington may have a Dem contender!
There is some hope possibly on the horizon coming from a Democrat named Rich Cowan, here in Spokane, who is running against who has been described as the 4th most powerful Republican in Congress, ...
Ewashstate 07/27/2012 10 5 - 52
A falling out with a family member over politics
Yesterday I had a political falling out with a family member, in this case, my brother over politics. My brother has always been a Republican, and he knows I have always been a Democrat. Over the ...
Ewashstate 07/18/2012 63 20 - 311
New Obama campaign ad
I have got an idea for the Obama campaign. You know the picture of Romney on the back of the jet ski that his wife is driving and he has that weird arm/hand gesture thing going? That one. Remember ...
Ewashstate 07/10/2012 5 1 - 87
The Presidential "gaffe" how serious was it?
Ok, so I too watched the Presidential Press conference on Friday and have watched some political programs since then on Friday and this morning. Its still topic A it seems. The President normally ...
Ewashstate 06/10/2012 26 1 1 255
Obamas answer to the jobs report today
I agree 100% with what I heard Rachel Maddow say today, the President must take to the airwaves and chide Congress and the Republicans to push for the passing of the American Jobs Act, NOW! As I ...
Ewashstate 06/01/2012 19 14 1 199
What Boner and the Tea Party are up to next
So the past 2 days, we hear that Boner once again is bringing up the "spending" problem and the defecit and debt issues. The timing is just perfect. Today we hear that he says that he is not talking ...
Ewashstate 05/16/2012 3 1 - 58
A new talking point for the Dems.
Like many of you, I do watch the Sunday morning talk shows, Stephanopoulus, and "Meet The Press." And in all the shows I have watched over the past maybe year or so, every time the Gross Old Party ...
Ewashstate 05/09/2012 6 9 1 59
Delirium-how sexual fundamentalists are polarizing America
I just recently picked up the book " Delirium" by Nancy Cohen. Its the story about how the sexual fundamentalists are polarizing the country. Anyone else recall these glorious names from the past? ...
Ewashstate 03/03/2012 4 5 - 80
Bill Clinton supports Keystone
I heard on MSNBC on Joy Wagners program this morning actually that Bill Clinton has come out in support for the Keystone Pipeline. I was flabbergasted! I was not able to see the rest of the program ...
Ewashstate 03/01/2012 22 - - 90
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