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California Field Poll: Clinton Leads Big... GOP Candidates Flounder
The highly-respected Field Poll has just released some new numbers out of California that should surprise no one. The former First Lady, who won the California Democrat primary in her last bid ...
Scan 05/27/2015 58
If Hillary wants to avoid the beltway political media, well then, that's very smart
Hillary Clinton, at a small-business roundtable in Iowa, loses nothing by bypassing the traditional ...
kos 05/21/2015 263
FiveThirtyEight: "Hillary Clinton Was Liberal. Hillary Clinton Is Liberal."
It's just not looking good for the "Hillary Clinton is a conserva-Dem" crowd. Bad enough that Kos called her a true liberal , but hey, what does that guy know about anything anyway, right? But this, ...
phenry 05/20/2015 182
Clinton aces the Iraq question, GOP still stumbling
While there are certainly foreign policy issues that will ...
Kerry Eleveld 05/20/2015 150
Hillary Clinton takes aim at Citizens United, while Republicans are all about the billionaires
Republicans keep trying to make a big deal over donations ...
Laura Clawson 05/19/2015 57

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