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Use the shutdown as free publicity for ACA health exchanges
I'll keep this brief. The Democrats should use the shutdown as an opportunity to promote the fact that the ACA health exchanges have just opened. Basically, every Democrat on TV, from the President ...
Fight the UnTruth 10/01/2013 4 2 - -
A Question: Are we a community of talk or action?
Last week, I posted a diary about my White House petition for gun control. It provoked good discussion in the comments, of which there were over 200, and it made it to ...
Fight the UnTruth 01/06/2013 10 4 - -
Sec. of State Clinton's blood clot: as explained by a neurologist
I'm a neurologist who would like to explain a bit about the kind of blood clot Sec. of State Clinton suffered. The technical term for it is a cerebral venous sinus thrombosis. The brain's venous ...
Fight the UnTruth 12/31/2012 51 134 3 -
The Gov't banned Buckyballs last week. Why not guns?
Imagine you make a product for sale to adults. You clearly label on the product that it is not intended for use with kids. You even label it's a danger to children. But the label doesn't matter, and ...
Fight the UnTruth 12/30/2012 219 189 3 -
Wayne LaPierre and the NRA are crazy (incl. video)
As the father of a very young child, I could only listen in horror to what happened to all of those families in Newtown, CT on 12/14/12. I can't imagine how they felt. I hope I never have to know. ...
Fight the UnTruth 12/26/2012 7 3 - -
Great read: "Why I left the GOP" on Salon
I came across this very well written and poignant account of Mr. Jeremiah Goulka's decision to leave the GOP, published last week on Salon. In a way, it's a nice parallel to my diary last night ...
Fight the UnTruth 09/18/2012 17 27 1 340
Mitt's real problem: the GOP's 22%
Mitt Romney does have a big problem. So does the GOP in general. And it's too bad that he got it wrong in that Mother Jones video that I'm sure we'll all be talking about for weeks to come (and ...
Fight the UnTruth 09/17/2012 5 10 - 248
FISA Fight: Dodd is on the floor, liveblog!
A quick update for C-SPAN junkies (of which I am normally not one), Dodd is on CSPAN-2 right now laying into the FISA Bill and the Bush Administration. Watch it ...
Fight the UnTruth 06/24/2008 35 37 3 31
FISA fight: My letter to Obama
Well, today has been a sad day for anyone who respects the Rule of Law and our country's Constitution. My anger at the Democrats who've brought this bill to the House will hopefully help in their ...
Fight the UnTruth 06/20/2008 4 6 1 6
ICE drugs detainees to make deportation easier
At this point, in the fading months of the Bush's reign, I've cynically become accustomed to one saddening report after another about the mismanagement and malfeasance running through much of our ...
Fight the UnTruth 05/14/2008 18 38 3 226
A Video: The Mark Foley Scandal in Seven Minutes
Fight the UnTruth 10/25/2006 6 - - -
Cingular rep: we're not turning over data to NSA. Can anyone else confirm?
Fight the UnTruth 05/11/2006 31 12 - 6
"Worst. President. Ever." - A short animation
Fight the UnTruth 08/31/2005 65 162 6 42
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