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Fishgrease: Pick any Day!
Pick any day between 10 and 30 days ago. Can anyone remember the reason on Daily Kos, that day, why Obama was an asshole? Huffington Post -- same deal. While some folks might remember the day within ...
Fishgrease 06/09/2013 221 73 4 -
Fishgrease: Sports Metaphors
I know there's a lot of people on Daily Kos who do not like President Obama one damn bit. That's okay. You're criticizing the coach. You can do that. But when, on Daily Kos, you call for the ...
Fishgrease 05/14/2013 136 136 - -
Fishgrease: Serious This Time Almost
I have two questions and I'm going to try my damnedest to ask them with as much respect as I can. These questions are not for the anti-Obama crowd on Daily Kos because other than a very few who with ...
Fishgrease 03/09/2013 660 171 1 -
Fishgrease: Barack Obama Peed In My Wheaties
He did. Also. Barack Obama killed my Mom. Okay, she's still alive but you know what I mean. Just hasn't got around to it yet. I'm going to put Barack Obama's picture in my cat box. Then I'm going ...
Fishgrease 03/06/2013 591 309 - -
Fishgrease - Give Up Something You Love Or Go To Hell - Updated
I'm serious as foot cancer. You all expect me to say something like I'm serious as dick cancer but I'm trying to clean up my act. Okay, I'm serious as dick cancer. When I say we all have to give ...
Fishgrease 01/25/2013 541 407 4 -
Fishgrease: My War on Christmas Fundraiser Thing
Now that I've figured out how to check my KosMail, which isn't called KosMail but instead is called "Messages", I've received a request to stop with the fucking profanity. This request was heartfelt ...
Fishgrease 12/20/2012 203 199 - -
Fishgrease: I'm Home Now
Hey Boomers. Few things up front, here. First, my absence for the last 520 days was my fault and only my fault. I hope the RKBA folks who I blamed it on at the time can somehow forgive me. I'm sorry.
Fishgrease 11/29/2012 491 886 8 -
Fishgrease: This is Over
I'm leaving this site. Overall, Kossacks have treated me much much better here than I deserve. They've certainly thought more of my diaries and my writing than I deserve. I love 99.9% of Kossacks to ...
Fishgrease 06/28/2011 1214 584 12 6254
Fishgrease IS a D*ck
And he apologizes, both to the people who claimed to have good reasons for demanding Anthony Weiner's resignation, and to the people he's letting down by switching sides in this argument. Which, he, (
Fishgrease 06/12/2011 206 71 1 1067
Fishgrease: Booming D*cks
I think I've a way to nip all this "Weiner must resign" horseshit in the bud. I was watching Real Time on HBO this evening and Maher had my spiritual sister, Janeane Garofalo on his panel. Well, ...
Fishgrease 06/10/2011 291 260 4 1692
Fishgrease: Booming Wolf Haters
God damn you, Governor Brian Schweitzer! God Damn You! Montana to kill wolves that prey on ...
Fishgrease 02/16/2011 275 276 2 944
Fishgrease: Booming the Red State Blues
Jared Lee Loughner Pictures Surface Showing Suspect With Gun, Naked, In 'Bright Red G-String' -- Headline on HuffPo Told ya he was Republican. I just found via Google ...
Fishgrease 01/15/2011 238 409 19 134
Fishgrease: Booming the Airwaves II
Two things, right out of the gate here. First. As soon as I published my last diary about how nice it would be, here in the redder states, to hear Ed Schultz or Rachel Maddow or Keith Olbermann on ...
Fishgrease 11/07/2010 230 187 30 133
Fishgrease: Booming The Airwaves
Boomers! Fuck! Long time no see! LONG-assed diary proceeds from here. Well Update: We don't have a clue. Big secret. BOP was still on it a week ago with a little bit of oil still bubbling up ...
Fishgrease 11/03/2010 460 553 72 327
Fishgrease: Booming Teh R-E-S-P-E-C-T
These are fucking exciting times, Boomers! If you've been watching the Fucking Deepwater Horizon Disaster Hearings on CSPAN, you've no doubt wondered why anybody put this collection of clowns in ...
Fishgrease 08/28/2010 205 252 7 143
Gulf Recovery: Booming the BP Magic
First, I'm honored to be included in this series. Second, after looking at the diaries in the Gulf Recovery series that have preceded mine, I've noticed they're all stupendously well done. What this ...
Fishgrease 08/12/2010 362 398 9 130
Fishgrease: Booming Static Kill
Boomeroomers! I'm going to use a little different format for explaining Static Kill than I did in explaining Top Kill... not that Static Kill is any different. Not that Static Kill is going to, like,
Fishgrease 07/28/2010 325 311 3 144
Fishgrease: Booming Feynman's Ghost
Boomers! Yesterday! A date which will live in fuckery. "It has been indeed fuckery most foul." -- Kossack Onomastic in ...
Fishgrease 07/15/2010 429 469 13 393
Fishgrease: Booming Separation
Boomers! I'm going to be on Virtually Speaking with host Jay Ackroyd and fellow-guest Riki Ott! We'll be on July 8th at 6:00 PM Pacific, 9:00 PM Eastern.
Fishgrease 07/07/2010 264 437 15 231
Fishgrease: Booming The Bullsh*t [UPDATED]
Boomers, I didn't want to have to do this. I didn't want to have to spend time and room on Daily Kos's rec list (if you so honor me) debunking pure bullshit. But in recent days, the bullshit has ...
Fishgrease 06/24/2010 591 649 10 190
Fishgrease: Booming BP Execs
Hiya Boomers. I guess it's time for me to get all cultural again. No tech this time. I've worked amongst BP and other corporations like them. I'm going to be discussing BP executives here, the ...
Fishgrease 06/13/2010 465 641 18 301
Fishgrease: For Rachel
Rachel Maddow, Queen of Boom! Defender of Good Booming who doth Slayeth The Bad Boom and Reclaimest The Golden Boom Anchor! Boom Goddess! Most of you DKos Boomers have been following Rachel ...
Fishgrease 06/09/2010 455 930 23 523
Fishgrease: Booming Simple Production
Yo Boomers. We've recently been given information from BP that they are choking flow from the #4 LMRP cap at the surface. This is signifigant. It's wrong. It's disgusting. Below, I'm going to ...
Fishgrease 06/07/2010 427 554 7 378
Fishgrease: Problems with Money Shot
Yo, Boomers. In yesterday's diary, I renamed the LMRP Cap process that BP is now trying, Money Shot . Apart from any technical fitness of that name, I meant for BP to basically give all ...
Fishgrease 06/01/2010 397 367 6 136
Fishgrease: Booming The Money Shot
Hello Boomers! This time I'm going to talk to BP. Maybe BP will listen, maybe not. I guess we'll see. With the failure of the Top Kill procedure that was discussed in my last two diaries, now we're ...
Fishgrease 05/31/2010 452 548 12 146
Fishgrease: Booming The News Media
Hey Boomers. Not feeling well right now, Ol Fishgrease isn't. We're being lied to, consistently, by BP, Our Government and in the most damaging fashion, by Our News Media. Before any of you jump my ...
Fishgrease 05/28/2010 724 666 19 130
Fishgrease: Booming the Top Kill
DKos Boomers! Greetings! This is going to be a long, fairly text-intensive diary. Not a lot of pretty pictures. But then if anyone thinks any pictures from this mess in the last few days are pretty, ...
Fishgrease 05/21/2010 551 524 16 155
Fishgrease: Pivotal Discoveries Are Booming
Heya DKos Boomers! Happily, I don't have to write a diary every day. I've really no talent for it and just trying to come up with something not-awful takes a lot of effort. I don't have to write a ...
Fishgrease 05/16/2010 466 586 17 442
Fishgrease: DKos Booming School II
[please see UPDATE at bottom] Boomer! Glad to see ya back! Today we're going to discuss a more challenging boom. We're going to boom a pass between a barrier island and the mainland. Stick with ...
Fishgrease 05/14/2010 444 622 15 360
Fishgrease: DKos Booming School
Hello, Boomer. I'm Fishgrease. I'm known, mostly, for my comments on any number of diaries about the recent Gulf of Mexico Oil Leak/Volcano/Apocalypse. Before that, I was known here at DKos for ...
Fishgrease 05/10/2010 688 1211 65 8484
Need a Health Care Subsidy Calculator! (UPDATE)
UPDATE !!!: First two comments! Gotta love DKos! From the Kaiser Family Foundation, Health Care Subsidy Calculator --------
Fishgrease 03/29/2010 24 3 - 30
I Was Wrong. F**K Co-ops!!
I wrote a Misguided Diary yesterday, basically asking if Co-ops, if they had all the elements we require,
Fishgrease 08/17/2009 28 10 - 2
Public Option -- Co-op -- The Difference?
Well, one difference is that one is called the Public Option, while the other is called Co-ops. That's the obvious difference, and when I've asked this question in comments, it's about the only ...
Fishgrease 08/16/2009 67 5 1 4
Hey Big Insurance Company!!!!!!
You want to be the most profitable health insurance outfit in the world? I mean, really smoke the competition? Grab huge market share while slashing your advertizing budget? SUPPORT THE PUBLIC ...
Fishgrease 08/10/2009 9 1 - 3
True! Because, tomorrow night, I'm going to be ready for when MSNBC calls it for Obama. First thing tomorrow morning, I'm going to the fireworks/liquor store (the very one featured in the movie,
Fishgrease 11/03/2008 19 5 - 2
The Big Story Thursday Night: Joe Biden
Hasn't anyone figured on Biden winning this debate instead of Palin losing it? Biden WON some of the Democratic Primary debates. No one thought he had a chance at the presidency, so ...
Fishgrease 10/01/2008 37 38 - 18
The Bailout and Class Warfare
The phony executive compensation provisions in the bailout bill that failed today are my primary sticking point. I've investments that lost money today. I lost about $90k. That's not true, actually. ...
Fishgrease 09/29/2008 26 7 3 1
McCain's Best Point
Have we forgotten? Tell me. Have we? Remember when Nouri al-Maliki, Prime Minister of Iraq said he agreed with Obama's timeline? Remember the next day when one of McCain's senior advisors said, "...
Fishgrease 09/27/2008 27 7 - 13
Mr. Schumer said
I want to make a single point. 1. New York City is a very large city that is in the United States of America. It is not, itself the United States of America. ...
Fishgrease 09/23/2008 47 7 - 1
Congress -- Enact Stopgap! -- Adjourn Friday!
I've been TRd by commenters and belittled by FrontPagers for saying that we need to call Wallstreet's bluff . Could be I deserved that. Because if anyone thinks this Paulson plan, or any other ...
Fishgrease 09/22/2008 28 10 - -
Houses, Pictures, Fingers
In the beginning , there was The House. It was a "Spec House". In other words, it wasn't built for anyone in particular. It wasn't built because someone said, "Hey! I want to buy a house and I ...
Fishgrease 09/21/2008 6 10 1 10
I'm Will Fight You -- Zombies
Zombies. Daily Kos has been invaded by Zombies. Must believe Bush. Must believe Paulson. Must find brains. Need food brains. Must believe Bush. Must save Stock Market. Stock market dropping below ...
Fishgrease 09/20/2008 122 20 1 28
RTC? RFC? No.... NO!!!!
Right now, our President, George W. Bush, is meeting with Bernanke and Paulson and his strongest campaign contributors, investment bankers, to come up with what is basically a bail-out for Wallstreet.
Fishgrease 09/18/2008 44 15 1 6
Where R U Mr. Putin?
I'm talking to YOU Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin! Ya! YOU! PUNK! Sarah Palin SO pwn3d you yesterday! You. Got. B-Slapped. d00d! Ur WHIP-ed! Q: How does Sarah Palin have time to campaign ...
Fishgrease 09/13/2008 33 12 - -
Sarah Palin's Final Interview
I'll explain my title as I go here. See, I'm watching Candy Crowley in the CNN studio trying to nuance the whole "Palin says she will start a war with Russia" thing. Like it's her job to explain ...
Fishgrease 09/11/2008 181 66 3 25
There was no vet -- There is no RE-vet
You'll be seeing more of this rumor that the McCain campaign has sent a dozen lawyers to Alaska to RE-Vet Sarah Palin. Who started this rumor? The McCain campaign. Now they're feeding that rumor. ...
Fishgrease 09/03/2008 22 14 - 1
Cafferty Unloads
This is going to be a short diary and you're going to have to come to terms with that. Jack Cafferty continues to uphold CNN's journalistic and editorial integrity, pretty much single-handedly. ...
Fishgrease 09/02/2008 34 38 2 23
Obama Safe -- McCain Risk
Obama made what most people called "The safe pick". He hit the middle of the bullseye on a dartboard that was pretty much all bullseye. McCain just made what most people are calling "A risky pick"
Fishgrease 08/29/2008 9 4 - -
GOP VP -- Place Yer Bets
We're all decided. There's no suspense as to who the Democratic nominees for President and Vice President will be. Tonight proved we've got winners. Tonight proved WE ARE UNITED!!!!!!! Let's face it.
Fishgrease 08/27/2008 162 11 - 19
Make it Hurt.
I live in a very red state (Wyoming), but anyone who has access to radio, television or the internet has been subjected to the same thing I have for the last 8 years. Republican Superiority. ...
Fishgrease 08/23/2008 59 40 1 33
In Support of Manned Space-Flight
Obama has indicated he might look at NASA, and NASA's manned program. This isn't fair. Kennedy said we go to the Moon, we went to the damn Moon. Kennedy wasn't around, but we knew he wanted us to go ...
Fishgrease 08/03/2008 103 5 - -
Why Does The Air Force Hate America?
BREAKING NEWS: Defense chief Gates says Air Force is not doing enough to help the Iraq war effort WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary ...
Fishgrease 04/21/2008 20 3 - 2
It's us Honorary African Americans too!
I rust read my buddy, The Great Bob Johnson's diary about the media not wanting to admit that Obama has won. From The Politico Unless Clinton is able to at least win the primary ...
Fishgrease 03/21/2008 16 8 1 4
Hey Dave Freudenthal!
Just who the hell do you think you are? In the 2006 election, it took you forever to endorse Gary Trauner. He lost to Barbara Cuban by less than a half a percent. Where the fuck were YOU? Even when ...
Fishgrease 03/10/2008 34 5 - 17
Obama Will Review Bush's Executive Orders
News From Wyoming! w00t! Casper Star Tribune: Obama says he will review all of Bush's executive ...
Fishgrease 03/07/2008 56 37 1 17
Wyoming: Eraser
Just a short note, as we WyObama folks have suddenly become very busy. It looks like Hillary will gain less than 12 delegates from yesterday. If she does, I promise you this: Wyoming will ...
Fishgrease 03/05/2008 50 33 - 40
Stop telling me to be civil about this primary election. If I cuss, if I call you and asshole or something, then yeah. That's my bad. That's a valid complaint. I promise I won't do that. But all you ...
Fishgrease 02/22/2008 47 3 1 6
Hillary and Professional Wrestling
Oh Sweet Jesus Inna Thong is everybody upset about THIS! But Clinton will not ...
Fishgrease 02/13/2008 51 12 - -
It's The Money -- And It's Over
For Hillary, money gets A LOT harder to come by after tonight. After next Tuesday, she'll have almost nothing coming in. Look at it this way, it costs Superdelegates nothing to delay their ...
Fishgrease 02/13/2008 101 38 2 7
Hillary, McCain and the 100 Years War
I'm not going to vote, in the general election, for Hillary Clinton. The only chance Democrats have of taking the Rocky Mountain States is Obama. They like him up here. If Hillary is the nominee, she'
Fishgrease 01/19/2008 61 3 - -
We ARE Paying for it!
Kos called us fraudsters. He and all you other assholes who are making fun of those of us who want a recount in NH constantly insult us. You tell us that if we want to pay for it, fine, we can have ...
Fishgrease 01/12/2008 38 8 1 -
Romney and He Who Cannot Be Named
First off, look at this: New Hampshire Paper: Romney 'Must Be Stopped' ...
Fishgrease 12/23/2007 25 - 1 -
I Just Took A Shower With Brad Pitt
Look. I know this breaks all the rules. Diary too short. Diary making fun of another Diary. Diary about something stupid. On and on. I know all that. I tried to stop myself. I did. While I'm ...
Fishgrease 12/05/2007 33 1 - 1
THIS supports the War On Terror?
This will be a short diary. Sue me. President General Pervez Musharraf's coup within a coup has just dropped deeper into the abyss of dictatorship. Tonight, on the BBC's news website, ...
Fishgrease 11/05/2007 14 3 - 7
al-Maliki AGAIN says Blackwater must leave Iraq
Story HERE . Hat tip to Juan Cole , who covered this while the MSM completely ...
Fishgrease 10/04/2007 35 20 - 28
Nukes and News Media: Nothing Adds Up (with pool)
"Doesn't anybody notice this? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!" -- Mugatu, Zoolander I've been hearing ...
Fishgrease 09/09/2007 41 15 1 25
Should we invade Iraq now?
I mean, right now? Iraq. Not Iran. Iraq. Consider the conditions in Iraq as they are -- those we caused by removing Saddam from power, and those we didn't cause. For a few moments, ...
Fishgrease 03/03/2007 7 - - -
Hey Kos -- No more Diaries about Diaries
Look. I know this is the height of hypocrisy. After all, this is a diary about diaries about diaries. But it seems to me that a lot of the counterproductive urination competitions between posters ...
Fishgrease 02/24/2007 50 3 - 14
Juan Cole and The SOTU
I know many of you check Juan Cole's Site -- Informed Comment daily, but I think his superb, lucid response to Bush's State of the Union Address deserves some ...
Fishgrease 01/24/2007 15 18 - 14
Dead Birds -- Missing Birds
Birds. WARNING POSSIBLE TINFOIL HAT RELATED CONTENT!!!! I think something is going on with birds in the USA. Downtown Austin, TX was shut down for hours a couple days back because they found a ...
Fishgrease 01/10/2007 46 1 - 48
WY-AL: Barbara Cubin - Wicked Witch of the West
Fishgrease 10/27/2006 7 3 - 8
WY-AL Freudenthal to endorse Trauner (D)
Fishgrease 10/25/2006 12 9 - 8
WY-AL Cubin Threatens to Slap Man in Wheelchair!
Fishgrease 10/24/2006 24 21 1 16
WY-AL Cubin Threatens to Slap Man in Wheelchair!
Fishgrease 10/23/2006 49 50 1 7
My LTTE regarding Rep. Cubin (R) WY-AL
Fishgrease 10/05/2006 18 8 - 5
Hastert: I'll Resign If It Helps Republicans
Fishgrease 10/04/2006 37 15 - 6
That sick feeling in our stomachs
Fishgrease 10/03/2006 4 5 - -
The Glory that is GOTV
Fishgrease 09/25/2006 24 29 3 160
Beyond Diebold - The Power of One Citizen
Fishgrease 09/15/2006 7 8 2 9
A Five-Dollar US House Seat -- Wyoming!
Fishgrease 08/24/2006 15 16 - 19
November -- The End of E-Voting
Fishgrease 08/22/2006 29 12 - 9
MSNBC -- Babies as Terror Decoys in Britain
Fishgrease 08/14/2006 27 10 - -
Fishgrease 08/13/2006 7 6 - -
Fed Pauses -- Market Slumps Anyways
Fishgrease 08/08/2006 12 7 1 -
Do these idiots read what they write?
Fishgrease 08/01/2006 10 5 - -
48 hours or 48 minutes?
Fishgrease 07/31/2006 21 5 - -
ARM Lebanon!
Fishgrease 07/20/2006 29 4 1 -
Amanda-less Rocketboom?
Fishgrease 07/06/2006 17 1 - -
Democrats! Economy! Economy! Ecomony!
Fishgrease 06/28/2006 13 7 - -
It's still the economy... Stupid
Fishgrease 06/16/2006 4 4 - -
Bush Honored on Memorial Day
Fishgrease 05/30/2006 7 4 - -
Rove: Lies, Serious, Deadly Lies
Fishgrease 05/14/2006 7 15 1 10
What Happened to US Savings Bonds?
Fishgrease 04/29/2006 37 26 1 11
House of Republicans -- Song
Fishgrease 04/28/2006 6 3 - -
You Built This -- GOP
Fishgrease 02/22/2006 9 - - -
CNN = Bush Cheerleaders
Fishgrease 01/27/2006 8 1 - -
Media and Murder in Pakistan
Fishgrease 01/19/2006 - - - -
Fox News AT McDonald's!!!
Fishgrease 12/22/2005 33 5 - -
Tucker Carlson -- Military Expert
Fishgrease 11/18/2005 22 - - -
U.S. Trade Deficit Hits All-Time High
Fishgrease 11/10/2005 2 1 - -
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