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The Case For Keeping Sig Lines
Artful, snarky, graceful, thoughtful, provocative, funny. Sig lines are a feature of Dkos, not a bug, (at least for many of us), part of the visible character and lovable quirkiness of the site. ...
FarWestGirl 02/19/2015 131 78 - -
One Law. One People. No Second Tier.
When exceptions have become the rule, it's time to change the rule. Fairness is a concept so simple you don't even have to be human to perceive it. Try to give one pet a treat while ignoring another.
FarWestGirl 12/04/2014 9 12 - -
Norquist @Burning Man-Radical Inclusiveness
I'd heard that he was planning to go. The thought amused. The Atlantic's take on Burning ...
FarWestGirl 09/03/2014 16 6 - -
More Prison Privatization Consequences in Texas
DIBOLL, TX (KTRK) -- Sunday, July 20, 2014 The ceiling of a building at a correctional center in Diboll collapsed Saturday, injuring more than a dozen offenders.
FarWestGirl 07/20/2014 9 13 - -
Keeping Law Enforcement Honest-Calibrating the Dogs (Updated)
Law enforcement uses various pieces of equipment as indicators of wrongdoing or violations of laws by the public. Basically the results are used as probable cause for further investigation. Radar ...
FarWestGirl 11/07/2013 20 9 - -
Something You Can Do To Help Disinfect...
one small corner of the country. If you choose to: Send a couple of emails to let the watchers know that someone is watching them. Justice Louis Brandeis- 'Sunlight is said to be the best of ...
FarWestGirl 09/19/2013 38 16 1 -
Oxymoron? Or Just Rank Dishonesty?
Just received this forward from a friend who's usually pretty sensible. An oxymoron lesson..... The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is proud to be ...
FarWestGirl 08/20/2013 39 50 1 -
Demurrer critique, please?(with update)
The following was filed a month ago and has not been ruled on yet. I was excited when I read it because it sounded really solid but IANAL, obviously, and definitely not a prosecutor or judge, so not ...
FarWestGirl 08/18/2013 12 1 - -
Working the Ref, and Shots Across the Bow
Just finished an interesting, productive week. Some of it personal and some that probably has broader interest.
FarWestGirl 04/01/2013 2 2 - -
Assistance request/tutorial re Grand Jury rules & procedures
Oregon uses the grand jury system rather than hearings in front of a judge to determine whether there is enough evidence to indict someone or file criminal charges. My understanding of the ...
FarWestGirl 01/24/2013 11 1 - -
How to Drown The NRA
The Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt has been raising awareness for over twenty years. It's been bringing home the impact of the absence of those who've been lost and memorializing the people and ...
FarWestGirl 12/14/2012 22 11 - -
Oregon-League of Women Voters Knock-Off
We just received a mailer from a conservative PAC/think tank that to the casual glance looks like a League of Women Voter's guide. I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that it's not. It's ...
FarWestGirl 10/23/2012 8 11 - -
Romney's 47% Includes Most Of The Troops
Mitt Romney may be the last straw that singlehandedly destroys the myth of the Republicans supporting the military. I haven't seen this aspect mentioned anywhere: Has anyone else noticed that ...
FarWestGirl 09/25/2012 22 8 - 71
Curiosity's Russian Grandfather
Curiosity now roams Mars. And it landed safely via a totally unique lander system with the designers and engineers sweating bullets millions of miles away. It carries on the tradition of planetary ...
FarWestGirl 08/11/2012 29 42 - 254
The Cheating, FoS Bastards Have Stolen My Horses
I've mentioned in passing over the last few months that things haven't been going well. A serious understatement, but I don't like to whine and the situation has been embarrassing as well as ...
FarWestGirl 05/30/2012 161 129 3 1318
Romney's Returns: Unsurprisingly, I Think Stephen Colbert Was Right.
The day that Romney finally relented and released the two years of returns, Stephen Colbert said something on his show that I think was right on the money, but for some reason it hasn't been picked ...
FarWestGirl 02/01/2012 18 19 - 313
Hobo- A True Halloween Pony's Tale
This will be the third year for this little tale, seems it might be becoming a tradition. ;-) We sit tonight on the Eve of November, All Hallow's E'en, when the walls between the worlds grow thin ...
FarWestGirl 10/31/2011 8 5 - 49
I used to love September
I used to love September. For me it was more a time of renewal than of winding down for winter. We didn’t have much color to mark fall, the mountains I grew up in were covered in evergreens- ...
FarWestGirl 09/29/2011 62 52 - 409
The Generation That Follows-A Light in the Tunnel
A little something for the Monday morning blahs and the weekend meta hangover. A friend sent this video in an email yesterday. Poking around, it turns out it's from 2007/8, when AARP was running a ...
FarWestGirl 04/11/2011 14 2 - 47
Quick Lexis Nexis Request
Hey all. I’d like to ask a quick favor from someone who has access to LexisNexis. What I’m looking for is an article that I ran across a couple of years ago from a NW Oregon local paper,
FarWestGirl 12/06/2010 15 6 - 34
Free Rice Site- Let Your Geek Flag Fly...
and do some good at the same time. I've posted this a few times in comments, but a slow Saturday before Thanksgiving seems like a good time to remind folks about ...
FarWestGirl 11/20/2010 27 12 - 43
Taking a Break- A True Halloween Pony's Tale
This will be the third year for this little tale, seems it might be becoming a tradition. ;-) We sit tonight on the Eve of November, All Hallow's E'en, when the walls between the worlds grow thin ...
FarWestGirl 10/31/2010 19 13 - 191
Morning Feature: Release the Hounds!
I have a question: We've all been hearing about the ‘regulatory capture’ of the regulatory arms of government left over from the ravages of Bush years, (starting from the Reagan years, ...
FarWestGirl 07/14/2010 102 68 - 57
Morning Feature: Keep It Up!
How did it come to be that we became the party of grownups? That we abandoned the field and lost control of the message to the country so badly over the years that the rampant roil of childish ...
FarWestGirl 04/21/2010 184 60 - 40
Morning Feature: Not Socialist, Just Neighborly
We won a big one this week. All the hard work and phone calls of many, many people paid off. So many times over the last year HCR was declared DOA, and each time we resurrected it by acting like ...
FarWestGirl 03/24/2010 187 73 4 37
Strategic Question for the Lawyers, (personal).
Okay, I've got a strategic decision to make this week and I'm a nurse, not a lawyer, so I'm asking for opinions, (non legal, non binding, no strings, etc, of course). Almost two years ago I won an ...
FarWestGirl 03/06/2010 29 2 - 33
Life Panels: Per Keith Olbermann's Request
Last night on Countdown, Keith Olbermann gave us a window into his experience with his father's illness ...
FarWestGirl 02/25/2010 27 41 7 215
Bayh-t and Switch? (w/poll)
Has anyone thought that Evan Bayh might take his $12M war chest, switch parties and run for President as a Republican? I mean the goopers have such a deep bench right now, right? And none of them ...
FarWestGirl 02/17/2010 36 2 - 25
China's Backdoor Access To The NYSE
The Capital Press , a west coast regional agricultural newspaper recently reported that there is a trend for Chinese companies to acquire dormant American ...
FarWestGirl 02/11/2010 7 11 - 10
Interim Housing/Shelter Proposition for Haiti
Help is mobilized and en route for the immediate relief effort in Haiti, but as some have pointed out , hurricane ...
FarWestGirl 01/17/2010 27 16 - 41
Morning Feature: WTG TRMS! And Why Chris Kofinis Is SO Wrong
Last Wednesday night on The Rachel Maddow Show, Democratic strategist Chris ...
FarWestGirl 01/07/2010 335 133 1 59
Morning Feature: Get A Grip
A small disclaimer, this was written a couple of days ago when the Rec list was really a wreck list and it seemed quite a few of us were pretty fed up with what was floating around. Before the ...
FarWestGirl 12/03/2009 480 179 2 141
Hobo-A True Halloween Pony's Tale
The following story is true, happened in the spring of 1988 or '89, it's so long ago now that it's hard to pinpoint it. But it’s really a Halloween tale and I leave the conclusions up to you. ;-
FarWestGirl 10/31/2009 45 40 - 58
'It happens to men, too.', but we react
very differently. I don't think that people commenting to remind us that rape happens to men, too is necessarily a belittling of what women go through in dealing with/avoiding rape. I think that ...
FarWestGirl 10/27/2009 27 27 - 68
Morning Feature: Religiousity + Politics=holy war: Pt II
America's Founders weren't perfect men by a long shot. But they were well educated in the context of their time and some of them were deep thinkers. When they separated church and state in our ...
FarWestGirl 08/25/2009 320 177 13 37
Morning Feature: Religiousity + Politics=Holy War: Part I
I think one of the main reasons we have allowed politics to be infiltrated by religion in the past couple of decades is because Americans as a people really have no recollection of being involved in ...
FarWestGirl 08/18/2009 110 27 - 40
Breaking: Journalists Are Home! Clinton Pulled it Off!
Euna Lee and Laura Ling are off the plane in Burbank, CA at approximately 6 AM PST Wed.
FarWestGirl 08/05/2009 5 3 - 19
Morning Feature: My Favorite Lawyer Story
Dear Lord, help me to remember to make my words sweet and kind today, for tomorrow I may have to eat them. Okay, nobody signed up to cover today so you’re all stuck with one of my rambling ...
FarWestGirl 07/13/2009 42 20 1 30
Morning Feature: Locked in the Mailroom. (Ask Ms Pootie)
Hullo, we’r Pootie teh Precious and Woofie teh Younger. Our momz went away on vakashun without us :-(. Some of the stoodints taking care of Woofie tY and me were talkin’ and said teh ...
FarWestGirl 07/12/2009 30 20 1 24
Morning Feature: Up, Up and Away...
" my beautiful, my beautiful, balloon... " One might think I was an actor, given all the offbeat jobs I held in the years before I dragged myself through nursing school in my late 20's.
FarWestGirl 07/07/2009 89 39 - 35
Morning Feature: Choices Surrounding Life and Death, Reprise
To fight on or to give in and let go. At the end of life, or in dire circumstances, sometimes there are choices that must be made. Those choices should belong to the individual. They should be ...
FarWestGirl 06/23/2009 77 30 2 45
Morning Reaction: How Much Should We Value Justice?
I don’t have answers. I have questions. A lot of questions. And observations. And opinions, many of which are strongly held. But no answers. We have to figure out each one and together what ...
FarWestGirl 04/14/2009 139 30 1 21
Another Letter to Senator Leahy
Yesterday buhdydharma asked that people send copies of a letter to Senator Leahy regarding his Truth Commission. I thought ...
FarWestGirl 03/04/2009 8 5 - -
Creeped out and the leap of faith in race relations
Seriously, who ever thought that we find ourselves in the position of having such problems! Lol. The scales tipping way past the middle and into unknown territory. Maybe the creeped out feeling is ...
FarWestGirl 02/17/2009 19 12 - 11
The Grieving Room: My grandfather doesn't know me anymore
A special welcome to anyone who is new to The Grieving Room. We meet every Monday evening. Whether your loss is recent or many years ago, whether you have lost a person or a pet, or ...
FarWestGirl 02/09/2009 101 40 1 16
STFU about prosecution!
Has it occurred to ANYONE that all the noise about prosecuting Bush & Co right now before the inauguration might be a ploy by some of the smart sneaky, underhanded ...
FarWestGirl 01/10/2009 107 13 - 18
When choices affect life and death
To fight on or to give in and let go. At the end of life, or in dire circumstances, sometimes there are choices. Those choices belong to the individual. They should be informed choices. And that ...
FarWestGirl 12/02/2008 23 12 9 160
Ignorance is King
Ignorance is King. Many would not profit from his overthrow for they enrich themselves by means of his dark monarchy. They are his Court and under his aegis they defraud and govern for their own ...
FarWestGirl 10/14/2008 5 3 - 6
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