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Fri Feb 13, 2009 at 09:13 AM PST

Homage to Gov Sanford SC

by FLS

This diary is in part a piggy back on the recommended diary by slinkerwink, and in part to show up the how disingenuous repugs are.  

I was watching this guy (Gov Sanford) on CNN, talking (economics) or more like spewing repug talking points, and couldn't help but think 'could this guy be as dumb as he looks' and as he continued to talk, the answer was obvious. You could see him trying to fit the repug talking points into his explanation of why he opposed the stimulus bill (check out the you tube clip below). While I was listening to him, I thought it would be a good idea to insert something into the bill that would force a repug like him to publicly accept or reject the stimulus money sent to him in face of his state's economic turmoil. I thought that the provision should include language that would allow the state legislature to over ride him if he declined the stimulus money.


Gov. Sanford SC will

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6%2 votes
40%13 votes
21%7 votes

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Surprisingly I haven't seen this diaried anywhere. Someone made the comment months ago, after Obama choose Gen Shinseki as Veteran's Affair Secretary that it would be great to have Tammy Duckworth as VA undersecretary and I agreed. At the time most saw her as the favorite for the top post. I briefly thought Obama might back away from Gov Blagojevich officials because of the perceived 'taint' that everyone seems obsessed about, it's good to see he didn't.

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Sun Feb 01, 2009 at 08:36 PM PST

Gov. Lynch disses Pres. Obama....

by FLS

would he? A lot of people here have been speculating on what will happen to Sen Gregg's seat if he so happens to accept a cabinet position in Obama's administration. Of note one the most recurring angst I've read is that Gov Lynch can't be trusted to replace Sen Gregg with a democrat. I can't say I know much about Gov. Lynch's politics, but I  would like to state the obvious as to what such a move (replacing Sen Gregg with another repug) may imply.


Gov. Lycnh if given the opportunity will appoint...

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26%52 votes
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Yes I know it's pre inauguration and I thinking about the P.U.M.A.s again. I have to admit in a warped kinda way I  am intrigued by them.

You maybe not remember my first post election P.U.M.A. diary here. Where the P.U.M.A.s laid out the argument that they (3.6 million dems strong) were the difference between Barack Obama failing to beat John McCain by more that 7.2 million votes and that his vote totals should have been in the 65-70 million vote range vs the 63 million at the time they posted their diary. The huge problem with that argument was that their argument was made on Nov 5th long before the final tallies from all districts were in, giving Obama a landslide of 9.5 million vote margin and a total 69.5 million votes. You have to at least give them credit for getting the final vote total correct close to 70 million.

Now, I am sure having realized the idiocy of their initial argument, they manufactured a more durable one. One that is unconstrained by facts that can be proven or dis-proven. I'm sure is makes them feel a lot better.  There new argument was, and just only 1 week later Nov 12th that...

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Sun Jan 11, 2009 at 02:12 PM PST

Faux news vs Foxnews not the same thing- -?

by FLS

Yesterday someone here made the ridiculous statement that Foxnews (internet version) is not the same as Fauxnews 'TV' version. Not being a follower of either for a long while, I for an infinitesimal moment questioned years of my dailykos brain washing that that statement might be true, and quickly dispatched it as crazy talk. Their point was that Foxnews had some worthwhile journalistic value, so I filed that piece of info away for future reference in the trash bin, to be deleted on on the next deletion cycle.

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Finally. Cool heads prevail. More to come (no links yet). President elect Obama's press conference may be delayed because of the new development around Burris. Sen Reid staying true to form capitulates, but capitulates for the right reason. Sen Feinstein may have been a big factor, because Burris goes through her committee. She took the wind out of the Dems sail. Gov Blago is probably laughing is a@@ off.

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Sat Dec 27, 2008 at 04:53 AM PST

Israel on a killing spree

by FLS

And no I not an anti semite. I think Israel has a right to protect itself but the cynic in me suspect some grandstanding an electioneering going on here. The count is now up to 150 dead. Israel gets away with it's heavy handed tactics as long as it at the cost of Palestinian lives. It is my opinion that Israel has no plans of there being any resolution to the Palestine issue, until they have annexed the most of the Palestinian lands. I do defend Israel's right to respond to these mortar attacks but this again reminds the world of the one sided US foreign policies in deference to Israel. This diary is not specific to this one Israel response but more as an opportunity to talk about the big picture.

And in other news Repugs find  another way to call Barack a nigger. No wait it's just a song.  


The Magic Negro

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6%9 votes
25%38 votes

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I only realized this after reading a post from Dec 23 08 by Nate at Nate pointed out a very interesting scenario but failed to develop it, at least in the direction my mind is taking this. Nate rightly points out that senate rules state that 3/5 of duly 'chosen and sworn' senators is required for a cloture vote. Because MN may not certify until a little after the senate convenes on Jan 3rd and IL may not chose Obama's replacement until who knows when. There is likely to be only 98 'duly chosen and  sworn' senators 3/5 of 98 is 59. What Nate failed to realize is that Dems don't have 59 senators with those two empty seats they only have 57 (55 + 1 indep + Judas) which is 58.2.


Is this a good idea?

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Proof that there alternative ways to tree hugging. I always wondered why some environmental groups don't put their money where their mouth is. I know I'm assuming they have money in the first place, but I see efforts in Brazil/South America where groups buy up pieces of land to protect it.

This smart /brave student took his knowledge of the system and used it against the evil doers. A Utah college student Tim DeChristopher took matters into his own hands, when he decided he could more effective as a bidder inside, than a protester outside.  As a result of his actions he purchased 22000 acres of scenic land quite possibly delaying their use by Bushesco

land right around Arches National Park and in Labyrinth Canyon and Mineral Point

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Thu Dec 18, 2008 at 07:10 PM PST

MN Supreme Court ruling Unconstitutional

by FLS

I think the good balanced intent was there but there is a significant flaw, and that flaw could invalidate it. The court was trying to adhere to the equal protection clause commendable. But it may have over reached this endeavor by mandating bias, by requiring that 'both' candidates approve that an absentee ballot be opened or else it can be opened and counted.

This requirement of 'all' candidates agreeing and not the requirement that the MN absentee ballot law be evenly applied throughout the state, opens the stage for violation of the equal protection clause. Who is to stop any candidate from cherry picking ballots based of the geographics of the ballot? This would be a violation of the equal protection clause.

If the rules end up being anything but MN election law, either candidate but most most likely the losing candidate can challenge this in Fed court, because it becomes an equal protection issue.

I'm curious to find out what the dissenting judges in the 3-2 decision objected to.


This is headed to the Federal courts

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20%18 votes
7%7 votes
3%3 votes
12%11 votes

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Not much of a diary. Here's a live feed of the IL elections vote for Pre Obama and VP Biden. For some reason, I thought this occurred in DC. Or is there a part 2 to this process.

Update  11:03 IL just completed their certification of their vote for President Obama and V.P. Biden in the IL senate.

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Monday so says the Huffington Post.

If this is the case, I think a lot of Dems may give a big sigh of relieve. I think Lt Gov Quin would be able to appoint Obama's senate seat replacement, that is if Gov Blago dosen't appoint someone as a parting gift. I'm surprise some accounts have it that the Lt Gov Quin haven't spoken to Gov Blago since mid 2007, I find that amazing if it's true. The top two elected state officials don't communicate. Makes for good election slogans.


Gov Blagojevich...

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