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No one ever died from an espresso shot wound!
Stop the presses. We have to talk.
Food Vigilante 03/02/2010 44 5 - 18
Perimeter Shopping
Listen up, I found a soapbox, I feel like yelling.
Food Vigilante 10/21/2009 12 8 - 24
My School District won't let my child watch Obama. Really??!!
Hempfield Area High School is a very large suburban high school in western PA where I attended. A recent post on facebook drew much attention from my alumni who now have kids in the school district. ...
Food Vigilante 09/04/2009 32 8 - 114
It's twelve o'clock, do you you know what your kids are eating?
Food Vigilante 09/04/2009 8 4 - 17
Mmmmm. Yuck.
Food Vigilante 09/03/2009 118 16 - 77
Cholesterol Free???
Oh Boy...
Food Vigilante 09/01/2009 18 3 - 18
Can't we all just get along organically?
The last diary I posted was aimed at laying a foundation for what Certified Organic means from a production standpoint to a consumer's standpoint. There was a good bit of commentors seemingly ...
Food Vigilante 08/30/2009 28 9 1 6
What is "Certified Organic"?
Is the government capable of running anything well? Yes, with the help and cooperation of it's people. The Certified Organic program in Pennsylvania is a perfect example of grass roots efforts along ...
Food Vigilante 08/29/2009 46 4 1 17
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