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"Socialized" healthcare anyone? My French two eurocents on healthcare on the two sides of the pond!
I have been meaning to write a diary about French healthcare for a long time now, ...
French Guy 11/16/2009 24 17 1 230
Breaking: scary black male not any more a closet Muslim
If you thought I was talking about Barack Obama, a man whose middle name was given to him by someone who obviously didn't think he would run for president, shame on you! No, this one will make you ...
French Guy 11/22/2008 19 3 1 8
Madelyn Dunham’s Vote will count! What about yours?
This is not much of a diary. I know. But I woke up this morning (in France) to learn Madelyn Dunham had passed away. This made me really sad, as I am sure we are all here. And of course, in this ...
French Guy 11/04/2008 5 6 - 11
New Obama Ad gives spin to his spine
Here is a new ad from the Obama campaign attacking John McCain and defending Joe Biden during the now infamous "there's not gonnabe six month before the president is tested" statement. In a very ...
French Guy 10/28/2008 30 24 2 -
Obama Cuts Ad For Oregon Senate Candidate Jeff Merkley (Updated w/ poll)
I haven't seen this diaried so I'm just doing it. If it has been already tell me and I'll delete. Apparently, some of us who thought Obama would use some of his time and charisma to help Democratic ...
French Guy 10/24/2008 28 37 2 26
Pardon my French, a Fair Election Tale
This is a repost of my first diary. But since election fraud is in the air. See here ,
French Guy 10/20/2008 39 20 3 29
Cindy McCain kept Keating Connection even after the scandal!
The Washington Independent just broke it (Full article here .): Sen. John McCain’s wife and father-in-law continued a ...
French Guy 10/10/2008 19 31 2 29
New Obama ad attacking McCain health care plan
The Obama campaign hasn't lost time. They released a new ad including excerpts from the debate. It's titled Taketh and it compares what McCain says about health care with Obama's view on ...
French Guy 10/08/2008 13 6 - -
AFP confuses Fey with Palin
Ok, I'm sorry for this vry short diary but this is just too funny. AFP which is Agence France Presse, one of the main information agencies in the world just got really confused. They released an ...
French Guy 10/02/2008 25 14 - -
Where I was on 9-11
I just saw this excellent diary and felt so overwhelmed by emotion as I was reading comments that I decided to write this. ...
French Guy 09/05/2008 14 8 1 10
Gingrich: John McCain is the biggest pain in the neck maverick
John McCain is the biggest pain in the neck maverick; said Newt Gingrich yesterday on C-Span. So, I just started to listen to him. No knowing this man so well, I was sort of disappointed (...
French Guy 09/03/2008 3 2 - 6
How we handle pregnancy of public figures in France
So this diary will be short but I just wanted to draw your attention on the way the news of our Attorney General's pregnancy (Garde des Sceaux or Ministre de la justice in French), Rachida Dati, ...
French Guy 09/03/2008 45 9 - -
Fight the smears against... Palin! Wait, what?
I just spent a good chunk of the night reading diaries and especially comments, and I have to say that I'm sort of outraged. I don't think Gov. Palin would be a good VP even by the end of McCain's ...
French Guy 08/30/2008 57 20 1 21
She was given the choice!
Today Senator McCain picked his VP. Sarah Palin will be on the ticket. We can see why: She's a woman. She's a mother of five. Her first son is part of the troops (since last september 11th) and ...
French Guy 08/29/2008 16 5 - 16
1 Barack Obama was not and is not a Muslim! 2 Being a Muslim doesn't mean being a terrorist! Get it?
Guys, I am sick and tired and mad. First, watch this video :
French Guy 08/26/2008 42 12 - -
Obama camp strikes back on McCains attack ads
Here is a new video from the Obama Campaign that tends to get records straight by debunking the lies in the McCain attack ads. In this one, the Deputy Economic Policy Director of the Obama ...
French Guy 08/11/2008 16 10 - -
Arrogance, Obama, The West Wing and an American Woman
My ex-girlfriend and I are still great friends. She's American and actually having some good time with her family and friends in Western New York and Boston. We talked on the phone last night, it ...
French Guy 08/07/2008 34 8 - 3
Paris Hilton = Moses
Why so serious? As The Dark Knight hit the movie theatres all over the globe in the recent days we still have to wait until august 13 to see it here, in France. Pity. But we nevertheless ...
French Guy 08/01/2008 17 4 - 1
Pardon my French
So this is my first diary. And I think I should probably quickly introduce myself before I go on with it. I am a 31-year-old French man, I live near Paris, I'm interested in politics, especially ...
French Guy 07/12/2008 73 54 2 190
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