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Ferguson's best hope
Missouri Governor Nixon is deploying the state National Guard, while according to news reports the St. Louis Military Police have drawn up plans to do battle with their taxpayers and of course the ...
GEldridge 11/21/2014 32 11 - -
An American Tragedy
My apologies to Theodore Dreiser for stealing his title, but the jury's verdict in the George Zimmerman trial suggests that the price our "exceptional" Republic continues to pay for its past embrace ...
GEldridge 07/15/2013 1 1 - -
A lurker comes out
My Daily Kos profile says I joined the site on 29 September 2004...9 years ago! Wow!! How time flies...!! It also rates my diary frequency at "seldom" and my commenting frequency at "often." However,
GEldridge 07/07/2013 54 187 5 -
L'Affaire Snowden
The forced grounding of Bolivian President Morales' airplane over European airspace this week hints at an intense level of desperation if not panic among US security organizations over the Snowden ...
GEldridge 07/04/2013 67 25 - -
War on Women...or a Lot More?
The ongoing religious right's assault on reproductive rights brings me back to a dining hall conversation in the '60s during my Jesuit university undergraduate days. At one bull session I recall a ...
GEldridge 07/02/2013 159 210 6 -
When do we hit rock bottom?
Based on postings and comments, there is little doubt that nearly everyone who reads and participates in Daily Kos feels that the Bush Administration represents a huge distortion of American culture ...
GEldridge 05/09/2007 19 12 2 8
Why Doesn't the Demo Leadership Get It?
GEldridge 09/09/2006 6 - - -
An Immodest Proposal
GEldridge 08/22/2006 8 5 - 7
This Week in Review: 1984, Meet Soviet America
GEldridge 08/12/2006 5 2 - 1
Hate Bush? Nah. Can't Be Bothered.
GEldridge 08/05/2006 34 24 8 146
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