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Power and Fresh Water from OTEC
What do you think of an energy source that get's energy from temperature differences between warm surface water and cooler deep water, and which extracts fresh water from sea water as an added ...
GBCW 01/04/2013 4 5 1 -
dkos infested with troll!
I am sad to say that I will have to be leaving DailyKos forever, unless this terrible travesty is not rectified. Some might say there are much worse things in the world to be worried about, and I ...
GBCW 11/05/2010 315 4 - 68
What are you drinking? (terminal optimism diary)
It is important to make a diary substantive, so I shall do that or leave forever, you ungrateful bastards, no offense, delete my account (better wait a bit first). Don't drive drunk, don't vote ...
GBCW 11/02/2010 102 11 - 60
Local Politics
I, like most, started paying attention to the national political scene long before I knew anything about my local politics. This seems to often be the case, and many people interested in, or even ...
GBCW 10/09/2010 12 5 - 47
How Would You Spend $40,000 On A Local Campaign?
Though I may have used this account for joking around before (and if you don't believe me I'm leaving), I have a serious question for you. All right, I am helping a young woman run for county ...
GBCW 08/12/2010 34 3 - 19
I'm Back So You Can Tell Me I'm Right About Obama
Though I did a diary a day or so ago, I have not been on dkos even as a reader since the diary previous, posted immediately after Obama's election. I was taking a break, I had to leave, because ...
GBCW 02/02/2010 39 12 - 24
LOST and Abortion
If you don't like this diary I'll leave forever, never coming back, blah blah blah. Ok, now that that's out of the way I have something that's been bugging me. See, I watch this show, Lost, and it ...
GBCW 01/31/2010 92 5 - 29
my work here is done
Election night was amazing. I thought Gore would win, I thought Kerry would win, and while I had a lot more reason to think Obama would win, I wouldn't let myself. But he did. I can face foriegn ...
GBCW 11/05/2008 47 15 1 -
satisfy joe, if you know what's good for you
I'm scared. I heard an interview with Joe the Plumber on CBS after the debates and Joe said nothing he heard from the candidates convinced him one way or another. This is just totally unacceptable. ...
GBCW 10/16/2008 13 5 - 1
Senator McCain, How Could We Have Won in Vietnam?
What I want to see Barack Obama do, or someone in the press, or anyone, including me, is to ask John McCain if he thinks we should have stayed in Vietnam. You know he does. You know how the ...
GBCW 10/06/2008 12 7 - -
the debate got me thinking
I live on main street, my name is Joe, I love six packs. Of beer. I like sitting around my kitchen table discussing things that make my life suck. I play soccer, and I'm middle class. Also, I don't ...
GBCW 10/03/2008 44 15 - -
UPDATE: answer this bs attack video or I'm leaving
I know this video is bullshit. But I don't know enough to know why exactly it's bullshit but I'm having to, wanting to, argue with McCaininites about this... it's one of these ploys with lots of ...
GBCW 10/01/2008 182 5 5 17
Still a PUMA, so evidently not welcome
I have supported Obama from day one. Still I am a PUMA, because if Hillary Clinton had won the primary I would have stayed home on elections day and burried myself at the bottom of a swimming pool ...
GBCW 09/14/2008 171 15 1 37
It Can't Go On This Way
Ok, understand, I appreciate DailyKos, but it can't go on this way. It's not even that I can't read another Palin diary. It's that I can't stand to see a long column of recommended dairies, and four ...
GBCW 09/09/2008 42 11 - -
A warning before I leave
We all know people should be judged on their own character, but in the real world, people are judged by one thing... the company they keep. Some things have come to light that cause me great concern ...
GBCW 02/19/2008 130 41 1 7
why I'm switching from obama to hillary, and leaving dkos
Yesterday I didn't write a diary. I was deep in thought. Among the things on my mind were the poor people in Czechoslovakia and the struggles of gamma male chimps in the Congo or Zaire or whatever ...
GBCW 02/18/2008 496 218 2 8
I'm Free of Your Nonsense as of NOW!!!1!1!!
What has this place come to? Right now there is a diary on the recommended list for the sole purpose of being on the recommended list. Recommend this diary or the terrorists win. And a bunch of ...
GBCW 02/15/2008 98 30 - 8
Each ending is a begining
There is nothing personal involved, you are all wonderful people, the best really. You are so good that goodness doesn't even have an entry in the dictionary until they can find a picture of you ...
GBCW 02/14/2008 42 30 1 158
I've had enough and I'm not going to take it anymore
Ok, on the one hand some guy from Michigan named Delaware Dem is telling me it's too late to have a female president... well I want to give the that the reasonable response it deserves: You are ...
GBCW 02/13/2008 150 26 - 6
I'm gonna QUIT you online political site!
I've had enough I can't take anymore. These candidate diaries are pissing me off so much that I'm really pissed off!!@!~#!@ It's clear that the prevailing wisdom here doesn't even care if John ...
GBCW 02/12/2008 66 14 2 11
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