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October 2, 2013
We did it! Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Patriots like yourself, the threat of Obamacare has been turned back. They wanted to take your health care and turn it over to a bunch of ...
Game Theory 09/23/2013 12 2 - -
War & Hillary
Those who remember the issues that allowed a young upstart from Illinois to outpace the Clinton machine way, way back in 2007 might recall that war was a chief concern . Specifically, Hillary’s ...
Game Theory 08/28/2013 29 1 - -
Anthony Weiner and the NSA
The media’s having a grand ol’ time with the current sex scandal du jour. Of course they are, sex sells. Yet, the debate always seems to come down to character. Whether or not you, me and/or ...
Game Theory 07/26/2013 13 1 - -
What Senator Franken Means To Me
He’s been derided as just another celebrity politician and even called a clown by a fellow Senator – which was meant as an insult. However, despite his recent denials on the Today Show, ...
Game Theory 07/02/2009 9 10 - 59
I Don't Post Much, Is That Allowed? I'm also a [descriptive adjective].
I came to daily kos because of [reason]. I found this community to be [polite compliment]. For [time period] I even [activity]. To this day I [something specific] and I will always silently thank [
Game Theory 04/09/2009 49 23 - 16
I Want To Talk About Music
I don't mean listening to music. I mean buying it. Which I currently do on iTunes. So kinda sorry, this diary is not about music's many pleasures. This diary is also not about apple. I want ...
Game Theory 05/12/2008 48 3 1 1
Why We Have To Win Hillary
People are not good or bad. They're complicated. Obama's not sitting on one side of the teeter-totter with Ghandi, Sun Flowers, Happiness, That One Plan That Saves The Everything, and Al Gore on ...
Game Theory 04/29/2008 114 2 1 -
Grabbing A Third Rail
It starts with the first two letters of the alphabet and rhymes with 'ortion.' Abortion. I'm really sick and tired of feeling like I'm always playing defense when discussions turn to one of ...
Game Theory 04/02/2008 37 4 - -
Game Changer
I read somewhere, sometime, this brief story on Michael Jordon, it should be noted that this story occured after the Bulls had won a few championships: Jordon was exiting the court after a ...
Game Theory 03/21/2008 12 4 1 -
Note From A Lurker
I think that's what you call me at least. I've had a couple of diaries in drafts that I've never bothered to pull the trigger on, and a few comments here and there. I really just enjoy reading. ...
Game Theory 03/14/2008 324 910 15 66
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