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In Virtually Perfect Order
Cross-posted from Nothing Much to Say As a rule, I avoid right-wing websites. I always feel like I've walked into a redneck bar with a blaring jukebox and a bunch of menacing characters with scowls ...
Fish in Illinois 07/18/2012 11 5 - 51
Why I am a liberal in one picture
I took this as a kind of joke, in response to Eric the Red's asinine "We arethe 53%" Tumblr . After I thought about it, I decided it was more appropriate to post ...
Fish in Illinois 10/14/2011 3 25 - 172
White House: No Medicare Cuts to Pay for Jobs Act
This is going to be short, sweet, and to the point: Via my Twitter feed , a few minutes ago: Me: #WHChat, we can pay for this without ...
Fish in Illinois 09/15/2011 23 3 1 114
August 2 is not the date of the Apocalypse
The drama and tension have been building for weeks now. On August 2, the U.S. Government will run out of money. We will default on our debt. Markets around the world will crash. Social Security ...
Fish in Illinois 07/27/2011 13 2 - 96
Poll: When will Sarah Palin drop out?
We've all got the news that Sarah Palin won't be making an appearance on tonight's Fox News debate - but neither will Romney nor anyone else of consequence. But how long will she keep the tease ...
Fish in Illinois 05/05/2011 17 4 - 130
Did Boehner really win?
Mixed reactions around the blogosphere about Boehner needing Democratic votes to pass the budget bill. Reaction from the left has been, effectively, "Yeah, so what? He still won." Writing in WaPo,
Fish in Illinois 04/15/2011 9 1 - 60
U. S. Navy: no pay for service members during shutdown
According to the NNS: WASHINGTON (NNS) -- Military members would continue to earn wages in the event of an April 8 ...
Fish in Illinois 04/06/2011 41 18 - 256
Union-busting protests spread to Indiana
Indiana is another state where Republican legislators, and a Republican governor, are considering a bill to strip unions of their collective bargaining power. Union members are not taking this lying ...
Fish in Illinois 02/21/2011 5 15 - 60
Do Republicans shun science or does science make Democrats?
I came across an article on Slate this morning that has some interesting news: A Pew Research Center Poll from July 2009 showed that only ...
Fish in Illinois 12/09/2010 65 37 4 228
Time to kill trees
Did you sign the petition? You did? I did too, good for us. Nothing to it, especially if you have autocomplete turned on.
Fish in Illinois 11/05/2010 4 2 - 13
(IL-Gov) Quinn's lead grows, Brady won't concede
There are a few races around the country that are still in the undecided column. The Governor's race in Illinois is one that shouldn't be. The reason: despite trailing in the pre-election polls, ...
Fish in Illinois 11/04/2010 103 22 - 76
Fishing it out of the toilet
This is not going to be another "This Is Why We Lost" diary. I have my own thoughts about that, but I'm not going to give them much air time. I'd rather start thinking about the work we have ahead ...
Fish in Illinois 11/03/2010 5 2 1 27
[IL-13] Sun endorses Harper
The Democratic candidate in IL-13, Scott Harper, has been endorsed by the ...
Fish in Illinois 11/02/2010 7 6 - 80
O2B: Poll: Who gets the last cookie?
This is gonna be short because there are a lot of things to do this weekend, like GOTV. But as you know, some campaigns listed on Orange to ...
Fish in Illinois 10/29/2010 7 2 - 49
[IL-13] Judy Biggert staffer doesn't like cameras
OK, this isn't a big deal like somebody getting beat up by hired thugs, but I thought it was worth passing on. Even in races that nobody is watching because they're "Safe R," the R's don't feel ...
Fish in Illinois 10/27/2010 9 1 - 74
[AK-Sen] Miller's done. Stick a fork in him.
Well, maybe not a fork. We can settle for the skewering he's getting from the local media. It seems that Mr. Miller, in addition to his other troubles,
Fish in Illinois 10/26/2010 154 265 1 132
(IL-13) Scott Harper's good fight
IL-13 is a race that nobody is watching because nobody seems to think there's anything to see. The district is among the reddest in Illinois, having been in Republican hands since 1903. Its biggest ...
Fish in Illinois 10/21/2010 17 8 - 98
CA-SEN Fiorina Bets on Voter Amnesia on Net Neutrality
I came across an interesting article at WaPo this morning. Cecelia Kang gives Fiorina and Boxer a ...
Fish in Illinois 10/20/2010 13 6 1 46
(NH-2) Annie Kuster leading in latest poll!
Annie's Facebook page posted a link a few hours ago: MANCHESTER, N.H. -- There has been a major shift in the race for the 2nd Congressional ...
Fish in Illinois 10/15/2010 22 43 - 138
Chasing Tail
This one will be short, but I hope to the point. I'd like to announce that the Senate will be ours in November. Nate Silver told me so. You just need to take a look at the latest Senate forecast ...
Fish in Illinois 10/07/2010 11 5 - 54
[AZ-5] What's wrong with this picture?
Maybe the first question you want to ask is, what's wrong with you? I.e., what is a Fish from Illinois doing, writing about a House race in Arizona? OK, I'll get that out of the way first. My ...
Fish in Illinois 10/05/2010 20 15 - 66
Pew: Republican "Pledge" a non-starter; it's still the economy, stupid.
I really love Pew Research . As pollsters go, they're painfully slow in putting out stuff, and not particularly prolific, either. However, when they do come ...
Fish in Illinois 10/01/2010 5 6 - 61
AAA Wants Bicycle/Pedestrian Funds Diverted to Highway Construction
Courtesy of a few of my fellow two-wheelers on Facebook: The American Automobile Association (AAA) wants Congress to cut funds that support trail, biking and walking programs in order ...
Fish in Illinois 09/29/2010 24 17 - 32
Red State Blues
In response to an article about the Georgia governor's race, I ...
Fish in Illinois 09/20/2010 28 6 - 21
OK, David, here's your forty bucks
I quipped here yesterday that OFA had sent me yet another email begging for yet another $40 contribution. I was on the ...
Fish in Illinois 09/08/2010 12 12 1 28
Romer doesn't get it, but maybe I do
Dana Milbank reports : At week's end, [Christina] Romer will leave the council ...
Fish in Illinois 09/02/2010 10 8 - 29
Why the slowdown in firing?
My usual early-morning scan of the news sites turned up something that could possibly, maybe, conceivably be ...
Fish in Illinois 09/01/2010 7 1 - 35
Today's Upsetting News
Being a news junkie, I scan the front pages of all the major legitimate news outlets (i.e., not Fox) almost continually. With this much exposure, I frequently get upset. There are a few things that ...
Fish in Illinois 08/26/2010 13 7 - 17
The Ladybug Oracle
Looking over my first spate of diaries here, I see that I've been in what's considered the "Gloom & Doom" camp. Well, it's hard not to be gloomy and doomy with every new poll looking worse for ...
Fish in Illinois 08/25/2010 1 4 - 25
Some Good and Bad News from Julian Zelizer
Julian Zelizer has some interesting insights on the Republicans' troubles in 2012. ...
Fish in Illinois 08/24/2010 11 4 - 25
Republicans shooting selves in foot on HCR?
A couple of articles on CNN this morning caught my attention. The BIG HEADLINE reads "GOP Drives Wedge with Health Care." If you follow the link, you ...
Fish in Illinois 08/20/2010 8 4 - 15
So Let's Just Bring Him to Jesus
By now, many of you have seen the WaPo headline about " Obama's Muslim Problem ." Chris is getting his information ...
Fish in Illinois 08/19/2010 53 5 - 43
Too Pissed to Vote?
On reading Markos's "Intensity Gap" article , I was appalled at the number of comments from folks here who said they were not going to ...
Fish in Illinois 08/18/2010 92 14 - 37
What Brings You To Us, Fish?
OK - so I know it was easy to sign up here. Easy to pay for a subscription, although I have this guilty feeling - should I have just given it to OFA instead? They are, however, oh, so persistent in ...
Fish in Illinois 08/16/2010 22 4 - 23
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