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Posting History for First and Fourth

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Have you read the Amnesty International report on human rights abuses in Ferguson?
Amnesty International Report on Human Rights Abuses in Ferguson, MO I don't think I need to detail Amnesty International's widely respected pedigree here. Suffice it to say that the human rights ...
KingCharlemagne 10/25/2014 10 15 1 -
"Today I learned I got my freedoms back": 7 Americans ALLOWED off No-Fly List.
Government's Secretive "No-Fly List" Regime Crumbling, says ACLU Marking the first major victory against the U.S. government's secretive 'No Fly List' on Friday, seven people who challenged their ...
xxdr zombiexx 10/12/2014 94 152 3 -
Religious Exemptions: The First and the Fourteenth
This is the first of what I think will be three diaries that directly resulted from my experience at NN 14. Religious exemptions was identified as one of the five major post-marriage issues for the ...
Dave in Northridge 08/04/2014 41 25 - -
SCOTUS Buffer Zone Ruling May Be Good News . . . for Occupy
In a unanimous decision on Thursday, the Supreme Court struck down a Massachusetts law that prevented anyone from standing within a 35-foot buffer zone outside of abortion clinics. The law was ...
Geenius at Wrok 06/28/2014 188 278 4 -
One Year Later: How Snowden Changed The Discussion
On May 20, 2013, Edward Snowden flew to Hong Kong. He had already been meeting with journalists at the Guardian and Washington Post for months. Those journalists have since won the Pulitzer Prize.
gjohnsit 05/18/2014 99 98 1 -
Anatomy of a Murder: The Pentagon, Capitol Hill, and Religious Liberty
What would you do if you found out that a shocking murder plot was unfolding silently? What if this wasn’t just any murder, but the premeditated and carefully plotted unfolding of a terrifying ...
Mikey Weinstein 04/25/2014 11 50 - -
American Sharia, #1: Louisiana begins process to make Bible state's official book
I wish this was snark. From : Legislation that would make the Holy Bible the official state book of Louisiana cleared the House Committee on Municipal, Parochial and Cultural Affairs with a ...
Dave in Northridge 04/11/2014 74 85 - -
Police Utilizing Private Companies, Exploits To Access Data From Suspects' Smartphones
"I'm thinking there's probably a wealth of information that just got tucked into your pocket," Norton says. "Something that we'd like to get our hands on." from the brute-force-attacks-that-don't-...
xxdr zombiexx 03/26/2014 13 17 - -
To the "It's Just Metadata Crowd" - The NSA Collects Content
Thanks to whistleblower Edward Snowden, The Washington Post reports that the National Security Agency's mass surveillance operations include the content of telephone calls as well as the metadata. ...
Jesselyn Radack 03/19/2014 565 332 7 -
Police violate Fourth Amendment in order to get their hands on nifty gadgets
How nifty? The device is called a Stingray. So super duper nifty. What does a Stingray do?, you might ask. Apparently it is a device that can be taken to a location it then pings all the cell ...
Horace Boothroyd III 03/06/2014 305 279 2 -
White House sues Sprint for overcharging on compliance with federal phone taps
heh. The Obama administration filed a suit in U.S. District Court in San Francisco on Monday, alleging that Sprint overcharged the government $21 million for expenses it incurred while complying ...
xxdr zombiexx 03/03/2014 23 24 1 -
Liberty or DAC. A Struggle Against "The Local Chapter of the NSA."
A bit of street theatre took place Saturday, February 1st, in Oakland, just a block away from where Scott Olsen was shot and nearly killed by Oakland's Police Department during the first major ...
jpmassar 02/04/2014 5 17 - -
NSA: u r pwnd
It seems that our great protector the NSA is in the texting business in a very big way. NSA collects millions of text messages daily in 'untargeted' global sweep The National Security Agency has ...
Richard Lyon 01/16/2014 89 109 1 -
Obama pondering fate of NSA's bulk data collection
Joan McCarter 01/09/2014 26 37 - 6
Bryan Fischer: If we say 'religion' really just means 'Christian', we're done!
Whatever. Radio hatemonger and American Family Association bile fountain Bryan Fischer ...
Hunter 12/12/2013 216 181 - -
This Thanksgiving Americans Prepare For a New War - A War on the Homeless.
Have no doubt about it. It's war, and a new front has opened in Los Angeles, as the New York Times reported yesterday : Facing an uproar from homeowners, two members of the Los Angeles City ...
jpmassar 11/28/2013 23 81 1 -
Washington Times sues Homeland Security
The original incident was diaried here - Using a warrant to search for guns, Homeland ...
ffour 11/22/2013 2 9 - -
Christian extremist Klingenschmitt loses battle to shut down Right Wing Watch
Given the fact that the extremist Christian right has only become more vicious and frothy as their dream of ushering in an American Theocracy continues to be our American nightmare, we need the ...
Steven Payne 11/20/2013 61 289 1 -
Chilling Effects: NSA Surveillance Drives U.S. Writers to Self-Censor
Yesterday PEN American Center , 90 years old organization with a goal to defend free expression in literature, released a worrisome report Chilling Effects: NSA Surveillance Drives U.S. Writers to ...
ScrewedByLawyer 11/13/2013 13 10 - -
BREAKING: Wikileaks Journalist Sarah Harrison Safe in Germany: “Courage is Contagious.”
Wikileaks journalist Sarah Harrison heroically rescued National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden from Hong Kong, helped him obtain asylum in Russia and remained by his side at ...
Jesselyn Radack 11/06/2013 126 322 5 -
NSA: "We're Really Screwed Now:" Main Stream Media Turns Around
Granted, the NSA official who told the press, " We're really screwed now, " was referring to Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Dianne Feinstein's new-found (and disingenuous considering her ...
Jesselyn Radack 10/30/2013 423 287 8 -
Armed Federal Agents Seize Reporter's FOIA Documents in Predawn Raid on Her Home
Award-winning investigative journalist, Audrey Hudson, had her home raided by armed federal and Maryland-state agents, who used an unrelated search warrant on August 6 to seize documents she'd ...
David Harris Gershon 10/26/2013 282 404 5 -
Gun Search warrant used for confiscating journalist's files
From here . Using a warrant to search for guns, Homeland security officers and Maryland police confiscated a journalist's confidential files. The reporter had written a series of articles critical ...
ffour 10/25/2013 20 38 1 -
Snowden's Personal Revelations
Everyone from Pulitzer Prize winning author Alice Walker to New York Times editor Jill Abramson to Apple's Steve Wozniak agrees that National Security Agency (NSA) ...
Jesselyn Radack 10/18/2013 369 339 9 -
All Things Bookstore: Lawrence Ferlinghetti and the “Howl” Trial
Booksellers can become political. A good example of that comes from San Fransico in the 1950s when Lawrence Ferlinghetti, the proprietor of the City Lights Bookstore (which is still very much there ...
Dave in Northridge 10/15/2013 38 40 - -
Qwest CEO Who Resisted NSA Spying Finally Released From Prison After Four Years of Incarceration
Just one major telecommunications company refused to participate in a legally dubious NSA surveillance program in 2001. A few years later, its CEO was indicted by federal prosecutors. He was ...
markthshark 10/01/2013 95 238 2 -
MN-Sen: Al Franken (D) Worries That New iPhone Fingerprint Scanner Might Be A Privacy Menace
So the new iPhone came out this week:
poopdogcomedy 09/21/2013 11 8 1 -
“FBI will soon have equivalent of 20 pcs of intel on every American–and they share this broadly"
From Marcy Wheeler’s [ emptywheel] blog, late this morning… Today, in honor of Constitution Day, the ACLU just ...
bobswern 09/21/2013 138 157 6 -
NSA and more lying to the courts
Oops: The spying agency crossed referenced a selected list of some 16,000 phone numbers against databases which contained millions of records, thus violating the law, two senior intelligence ...
Horace Boothroyd III 09/10/2013 41 33 4 -
"Collect it all" Alexander wanted PERSONAL instant access to ALL raw data
As emptywheel put it (on her way to a characteristically subtle point on a specific pitfall of "big data"), "Shane Harris has a great piece of a bunch of people hanging Keith Alexander out to dry:"
Simplify 09/10/2013 60 196 5 -
WaPo: Obama had NSA limits reversed
The Washington Post has a new story up: Obama administration had restrictions on the NSA reversed in 2011 .
Willa Rogers 09/08/2013 419 351 5 -
The NSA's Rank Incompetence ALMOST Overshadows its Authoritarian Agenda
Egregious constitutional violations aside, highlighting the sheer level of incompetence and malfeasance at the NSA will ensure that congressional reform will indeed happen. The U.S. government's ...
markthshark 08/28/2013 77 119 2 -
Not seeing the forest through the trees
Time and time again liberal movements shoot themselves in the foot, and the current division here over the NSA spying is as good of an example as any. On one side you have people outraged about ...
gjohnsit 08/27/2013 361 270 6 -
Songs in the Key of Brutality: Young Black Man Tackled, Immobilized and Jailed for Singing. (update)
(Update at bottom of diary... new video compilation footage in!) The Solidarity Sing Along continues to grow in Madison. Walker's palace guards are obviously getting frustrated, as the press is ...
noise of rain 08/26/2013 201 287 8 2
UNINTIMIDATED in Wisconsin, as Walker's Palace Guard overreaches
Recently, there's been considerable Wisconsin media coverage of the fact that non-participant observers at the Wisconsin Capitol Solidarity Sing Along were warned that they were subject to arrest ...
affinis 08/23/2013 170 365 4 -
Whoa: New York Times Now Has Snowden Docs Carried By Secret Courier into the US
And now the plot really thickens, as the New York Times enters the fray.
bink 08/23/2013 247 298 2 -
Songs In the Key of Persistence: The Zip Ties Aren't Tight Enough To Silence the Singing.
The singing begins promptly at noon, and it is loud, exuberant and tuneful. There are easily 200 or more people here, down on the rotunda floor, and also lining the first floor balcony. The Raging ...
noise of rain 08/22/2013 82 174 4 -
NSA Monitored ALL Salt Lake City Texts/Emails For 6 Months
Slipped into the WSJ article on the NSA surveillance programs and abilities was a tiny (but huge) bit of information: For the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, officials say, the Federal ...
LieparDestin 08/22/2013 202 158 - -
The American Police State: Get Ready For The Next Stage
Let's cut through the confusion, the subterfuge, the smokescreen, lies, and misinformation: The total information awareness surveillance police state's main function is to control and subjugate the ...
Ray Pensador 08/21/2013 331 302 9 -
I was arrested for singing.
Wednesday, August 7th, was a very strange day in my formerly wonderful state of Wisconsin. My friend and I went to Madison to shop, visit the State Capitol at noon to sing, and then we were probably ...
MemaW 08/20/2013 73 214 4 -
Obama Admin Petitions Supreme Court To Allow Warrantless Cell Phone Searches
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable ...
Heavy Mettle 08/20/2013 302 149 3 -
Guardian Editor: Brit NSA Equivalent Destroyed Journalists' Hard Drives in Guardian Basement [updt2]
The British government, through its NSA-equivalent GCHQ, within the last couple weeks, went to the headquarters of the Guardian and destroyed journalists' hard drives, purportedly those containing ...
Little 08/19/2013 928 418 8 -
Dream Defenders Go After Rick Scott & Co., Legally and Peacefully
Using a clever and little-known tactic of calling for a Special Session, the Dream Defenders forced pro-Scott legislators to take sides. Who are the Dream Defenders? What have they done so far? ...
nancyjones 08/18/2013 65 98 1 -
Glenn Greenwald's Partner Detained 9 Hours in UK for "Terrorism Questioning" in Intimidation Tactic
Glenn Greenwald just released a statement/essay on the nine hour detention of his significant other partner by British security officials as he changed flights to Brazil from Germany via London ...
jpmassar 08/18/2013 1433 370 7 -
Bloomberg Editorial Board calls for a repeat of the Church Committee
First I have to get this off my chest. I am pissed. If one more person tells me to or even implies that I should sit down and STFU I'm not likely to deal with them in a generous manner. I feel ...
Just Bob 08/18/2013 92 63 1 -
Charlotte Moral Monday 8/19: Fighting for the soul of NC
In just two days, Charlotte will host Moral Monday to protest the policies of Gov. Pat McCrory and NC's Republican-controlled General Assembly. “We are not going to let the so-called religious ...
SteelerGrrl 08/17/2013 8 24 1 -
Chief Judge of Secret FISA Court Admits It Cannot Properly Oversee NSA
The chief judge of the secret FISA court, U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton, has admitted in a written statement to The Washington Post that the court cannot properly oversee NSA surveillance. ...
David Harris Gershon 08/16/2013 418 347 11 -
Progressive Magazine Editor Arrested for Taking Pictures of Singers in Wis Capitol
Wrong on so many levels . Sorry about the 2nd diary today, but I didn't see anyone else posting this. The longtime editor of The Progressive magazine was swept up in arrests Thursday during the ...
Puddytat 08/15/2013 151 317 3 -
Obama appoints James Clapper to oversee "independent" NSA review (updated)
When President Obama announced his plan for a panel of "outside experts" to conduct an "independent" review of the National Security Agency's domestic surveillance activities, I didn't expect much.
Deep Harm 08/13/2013 851 389 5 -
Democratic Senators Feinstein, Schumer Press for Assault on Independent Journalism
California Senator Dianne Feinstein has proposed an amendment to the Media Shield Law that would limit the law's protection only to "real reporters," not bloggers and other alternative media. ...
perceptionisrealityshow 08/12/2013 24 17 - -
Federal judge neuters NYPD "stop-and-frisk" policy, places department under court supervision
Within the last hour, a federal judge has ruled that the NYPD's controversial "stop-and-frisk" policy violates the Fourth Amendment . The judge went further, and placed the department under federal ...
Christian Dem in NC 08/12/2013 273 378 5 -
Defending the American Dream
Florida governor Rick Scott will give the keynote address to the Americans for Prosperity's "Defending the American Dream Summit" scheduled for Aug 30-31 in Orlando, Florida. Ain't that some shit?
nancyjones 08/11/2013 18 13 - -
Let's just cut the crap.
So I just got back from only working 8 hours at the gas station today (yay!). On my breaks and during slow times at The Evil Environmental-Whoring Company™ recently, I have been reading, with much ...
Colorado is the Shiznit 08/11/2013 1170 454 9 -
Those Damned Hippies. They're Saving the Post Office.
Yup. Hippies. Straight out of the 60's, looking oddly like grandparents these days. Hardcore labor unionists. Harscrabble activists. Street kids. Cal students. Throw in a few of Berkeley's famous ...
jpmassar 08/11/2013 82 304 4 -
Time To Unite Against NSA Abuses: A Proposal
We are entering a very dangerous period in history. Our national security is now firmly in the hands of for-profit private corporations and their lackeys in government. They have built a veritable ...
Ray Pensador 08/11/2013 34 70 3 -
Is it a Haystack or is it Turnkey Totalitarianism?
I started to write a long reply to Vyan in his nice diary about all the safeguards against NSA abuse. It got too long and I thought it too important to see it buried. It was this part of his diary ...
Dumbo 08/11/2013 425 270 11 -
Mr. President; really?
Mr. President; I watched your press conference today with a mixture of incredulous disappointment and outrage fatigue. After all the revelations about the NSA and it's wholesale capture of ...
facethemusic 08/09/2013 283 289 3 -
New York Times Blasts President Obama's Measures on "Abusive" Domestic Spying As many of you are aware, I am a strong supporter of this President. I believe most people in this country have only ...
Dartagnan 08/09/2013 378 230 4 -
Walker forced to back off from arresting observers of Solidarity Sing Along
I'm reposting this from Corrente In Wisconsin, the Department of Administration has now released a statement that observers of the Solidarity Sing Along will no longer be arrested or threatened ...
affinis 08/09/2013 89 337 4 -
Fears of NSA surveillance hurting the U.S. cloud computing industry
By Charles Arthur, The Guardian Thursday, August 8, 2013 18:49 EDT American technology businesses fear they could lose between $21.5bn and $35bn in cloud computing contracts worldwide over the next ...
xxdr zombiexx 08/08/2013 247 129 1 -
Police Are Beating Teachers At ALEC Protest
Today is the big ALEC protest in Downtown Chicago at the Palmer House. Unions are there, ALEC Exposed is there, and teachers are there. They have shut down Monroe Street in front of the hotel. And ...
zenbassoon 08/08/2013 185 191 5 -
Obama: ‘We don’t have a domestic spying program’
Raw Story The President was on the Jay Leno show last night and was provided an opportunity to assure Americans that they are not being 'spied upon'. What we do have are some mechanisms where we ...
xxdr zombiexx 08/07/2013 354 117 1 -
Massive protest at California Chevron refinery a show of movement strength
This weekend, Oil Change International’s newest campaigner and I joined dozens of dedicated community leaders, climate movement allies and friends, and a couple thousand new friends in a march to ...
dturnbull 08/06/2013 26 63 2 -
TEN THOUSAND turn out to protest GOP in Asheville, NC
You've heard of the Moral Monday protests in Raleigh, NC over the tyrannical control over the state legislature? Well since they the legislative session is over, the NAACP took it on the road to ...
esby 08/06/2013 244 456 5 -
DEA spying on American Citizens?
That's what Reuters is reporting : law enforcement agents have been directed to conceal how such investigations truly begin - not only from defense lawyers but also sometimes from prosecutors and ...
bobdevo 08/05/2013 374 281 7 -
PBS Newshour Gets Played By NSA Lawyers
The other night, to it's credit, the PBS Newshour had NSA whistleblowers William Binney and Russell Tice on for an interview segment, titled, "NSA Collects 'Word for Word' Every Domestic ...
joe shikspack 08/05/2013 101 121 2 -
Patriot acts
National Security Operations Center In the days before the House of Representatives voted on whether or ...
Laurence Lewis 08/04/2013 289 125 8 11
US Senate IP Caught Defacing Edward Snowden's Wikipedia Entry
Republished from Voices on the Square by permission because I wrote it. Usually the only wiki we associate with Edward Snowden is WikiLeaks. However, in a hilarious turn of events, an IP address ...
aigeanta 08/04/2013 433 361 6 -
Greenwald on ABC: No One Can See Secret FISA Opinion Ruling that Gov't Spying is Unconstitutional
Glenn Greenwald was on ABC This Week again talking about NSA surveillance and pushing back on the notion that there is 'robust oversight' of the NSA's activities. He said that members of Congress ...
Heavy Mettle 08/04/2013 370 350 14 -
Obama meets with key lawmakers on NSA revelations, vows reforms
The debate between privacy and national security that President Obama has said he welcomes has begun, with ...
Joan McCarter 08/02/2013 144 47 1 16
Heroes of the Day Sing Truth To Power
Closing down the building singing truth to power for an hour, after consecutive weekday noon-hour Solidarity Sing Along #624, Tuesday, July 30, 2013, day #4 of the illegal mass arrests of peaceably ...
Wisco Wherls 07/31/2013 19 61 3 -
Love him or hate him, Glenn Greenwald Nails It Against a Beltway Insider Who Only Has Excuses.
Watch this video. Nine minutes.
gooderservice 07/31/2013 384 157 2 -
N.C. Moral Monday #13: What happens now?
As many as 10,000 protesters took to the streets of downtown Raleigh to protest the repressive bills that made their way through the NC General Assembly this legislative session. Protesters wore red ...
MsSpentyouth 07/31/2013 66 115 3 -
New Guardian Report: NSA Can Use XKeyscore to Track All of Your Internet Activity
The Guardian has another bombshell report on the NSA, based on the documents leaked by Edward Snowden. The headline says it all: XKeyscore: NSA tool collects 'nearly everything a user does on the ...
Lost Left Coaster 07/31/2013 278 136 2 -
While the N$A is all up in your Internet, the TSA is having your car searched at the airport
2 .. 3... quick posts, side-by-side, showing the rabid onslaught against the 4th Amendment and the protections is is supposed to provide: The Internet As We Know It Is On Its Deathbed The Snowden ...
xxdr zombiexx 07/31/2013 277 310 5 -
Protest arrests at New England coal plant
I went to the Brayton Point coal plant protest down near Fall River in Massachusetts on Sunday and I diaried about my experience here: New England coal plant protest Rugbymom also diaried here: ...
cordgrass 07/30/2013 11 18 - -
As Manning Faces Life in Jail, Architects of Torture & Extrajudicial Murders Face Talk Show Circuit
While Bradley Manning has been found not guilty of the most serious charge he faced – aiding the enemy – he has been 'convicted' by a military court on 19 counts, several of which fall under the ...
David Harris Gershon 07/30/2013 368 323 2 -
Songs In the Key of Resistance: Dueling Sing Alongs, Guns, Trombones, and American Resilience.
I sit on the hard marble floor of the elegant Wisconsin State Capitol building, listening to America The Beautiful, God Bless America and other "patriotic" songs being sung by about 50 rightwing ...
noise of rain 07/30/2013 74 134 6 -
FISA Court: "To date, no electronic communications provider has challenged a 702 directive"
See FISA Court Presiding Judge Reggie Walton's letter in response to queries from Senate Judiciary Committee Chariman Patrick Leahy . The FISA court is described as working much as described in my ...
Armando 07/29/2013 82 66 - -
Dream Defenders and The Special Session Is Happnin NOW, y'all
Pay attention. The Dream Defenders are a diverse group of progressives led by brown and black youth. As such, they have a special expertise in things like racial profiling and the school to prison ...
nancyjones 07/29/2013 11 19 - -
Dick Durbin: Secret FISA court 'fixed,' 'loaded'
Sen. Dick Durbin Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has a bright idea for addressing one problem with the out-of-control surveillance state: reform the secret FISA court ...
Joan McCarter 07/29/2013 206 134 3 12
NYT Lead: House Dems “Increasingly Unified” As “Momentum Builds Against N.S.A. Surveillance”
Jonathan Weisman's lead story in Monday's New York Times reports that as many as 61 of the [
bobswern 07/29/2013 295 226 5 -
Harry Belafonte Visits the Dream Defenders
WE FIGHT THE CRIMINALIZATION OF OUR GENERATION BY DIRECTLY CONFRONTING THE SOURCES, SPONSORS AND SUPPORTERS OF IT. The Dream Defenders are in their 12th day of standing their ground in the offices ...
JoanMar 07/28/2013 21 31 - -
Greenwald on ABC: Low-Level NSA Analysts Read, Listen Via Database of "Trillions" of Emails, Calls
After [
bobswern 07/28/2013 770 263 9 -
There's Good News and Bad News about the NSA and your Personal Passwords
The Good News: apparently the NSA doesn't yet have the know-how (or more likely the horsepower), to quickly crack our personal passwords. The Bad News: apparently the NSA wants this no-road-...
jamess 07/27/2013 189 174 2 -
Republicans Bum Rush the democratic process and lay siege to your future.
This originated as a comment in LaFeminista's We're not amused post from yesterday. I was surprised by the reaction and elected to post it as a diary, fleshed out and spell-corrected. In this ...
xxdr zombiexx 07/27/2013 17 28 - -
UPDATED: North Carolina Gen. Assembly takes back 100 years of voters' rights
Democratic members of the N.C. House of Representatives joined hands and bowed their heads in an emotional show of unity as votes on HB 589 were counted in a late-night session on July 25. It is ...
MsSpentyouth 07/26/2013 189 280 7 -
Songs in the Key of Resistance: "Nitro, Nitro: This Man Needs Nitro!" (Update)
UPDATE on Reverend Dary's condition: He is resting comfortably at UW Hospital - he has had heart issues in the past and things are looking O.K. for now. He will have a stress test tomorrow - He is ...
noise of rain 07/26/2013 92 138 4 -
Songs in the Key of Resistance: The Police Came in Waves Today.
The police come in swarms today, in predator waves, jackals culling antelope, scanning the room not for the easy efficient takedowns, but for the ones they most begrudge. They lope into the large ...
noise of rain 07/25/2013 239 514 19 -
A giant sucking sound
(Click for larger image)
MattWuerker 07/25/2013 39 44 2 -
Wisconsin Capitol Arrests Continue for a 2nd Day
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s administration ordered its Capitol Police force to arrest singing citizens for a second consecutive day. Singers participating in the daily, noon-hour ...
Giles Goat Boy 07/25/2013 67 174 4 -
The NSA - Hiding a Shadow Government Behind a Haystack, "To Keep Us Safe"
The enormous service that a certain whistleblower has provided to Americans and the world at large, is becoming clear even in the face of shrill cries of "traitor" and histrionic accusations of "...
joe shikspack 07/25/2013 397 254 38 -
Takeover of NC Speaker Thom Tillis' office
Moments ago, a group of students and other North Carolinians moved into the office of N.C. Speaker of the House Thom Tillis and initiated a sit-in a la Wisconsin and Florida. Those of us not at the ...
MsSpentyouth 07/24/2013 17 72 1 -
Mass Arrest of Singers in Wisconsin Capitol
Wisconsin Capitol Police arrested and cited around 20 people today after declaring their singing of protest songs in the rotunda an "unlawful event." Many of those arrested were senior citizens ( ...
Giles Goat Boy 07/24/2013 142 262 3 -
One Nation Under Borg
The source is a quick read so I encourage everyone to take a look . Just a teaser here: DARPA insists that Atlas is not being designed for adversarial military tasks, but for humanitarian reasons—...
Words In Action 07/24/2013 180 61 3 -
The White House is Trolling Democracy with its Statement on the Amash-Conyers Amendment
Reps. Justin Amash, John Conyers, Jr., Thomas Massie, Mick Mulvaney, and Jared Polis are proposing an amendment to the Defense Appropriations Bill that would curtail funding for the implementation ...
Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees 07/23/2013 141 199 4 -
The White House Has Killed Irony
The House will vote tomorrow on an important amendment that would limit the NSA's ability to engage in secret, bulk surveillance . It will be the first such piece of legislation to be voted upon ...
David Harris Gershon 07/23/2013 501 375 6 -
Dream Defenders Occupy Florida's Capitol - Day Eight
They're still at it and they aren't going away. The Dream Defenders and their supporters have been occupying the capitol building in Tallahassee, FL since the Tuesday after George Zimmerman was ...
nancyjones 07/23/2013 21 35 - -
Defund the NSA - ACTION (Now!)
Caucus Diary This is a Caucus diary, a community diary created by The Caucus Project group at DailyKos. The goal of this diary is not to debate the policy position of the diarist; it is for ...
joanneleon 07/23/2013 177 117 2 -
NSA Responds To ProPublica FOIA Request: We Don't Have The Technology To Search Our Own Emails
ProPublica, without question, one of the most reliable sources for solid news anywhere on the planet, IMHO, is a little late to the table on this round of the NSA-surveillance-state stories. But, I’
bobswern 07/23/2013 128 175 4 -
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