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Obama-Biden fires back.  
Via the New York Times' blog "The Caucus." Tonight, John McCain said that his party was elected to change Washington, but that they ...
Five of Diamonds 09/04/2008 2 6 1 -
How many houses does Mr. Romney have?
Just when I thought I had heard the best "McCain yells at kids on lawn(s)" jokes, I went to the Huffington Post to see that McCain may get a reprieve from all this media pummeling. According to "...
Five of Diamonds 08/21/2008 21 5 - 11
Explosions in NYC hit Mexican Consulate - No Injuries Reported (UPDATED)
As I was walking to work I noticed a small army of police and trucks blocking off 39th Street between Madison and Park. At lunchtime my coworker was chatting up reporters and apparently someone ...
Five of Diamonds 10/26/2007 62 14 - 15
How Much Does the 4th Amendment Cost?
Five of Diamonds 10/23/2007 4 - - 8
Dear Capitulation Party,
Congratulations on becoming a fast-emerging sub-group of the Democratic Party. Last year before the Democratic/Capitulation Party took power, several of you played your capitulation hand early ...
Five of Diamonds 08/07/2007 12 8 1 -
Arithmetic for the President.
Dear Mr. President, I know you’re a busy man, dodging subpoenas with laughable arguments of executive privilege and all, but if I may have your attention it appears you need a refresher in ...
Five of Diamonds 07/14/2007 8 6 3 -
The Eternal Victory of a Thoughtless Mind
Thanks to Think Progress , we are all privy to the criterion upon which our Dear Leader, appointed President by God and the Supreme Court,
Five of Diamonds 04/25/2007 20 4 - 26
LGF Needs a Time Out
Once in a while I will pop over to Little Green Footballs and read the articles and comments. It’s an exercise in moral yoga. By immersing myself in a river of bigoted hate, it centers ...
Five of Diamonds 04/05/2007 19 7 - 2
Live Blog XI: Dismissal of U.S. Attorneys
Democrats continue to pummel... Welcome to part XI of the Live Blog on the Senate hearing on the Dismissal of the US Attorneys. This is liveblogging. No pictures out of respect for dial-up ...
Five of Diamonds 03/29/2007 350 92 - 13
Twas the Night Before Fitzmas
was the night before Fitzmas and all through the White House; Constitutional Criminals were stirring about.
Five of Diamonds 03/07/2007 6 8 1 2
Dear Liz Cheney,
Dear Liz Cheney, It is certainly no surprise that the Washington Post’s editorial board published ...
Five of Diamonds 01/23/2007 23 14 - 8
ACTION: My Global Warming Story.
Follow this link to the blog entitled “My Global Warming Story” and tell your story about how you have personally felt the effects of global warming in your life.
Five of Diamonds 01/14/2007 2 6 - -
National Security Threat: George W. Bush.
"If we wish to be free, if we mean to preserve inviolate those inestimable privileges for which we have been so long contending, if we mean not basely to abandon the noble struggle in ...
Five of Diamonds 01/11/2007 6 10 - 14
I represent DailyKos, ME!  MEEEE!
Somewhere Markos got the idea that he and a small list of “contributing editors” or whatever these posers are called are ...
Five of Diamonds 12/12/2006 125 129 1 20
A Mexican Lesson
Five of Diamonds 07/08/2006 18 5 - 7
Profits Before Privacy: Bank Records and Pre-9/11 Ambivalence
Five of Diamonds 06/27/2006 4 1 2 26
Katherine Harris: Republican Kryptonite
Five of Diamonds 05/09/2006 23 18 1 36
Five of Diamonds 03/10/2006 12 2 - -
Five of Diamonds 03/08/2006 4 5 - -
Why is Hillary the target of such savaging?
Five of Diamonds 03/06/2006 24 3 - -
Republican Ethics Reform: Oxymoron.
Five of Diamonds 01/18/2006 3 1 - -
"Are you a Closet Bigot?" Graham snuffs debate (poll).
Five of Diamonds 01/11/2006 10 4 - -
Where is our media in this dangerous hour?
Five of Diamonds 12/22/2005 24 12 1 15
What the Republican House tried to hide.
Five of Diamonds 12/20/2005 8 21 - 20
Bush's Philly speech: sinister new and old PR strategies.
Five of Diamonds 12/12/2005 12 15 1 23
Bush: Trust Me. Democrats: trust the facts. (poll and angry rant)
Five of Diamonds 11/14/2005 11 5 - -
Bill O'Reilly, how dare you.
Five of Diamonds 11/13/2005 2 3 - 7
UPDATE: (Manhattan): Cindy Sheehan ushered away and rally organizer arrested by police.
Five of Diamonds 09/19/2005 118 143 3 145
BREAKING (Manhattan): Cindy Sheehan ushered away and rally organizer arrested by police.
Five of Diamonds 09/19/2005 292 227 4 71
Iraq war justification #334 "Domino Effect." Heart but no head (with poll).
Five of Diamonds 09/18/2005 5 - - -
The City of New Orleans
Five of Diamonds 09/15/2005 4 1 - -
Chaos and Ineptitude in the Department of State - Timeline of Katrina Foreign Aid
Five of Diamonds 09/09/2005 1 3 1 -
Maybe I shouldn't have done this.
Five of Diamonds 08/18/2005 5 1 - -
Nationwide unified support for Cindy - We can all help
Five of Diamonds 08/17/2005 5 4 - -
My letter re: WSJ editorial defending Rove
Five of Diamonds 07/13/2005 5 7 - -
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