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Swatting: A Live Streamer's Nightmare and a Waste of Public Safety Resources
I'm sure that most of us will never have to worry about this since we're all readers and writers here... and not people who regularly stream ourselves playing video games. I do like to point out ...
Future Gazer 09/02/2014 9 6 1 -
Dear Howard
You were supposed to be my second older brother... which would make you the middle child. I'm your little sister. But you came into this world without a brain and a brain stem. You were severely ...
Future Gazer 07/25/2014 14 93 2 -
Those GM Crossover Airbag Harnesses
There's a nice fellow from the Lansing Delta Township (LDT) plant in Lansing, MI that I enjoy talking to. LDT builds GMC Acadia, Buick Enclave, Chevy Traverse and once upon a time, Saturn Outlooks. ...
Future Gazer 03/17/2014 9 2 - -
What Goes Around, Comes Around
even if it wasn't entirely your fault... I'm in Goleta, CA. UC Santa Barbara has a bunch of workshops and conferences going on right now. The dormitory I'm housed in is less than 2 min walk from ...
Future Gazer 08/21/2013 8 2 - -
Sequester on the Poor Grad Student
Ah no, I'm not talking about a Ph.D. in Exotic Dances. Science. Research. Paradigm shifts in technology. These are things people care about. That I'd think they'd care about anyway. You'll end up ...
Future Gazer 02/19/2013 15 5 - -
Food for the Cold and Flu (updated w/ photo)
Finished! I'll have a bowl now and pack some for later. I'm really big into cooking. I share with my friends sometimes and they'll eat their portion faster than I eat mine. Usually I'm the faster ...
Future Gazer 01/11/2013 14 9 2 -
I Walked into a Gun Show...
... and came back alive! Oh, big whoop. Everybody else that went also came back alive plus or minus a few heart attacks. For those of you who are sick of reading gun rants and posts, kindly push the ...
Future Gazer 01/01/2013 38 10 - -
Thank you Fishgrease and Intro to Intro Materials Science
Hello everyone. The final exams have ended and I am in that waiting stage in research where I get to choose between reading Daily Kos or reading actual scientific literature. Reading scientific ...
Future Gazer 12/21/2012 17 16 - -
Towards Slower Food
Disclaimer: I just finished a tough physics exam and a radiation material science presentation outline. I will probably be deficient in English skill because I've had abstract variables and ...
Future Gazer 11/15/2012 19 8 - -
Ragequitting Your Country is Easier Said Than Done
Disclaimer: 1st diary. You have been warned. The people who are all pouting that their guy didn't win the election and Branco Bama is going to tax them to death, instill Sharia Law, etc... You know,
Future Gazer 11/14/2012 12 5 - -
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