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The One Question To Ask Conservatives About Rape And Abortion
Since conservatives seem to know so much about what's good for women when it comes to rape and abortion, I thought of a way to put them on the spot when it comes to their religious and political ...
GPMOAT 10/27/2012 4 2 - -
Conservatives Really Believe They Can Have It Both Ways
After having been suspended for posting comments for a day on my favorite Right-wing website, I was re-instated today, much to my delight and saw these two extremely (to ...
GPMOAT 10/03/2012 1 - - 52
No Big Mystery
It should come as no surprise why the republicans are opposed to the Obama administration's mandate for contraception coverage and it has nothing to do with "moral objections". The issue is about ...
GPMOAT 03/01/2012 1 2 - 41
The Right To A Job
"No-one has the right to a job in a capitalist society"--- so the saying goes in right-wing circles. Other than the fact that the term "capitalist society" is an oxymoron, this is a perfect example ...
GPMOAT 01/23/2012 25 8 - 118
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