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Video of Romney from debate: "I worked at one company, Bain for 25 years". 1977+25=2002
The smoking gun emerges, courtesy of Buzzfeed Mitt Romney joined Bain in 1977 . 25 years after that would be 2002. I'm sure the Romney campaign will be ...
Fro 07/12/2012 28 39 - 222
New SurveyUSA Indiana Poll: Obama 49% McCain 45%!
Obama 49 (+4) McCain 45 (-3) Louisville TV Station WHAS just released the numbers. No full internals posted yet on the SurveyUSA site, but Obama is up 54%-39% among 18-34 year olds and only down 5%
Fro 10/23/2008 98 39 2 18
AUDIO: Palin laughs as host calls cancer surviving colleague a "cancer" and a "b_tch"
Fro 08/30/2008 328 433 12 228
IN-GOV: Daniels (R) losing to both Dem challengers; 50% disapproval rating
A WTHR/Indianapolis Star poll this morning has some surprising results showing Republican Governor Mitch Daniels in serious trouble. The conventional wisdom was that Daniels was possibly vulnerable,
Fro 11/25/2007 5 8 - 2
Why the Iraq funding bill Bush signed will stop the war before the one Bush vetoed
I don't buy the spin in the progressive community that this Iraq supplemental bill was some sort of total capitulation to Bush. Ideally we would have the votes to override a Bush veto and ...
Fro 05/25/2007 10 2 - -
EA Video Game + Team America sound clip = Terrorist Video Game
Fro 06/30/2006 9 1 - -
Dean supports the Alito fillibuster!
Fro 01/28/2006 7 10 - 5
IN-Sen: Roemer will not run against Lugar
Fro 07/08/2005 8 - - -
Gannon in WH Press Conference Nov 13, 2002!!
Fro 02/18/2005 19 20 - -
Take Gallup's Likely Voter Screening Test here (I failed) and see how screwed up it is
Fro 10/26/2004 38 21 - -
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