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For Xmas, Newsweek attacks fundamentalist Christians - by using the Bible!
Kurt Eichenwald of Newsweek has always been one of my favorite journalists because he is one of these rare types in the MSM who is willing to go after bad people tooth and nail. Usually it's about ...
Fokozatos siker 12/23/2014 163 422 13 -
"Are conservatives always wrong?" Vanity Fair says yes.
One of the things I love about the journalist Kurt Eichenwald is he is never afraid to just grab conservatives by the throat and rip out their windpipes. And boy, while so many journalists are ...
Fokozatos siker 11/06/2014 129 291 9 -
Newsweek slams "plastic patriots and faux flag wavers"
The MSM isn't always cowardly. Newsweek is out with a story about the republican "patriots" who are willing to hurt America if it feeds into their Obama derangement syndrome. It's aggressive, and ...
Fokozatos siker 09/29/2014 14 52 - -
Newsweek: Blacks feel more likely to be hurt by cops because they ARE more likely to be hurt by cops
My favorite writer, Kurt Eichenwald, is out with a piece over at Newsweek slamming the modern militarization of police departments. But it also goes a lot further, showing a linkage between the use ...
Fokozatos siker 08/18/2014 4 13 1 -
Want to understand why you should support ANY democratic prez nominee?
Just look at the Supreme Court stories to the left. "Sitting out to make a point" or any other excuse for not choosing a candidate who is more likely to select justices who will be more likely to ...
Fokozatos siker 06/30/2014 12 18 - -
Vanity Fair SLAUGHTERS conservatives re: @BringBackOurGirls
Someone had to say it. Unfortunately, I missed it when it went up a few days ago. Vanity Fair's Kurt Eichenwald tore conservatives to shreds in a piece about them making fun of the @...
Fokozatos siker 05/19/2014 59 332 5 -
Best. Benghazi. Committee. Tweet. EVER!
No words: Separated at birth? Benghazi committee photo released by @SpeakerBoehner w/ weird angle. Batman villain photo w/ same — Kurt Eichenwald (@kurteichenwald) May 9,
Fokozatos siker 05/09/2014 19 48 1 -
Slamming the Nazi analogizers: "vulgarians with more mouth than brain."
What an opportune day for Kurt Eichenwald at Vanity Fair to torch the politicians and commentators who analogize anything they disagree with to Hitler and the Nazis. As you might know from Laura ...
Fokozatos siker 03/18/2014 8 16 - -
I WANT Brewer to sign the "please discriminate" bill.
This bill is a nightmare, and no court would uphold it. As the millions of travel dollars redirect from Arizona, GOP lawmakers will make mad dashes to repeal. It will be a nationwide spectacle. ...
Fokozatos siker 02/25/2014 22 5 - -
Some in mainstream media called out bogus news reports about CBO as "lies"
The media fell all over themselves yesterday to mumble absurdities about the CBO report as it related to Obamacare. It has been documented here quite well - Chuck Todd et. al. seemed to not even ...
Fokozatos siker 02/05/2014 4 18 - -
Vanity Fair's Blockbuster Part 2 in Obamacare series: The truth!
Last week, Vanity Fair ran a devastating and brilliant piece ripping apart the Republican lies (yes, they called them lies) about Obamacare. Kurt Eichenwald, the contributing editor who wrote the ...
Fokozatos siker 10/05/2013 22 222 11 -
AWESOME Vanity Fair Piece on the GOP lies about Obamacare
There's a fabulous piece online about the Republican's relentless and dishonest assault on Obamacare, detailing and refuting all of the lies that they have been telling to counter it. The headline ...
Fokozatos siker 09/27/2013 91 344 14 -
"My wife has breast cancer": POWERFUL piece on Texas forced birthers
Over at Vanity Fair, contributing editor Kurt Eichenwald and his wife Theresa have decided to open up their personal lives to focus attention on what the Texas forced birthers have done with the new ...
Fokozatos siker 07/16/2013 79 342 9 -
CPAC: "The wackadoodle clown car."
Kurt Eichenwald at Vanity Fair (my favorite tweeter out there) apparently has started a blog on and has posted a takedown of CPAC. I don't think there will be anything in it that kossaks don'...
Fokozatos siker 03/19/2013 2 2 - -
Eichenwald of Vanity Fair: "Repeal the Second Amendment"
I mentioned before that my favorite person on twitter is Kurt Eichenwald, a contributing editor at Vanity Fair. He is the writer who put together the mammoth criticism of the modern GOP and poked ...
Fokozatos siker 01/03/2013 63 39 1 -
I can't even begin to summarize the evil of this Pastor
Seriously, there is nothing to add. A preview:
Fokozatos siker 12/18/2012 12 11 - -
I support the 2nd Amendment
Not the BS, "let me take a few words out of this and proclaim it to be the 2nd Amendment." But the whole thing as written. The gun nuts today are out in force with their faux "concern" about these ...
Fokozatos siker 12/14/2012 12 11 1 -
Vanity Fair: Bush declared Iraq war "willed by God."
I'm starting to feel like Kurt Eichenwald's publicist. But a piece of his from Vanity Fair went up online today about Bush and Blair trying to get everybody into Iraq, and it's really a kick in the ...
Fokozatos siker 09/06/2012 29 12 - 168
Vanity Fair writer's BRUTAL takedown of the GOP: "They must be stopped"
I've mentioned before that one of my favorite people on twitter is Kurt Eichenwald, a writer at Vanity Fair. He's acerbic, aggressive and kind of fun. (if you want to follow him, and I'd highly ...
Fokozatos siker 09/03/2012 256 838 52 5810
Take Mitt at his word
I am more than happy to accept the idea that Mitt Romney had nothing to do with Bain after 1999. I am delighted to say that he made no decisions, did no work, didn't attend any meetings, yada yada ...
Fokozatos siker 07/13/2012 4 8 - 95
FBI agent on R. Scott: "I recommended he be indicted"
OMIGOD.... One of my favorites on Twitter is ex-New York Times reporter Kurt Eichenwald. He does typical twitter blather for awhile and then he suddenly details some reporting he has to slam ...
Fokozatos siker 05/31/2012 12 21 - 349
Ari Fleischer gets pwned!
A short diary... I don't know how to paste the images from twitter, but this one just came across my twitter feed and it cracked me up. Once again, Ari Fleischer looks like a moron:
Fokozatos siker 05/22/2012 7 17 - 420
Fight back in North Carolina
The pro-hate vote in North Carolina is despicable, a throwback to the evil days of the past when "state's rights" was used to support every form of bigotry, ignorance and hatred that came down the ...
Fokozatos siker 05/08/2012 17 1 - 86
I met some tea partiers today, and they seemed mentally unbalanced *UPDATE*
I know people object to the loose using of words like "mentally ill," but I don't know how else to describe it. This was not "wow, I disagree with their positions," this was absolute, off-the-wall, ...
Fokozatos siker 04/27/2012 548 507 18 3732
"They are willing to kill thousands of people" says my GOP friend about the GOP
I am one of the millions, at least indirectly. Whenever someone comes online to complain that Obamacare (yes, I think that term is a badge of honor) didn't go far enough, all I can think is, well, ...
Fokozatos siker 04/03/2012 30 44 - 361
What if Trayvon DID hit Zimmerman first?
We have now reachEd the point where the right wing is peddling furiously to portray TRayvon not only as a criminal but also as the aggressor in the encounter with zimmerman, which led to him being ...
Fokozatos siker 03/26/2012 117 11 - 369
Boycott Rush advertiser Lifelock, and make public what they are
Take the gold hawkers off of the table -- if Lear Capital didn't have paranoid and ignorant conservatives to sell its gold to, it wouldn't make enough to buy a cup of coffee. (also, see complaints ...
Fokozatos siker 03/05/2012 10 16 1 174
Kos has lost his way. How can I stay here? UPDATE
The last two days, I have watched the whole "operation Hilarity" idea unfold. I have tossed in my own comments, on the assumption that either Kos was kidding, or he was going to rethink his position.
Fokozatos siker 02/16/2012 83 17 - 394
Virginia abortion proposal defined as rape in Virginia laws
In the latest and perhaps most unbelievable attempt on women's health, the Virginia house has passed a bill requiring women who seek an abortion to undergo an "transvaginal ultrasound.'' Women will ...
Fokozatos siker 02/15/2012 21 25 2 160
Komen in 2011: Planned Parenthood essential for poor. Said one week before hiring of right wing hack
Words can be such damning things, particularly when you are trying to lie and obfuscate your way past reality. That was the lesson learned by Richard Nixon with the Watergate Tapes. And the Enron ...
Fokozatos siker 02/03/2012 9 20 - 114
The Susan G. Komen Youtube response -- go to Youtube and comment
Nancy Brinker, the CEO of SGK, is featured on a youtube video responding to all of the controversy about their decision to drop funding for PP.
Fokozatos siker 02/02/2012 10 23 - 175
Republicans hate the military
As I have mentioned in an earlier post, I am a former team member of Army Special Forces Operational Detachment-Alpha 585. I fought in Afghanistan, from the earliest days. I am currently a member of ...
Fokozatos siker 01/16/2012 14 17 1 99
Newt Gingrich, historian, doesn't know history
I guess it should be no surprise that Mr. Endless Bloviation -- Newt Gingrich -- pops out with more and more insane, unconstitutional proclamations about how he would wreck the country and establish ...
Fokozatos siker 12/19/2011 13 15 - 141
A gay couple at a high school dance *Update*
Sometimes I stand back and watch our world, and marvel at how easily stereotypes tend to enter into our beliefs. And sometimes, those stereotypes leave us so thoroughly braced for the terrible that ...
Fokozatos siker 10/24/2011 103 314 5 1376
Torture and the debt ceiling
It's no secret that Republicans have become hypocritical liars, willing to say anything and everything to misrepresent reality on behalf of the long-suffering wealthy people. But their arguments ...
Fokozatos siker 07/29/2011 11 - - 22
Palin's fans rewrite wiki history of Paul Revere
Not a joke or a snark -- Palin's supporters have gone into wikipedia to make the history of the midnight ride of Paul Revere match the words of their hero. And that is setting off a bit of a war ...
Fokozatos siker 06/05/2011 359 579 11 4359
The evil of the rapture
I vowed a few days ago to stay away from DKos to take a break from the depressing torrent of news regarding Republican/conservative outrages. It was a good break, and I will extend it a couple of ...
Fokozatos siker 05/20/2011 256 179 3 1476
Daily Kos is too UPDATE
***UPDATE***: I think people misunderstand what I am saying. I have no criticism of what Kossaks say; I have trouble reading about the evils of conservatives that are described here. I don't like to ...
Fokozatos siker 05/07/2011 55 22 1 322
GOP, the photograph, and the enabling of al Qaeda
I have seen many, many despicable things emerge from the craw of the GOP hate machine over the last few years, but this one takes the cake. Maybe, they sneer, the killing of Bin Laden was a fraud. ...
Fokozatos siker 05/04/2011 14 15 - 137
Their unseemly pettiness -- and ours.
I have been appalled watching the conservatives do everything they can to avoid giving any compliment to Obama over the military operation that led to Osama's death. It just fed into my belief that ...
Fokozatos siker 05/02/2011 11 3 - 63
Trump: "Where's the death certificate?"
In reaction to the announcement that the Obama orchestrated the mission that led to the death of Osama Bin Laden, Donald Trump issued a statement:
Fokozatos siker 05/01/2011 11 3 - 96
Time to expose Trump as the liar he has always been
I have known that Donald Trump is a buffoonish liar since the 1980's, and figured it out as a teenager who just liked to read newspapers. In October, 1987 (about October 15) Trump announced that he ...
Fokozatos siker 04/28/2011 18 8 - 120
Repubs forced to vote on GOP plan -- AND FREAK OUT
Sometimes I really, really love being a Democrat. Today, the Dems in the House pulled what may have been the most delightful -- and instructive -- scam on the Rethugs (I will stop calling them that ...
Fokozatos siker 04/15/2011 19 34 - 334
Child porn lies on DKOS
Elsewhere on this site -- I will not link top it -- there is a debate unfolding between a guy who is an advocate for virtual child porn and incest, versus someone who finds him disgusting. The CP ...
Fokozatos siker 04/10/2011 278 36 - 911
Call out the birthers, like Trump
It doesn't take a genius to understand that birtherism is all about racism. But now that real (?) people (the republican darling, trump) are going forward with this garbage, it is time to call them ...
Fokozatos siker 04/07/2011 4 - - 19
Voter fraud in Wisconsin!!
Not that there was any. But, as many of you have noticed over the years, whenever the thugs win an election, it's a mandate. (GW Bush loses the popular vote, 70,000 votes in Florida go uncounted ...
Fokozatos siker 04/06/2011 16 6 1 320
Fox news: "Please kill our soldiers"
I am a former team member of Army Special Forces Operational Detachment-Alpha 585. I fought in Afghanistan, from the earliest days. I am currently a member of law enforcement. In other words, I am ...
Fokozatos siker 03/28/2011 246 305 9 2309
Repub politics killed tsunami victims
Another day, another horror. For those who don't remember, back in the late 1990's, Al Gore championed something called the Global Disaster Information Network. It's purpose was to help disaster ...
Fokozatos siker 03/11/2011 3 3 - 37
Newt Gingrich: Role model
Ok, this isn't much of a diary, but I thought everyone could use a good chuckle on such an intense day. So last night, I was in the living room talking with my wife about Newt's latest jaw-dropper --
Fokozatos siker 03/10/2011 2 - - 15
Walker slammed again: "An absolute LIE"
In Wisconsin, Sen. Bob Jauch of the 14 has been one of the leading proponents of compromise with the Republicans. Of course, that is impossible to do when Scott "Everything I think must be right ...
Fokozatos siker 03/08/2011 138 521 11 3550
Condolences to plf515
I just read that your father, Joe Flom, passed away . A couple of weeks ago, you posted a ...
Fokozatos siker 02/23/2011 15 31 1 216
"There is no difference between Republicans and Democrats"
I have read the words in this headline on this site many times as an excuse for not voting. I have read the pontifications about how both sides are just represent a corporate kleptocracy, and it didn'
Fokozatos siker 02/19/2011 24 16 - 115
Fish gotta swim, Palin's gotta lie.
I must admit, Sarah Palin has confused me. She speaks with such certainty about her repeated, checkable falsehoods. Despite my headline, I can't tell if she is lying, if she is so stupid she doesn't ...
Fokozatos siker 02/18/2011 5 1 - 32
Misquoting Justin Bieber and other silliness (Update)
I have never before written a diary in response to a diary (I usually just comment) but this time I thought I should, primarily because the attacks on him are unfair. My daughter loves Bieber, and ...
Fokozatos siker 02/17/2011 14 5 1 103
Bill Kristol: Beck is nuts.
I slipped on some ice and fell down a bunch of stairs today, so I don't feel up to writing a full diary. But this story was too delicious to miss.
Fokozatos siker 02/07/2011 19 2 - 105
Wingnuts don't get comedy
This will be a very short diary, but I just had to share this. So the first skit on Saturday Night Live last night was -- of course -- a joke about Bachmann not looking into the camera. Nothing ...
Fokozatos siker 01/30/2011 26 6 - 99
Glenn Beck is going to get someone killed. UPDATE with threat
Maybe that's his point. Is there a way under the law -- or protests, or whatever -- to stop this lunatic? He's been going after Frances Fox Piven, a City of New York University professor, saying ...
Fokozatos siker 01/22/2011 512 512 2 777
most horrible abortion story ever UPDATE3:Operation Rescue attacks
This will not be much of a diary. I am crying and nauseous from what I have just read and am having trouble holding it togehter. But people need to be aware of this because a horrible, horrible ...
Fokozatos siker 01/19/2011 142 7 - 185
Palin and the Jews
Update: Sorry, I had to change the headline. No one is reading the diary and are only responding to the headline. On some levels, people have gone too far on the Palin thing. Without any further ...
Fokozatos siker 01/12/2011 24 2 - 91
Is this bumper sticker a bad idea?
I know this is a short diary, but I have gotten mad. I'm mad at the "reload...revolution..second-amendment solutions...armed revolution" crocodile tears of people who clearly knew the danger of ...
Fokozatos siker 01/11/2011 49 8 1 55
A pledge against the language of violence
The right will continue to deny any responsibility for the toxic atmosphere in America today and its frightening calls to violence. They want to argue that it is not their fault, there is no proof, ...
Fokozatos siker 01/10/2011 32 9 - 42
Loughner is insane and warned us. UPDATE with summary
I'm not sure if this guy is going to prove to be a conservative nutjob -- his ramblings have nothing to do with real political issues, but the kind of concerns you would find with a schizophrenic. ...
Fokozatos siker 01/08/2011 76 21 - 177
Is Obama smarter than us?
Well, there's no doubt he's smarter than me. But that is another issue. I was among those who growled and grimaced as the Boms (as I affectionately call him) started cozying up to the rethugs over ...
Fokozatos siker 12/22/2010 99 12 2 84
Judge in HCR upholds medical pot UPDATE for nitpickers
UPDATE: I didn't give enough details to satisfy everyone, apparently. The Gonzales case involved home-grown medicinal marijuana. Which I figured was clear from the wheat case. Point ...
Fokozatos siker 12/13/2010 11 4 - 65
The surrender movement
There is a recommended diary up top that talks about basically the linguistics of politics, and how the Repubs frame their language better. Perhaps in thinking of that, we should both use the right ...
Fokozatos siker 12/10/2010 4 5 - 38
Join forces with the Tea Party?
Now, hear me out on this. I don't mean the astroturf, k-street, "rile these people up so I can line my pockets" tea party. I mean the real one -- the anti-debt, anti-deficit, (okay, anti-obama) ...
Fokozatos siker 12/07/2010 49 1 - 24
I can't film anything. But I can write. And we need to start getting the message out what this "tax deal" is all about. are some scripts. Feel free to film them and get them around the ...
Fokozatos siker 12/07/2010 2 1 - 37
Palin's ignorance matters this time
I vowed not to ever mention Palin again, but this time I am furious. This woman is beyond stupid -- she is willfully uninformed and proud of it. And, as a result, she is dangerous as hell. In her ...
Fokozatos siker 12/04/2010 21 12 1 60
Joe Miller = Richard Nixon?
I know, I know...we should really flush Joe Miller -- failed republican candidate for senator of alaska -- down the memory hole, as exhibit A of tea party extremism and temper-tantrumism. But this ...
Fokozatos siker 12/03/2010 10 3 - 43
jury's back. convicted tom delay of money laundering. sorry for the short diary. just ...
Fokozatos siker 11/24/2010 8 6 - 56
"That's so gay" Message for Renee from Ryan
For Renee: Ryan wanted to say something to you and he's afraid that you didnt see his comment below. so he asked me to put it up here. see below for the comment ----- I had ...
Fokozatos siker 11/21/2010 149 9 - 101
An actual pedophile TSA agent...really.
As some of you might know, I'm in law enforcement and I deal exclusively with child sexual abuse and exploitation. This runs the gamut from child pornography, prostitution, molestation, trafficking, ...
Fokozatos siker 11/20/2010 100 31 1 122
Cheney's latest lie
So today, the dedication ceremony for the George W. Bush Presidential Library (there will be a coloring book section) was held. And Darth Cheney was there for the main introduction. And the man ...
Fokozatos siker 11/16/2010 36 17 1 113
To the liberal non-voters *UPDATE*
I was going to post an image of my nine-year-old friend Katie. I was going to tell you what a great little girl she is. I was going to tell you about how much her family loves her, and how hard ...
Fokozatos siker 11/03/2010 82 8 - 59
In defense of Juan Williams. *UPDATED*
UPDATE: A number of commentators talk about how this involves a violation of NPR policy and not what he said. That is both disingenuous and irrelevant. I am not talking about what NPR, I am talking ...
Fokozatos siker 10/22/2010 105 1 - 134
HELP! College freshmen GOTV
I have had an experience in the last few days that has led me to realize that there is a huge vein of voting gold out there, and one that we are missing. College freshman. Just turned 18, first ...
Fokozatos siker 10/20/2010 17 15 - 67
Punish Mich. AG who torments gay student. UPDATE2
*I updated to remove the guy's address. I don't agree that it should not be published -- this man said on television that he has the right to protest outside of this kid's house, film him,
Fokozatos siker 09/30/2010 53 18 - 110
You *ARE* a whiner
There is another diary here complaining about how Biden told liberal critics to stop whining. The diarist then trots out examples of all the reasons why libs have every right to complain. For months,
Fokozatos siker 09/28/2010 18 7 - 34
The morning after....
November 3, 2010, 8:00 AM Diary on Daily Kos Yes! Yes! YESSS!!! We DID it!!! All of us who stayed home from voting got it done!!! The Democrats lost control of ...
Fokozatos siker 09/26/2010 7 4 - 30
I wish progressives were anti-abortion...
...because then the attempts to destroy a woman's right to choose would have collapsed a long time ago. I am a progressive, deep in my bones. But I am so tired of reading people saying "if we don'...
Fokozatos siker 09/23/2010 32 23 - 220
The duty to vote, Part I
My grandfather, along with 200,000 other Hungarians, was killed in a Soviet concentration camp after World War II. My father risked his life in 1956, taking to the streets to join in the Hungarian ...
Fokozatos siker 08/31/2010 47 6 1 194
The  lies of the New York Times
I have watched this bogus "controversy" generated over the last few days about Obama's statements regarding the community center/mosque two blocks from Ground Zero. (That, btw, is the truth about ...
Fokozatos siker 08/15/2010 18 8 - 54
Is the right smarter than us? A call for a new progressive era
No, I am not a troll. I am a dedicated progressive who is most focused on creating a government designed to help people. yesterday, ...
Fokozatos siker 08/11/2010 40 32 2 219
I'm not trying to offend, but...
...I probably will. sometimes i have great trouble understanding how people think here. ok, so gibbs said some things that some consider mean. so what? elections aren't about you or your feelings.
Fokozatos siker 08/10/2010 24 11 1 30
Protest/Picket Fox: "STOP THE LIES"
I was a member of the mainstream media at a national level for more than 20 years. For personal reasons, I left the business recently, and now feel free to write this diary. Many people here ...
Fokozatos siker 07/22/2010 10 12 - 40
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