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Vermont Gov cancels Single Payer plan for state over high costs.
Looks like the Vermont Govenour is giving up on creating the countries first single payer healthcare model because he says it would cost too much money and raise taxes too high. Huge disappointment ...
Gamblndan 12/19/2014 23 1 - -
Democrats = Spineless Jellyfish on the ACA!
I know this isnt a diary as much as it is a rant, but I have to say it.... Ive never seen a dumber party of spineless scared jellyfish then these so called Democrats who want to try to change the ...
Gamblndan 11/14/2013 76 13 - -
Early Voting in Cuyahoga County Ohio Today! Souls to the polls looks to be turning out the vote big today in OHIO! Long Long lines reported and pictured here in Ohio. With the Ohio Sec of ...
Gamblndan 11/04/2012 13 30 - -
ATENTION!! Obama needs his 2008 Volunteer Army to step up and activate NOW!!
Attention to all of the Obama army of vollunteers that helped us make History in 2008. Its time to wake up from our 4 year sleep and get back to work. We have an angry, Nutbag Republican party ...
Gamblndan 10/21/2012 6 12 1 -
Wisconsin? Wisconsin? Wisconsin?
I know this isnt a real diary but i want to get people's attention to a developing situation that could mess the entire election up for Obama even if he wins Ohio like we think is likely. Today he ...
Gamblndan 10/17/2012 54 11 - -
5 things Obama has to make perfectly clear tonight!!
5 things Obama has to make perfectly clear tonight!! Barack Obama will have probably a bigger audience then the last debate and he most likely has just 90 minutes to save his political life. ...
Gamblndan 10/16/2012 18 4 - -
A speech Obama needs to hear!!!
WHERE IS MICKEY WHEN YOU NEED HIM!!!! I'm hoping that there is someone who has enough sense to tell Obama that he has to wake up and get in the game. Go Prep for this debate and come out fighting...
Gamblndan 10/10/2012 3 - - 71
Devastating Cross Tabs Destroy the Pew Poll
Courtesy of @Jeffersonobama on Twitter who you should all follow, here are some interesting cross tabs of the new Pew poll. Just for reference first, In the 2010 election, there wasn't any ...
Gamblndan 10/08/2012 188 236 9 3086
7 ways to fix this PR disaster as well as the spill!!
A note to David Axelrod, David Plouffe, Bill Burton, and Jon Favreau! With all due respect, what the fuck are you guys doing? You guys are the dumbest smart people I have ever seen!! You are ...
Gamblndan 06/01/2010 5 3 - 89
Rahm Emanuel really sucks!
Accoring to Jonathan Alters new book, "The Promise" Rahm Emanuel desperatly tried to get Obama to dump any serious reform to health care last summer! I'd be willing to be that the little weisel ...
Gamblndan 05/14/2010 26 6 - 27
Derivative Part of the Bill delayed until after AK Primary!!!
Could be Typical crappy news ahead.... It looks like the weak ass Democratic party that I belong to, along with our bought off Corporate Blue Dog Dems are going to sell the American public out ...
Gamblndan 05/12/2010 15 10 - 12
Mexican Tea Party Revolt in the U.S.- I Love it!!!
This Video has the Tea party people Scared to death! This Video of a protest of as Mexican American Professor at UCLA has people on the ...
Gamblndan 05/09/2010 39 12 1 83
Meet the Sellouts!!
You always wanted to know why we didnt get the public option and why it never was going to pass. Meet the sellouts! Take note! These are the people who are bought off by big business and only ...
Gamblndan 05/06/2010 37 11 - 19
Perhaps an easier clean up in the gulf?
I know this isnt a real diary but after watching the ridiculas clean up in the gulf, and how we have these litle boats and skimmers trying to coral all of that oil, I was judt thinking about why ...
Gamblndan 05/01/2010 40 10 - 35
Why Cant local communites just start thier own smaller single payer?
Question for anyone on here who could answer. I've been going over something for a long time in my head and I have some questions for the people on here who might know better then me. I know ...
Gamblndan 02/23/2010 18 4 1 11
Now Obama's Just being ridiculous !!
Obama has really become an ass for trying to sell this bullshit as reform. It is expansion, but in no way is this plan reform. I mean, at least he could say well, we didnt get everything we ...
Gamblndan 12/23/2009 114 12 - 74
White house finally shows some fight...but AGAINST US!!!
I decided that at this point in history, I had to get involved and stand for something. I took a few weeks off from my job in Dec 2007-Jan 2008 and traveled to Iowa to go try to help Obama ...
Gamblndan 12/17/2009 20 13 - 23
Excuse me, Why not have two bills?
I know this is super short and not really a diary, but it is short and to the point on a very simple question I have about healthcare. If the Medicare buy-in and public option trigger could both ...
Gamblndan 12/15/2009 10 7 - 17
This white house lying? Nahhh ....But just remember the deal with Pharma!
For all of you who say, well the white house is saying that these reports arent cant be true that Obama is cool to the public option Just remember that they said the same exact thing ...
Gamblndan 10/25/2009 22 2 - 9
Progressive Group Ad Targets Obama overPublic Option
Responding to news first reported by TPMDC, that the White House is pushing back on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's inclination to include an optional government insurance program in the Senate'...
Gamblndan 10/24/2009 30 10 - 21
Anthony Weiner kills on Morning Joe!!!!  Medicare for all!!!
I dont know how many people saw this, but Anthony weiner just made the best, most intelligent case for healthcare reform I have heard in years. He went on Morning Joe, and in a very clear, calm ...
Gamblndan 08/18/2009 812 901 16 147
Just make the message less confusing!! Public Option = Buying into medicare!
I have to say that it is really embarasing to be a fucking Democrat! How can we take something that is so fucking simple, and make it all so complicated where people cant understand such a simple ...
Gamblndan 08/03/2009 26 14 - 87
Why dont we ask CBO what will reduce costs before proposing Ideas?
CBO Deflates Medicare Council Proposal Congressional Budget Office reports Saturday that highly touted White House plan for an advisory panel would not drastically cut health care costs in the ...
Gamblndan 07/25/2009 26 3 - 7
New POLL! 72% of Americans favor of a government-run health insurance plan. More From the NYT/CBS News Poll on Health CareSupport for public health insurance: 72% in favor, 20%
Gamblndan 06/20/2009 48 54 1 20
Daschle comes out publicly against public Option!! Why I hate being a democrat!!! Today Tom Daschle prooves once again why the Democratic party is the weakest party!! According to Huff Post's ...
Gamblndan 06/18/2009 73 36 1 41
Breaking:Senate near bipartisan consensus on health reform: Baucus
Reuters says... Senate near bipartisan consensus on health reform: Baucus Featured Broker sponsored link WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate is near agreement on a broad bipartisan plan ...
Gamblndan 06/15/2009 68 6 - 25
Manufacturing, Electric Cars and Project Better Place.
There is something that I just dont understand about our country. In our country, we are experienceing a loss of manufacturing jobs, the demise of the American car to foriegn imports, and the grip ...
Gamblndan 06/05/2009 27 4 1 38
Obama has changed his tune on Health Care Public Option!
I was just watching President Obama interviewed on C-Span. The one thing I was waiting to hear him say was that he was going to include the public option in any future healthcare plan debate. ...
Gamblndan 05/23/2009 71 15 1 39
Obama silent as Moderate Dems Caving on Public plan!!!!!
Dems: Don't push health care too far left Read more: "Dems: Don't push health care too far left - Chris Frates -" -
Gamblndan 05/15/2009 15 8 2 2
A Letter to Senator Schumer about a Health Care compromise!
I am distressed by the way it seems that certain Democrats are caving on a public healthcare option. We are at a crucial moment in time on this issue, and have a real chance to mark a turning ...
Gamblndan 05/12/2009 16 4 - -
Obama already making a difference to Muslim world!
Obama is like that movie "The Power of one!" Obama is the Rainmaker. he comes when things get too hot and cools things down. Obama has come at just the right time in history to help bring us ...
Gamblndan 04/08/2009 11 23 2 24
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