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Posting History for GOTV 2014

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WhereTheKogsAre:Links to the 150+ DK Geographic Groups by State & Beyond,2011-2015
COPYPASTE \http:\/\/ FOR LINKING. Revision is continual : send corrections, additions, mergers, "ceased activity", etc. HERE . SCROLL ALPHABETICALLY BELOW INTRO OR ...
mettle fatigue 03/25/2015 25 36 12 -
GOTV 2014 VII: Governors Go Blue! Help Elect Mark Schauer Gov. of MI
In the midst of his hectic campaign season, with every indication that this election will be very close up till the votes are counted, Mark Schauer has taken the time to be part of our GOTV14 ...
peregrine kate 03/18/2015 26 25 1 -
AR-Sen: Cotton 47% Pryor 40%
Those who read my comments relative to the upcoming 2014 midterm election know that I am a self-admitted pessimist. I think this pessimism is often misunderstood as "concern trolling", when in ...
Love Me Slender 09/27/2014 167 27 1 -
Terri Lynn Land pledges to take health insurance away from 630,000 Michiganders
Terri Lynn Land sure has a weird definition of "Michigan First"
Joan McCarter 09/23/2014 69 94 3 -
GOTV IV: Summer Fun, Outdoor Voting Reg Drives
Yellow Cart Picture from Noise of Rain. New voters in the making. Republished June 28, 2014 in GOT1V, originally from NoiseofRain' and Badscience innovative voter registration drive in 2011. ...
ShoshannaD 09/14/2014 37 27 1 -
Volunteer now in Michigan, because ... (Michigan/Motor City Kossacks Weekly Open Thread)
Volunteers are now calling other Democrats and asking them to volunteer. If you find 3 or 4 volunteers in an hour of phone banking (the average), you can effectively multiply yourself by 3 or 4. We ...
2thanks 09/14/2014 15 15 1 -
GOTV: Taxpayer March on Washington, 12 September 2009
Five years ago today, I wandered downtown along storied Pennsylvania Avenue to observe and document " the largest gathering of fiscal conservatives ever held in Washington, D.C., " the Freedom Works-
AnacharsisClootz 09/14/2014 3 5 - -
They are trying to stop the student vote. We won't let them!
Student at SUNY New Paltz reading a voter registration form distributed by NYPIRG. "They," of course, refers to Republicans. "We" refers to every person who believes the ...
Denise Oliver Velez 09/14/2014 92 144 3 -
GOTV VI: Sandra Fluke Motivates Millennials
Welcome to the newest diary in the GOTV series and thank you for stopping by. We are very fortunate to have the indomitable Sandra Fluke as our guest who has recorded a terrific video about the ...
ShoshannaD 09/10/2014 33 27 2 -
Color me a voter!
For the last few years, I've participated in voter registration drives at the public library, with The League of Women Voters, OFA, and now the Democratic Party of Virginia. We don't get many ...
JamieG from Md 08/12/2014 8 8 1 -
You want to fire up Democrats to vote? Let's talk about that
So how do we get our people fired up to get out there and vote? We all know how tremendously important turnout is on election day, especially in off year elections. I firmly believe that what ...
MinistryOfTruth 08/12/2014 235 216 5 -
GOTV V: Raul Grijalva gives voice to Hispanic Voters
(Con tradduction en espanol) Well, first of all thank you for stopping by. And again many thanks and appreciation for our previous contributors: Eclectablog, Denise Velez-Oliver, Noise of Rain, ...
ShoshannaD 07/26/2014 19 19 1 -
Mary Burke Hammering Scott Walker
Wisconsin Democrats put out a web-only ad yesterday . It was a great ad, but I mused that it would have been better aired on media to grab more viewers. Imagine my surprise today when Mary ...
Puddytat 06/27/2014 103 267 6 -
Still Rising: Registering and Supporting African American Voters
Welcome to the third in the GOTV series. I began this out of my concern about Democratic turnout in the fall. Unfortunately, we are notorious for low turnout in non-presidential years. And, of ...
ShoshannaD 06/20/2014 44 70 5 -
GOTV II: High Schoolers rock the vote
Chicago Democracy week, which was a coordinated effort to register 17 year olds, was a smashing success. Many groups participated including the League of Women Voters. And in addition to ...
ShoshannaD 06/20/2014 6 12 - -
GOTV: Eclectablog tells us how it's done
As we all know, turnout is crucial this fall. We cannot afford another 2010 and we absolutely cannot afford to have the Senate dominated by Republicans. So, this is the first diary in a series to ...
ShoshannaD 06/20/2014 48 113 11 -
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