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Why should I respect your religion?
I’ve just been through a flame war with a couple of people about their faith, and, as always, it ended up in name calling that prevented any kind of real discussion. So I will put it out in a ...
Farlfoto 02/09/2015 301 24 - -
More Abuse by Police – Civil Forfeiture
John Oliver did a piece the other day about an amazingly abusive police practice that amounts to nothng more than legalized theft. It is a must see, you can watch it on YouTube:
Farlfoto 10/07/2014 9 9 - -
Gun Toting Caption Contest!!!
I just can't resist this one. Winner of the caption contest gets a nice new AR-15! I tried to post this earlier but had a problem with embedding the pic.
Farlfoto 06/03/2014 36 6 - -
We will Benghazi the Republicans from now on!
This is absolutely insane, another probe to waste the time of legislators who simply want to score points and get in the news. When I consider the Monica Lewinsky affair, the Vince Foster ...
Farlfoto 05/05/2014 19 3 - -
Daily Kos Targeted Ads
Once I started looking for a new computer, I noticed it. All the ads on my Daily Kos site suddenly were for Dell, HP and other computers. I bought a few programs, and the ads started to come from ...
Farlfoto 03/18/2014 53 2 - -
Why are gas prices still sky high?
It's been years since Big Oil found excuse after excuse to jack up their prices. In 2004 the price of a gallon of gas was about $1.50. It spiked in 2008 and then fell dramatically, but since then ...
Farlfoto 01/24/2014 25 1 - -
Slavery, now revisited by the Tea Party
Reuters Washington Jan 21, 2015 House Republicans vow not to fund Govt unless Slave Ownership is reinstated. Fresh after winning numerous victories as a result of defunding the Government, House ...
Farlfoto 10/02/2013 10 2 - -
My Insulin Addiction
I'm a junkie. I don't get high from it, but I do go low. Costs me big time. $10/day for 70 units of Lantus. $6.50 for Novolog. 4 tests strips at .50 ea. That's $18 per day just to stay alive. ...
Farlfoto 11/20/2012 47 13 1 -
Occupy Rush Limbaugh in New York
I hate to admit it, but I'm one of those people who listen to hate radio every now and then. I listen because I like to keep on the pulse of these idiots, have a feel of what the "burning question ...
Farlfoto 11/20/2011 10 9 - 163
I never really understood what was happening with the whole "Wienergate" thing, and I did ask a number of times for clarification from those diarists who were claiming Weiner was innocent, but WTF? ...
Farlfoto 06/06/2011 7 6 - 91
Harold Camping speaks, religion is a scam.
In the biggest media manipulation since Sarah Palin quit her day job so she could be of greater use to mankind, Harold Camping now states that he is “flabbergasted” that the world did not end on ...
Farlfoto 05/23/2011 172 28 1 632
Countdown to Rapture: 6 Days Left
With only six days left before we lose most of our Pillars of Morality, we really better get our act together. How are we possibly going to get along without the likes of George Bush, Sarah Palin ...
Farlfoto 05/15/2011 12 12 - 121
"A Game of Thrones"
I’m in the middle of reading A Game of Thrones, by George Martin. Some of you may be watching the HBO miniseries, though it’s a little early to see the plot development. Suffice it to say the ...
Farlfoto 05/07/2011 11 6 - 149
Right wing nutbags heads explode
I listened to Hannity for a while when I was driving to work. It was his opening, and all he could say in the first 5 minutes regarding Obama was a criticism of the decision to bury the body at sea.
Farlfoto 05/02/2011 14 24 - 397
I think we should declare class warfare.
Because the Republicans have declared it on us. There are movements in lots of states to deny unions the right to bargain on behalf of its members. This is class warfare. The ...
Farlfoto 04/14/2011 3 - 1 14
How do blacks view Obama?
I'm very interested to see how those African American members of DK view the Presidency. We don't see skin color here at Kos, and I wonder if Opinions about the President differ among blacks and ...
Farlfoto 04/11/2011 67 1 - 224
Rethugs can't answer simple questions; I say Close it down.
I just witnessed John Cornyn trying to duck Andrea Mitchell's question about defunding Planned Parenthood. What a liar. Same as Boehner a minute before him. They get up in front of the entire ...
Farlfoto 04/08/2011 5 3 - 32
Religion Watchdogs: Terry Jones and John Hagee
Pastor Terry Jones seems to have found a fast track to fame, by burning the Koran. But his roots are much more traditional-he rallies his followers by invoking the usual suspects-homosexuals and ...
Farlfoto 04/04/2011 2 6 - 49
Trump Runner
I hear Donald Trump is now a regular contributor to Fox News. I was wondering if I could get a job with Fox if I tell them I want to be President. It seems to be a surefire method, with Huckabee, ...
Farlfoto 04/02/2011 4 - - 16
Armageddon is here
My apoligies and thanks to Clive all hat no horse Rodeo for providing the basis of this diary. He made a comment that included the video below, I simply watched it and felt it needed a complete ...
Farlfoto 03/28/2011 13 2 - 145
Gingrich disqualifies himself from running
Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich says "things happened in my life that were not appropriate" because he loved America so much he "worked far too hard." Now what would Newt do as President? ...
Farlfoto 03/10/2011 2 - - 21
Change we can believe in.
I think we miss the point when we argue that it’s Democrat vs Republican. As it has been all through history, it’s rich vs poor. Have’s vs Have nots. It’s about greed and desire for power.
Farlfoto 03/10/2011 1 - - 18
Uninsured and taken advantage of
I'm and uninsured diabetic. There are some positives, like my doctor giving me free sample vials of insulin every time I go to see him. Other things are downright abusive, and I don't know what to ...
Farlfoto 02/19/2011 8 18 - 92
Real Patriotism, Not Palin Patriotism
I’ve been thinking about the decline of civilizations and how they relate to the situation we find ourselves here in the United States. It seems that no matter what kind of political ...
Farlfoto 12/19/2010 3 5 - 60
Hello Everyone. Come to DK4 Beta. We're lonely.
You guys seriously don't know what you're missing. There's hardly anyone there, and you can comment 'till the cows come home without anybody stepping all over you. And wait till you see all ...
Farlfoto 12/17/2010 170 37 - 65
Big Guns are here - Clinton backs Obama Tax Cuts
President Clinton has come out and backed the Obama Tax Cut plan. Like a lot of people, he thinks we need to do this for the sake of the economy. He's speaking a lot about the need to stimulate ...
Farlfoto 12/10/2010 57 9 - 49
No Corporate tax for Citibank, GE and Bank of America?
Rachel Maddow did a segment where she revealed that the above companies paid not a cent in taxes last year. This was apparently despite the fact that they had plenty of profits and were a main ...
Farlfoto 10/21/2010 75 10 - 140
I'm done with Obama
I’m starting to believe that maybe the Tea Baggers got it right. Maybe we have to reject all of the incumbents, kick out all their asses and start from scratch. I’m not siding with ...
Farlfoto 05/22/2010 231 16 2 57
Fox and (Political) Friends.
If you're like me, you spent last night skimming the news channels trying to get your head around the disaster in Haiti last night. Almost every news channel devoted almost all of their programming ...
Farlfoto 01/14/2010 6 5 - 11
Rush Limbaugh's Heart Attack ack ack ack ack
Now I don't mean to be one of those persons who kick a guy when he's down. I don't mean to be the type of person who would make a statement like "Kennedy will be dead before health care passes". ...
Farlfoto 01/01/2010 257 16 - 40
Glen Beck on CNN????
What the hell? Glen Beck on Larry King live?? Perhaps the most insane justification of that idiot Republican senator John McCain that I have ever seen? Is there some point at which CNN will ever ...
Farlfoto 07/21/2008 40 7 1 29
Keiths Mustache Story
Did I hear this right? Keith just told a story about Bush taking down paintings in the White House somewhere that portrayed American Diplomacy at work and replacing them with photos of the Major ...
Farlfoto 05/23/2008 20 1 - 2
Once we win, then what?
It seems like the Dems have this election in the bag. The overt corruption of this administration has soured even the most ardent conservatives, all except the ballwashers Limbaugh and Hannity, or ...
Farlfoto 05/16/2008 9 - - -
Exxon-Mobil 17% rise in profits. Obscene!!!
Can you imagine? They just posted the 2nd highest profit margin for a corporation in HISTORY!!! What is wrong with this country? Why don't we just hand all of our money over to the corporations ...
Farlfoto 05/01/2008 54 8 - 26
Stephen Colbert, I'll take your portrait.
Yes Stephen, I would take your portrait over Dorothy's slippers any day. Dorothy may have gone to see the wizard, but you have let us see the truth. Dorothy may have walked the yellow brick ...
Farlfoto 01/14/2008 6 1 - 9
MarKos, give us an Endorsment!!!
We know how you feel about our candidates: But I must entreat you to put your ...
Farlfoto 01/07/2008 42 2 - -
Call the White House
Please, write the White House, they cant get away with this.
Farlfoto 07/02/2007 13 3 - 1
Stupid ****ing question Matthews
After all the shit that Bush has put us through, Matthews dares to ask if we would be better off with Bill Clinton back in the White House once again!!! Let me tell you Chris, I would love to have ...
Farlfoto 05/04/2007 33 11 - 4
The Morality of Greed
So the Reverend Haggard is cured! One sin he does not want to be guilty of is Homosexuality. But it always amazes me how the fundies ignore the sins they own, like greed. Remember that old saying &
Farlfoto 02/07/2007 5 2 - 1
My religion
This is going to be my first diary for Street Prophets, I suppose it’s ok to post it here too. I’m not a religious person, but I am spiritual. The spiritual kind of person that ...
Farlfoto 12/16/2006 18 3 2 2
My Sense of Impending Doom-Help!
I was at dinner last night with 3 friends and one of them told us he was seriously interested in going out and buying a gun for protection. Another person at the table told us he had already done so,
Farlfoto 12/14/2006 27 4 1 2
Olbermans gonna get arrested and tortured...
Farlfoto 09/18/2006 23 13 - 10
The Boy, The Stripper, The President
Farlfoto 04/26/2006 3 - - -
Lets stop calling this a "War on Terror."
Farlfoto 12/20/2005 10 6 - 1
Boy I'm sick of all their bullshit.
Farlfoto 06/28/2005 4 4 - 3
CNN covers blogs, let's cover them
Farlfoto 04/11/2005 8 6 - -
God does not exist
Farlfoto 04/02/2005 687 166 2 36
Schindlers want this, not Terri
Farlfoto 03/30/2005 20 3 - -
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