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The McCain Strategy: Don’t Let the Black Man Win
Desperate, angry and bitter. Why the harsh negativity and soft bigotry has breed contempt and lost McCain the race for the White House. John McCain obviously has a ...
Frank J Ranelli 10/16/2008 9 5 2 9
Palin Delivers during VP Debate (And We All Saw It.)
Part II of my contrarians view as to why and how Sarah Palin was able to delivery for the McCain camp and reinvigorated the base once again. :: :: In a recent article,
Frank J Ranelli 10/03/2008 69 12 - 10
Why Palin Will Win the VP Debate
Palin’s recent gaffes are actually calculated moves to disarm Biden. :: :: Sarah Palin’s recent abysmal interviews are a canard. She is not the vapid, ...
Frank J Ranelli 10/01/2008 90 3 - 17
Bush's Great Bailout is Merely Fear Du Jour
Bush’s bail out of Wall Street is a leap into Robber Baron-style tyranny. Congress must reject this absolutist, radical proposal outright. Rewarding bad behavior on Wall Street, by ...
Frank J Ranelli 09/29/2008 5 1 - 2
Just who is Chet Edwards?
The Obama Democratic Veepstakes is approaching a frenetic and feverish pitch. Is it Joe Biden, Evan Bayh, or even Hillary Clinton? Surprisingly, and perhaps to the dismay of many ...
Frank J Ranelli 08/22/2008 9 2 - 13
New Orleans vs. Iraq: If Only it was Just Billions
The Bush Iraq and Afghanistan wars will cost the U.S. $2.4 trillion, but some fiscal conservatives and anti-tax crusaders are still fixated on derailing the billions of dollars requisite ...
Frank J Ranelli 07/29/2008 4 5 - 2
Chertoff to be Recess Appointed?
Claiming “exigent circumstances”, Bush is likely to recess appoint Chertoff as Attorney General, breaking a deal with Senate leader Harry Reid. Michael ...
Frank J Ranelli 08/27/2007 397 4 - 5
Frank J Ranelli 08/22/2007 3 6 2 1
OH-15: Former Ohio AG Jim Petro Likely to be Replacement for Deborah Pryce
In the wake of the current Republican D.C. mass exodus, that now includes Ohio’s own favorite Bush toady, Deborah Pryce; it appears that former Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro (R) ...
Frank J Ranelli 08/17/2007 7 4 - 11
A Prescient Thought to Ponder, Especially for Republicans
A Bush proclivity for secrecy, a reputation for arrogance, power grabs, and openly flouting the rule of law has one conservative Republican asking, “Do we candidly desire reaping ...
Frank J Ranelli 08/06/2007 27 5 - 5
Former Speaker Newt Gingrich Eviscerates Bush, Calls War on Terror “Phony”
The contentious and conservative, erstwhile Speaker of the House bemoans how Bush has helped America become a country that is “no longer serious”, harshly criticizes the Bush ...
Frank J Ranelli 08/03/2007 56 27 - 1
Democracy Interrupted
Why we as a nation, have been titrated, which is the gradual increasing of dosage, pressure, and propaganda, till the desired effect – an inured and compliant society – have ...
Frank J Ranelli 07/25/2007 3 3 - 3
Censuring Bush Is Not Enough!
Senator Feingold, With all due respect, admiration, and support, if these transgressions (your list below) are not impeachable, what usurpation rises to the level of a High Crime? Is ...
Frank J Ranelli 07/22/2007 2 2 1 1
America, Are You Angry Yet?
If you aren't angry, you will be after watching this montage of clips brilliantly illuminating the utter lies, mendacity, and contempt for the truth the Bush/Cheney Administration has carried out ...
Frank J Ranelli 07/20/2007 1 3 - 3
Open Letter to Jet Blue!
Friday, July 20, 2007 Dear Jet Blue: Jet Blue's capitulates to TV bully Bill O'Reilly's right-wing propaganda and smears, by pulling out of the Daily Kos Convention, yet Jet Blue still ...
Frank J Ranelli 07/20/2007 1 3 - 4
Christians’ Addiction to Porn "Blamed" on Technology
The Religious Right’s newest adversary of evangelicalism and outward disdain for pornography may have less to do with their distaste for it and more to do with the fact it is ...
Frank J Ranelli 06/29/2007 82 20 - 34
Congratulations Democrats, you’ve just purchased yourself a war!
Bush blusters, Congress folds and the war plays on... Democratically-controlled House and Senate leaders have confirmed their capitulation and acquiescence to Bush’...
Frank J Ranelli 05/23/2007 47 7 - 4
No Time, No Spine! Democratically-Controlled Congress Capitulates to Bush's War of Perpetuity!
Minimum wage increase trumps ending Bush’s war, Democrats cave and bow to Bush’s demand of perpetual war funds. The mainstream media is reporting that ...
Frank J Ranelli 05/21/2007 89 6 1 -
American Beauty: Spacious Lies and Ample Wars for Gain
A mere century after the anthem-like sonnet “America the Beautiful” was published for the very first time, America’s grand splendor and life-giving liberty is now ...
Frank J Ranelli 05/09/2007 2 - 1 -
Bush by the Numbers
While fixated solely on a massively deteriorating situation in Iraq, Bush continues his irreverence and refuses to listen to the voice of America. Now, in a shockingly candid and ...
Frank J Ranelli 01/23/2007 3 4 - -
Bush’s Wonderland and through the Looking Glass of Iraq
Seduced by a powerful cocktail of intoxicating hysteria, America tumbled down the rabbit hole of Bush’s Wonderland only to discover the looking glass was a window in reverse with a ...
Frank J Ranelli 12/29/2006 1 1 - -
Articles of Impeachment Filed by Rep. Cynthia McKinney!
Rep.Cynthia McKinney [GA-4] has formly filed three articles of impeachment against George W. Bush, et al. The bill's number is H Res. 1106 , is entitled " Articles of ...
Frank J Ranelli 12/09/2006 130 23 - 31
Crimes Against Humanity or “Just Following Orders”?
The moral, ethical, and human conditioning of how we moved in four short years from the idea of “defending a nation” to simply following “unlawful orders.” The ...
Frank J Ranelli 11/29/2006 10 4 1 133
Kilroy Demands Every Vote Be Counted, Refused to Concede in Ohio
Frank J Ranelli 11/09/2006 6 9 - -
On Death and Democracy: Voting for a Cure.
Frank J Ranelli 11/07/2006 - - - -
Electronic Voting Machines "Hack" Off Jim Webb's Name from Ballot!
Frank J Ranelli 10/24/2006 20 13 - 20
Lying is legal, so says the Pentagon!
Frank J Ranelli 10/23/2006 5 2 - -
America: Dead-Democracy Walking
Frank J Ranelli 10/11/2006 7 19 3 131
The Case for Impeachment: A Thunderous Cry for Bush's Removal and Why!
Frank J Ranelli 10/10/2006 17 24 4 15
Is calling for Hastert's resignation beneficial to Democrats?
Frank J Ranelli 10/09/2006 29 4 - -
Ohio Republican "rats" scurrying to flee sinking GOP ship!
Frank J Ranelli 10/05/2006 10 7 - 11
Bush Nixes Public Access to EPA Libraries Starting Today!
Frank J Ranelli 09/30/2006 23 51 6 18
How Bush Failed Jesus and the Return of the Christian Crusade
Frank J Ranelli 09/29/2006 8 5 1 -
George Bush, Indefensible and Un-American: The Path to Treachery
Frank J Ranelli 09/28/2006 - 1 - 2
Sherrod Brown Capitulates to Bush and Torture!
Frank J Ranelli 09/27/2006 78 5 1 16
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