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"Now That Gun Control Has Failed, It’s Time to Buy Gun Stocks"
Really? Really?! Of course, this comes as a surprise to precisely no-one, but I was surprised that it was being trumpeted so loudly, so soon after the historic cave-in to the NRA in the Senate. ...
Freelance Escapologist 04/20/2013 90 6 - -
He Started Hitting...
Our son recently completed an O.S.S for dislocating his teacher's knee. He is autistic. Of course, autism is no excuse, and I do not seek to excuse his behavior. He understands that what he did is ...
Freelance Escapologist 03/20/2013 44 10 - -
Rights and Needs
This diary, as with so many on this site, began as a comment to this diary . Unfortunately, it became something of a drive-by (no pun intended), as the exigencies of life intruded on my desire for ...
Freelance Escapologist 01/11/2013 1 2 - -
Sunday Afternoon Composer - "Hinterland"
This is the first of a possibly ongoing series of diaries in which I shall showcase (if that's the word for unwarranted showing off of not-terribly good skills) some of my compositions, throwing the ...
Freelance Escapologist 01/06/2013 3 3 1 -
Something on the Autism Spectrum...
... that much is certain. That's what the doctor said, calmly, carefully. He's a psychiatrist, so he was carefully gauging the reactions of both my wife and myself. Andrew sat in his chair, smiling,
Freelance Escapologist 01/04/2013 48 20 - -
The Long Road Not Travelled
A lot can change in four years. I've been gone (more or less, unless one counts some really determined lurking) for 784 days. Pretty sure nobody really noticed (not self-pity, just knowing that ...
Freelance Escapologist 01/02/2013 1 1 - -
Mary's Room
Mary is a brilliant scientist who is, for whatever reason, forced to investigate the world from a black and white room via a black ...
Freelance Escapologist 12/20/2008 19 3 - 2
The Ultimate Pyramid Scheme
A great con, perhaps The Great Con, has been perpetrated on the American People, if not the whole world. This con has destroyed lives and economies, and brought a once-proud nation to its ...
Freelance Escapologist 12/15/2008 21 7 - 5
AP Crossing A Line?
This is, perhaps, my first "serious" diary here. I'm stunned by this article. Simply stunned. Am I over-reacting? ...
Freelance Escapologist 12/14/2008 64 5 - 33
A Quiet Hero
“Can you hear me?” The voice was distant, cold; he struggled to understand it, meaning sifted from the noise until the question settled in his mind. “Yes,” he croaked, ...
Freelance Escapologist 12/05/2008 28 22 2 195
...And So It Begins
What did you expect? Be honest. November 5th rolled around, and we woke up, spontaneous grins breaking out across the Nation as we emerged like the Munchkins in The Wizard of ...
Freelance Escapologist 11/08/2008 24 6 1 2
Meet the In-Laws
I'm English, but now I live in rural Missouri - the "Heartland", that odd part of the coutnry where they can vote straight-ticket Democrat and Republican for President. The place where they can, ...
Freelance Escapologist 11/03/2008 4 7 - 81
The Revelation of John the Erratic
Being a True and Concise History of the Year of 2008 and the Election Therein. Chapter 1 1. The Revelation of the Truth, which The Polls did give unto him, to show unto John The ...
Freelance Escapologist 10/13/2008 6 7 - 3
McCain on the Precipice
By now, we’re all used to the “Friday Night News Dump”; so used to it, in fact, that we expect it, and almost feel cheated if there’s no major development by 5pm ...
Freelance Escapologist 10/11/2008 65 38 2 17
Hi John – Long Time No See
Hi John; it’s your conscience. Yeah, it’s been a while... April, wasn’t it? Why did you send me away, John? I know, Rick told you that you had to, but did you really? What ...
Freelance Escapologist 10/07/2008 4 - - 2
The Cheney Vice Presidency of Sarah Palin
I'm sure this has already been diaried (although a search didn't reveal anything specific), but I wanted to refocus attention on Palin's biggest outrage of the night. When asked what she saw as ...
Freelance Escapologist 10/03/2008 11 10 - -
Momentum, the Media, and the October Surprise
Now that the dust is settling, and the media has decided, on the whole, to award the debate to Barack Obama, it seems an appropriate time to think about the building narrative of the campaign in ...
Freelance Escapologist 09/28/2008 27 12 1 5
McCain Irrevocably Ties Himself to Bailout
(This will be a relatively short diary, but it addresses something I didn't see covered in others. If it has been covered already, I apologize and will delete...) Less than 10 minutes ...
Freelance Escapologist 09/27/2008 6 3 - 2
McCain's Big Plan - There IS No Plan
Yesterday there were a rash of diaries and comments echoing the same theme; McCain (or his campaign at the very least) have concocted some vast, Machiavellian plot, a lose-lose for the Dems in ...
Freelance Escapologist 09/26/2008 22 2 1 6
Damned If They Do...?
A lot of words have been spilled on the current MOAB legislation, opinions flying in all directions like shrapnel, diarists running haphazardly for cover and comments flying on al sides of the debate.
Freelance Escapologist 09/24/2008 18 2 1 5
The Real Barack Obama
Things really crystallized for me last night. Not to say that I wasn't 100% behind Obama-Biden before, but a single image became the exemplar for the entire race. It was on the Rachel Maddow ...
Freelance Escapologist 09/20/2008 39 34 - 17
Hey, how ya doin’? Cold enough for ya? What? Coffee? Sure! You can afford that? Wow. I think there’s a Starbuck’s left... oh, nope. Closed down again. Shit. Yeah, there&...
Freelance Escapologist 09/16/2008 8 5 - 12
YAPD — Yet Another Poll Diary
This is my first diary, and I thought I would use it to dig a little deeper into the polls; not their content , but their general meaning . Today we're inundated with polls; every ...
Freelance Escapologist 09/13/2008 4 3 - -
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