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Congressional drone caucus - No, it is not a headline from The Onion.
And no, I am not making this up. It just comes with a cutesy name typical of DCSpeak - "Congressional Unmanned systems caucus".
Funkygal 10/13/2011 3 8 - 75
OWS : Alan Grayson slams P.J.O'Rourke on Bill Maher (video)
Vintage Alan Grayson, when P.J.O'Rourke shows the typical punditocracy attitude towards OWS and mocks him as their spokesman.
Funkygal 10/11/2011 9 9 - 127
Bill McKibben's solidarity message for OccupyWallStreet
Gem of a message connecting #OccupyWallStreet and the #Climate Movement.
Funkygal 10/07/2011 12 12 - 74
Cenk Uygur ruthlessly mocks Erin Burnett, schools her (Video)
Classy. Cenk really sticks it to the condescending, sneering, elitist mockupier Erin Burnett.
Funkygal 10/07/2011 163 272 6 2094
The Onion strikes again (on debt ceiling)
What do I say? Just a comic relief after the terrorist attack before we move into the next insanity courtesy the ruling class in D.C.
Funkygal 08/04/2011 6 12 1 191
Flashback: "Shock & Awe" - Deficit hysteria whipped up to attack Canadian welfare state in 1993
This from Naomi klein's excellent book "Shock Doctrine: the rise of disaster capitalism". h/t to Dave Johnson at Campaign for America's Future , for the text from Klein's book (so I didn't have ...
Funkygal 07/18/2011 11 14 - 85
What an actual downgrading of US government debt means
The rating agencies S&P and Moody's have been threatening to downgrade US government bond ratings because of "runaway" debt , at least since 2010. And they issued threats again last week amid the ...
Funkygal 07/17/2011 17 20 - 153
Ezra Klein comes unhinged, suggests kicking the poor and grandma to the curb
In which Ezra Klein suggests a "kinder,gentler" version of media darling Paul Ryan's Medicare killing plan.....
Funkygal 06/26/2011 16 22 1 387
"Thanks but no thanks". Teachers excoriate Arne Duncan at
This in response to Duncan's dishonest , concern-trolling ("Oh, I feel your pain") trash of a letter he wrote during the National Teacher Depreciation Appreciation week. h/...
Funkygal 06/02/2011 13 34 3 149
A teacher's royal smackdown of Arne Duncan.
This is priceless . Way to go, Teacher Sabrina . It is National Teacher Appreciation Week.And Arne Duncan, the "...
Funkygal 05/05/2011 169 295 11 1647
If Paul Ryan were a car mechanic....
This is priceless, perfectly capturing (Ayn) Randian devotee, plutocrat and media darling - the "telegenic" Paul Ryan's worldview and the Villagers' fascination with him. h/t :
Funkygal 04/08/2011 2 4 - 58
New video nails Michelle Rhee's slash & burn approach
Yes, that Michelle Rhee. You know, the diva of education deform movement and media darling . H/...
Funkygal 03/09/2011 9 8 1 92
Diane Ravitch strongly defends teachers, once again.
This on NPR's Talk of the Nation show today.
Funkygal 02/28/2011 15 17 - 112
Action alert : Sponsor a "protest/solidarity pizza" for WI protesters.
Not going to be much a diary and hope the diary police will spare me. This is too important not to share even if it is a half-baked diary, I feel.
Funkygal 02/20/2011 3 8 - 79
I e-mailed my senator today reg cat food commission/deficits
I am getting ready for a trip abroad for 3 weeks starting tomorrow. At the last minute, I decided to dash an e-mail to my senator which I have been thinking about, but had been postponing forever. ...
Funkygal 01/12/2011 6 10 - 50
Are education "reformers" better than a 4th grader?
The teaching profession has been under attack like never before. It is tough being a teacher these days. Apart from doing more & more with less, they are accused of being "greedy" and what not.And ...
Funkygal 01/06/2011 9 6 - 51
Dean Baker :"The threat of a debt default is a gun pointed most directly at Wall Street".
That is from a post titled " Saving Social Security: Stopping Obama’s Next Bad Deal " about the upcoming battle on raising the debt ceiling . Baker helps us makes sense of the ...
Funkygal 12/20/2010 52 30 - 97
Action alert: National call-in , blog-a-thon on 11/16 for extension of unemployment benefits
Not going to be much of a diary , except to share the important email from . The email reads as below.
Funkygal 11/15/2010 9 12 1 77
Alert : Anti-GLBT forces target 3 Iowa supreme court judges in retention election.
This is not going to be much of a diary but wanted to alert Kossacks about this.
Funkygal 10/19/2010 13 22 - 130
The inconvenient truth about the "Waiting for Superman" movie
"Waiting for Superman" (WfS), the much hyped movie on Education reform, is directed by Davis Guggenheim, who also directed "Inconvenient Truth". Guess who produced it? Details below fold.
Funkygal 09/30/2010 22 16 - 76
Chris Hayes on the Obama admin's single biggest failure
If you guessed it is Afghanistan, you are wrong. It is actually HAMP (Homeowners Affordable Mortgage Program), the Obama administration's program for rescuing underwater homeowners. Standing in for ...
Funkygal 08/02/2010 78 39 - 51
Piling up on Elizabeth Warren
Well, not really. It is more like piling up for her nomination as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA). This is to further highlight why she is uniquely qualified ...
Funkygal 07/16/2010 80 35 - 52
Naomi Klein nails it on G20
My city feels like a crime scene and the criminals are all melting into the night, fleeing the scene. No, I’m not talking about the kids in black who smashed windows and burned cop ...
Funkygal 07/08/2010 278 447 13 117
BREAKING : Congress votes to defund itself
To call it "bizarre" is simply an understatement. Congress voted by a landslide to slash it's own pay & benefits for its irresponsibility and past misdeeds leading to the sorry state of the nation ...
Funkygal 09/22/2009 9 7 1 45
CALL FOR ACTION - Geithner's toxic assets plan
We all have been watching how Congress acts in a knee-jerk fashion in response to populist anger and lazy/indifferent otherwise . This when they should be acting proactively and showing leadership ...
Funkygal 03/22/2009 43 18 - 29
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