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Votes against Sandy relief largely from the tornado belt and southern coastal states
The recent House bill for Hurricane Sandy relief, whose purpose was to bolster the beleaguered National Flood Insurance Program, had votes opposed from such southern coastal states as Virginia, Texas,
Free Lunch 01/04/2013 28 10 1 -
Fiscal cliff: What the GOP stands to lose
It's amazing that House Republicans have yet to budge even a little on taxes in this fiscal cliff standoff, considering the vast amount their base will stand to lose if the Bush tax cuts expire. You'...
Free Lunch 12/11/2012 14 13 - -
Caption this photo
Obama: "I'd like you to meet your debate-prep partner." (Thanks to sound of progress for digging this photo up.)
Free Lunch 10/12/2012 13 17 - -
Biden's appeal to seniors
Yes, Biden beat Ryan on foreign affairs and defense. Crushed him, actually. Made him look like a dangerous choice for vice president, even. But as devastating that blow was, it was nothing compared ...
Free Lunch 10/12/2012 3 12 - -
Does Romney's base feel abandoned?
To me, the most remarkable thing about Romney's debate performance last night, along with his statements of late, is the complete abandonment of the policies his base cares about. Certainly, it must ...
Free Lunch 10/04/2012 8 3 - 129
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