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I need help to eat for the planet
I have numerous food allergies. Soy, all other legumes (garbanzo beans, peas, beans,peanuts, etc) gluten (wheat, barley, etc), bell & chili peppers, eggplant, and all nuts except almonds and pecans (
Former Chicagoan Now Angeleno 12/11/2013 34 7 1 -
Shortage of Birth Control - ACA is working!
This is a short diary, but something amazing is happening. Due to the ACA, so many more people are getting birth control pills that there are shortages of some brands!
Former Chicagoan Now Angeleno 08/30/2013 16 22 - -
Romney calls for 20% Tax Cuts
I am a REALTOR® and just received the September/October 2012 issue of REALTOR magazine, put out by the National Association of REALTORS®. The headline at the top blares "EXCLUSIVE: OBAMA VS. ...
Former Chicagoan Now Angeleno 09/26/2012 16 1 - 135
I believe I can lie
I got this idea from Hunter's diary from earlier today. Sung to the tune of "I believe I can fly" with deep apologies to R.M. Kelly.
Former Chicagoan Now Angeleno 08/30/2012 1 - - 32
Keeping my daughter a Democrat
My husband and I are and always have been strong and faithful Democrats. We travel each election to Nevada (though this year we are traveling to Ohio or Wisconsin, whichever one looks like it needs ...
Former Chicagoan Now Angeleno 08/11/2012 20 20 - 169
My nephew is out of danger
I was asked many times yesterday to post an update about my great nephew Chris who was seriously wounded in Afghanistan the day before yesterday, so that is why I am posting this diary. Thank you ...
Former Chicagoan Now Angeleno 05/22/2012 50 154 1 461
My nephew is on life support in Kandahar
I am upset, shocked, distraught, worried ... all those words that mean that you can't concentrate on anything except the thing you want to forget. My oldest brother's grandson was wounded by an IED/...
Former Chicagoan Now Angeleno 05/21/2012 157 324 1 1052
Steering the ship in 2012
The issue of karma, or conscience, the greater good, the commons, whatever you want to call the issue of whether the ripples of your actions affect others has been nagging at me lately and caused me,
Former Chicagoan Now Angeleno 01/01/2012 4 1 - 35
Don't get mad, demonstrate we are >even
Last night I had the privilege to be invited to a local organizing meeting with a representative from Organizing for America (OFA). There were about seven of us in addition to him, all of us rabid ...
Former Chicagoan Now Angeleno 08/12/2009 5 3 - 12
Turning Nevada Blue
After weeks of volunteering in the Manhattan Beach, California office for the Obama Campaign, my husband and I drove up to Vegas today to participate in tomorrow's GOTV efforts. We did the same ...
Former Chicagoan Now Angeleno 11/03/2008 9 9 - 6
My girlfriends got married today
Today, on the twenty-fifth anniversary of their commitment ceremony to each other, my two female friends S. and L got married. I knew it would be a special day, but even I, the ultimate sentimental ...
Former Chicagoan Now Angeleno 10/19/2008 25 50 4 162
OJ is guilty, but Bush still isn't impeached
Well, it took 13 years, but they have just announced that O.J. Simpson has been found guilty of the charges against him in the Las Vegas incident regarding the sports memorabilia. I'm sure many ...
Former Chicagoan Now Angeleno 10/03/2008 25 15 - 5
Houses Large and Small
As I have mentioned in comments from time to time, I am a Realtor in the area of Los Angeles County called the South Bay, just south of LAX. I go in and out of many homes each week, and there is ...
Former Chicagoan Now Angeleno 09/12/2008 8 3 1 1
Nat'l Press Club says  just "renting" to Sinclair
I just called the National Press Club at the urging of FiredogLake email I received in order to register my extreme outrage that they would let the slanderer and right wing troll Larry Sinclair ...
Former Chicagoan Now Angeleno 06/16/2008 25 19 - 24
Help! I'm a Kos-aholic
Like most addictions, it started slowly. Now, however, I'm a full-fledged Kos-aholic. I don't get nearly enough work done because I"m in Orangeland, reading about who should be VP or what's ...
Former Chicagoan Now Angeleno 06/08/2008 33 24 1 31
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