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Utah high school decides not to include special needs students in yearbook
This year, Leslee Bailey was stunned when she saw that her daughter Amber wasn't included in the Blue Peak High School yearbook as she had been in past years. Amber has Down syndrome and takes ...
FaithGardner 05/19/2015 135 135 - -
California Senate just passed a bill to end personal belief exemptions for vaccinations
Three cheers for common sense! Today the California Senate passed Bill SB277, meaning parents can no longer opt out of vaccinations for their publicly schooled children ...
FaithGardner 05/14/2015 80 67 - -
Watch President Obama call out Fox News for stereotyping poor people
President Obama spoke at a panel on Overcoming Poverty at Georgetown on May 12, and he absolutely nailed it. He called out Fox News and their stereotypes of poor people :
FaithGardner 05/13/2015 19 47 1 -
Texas high school that doesn't teach sex ed surprised by chlamydia outbreak
Gee, who would have guessed ? A Texas high school is in the middle of a chlamydia outbreak, officials say. But according to the school district's student handbook, it does not offer ...
FaithGardner 05/05/2015 160 200 2 -
Starbucks brand 'Ethos' water comes from drought-stricken California
Starbucks acquired the Ethos water brand 10 years ago. According to Starbucks , "Ethos® Water was created to help raise awareness" about water access and works to "provide children with access to ...
FaithGardner 04/29/2015 18 27 - -
Ray-Ban requests Rand Paul remove their sunglasses from his online store
Ray-Ban, the company that makes the iconic Wayfarer ...
FaithGardner 04/23/2015 86 69 1 -
Jon Stewart rips Dick Cheney a new one
On the latest Daily Show , Jon Stewart blasted Dick Cheney's criticism of President Obama's negotiations with Iran. Calling the former vice president "a ...
FaithGardner 04/20/2015 144 171 8 -
Country singer Tim McGraw gets crazy backlash from gun rights nuts for playing Sandy Hook benefit
Mind-blowing that this is even controversial : Tim McGraw is defending his decision to headline a ...
FaithGardner 04/17/2015 226 322 1 -
Michigan business owner posts anti-gay Facebook rant. Commenters rip him to shreds
Brian Klawiter, proud bigot, Dieseltec business owner Brian Klawiter owns a diesel engine repair shop in Michigan called Dieseltec. Tuesday, on Dieseltec's Facebook page, he posted a ...
FaithGardner 04/16/2015 287 275 7 -
Nestlé has been pumping water from a national forest with an expired permit for over 25 years
The lack of regulation here is stunning. The U.S. Forest Service in Southern California ...
FaithGardner 04/13/2015 179 305 7 -
Caught on video: Desert chase leads to CA deputies tasering, then beating a stunned suspect
An NBC news chopper caught footage yesterday of another stunningly disturbing incidence of police brutality. During a police chase through the desert, a suspect who fled on horseback, then fell ...
FaithGardner 04/10/2015 123 118 - -
California Senate panel passes a bill to end vaccination opt-outs for kids entering public school
Great news out of California yesterday : Unswayed by a relentless parade of opposition, a key Senate panel on Wednesday passed a bill that would ...
FaithGardner 04/09/2015 180 86 1 -
Iowa Catholic school denies teacher a job for being gay. Students orchestrate a perfect response
On a rainy Wednesday, 150 students and alumni staged a walkout at Dowling Catholic High School located in West Des Moines. The school's administration opted out of hiring substitute teacher (and ...
FaithGardner 04/09/2015 165 255 - -
'Tea party' holds protest against Everglades conservation. There's just one problem...
Well, this is just pathetic . The Tea Party of Miami put up a convincing demo last week to oppose a 'land grab' that would see 46,...
FaithGardner 04/09/2015 150 336 3 -
France passes laws to curtail anorexia, banning too-thin models and their agents, modeling houses
Way to go, France! France will ban excessively thin models and expose modeling agents and the fashion houses that hire them to possible fines and even ...
FaithGardner 04/03/2015 68 42 - -
After three decades on death row, Alabama inmate will finally walk free
Anthony Ray Hinton Anthony Ray Hinton has served one of the longest death row sentences in Alabama's history—30 years—and today he will finally be freed. He was 29 at the time of the crime and ...
FaithGardner 04/03/2015 9 35 - -
Stanford is providing free tuition for students from households that make less than $125k per year
An aerial shot of Stanford University Stanford University just revised its financial aid policy, ...
FaithGardner 04/02/2015 106 115 2 -
Indiana pizzeria that said they'd discriminate against gays now closing due to backlash
Crystal O'Connor of Memories Pizza, Walkerton, Indiana Yesterday Memories Pizza was all over the ...
FaithGardner 04/02/2015 394 141 2 -
Michele Bachmann takes to Facebook to write a stunningly spiteful Obama rant. Commenters fire back.
Two days ago, Michele Bachmann—once ...
FaithGardner 04/02/2015 300 423 5 -
Guardian Media Group divesting all fossil fuel assets out of its +$1 billion fund
In that largest divestment out of oil and gas companies yet, the Guardian Media Group announced it is selling 100 percent of their assets in fossil fuels out of their investment fund of over £800 ...
FaithGardner 04/01/2015 7 14 - -
Disciples of Christ to move 2017 convention from Indiana due to new freedom to discriminate law
Another organization has come out against Indiana's new "Religious Freedom Restoration Act." Disciples of Christ , (AKA "Christian Church") is a large mainline Protestant denomination with over ...
FaithGardner 04/01/2015 92 193 - -
Monsanto slapped with $600K fine for not reporting toxic chemicals released in Idaho
Surprise, surprise—turns out Monsanto didn’t report toxic chemical releases that occurred between 2006 and 2009 at a phosphate plant in eastern Idaho, where phosphate ore is mined to make ...
FaithGardner 03/27/2015 32 21 1 -
Anti-vaxxer bets $100k measles 'doesn't exist' ... and loses (of course)
You, sir, are an idiot . Stefan Lanka is a German biologist with a long history of pseudoscientific outbursts, including a denial that the human immunodeficiency virus,
FaithGardner 03/20/2015 30 36 - -
This Texas city is going 100 percent renewable energy
Great news out of Texas: Georgetown is about to become the first city in the state to be powered 100 percent ...
FaithGardner 03/20/2015 44 109 2 -
Stephen King calls BS on Maine Gov. LePage, tells him to 'man up and apologize'
Maine Gov. Paul LePage recently falsely stated that horror author Stephen King doesn't live in Maine or pay taxes during a weekly radio address . "Remember who introduced ...
FaithGardner 03/20/2015 219 471 2 -
Oil still not cleaned up in Montana after spill, but company is going to resume pipeline use anyway
Yellowstone River In January, a 12-inch pipeline owned by Bridger Pipeline LLC burst in Montana, spilling 30,000 gallons of oil that leaked into the Yellowstone River ...
FaithGardner 03/13/2015 5 12 2 -
Hundreds of starving sea lions wash ashore on California beaches
In California, starving sea lions have been washing ashore this year in an unprecedented numbers—over 1,450 and counting. According to animal rescuers, there were 1,100 last month alone. This is ...
FaithGardner 03/13/2015 38 98 1 -
President Obama reads mean tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live (and tweeters respond)
"Presidents are people too." Last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live brought an extra-special edition of Mean Tweets, featuring President Obama. Do yourself a favor and check out the two-minute video, it'
FaithGardner 03/13/2015 56 123 3 -
GOP representative says he didn't vaccinate his kids and they're just fine
Rep. Barry Loudermilk, a Republican freshman congressman from Georgia, hosted his first town hall meeting last week. When the topic of vaccines came up, he told the crowd :
FaithGardner 02/27/2015 80 31 1 -
Dog walks 20 blocks alone to find owner fighting cancer at the hospital
In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a 10-year-old miniature Schnauzer named Sissy left home and walked 20 blocks and into a hospital lobby all by herself to find her human companion Nancy Franck. Franck, a ...
FaithGardner 02/13/2015 119 164 1 -
The oldest man in Australia knits sweaters for injured penguins and it is amazing
Sorry but tiny penguins in sweaters? I couldn't resist this story. Alfred AKA "Alfie" Date is Australia's oldest man at 109 years old and he's been knitting for over 80 of those years. When he ...
FaithGardner 02/11/2015 73 221 10 -
Montana state representative wants to outlaw yoga pants in public
He's coming for your yoga pants. Republican (of course) state Rep. David Moore from Missoula is spending his lawmaking hours on super important stuff these days. Like, for example, he saw a bunch ...
FaithGardner 02/11/2015 367 163 1 -
Man takes 'upskirt' photo of 13-year-old girl in a Target store. Oregon judge rules it's legal
This is unbelievably creepy : An Oregon judge has ruled that a 61-year-old man did nothing illegal when he crouched in the aisle of a Target store and snapped photos up a 13-year-old's skirt. ...
FaithGardner 02/11/2015 296 63 1 -
NBC debunks 7 stupid myths about vaccines
If you've ever found yourself reading the comments in a news article about vaccines, you have probably experienced a wide array of misinformed people posting vaccine-related "facts" they read on ...
FaithGardner 02/10/2015 72 109 1 -
Another Comcast employee changes another Comcast customer name to an obscenity
Last month we learned that a Comcast employee changed a customer's name to Asshole Brown . Comcast fired the responsible employee, refunded the customer for two ...
FaithGardner 02/06/2015 49 38 - -
California legislators work to remove 'personal exemption' option for vaccinations
In California, legislators are talking action to remove the “personal belief” exemption for vaccinations. This would mean parents couldn’t opt out of vaccinating their children who attend ...
FaithGardner 02/05/2015 121 51 - -
Autism community's leaders make it crystal-clear: Vaccinations do not cause autism
Vaccinations don't cause autism. But not vaccinating does spread contagious diseases like measles. In 1998, Andrew Wakefield conducted a study of 12 children linking the MMR vaccine to the onset of ...
FaithGardner 02/05/2015 145 149 1 -
'A needlessly sick America': Jon Stewart blasts parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids
On last night's Daily Show , Jon Stewart ripped into Rand Paul, Chris Christie and the anti-vaxxers—and presented a fantastic allegory. Featuring zombies! Here's the transcript. You may ask, ...
FaithGardner 02/04/2015 61 77 - -
Berkeley recommends quarantining unvaccinated children if measles outbreak grows
With the measles outbreak continuing to spread, the city of Berkeley is poised to take action . The city’s public ...
FaithGardner 02/03/2015 10 24 - -
Bet you can't guess which state is #1 in vaccinations
Mississippi, California's got nothing on you. Mississippi has the highest vaccination rate for school-age children. ...
FaithGardner 02/02/2015 293 114 2 -
While CDC warns of huge outbreaks, this doctor tells people to not vaccinate their kids
This measles thing is no joke—just ask the CDC . Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Tom Frieden on Sunday warned that the U.S. could see a "large ...
FaithGardner 02/02/2015 411 232 - -
Some doctors will no longer see patients who refuse vaccinations
Since the measles outbreak that began at Disneyland in December (and news is now ...
FaithGardner 01/30/2015 483 194 2 -
Fact checkers at Politifact update their data and find Fox lies more than ever
Last July, Politifact introduced scorecards to rank the truthfulness of statements made on major news networks . ...
FaithGardner 01/30/2015 64 76 4 -
Comcast changes customer's first name on bill to 'Asshole'
Ah, Comcast. The worst of the worst. So bad they were awarded Consumerist's "Worst Company in America" title in 2010 ...
FaithGardner 01/29/2015 133 169 2 -
Congressman actually listens to women, reverses his stance on abortion
Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan is one of a handful of Democrats in the House who has voted to restrict a woman's right to choose in the past. But in an op-ed penned yesterday, he makes it official that his ...
FaithGardner 01/28/2015 122 197 - -
California dad asks grade school to ban unvaccinated kids to keep his son safe
Since the measles outbreak that began at Disneyland , California and six other states (and Mexico) have seen patients infected with the disease. If ...
FaithGardner 01/28/2015 463 269 2 -
Pipeline explodes in West Virginia
Another day, another gas pipeline bursts—this time in West Virginia, about an hour away from Pittburgh and near the Ohio River . A number of residents have said they saw what ...
FaithGardner 01/27/2015 258 228 4 -
Measles outbreak reaches Bay Area, 30 babies now under isolation
The measles outbreak that began in Disneyland has now affected people in 7 states and Mexico, a total ...
FaithGardner 01/27/2015 180 118 - -
Jon Stewart hilariously takes down speeches at the Iowa Freedom Summit
This is too good to not share. On Monday's Daily Show , Jon Stewart obliterated the Republicans' speeches at the Iowa Freedom Summit that happened Saturday. "A lot of Republicans who will never ...
FaithGardner 01/27/2015 41 112 1 -
Punk band to Scott Walker: Stop using our music. 'We literally hate you'
American Celtic punk band Dropkick Murphys are disgusted that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker chose to use their music for his intro at the Iowa Freedom Summit ...
FaithGardner 01/26/2015 237 353 4 -
Now workers at Disneyland have the measles
It's an infectious world after all In December, an unvaccinated woman went ...
FaithGardner 01/21/2015 203 144 1 -
California high school sends 24 unvaccinated students home to prevent measles outbreak
In December, an unvaccinated woman visited Disneyland (then flew home) and spread measles to dozens of people. Now, in Disneyland's homeland of Orange County, 24 ...
FaithGardner 01/20/2015 398 229 1 -
13-year-old launches his own company after using Legos to build a Braille printer
Damn, this is impressive. A 13-year-old boy, Shubham Banerjee from Silicon Valley, was surprised when he learned how expensive and cumbersome Braille printers are—nearly $2K, weighing 20 pounds ...
FaithGardner 01/20/2015 28 103 2 1
Cancer-causing chemicals detected in Yellowstone River after oil spill
This past weekend, a 12-inch pipeline burst in Montana and an estimated 50,000 gallons of oil leaked into the Yellowstone River. Now it's being reported ...
FaithGardner 01/20/2015 38 74 - -
Five-year-old billed for skipping friend's birthday party
This is just silly. Alex Nash, a five-year-old from Cornwall, England, was invited to a birthday party. His parents accepted, then realized they had plans for Alex to spend time with his ...
FaithGardner 01/20/2015 41 17 - -
Unvaccinated woman visits Disneyland, spreads measles to dozens of people
The happiest place on earth ... unless you're carrying an infectious disease. Take your vaccinations, people! What started as a measles ...
FaithGardner 01/15/2015 471 251 3 -
Councilman announces 'Jesus is the reason for the season' at menorah lighting ceremony
Dumbass . Bud Williams, city councilor in Springfield, Mass., stood in the court square earlier this ...
FaithGardner 12/18/2014 197 54 - -
25 homes evacuate an unstoppable gas leak in another Ohio fracking 'incident'
Another day, another toxic spill thanks to fracking : About 25 families in eastern Ohio have been unable to live in their houses for the past three days because ...
FaithGardner 12/18/2014 155 249 4 -
Colorado to spend over $8 million on medical marijuana research
Good news out of Colorado: Colorado will spend more than $8 million researching marijuana's medical potential - a new frontier because government-funded marijuana research traditionally focuses ...
FaithGardner 12/18/2014 4 12 - -
IL General Assembly just passed a law that could make it illegal to record encounters with police
In March of this year, the Illinois Supreme Court killed the Illinois "eavesdropping law." This controversial law, which required someone recording a conversation to obtain permission from all ...
FaithGardner 12/09/2014 111 128 3 -
Two cops caught on video assaulting a woman in a Texas jail receive no indictment
Last month, a Grand Jury in Jasper, Texas, cleared two police officers after they assaulted a black woman named Keyarika Diggles in Jasper City Jail in May of 2013. The whole incident was caught ...
FaithGardner 12/05/2014 115 120 2 -
Pope Francis to raffle off gifts, give proceeds to those in need
What an innovative idea . Pope Francis is raffling off the Homero Ortega brand hat, a new four-wheel-drive Fiat Panda, bicycles, an espresso coffee machine, watches and other objects he has ...
FaithGardner 11/20/2014 22 41 - -
Amazing kid runs marathons all over the globe, donates funds raised to clothe children in need
What a kickass kid. Nik Toocheck, 11, not only runs marathons—he's run them in seven continents. And in Antarctica twice. His first marathon toward the seven-continent ...
FaithGardner 09/11/2014 3 6 1 -
Ask me anything, Facebook edition
Happy Friday! If we haven't met before, I'm the Assistant General Manager at Daily Kos. This means I do all sorts of random things, but the biggest chunk of my job is dedicated to managing the ...
FaithGardner 09/05/2014 59 32 - -
Liz Warren blasts sellout politicians and Washington's 'revolving door' to Wall Street
In a recent interview with Katie Couric, Liz Warren criticized Eric Cantor's new $3.4 million dollar gig at a boutique investment bank and Washington's "revolving door" to Wall Street.
FaithGardner 09/04/2014 9 7 1 -
NC teacher raises nearly $150K to feed Ferguson kids whose schools can't open due to civil unrest
Nice to read a heartwarming story coming out of Ferguson, Missouri. A fifth-grade schoolteacher from Bahama, North Carolina named Julianna Mendelsohn wanted to do something to help school kids ...
FaithGardner 08/21/2014 16 85 2 -
Think BPA-free plastics are safe? Think again.
Depressing news for those of us who've gone out of our way to purchase BPA-free containers. In 2010 BPA was shown to be possibly harmful to fetuses, babies and children, which led to a wave of BPA-...
FaithGardner 08/11/2014 38 49 1 -
Indonesian girl swept away by tsunami and presumed dead is reunited with her family a decade later
FaithGardner 08/08/2014 41 143 1 -
Republican House member sends every congressperson a Bible to guide 'decision-making'
Rep. Steven Palazzo, (R-Mississippi) Separation of church and state, anyone? Days before Congress adjourned for its August recess, Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-Miss.) sent a copy ...
FaithGardner 08/07/2014 95 34 - -
Insurance broker pays out $21K settlement to 73-year-old in buckets of small change
Andres Carrasco and his "settlement." What a bunch of a-holes. Andres Carrasco ...
FaithGardner 08/05/2014 190 350 2 -
KSU prez gives up $90K of his own salary to give lowest-paid university employees a raise
Now this is leadership. Kentucky State University's interim president Raymond Burse has donated over $90,000 of his own salary to boost the pay of minimum wage workers at KSU. This means a jump ...
FaithGardner 08/04/2014 107 223 4 -
'Reaganbook,' the new conservative Facebook, launches, is immediately devoured by trolls
Apparently, some people feel that there aren't enough conservative voices on Facebook. So one Ohio Republican decided to start Reaganbook, a social networking site dubbed "the ...
FaithGardner 08/01/2014 279 244 3 -
Watch Mary Poppins call it quits
This is practically perfect in every way. Watch Mary Poppins quit her low-paying gig and school the kids on the importance of the minimum wage:
FaithGardner 07/25/2014 15 43 3 -
Scientists warn we are on the brink of the next major mass extinction event
Elephants are among the species of globally threatened vertebrates. Biologists (yet again) sound the alarm in this latest article via ...
FaithGardner 07/25/2014 180 274 7 -
Jar Jar Binks now more popular than Congress
Last year PPP reported that lice, colonoscopies and Nickelback were more popular than Congress, among other things : We've seen poll after poll ...
FaithGardner 07/24/2014 32 29 - -
GOP candidate regrets his criminal past, sexual fetish involving cars
Just another family-values conservative. Jordan D. Haskins is the lone Republican candidate running for Michigan's House of Representatives 95th District seat in 2014. An ex-con, he has, shall we ...
FaithGardner 07/01/2014 88 39 - -
Republican candidate is convinced his opponent is dead and using a body double as a stand-in
Rep. Frank Lucas, (R-OK) ... *or is he*? File this one under "strangest reason to challenge the results of a primary vote ever" : KFOR in Oklahoma ...
FaithGardner 06/27/2014 376 276 1 -
Texas judge refuses to put gay dads' names on birth certificates for their biological sons
In north Texas, a family court judge ruled that two fathers cannot add their names to their own biological children's birth certificates. The legally married couple, Jason Hanna and Joe Riggs, ...
FaithGardner 06/20/2014 187 123 3 -
Not wanting to scare away tourists, Missouri town bans open carry
Imagine that—one Missouri town thinks the presence of firearm-toting strangers might negatively impact tourism. Last week in Lake Ozark, Missouri, the Board of Alderman voted 4-2 to ban ...
FaithGardner 06/17/2014 178 158 3 -
Ask me anything about Daily Kos, Facebook edition
Ask me, ask me, ask me ! As Assistant General Manager here at Daily Kos, my duties are all over the map and span departments. But one of the most fun and ...
FaithGardner 03/28/2014 102 52 3 -
Wallsburg, Utah, forgot to hold election ... and it's not the first time it's happened
Oops : In the Wasatch County town of Wallsburg, the city employee responsible for oversight of elections brought new meaning to the job description by overlooking the election ...
FaithGardner 11/20/2013 7 16 - -
Denver uses 'nose telescope' to enforce marijuana 'odor ordinance'
Marijuana may be legal in Colorado now, but there are still a lot of wrinkles being ironed out—like whether or not it's kosher to smoke in your own home when it's visible on the street, whether ...
FaithGardner 11/14/2013 62 27 - -
Texas high school refuses to put transgender senior’s photo in yearbook
This is so outrageous. La Feria High School senior Jeydon Loredo is fighting to have his picture included in the yearbook. Why? All because he's wearing what every ...
FaithGardner 11/14/2013 20 47 - -
Kid's school breakfast trashed over 30-cent debt
Barber Middle School How's this for petty? A student on the reduced meals plan at Barber Middle School in Dickinson, Texas, was 30 cents short in his meals account when he came to the cafeteria to ...
FaithGardner 11/08/2013 222 305 2 -
Yemen police intervene to stop child bride's wedding
Two Yemeni divorcees. For the first time in Yemen's history, police have intervened to prevent the wedding of an adult man to a child bride. The child, Hiba, was due to have been ...
FaithGardner 11/08/2013 14 31 - -
Florida detective canned for sexually harassing victim during rape investigation
Appalling. A 17-year-old Florida girl was raped and you won't believe the disgusting remarks of the investigating officer. From the ...
FaithGardner 11/05/2013 50 122 2 -
D.C. restaurants offer shutdown discounts to government workers ... with one exception
Awesome : Many restaurants in the DC area are offering "shutdown specials" to furloughed employees so long as government remains closed, but members of Congress ...
FaithGardner 10/02/2013 69 210 2 -
Kindergartener detained after accidentally discharging gun at Tennessee elementary school
Unbelievable: A 5-year-old kindergartener has reportedly been detained at a school in Tennessee after a handgun discharged in the ...
FaithGardner 08/22/2013 111 53 - -
What's new and most shared in social media: 7/29 to 8/4
This week in social media news... Facebook hashtags aren't drumming up engagement #Hashtag #...
FaithGardner 08/05/2013 1 9 - -
What's new and most shared in social media: 7/22 to 7/28
There's a new social network in town, but there's one important clause: only positive people can use it. It's called Happier. Far from an optimist, I don't think I'll be starting an ...
FaithGardner 07/29/2013 5 7 - -
What's new and most-shared in social media: 7/15 to 7/21
Social media's all abuzz with the news that Kate Middleton went into labor. Are you like me and don't give a FF? Here'...
FaithGardner 07/22/2013 22 16 - -
What's new and most-shared in social media: Week of 7/08/13 to 7/14/13
Mega events on social media this week spanned both tragic and comic, from the heartbreaking Zimmerman verdict to the thigh-slapping insta-cult ...
FaithGardner 07/16/2013 3 7 - -
What's new and most-shared in social media: Week of 7/01/13 to 7/07/13
In these glued-to-the-iPhone times, it's no longer the media at the forefront of tragedies and breaking stories. As we learned from the recent SFO plane crash,
FaithGardner 07/08/2013 14 9 - -
What's new and most-shared in social media: Week of 6/24/13-6/30/13
Apparently there's a day for everything now. Happy belated social media day ! Remember the good old days, way back in the 90s, when chatrooms were a thing? Apparently they might be a thing again—
FaithGardner 07/01/2013 7 9 - -
What's new and most-shared in social media: Week of 6/17-6/23
Big hits last week in the social media world included a tightrope walker whose skywire spanned the Grand Canyon ,
FaithGardner 06/24/2013 20 14 - -
Daily Kos biggest hits: Week of 6/10/13-6/16/13
Does social networking make you want to run and hide under a pile of blankets? Is your Facebook newsfeed just one big TMI? Do you think Twitter is for narcissists ? Well, then, there just might be ...
FaithGardner 06/17/2013 7 7 - -
Daily Kos Biggest Hits: Week of 6/3/13 to 6/9/13
Fun fact of the day: Social networks are by far the biggest traffic-referrers to Daily Kos outside the site itself. Increasingly. For better or worse, more and more people are choosing to read ...
FaithGardner 06/10/2013 6 7 - -
Biggest traffic-drivers that came from social networks, week of 5/27/13-6/2/13
Last week was an eventful one for social networking here at Daily Kos. We passed 100,000 likes on the Facebook page , after which we threw our imaginary hats in the air and danced imaginary ...
FaithGardner 06/03/2013 8 14 1 -
Top traffic-driving Daily Kos stories shared via social networking, week of 5/20 through 5/26
Greetings, orangelings. After the long, sunny weekend, it's back to work. Boo! Oh, wait ... is kos reading this? I mean, yay! Work is the best thing ever! As the executive assistant at Daily Kos,
FaithGardner 05/28/2013 10 28 1 -
Top traffic-driving Daily Kos stories shared via Facebook and Twitter
Howdy, big orange community. (Last week I was told calling y'all "Kos kids" was a Brietbartesque boo-boo so I'm going with "big orange community" this time.) If we haven't met before, I'm the ...
FaithGardner 05/20/2013 42 24 1 -
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