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FERC Handing Out Huge Fines to JP Morgan and Barclays
FERC to impose $500 million fine on JP Morgan, $453 million on Barclays Investment bank JPMorgan Chase & Co., accused of using improper trading tactics in California and Michigan, is considering ...
Gangster Octopus 07/18/2013 17 17 - -
Marriages Spontaneously Destroyed!
WASHINGTON, DC –Snark News International – In a sudden and almost cataclysmic burst, tens of thousands of marriages across the United States were destroyed. In what one formerly married woman ...
Gangster Octopus 06/26/2013 12 9 - -
What is to be Done About the Beard Shavers?
Snagged form a friend's Facebook feed. I have no idea who the original creator/author is. It speaks for itself.
Gangster Octopus 03/29/2013 35 25 1 -
The Cost of the Iraq War: New Study
On Tuesday it will be exactly Ten Years since the US invaded Iraq. To support that "anniversary", the Cost of War Project at Brown University has released its latest, most comprehensive on the ...
Gangster Octopus 03/15/2013 3 6 - -
TGIF Joke-a-palooza Open Thread
OK, so we are all very serious people and there is a lot of important stuff to talk about. But it is Friday and we need to relieve ourselves with some good-hearted guffaws. SO leave your best, or ...
Gangster Octopus 01/11/2013 19 7 - -
$12 Billion for Wind - The Fiscal Cliff Deal Delivers
The subsidies for wind energy, known as the Production Tax Credit, was set to expire in 2012. That meant that any wind project that were not online by the end of this year would be denied the ...
Gangster Octopus 01/02/2013 19 28 - -
PA Shoooting Spree at the Same time as NRA Presser (4 Dead)
"Irony" here while appropriate, would also reduce the sheer disgusting and sad nature of this whole affair. "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun," ...
Gangster Octopus 12/21/2012 277 299 1 -
27 Democrats to Keep Your Eye On (UPDATED: 18 Dems)
2012 Campaign Contributions by the NRA in the 2012 election cycle Matheson, Jim (D-UT) $6,950 Dingell, John D (D-MI) $5,000 Ross, Mike (D-AR) $5,000 (GONE) Barrow, John (D-GA) $4,950 Holden, Tim (...
Gangster Octopus 12/20/2012 12 3 - -
Yeah, This Makes Sense
Three children were killed and one suffered permanent brain damage. Lawn Darts were banned outright in the USA and suggested that they be destroyed. The Consumer Protection sued the makers of ...
Gangster Octopus 12/19/2012 6 8 - -
Now is not the time...I agree... (Major h/t to dave1042)
The time was years and years ago...because this is what happens when we are told not to talk about it... h/t to dave1042 who put this in a comment . Were discussions necessary then? September ...
Gangster Octopus 12/14/2012 9 12 - -
Hey You, Making Over $250,000! Obama wants to cut your taxes by $5-8,000!
You see, Obama want's to raise the MARGINAL RATE on you income above $250,000. but on your income below $250,000, he wants to keep the Bush tax cuts, which saves you $5,000 if you are single and $8,...
Gangster Octopus 12/03/2012 2 10 - -
What kills 2 million annually? Stoves. And What's Being Done About It
Nearly 3 billion people in the developing world cook food and heat their homes with traditional cookstoves or open fires. 2 million premature deaths occur every year due to smoke exposure from these ...
Gangster Octopus 11/30/2012 31 32 1 -
August 18, 1988: The Day the GOP Died (UPDATED)
And I'm the one who will not raise taxes. My opponent now says he'll raise them as a last resort, or a third resort. But when a politician talks like that, you know that's one resort he'll be ...
Gangster Octopus 11/28/2012 38 64 1 -
BREAKING: CA-07-Bera lead now 5,696 over Lungren (Update)
I just got an email from the Bera campaign saying his lead has grown to 5,696. No information on how many votes are left, but it is getting better and better. I will update with more info when I ...
Gangster Octopus 11/15/2012 30 41 - -
The Black (Blue) Belt: Democratic Strongholds 100 million years in the Making
Here is a graphic of the most recent presidential election in the south... And here is a picture of the south 150 million years ago...
Gangster Octopus 11/14/2012 5 10 - -
CA-07: Bera now Up 1,779 Over Lungren!
I just got an email from the Bera campaign that says he is up 1,779 now. The margin was just 184 after Tuesday. Here is the California SOS site Bera 105,245 Lungren 103,466 That means about about ...
Gangster Octopus 11/09/2012 13 45 1 -
Conservatives Need To Listen to the Ghost of Barry Goldwater
I know I will probably get lambasted by Kossacks for daring to write about Barry Goldwater, or maybe not. But this is not really for Kossacks, as much it is for Conservatives and maybe to provide ...
Gangster Octopus 11/08/2012 14 20 2 -
Freepers Kindly Ask Queen of England to "take us back"
An Open Letter at the Free Republic Your Majesty, We, the people of the former American colonies, would like to offer our most sincere apology over that little misunderstanding we had 236 years ago.
Gangster Octopus 11/08/2012 46 14 - -
URGENT: CA-07 Bera Leads Lungren but Votes Still Being Counted... Contribute!
Dr. Ami Bera holds a very slim 184 vote lead in CA-07 over jackhole Dan Lungren with thousands of absentee and provisional ballots stil to be counted. Dr. Bera's Facebook plea: Although we ...
Gangster Octopus 11/07/2012 15 32 - -
I Am The Happy White Guy
I am Mitt Romney's key demographic...white, in my 40's, upper middle class. But there is one key demographic I am not...angry. Quite the opposite I am overjoyed for Barack Obama and for our country.
Gangster Octopus 11/07/2012 8 12 - -
The Buddhist Horde is Coming!
Halloween not scary enough for you? Watch this video, interviewing folks outside a Romney rally (the one that featured Meatloaf scaring dogs in a ten mile radius). it is eight andhalf minutes long, ...
Gangster Octopus 11/02/2012 16 8 - -
When is a Coin-Flip Not a Coin-Flip
(WARNING: Math Ahead! If you are adverse to logic, reason and science please consult a Doctor before reading, you may be a Conservative) Joe Scarborough mocked Nate Silver's 78% or s so Obama ...
Gangster Octopus 11/02/2012 7 4 - -
Bloomberg Business Week Cover: IT'S GLOBAL WARMING, STUPID
Our cover story this week may generate controversy, but only among the stupid. via @ bw — Josh (@Tyrangiel)
Gangster Octopus 11/01/2012 8 25 - -
538: Dem Majority in Senate Probability Over 90%
While Nate's Presidential Forecast gets most of the notice, he also has a Senate Forecast and for the first time (actually updated a few days ago), the probabiliy of a Dem Senate Majority is over 90%.
Gangster Octopus 10/31/2012 20 10 - -
Top Notch Satire From Dick Morris...right?
I never really thought too much of Dick Morris. After all he is always so incredibly wrong with his predictions , especially when it comes to Presidential Elections. But then again, maybe he is ...
Gangster Octopus 10/31/2012 30 13 - -
538: CO & VA "Lean Obama", FL "TossUp"
On Nate Silver's NYT 538 blog , we have seen that the probability jump up to 77%, but to me the most heartening thing is the way the states have moved. If you look below the maps to the swing states ...
Gangster Octopus 10/31/2012 16 15 1 -
Scientific American: Sandy Strength Due To Global Warming
An articel today over at Scientific American makes a fairly persuasive argument that Sandy got its power tahnks in large part to Global Warming: If you’ve followed the U.S. news and weather in ...
Gangster Octopus 10/30/2012 14 62 3 -
Didja Notice? 538 Moves VA to 'Lean Obama'
Checking out 538 today I noticed that he no longer had Virginia as a 'Toss-up'. Instead at 60% he has it at 'Lean Obama'. Now we all know that Romney has little chance of winning without Ohio. But ...
Gangster Octopus 10/29/2012 17 12 - -
Right Wing's Latest Target: Nate Silver of Course
Nate Silver is too many, thanks to his accuracy, his transparency and, IMO his willingness not to let his personal biases influence what the cold hard numbers tells him is happening is the latest ...
Gangster Octopus 10/26/2012 40 30 - -
Sununu Bails On NPR Interview...I Wonder Why
I wish I knew how to post tweets, from Ari Shapiro : @Ari_Shapiro Sununu just bailed on a scheduled @NPRWeekend interview. The Romney campaign offered the CEO of Hardee's in his place . I'll just ...
Gangster Octopus 10/26/2012 16 17 - -
"Path to the Sea" Comment: Romney Has Said it Multiple Times
Romney has said that "Syria is Iran's path to the sea" at least FIVE other times. And maybe more, because my research is from a April 15 article at the Washington Post . The repeatred use of the ...
Gangster Octopus 10/23/2012 40 27 - -
Disgusting Voter Intimidation Billboards Going Up Across Country
I just read this story over at An anonymous "family foundation" has paid for nearly 150 ...
Gangster Octopus 10/19/2012 11 13 - -
Disastrous Polling for Obama! Clutch Your Pearls Now!
The reasonable folks over at our favorite polling corrector known as UnSkewed Polls has it currently at Romney +21 . OH NOEZ!!!!! On a serious note, it is still close, so lets GOTV and keep ...
Gangster Octopus 10/18/2012 21 4 - -
"Well, of course it adds up.": The Arrogance of Mitt
PRESIDENT OBAMA: And — and what’s at stake here is one of two things. Either, Candy, this blows up the deficit — because keep in mind, this is just to pay for the additional spending that he’...
Gangster Octopus 10/17/2012 4 7 - -
Getting the Vote: A Play in One Act
(I actually posted this diary yesterday and it sank like a stone. Then I posted it as a comment in MinistryOfTruth's Recommended Diary . Then MoT wrote a appreciative diary about the comment, well ...
Gangster Octopus 10/16/2012 1 - - -
Get the Vote: A Play in One Act
SCENE: A typical office cubicle. BRIAN is sitting at his chair typing away, his back stage left occasionally glancing at some papers n his left. The desk has the usual accouterments - a pen holder, ...
Gangster Octopus 10/15/2012 3 26 - -
Satire Enters the Uncanny Valley
What is the Uncanny Vally? Well if we go to Wikipedia we get: The uncanny valley is a hypothesis in the field of robotics[1] and 3D computer animation,[2][3] which holds that when human replicas ...
Gangster Octopus 10/08/2012 4 5 - 49
And here I thought We Were a Reality Based Community (UPDATE)
While we should be reveling in the new jobs numbers, and putting substance on the Rec List, instead we get some dumb diary with some grainy footage of Romney pulling something out of his pocket and ...
Gangster Octopus 10/05/2012 23 11 - 317
Who won the debate? More Important What to Do With All This Snake Oil.
Snap polls and instant analysis, Chris Matthews and Andrew Sullivan wetting their beds is all high theater, very entertaining, but lets get real here. They were duped and they now know it. What ...
Gangster Octopus 10/04/2012 2 1 - 30
They are not Replacement Refs...They are SCABS!
The mainstream media and pretty much everyone else should stop calling these vermin replacement refs and call them by the names they have actually earned....SCABS. I keep reading how these poor ...
Gangster Octopus 09/25/2012 18 12 - 119
Friday Funny: Homer Simpson Votes
As a bit of warm-up to the coming season we get to see Homer Simpson in the voting booth: Transcript below the fold.
Gangster Octopus 09/21/2012 4 8 - 90
Speaking of Handouts, Mitt...
I do not know the original source of this. It was uploaded in February of this year, but it is clearly from his time as Governor or when running for Governor Transcript: ROMNEY: We need to do a ...
Gangster Octopus 09/20/2012 1 2 - 46
GOP Blocks Veterans Jobs Bill
NY Times Veterans won’t be getting a new, billion-dollar jobs program, not from this Senate. Republicans on Wednesday afternoon blocked a vote on the Veterans Job Corps Bill after Jeff Sessions ...
Gangster Octopus 09/19/2012 10 12 - 69
Nate Silver: Senate 70.2% Chance of Staying Democratic...Major Change (UPDATE)
While many folks focus on the Presidential Election, possibly more important is the down ticket races. Well, without much fanfare there has been a significant change in the outlook for Democratic ...
Gangster Octopus 09/19/2012 23 43 - 466
George Romney in his own words
On the Front Page there is video of Mitt Romney's mother discussing how George Romney needed Government assistance to make it. But why hear it second hand, when you can hear from the man himself:
Gangster Octopus 09/19/2012 8 16 - 75
FOX POLL: Huge Bounce for Obama!!
I am surprised this isn't dairy'd yea (or did I miss it) yet, but a Fox Poll contains strong evidence of a post-convention bounce: Overall, the Obama-Biden ticket tops the Romney-Ryan ticket by ...
Gangster Octopus 09/12/2012 27 55 - 702
Film's Cast and Crew Were Misled
Over on they have an interview with one of the actresses in the movie that sparked this Libyan mess, Cindy Lee Garcia. She says she is horrified by what has happened and that they were ...
Gangster Octopus 09/12/2012 260 407 - 3078
Libyans Condemn the Attack, Show US Support
This is an incredibly short diary, but I implore folks to go to the link below and see the pictures posted there: Libyans Support US, Condemn Attack Some signs... "Chris Stevens was friend to all ...
Gangster Octopus 09/12/2012 11 27 1 182
Mitt Feels Happy, Oh So Happy
I feel happy, Oh so happy... I feel happy and witty and GAY smug!!!! And I pity any candidate who isn't me today!
Gangster Octopus 09/12/2012 13 11 - 132
The Onion Gives Up
(SNARK) (Not really a) Press Release from The Onion: We regret to inform our faithful readers that upon seeing a video of Mitt Romney defending his omission of the troops from his speech we have ...
Gangster Octopus 09/07/2012 108 429 10 4226
George Romney on Welfare: More Evidence From George Romney Himself
I know there was earlier evidence form George Romney's wife, but here is more from the man himself. (I don't know how to imbed MSNBC Video but here is the link:) From the archives: Mitt Romney’s ...
Gangster Octopus 09/06/2012 8 14 - 101
Please Obama, Talk About Down Ticket Races
The DNC has been brilliant, but it has been unusually mute on the down ticket Senate and House races. Only Nancy Pelosi, I believe has made it a point. But the Senate is very close and very vital. ...
Gangster Octopus 09/06/2012 10 12 - 77
A Rising Star Knocks IT OUT!
Plaudits abound for Michelle Obama, Deval Patrick and others, but I was struck by San Antonio Julian Castro's Keynote Speech. It was so good, so on point, so personal, so energizing. The ...
Gangster Octopus 09/05/2012 31 17 - 141
Argue with Them Where it Counts, Their Pocketbooks
There is no one number that sums up how the economy has improved under Obama. But there is some simplifying language that folks tend to understand. One of these shorthands is their retirement ...
Gangster Octopus 09/04/2012 1 3 1 24
Invisible Obama is here to take your questions
Hello everybody, this is Invisible Obama. Here is my picture..... Anyway, Gangster Octopus was kind enough to allow me to use his diary as a forum to answer your questions in the ...
Gangster Octopus 08/31/2012 20 9 - 84
Romney 2008 Thought Lying Was "Reprehensible"...Romney 2012 Not So Much
Here is Mitt Romney 2008 calling out McCain in 2008 for his obnoxious lying: Transcript below the fold.
Gangster Octopus 08/31/2012 1 1 - 16
Final Speaker Announced: Mr. Asterisk
Mr. Asterisk has been announced to follow all the speakers at the Republican Convention. His short comments have just been released: * Speeches not intended to be factual statements John Kyl ...
Gangster Octopus 08/30/2012 4 1 - 120
"It's about time we got a First Lady that...looks like a First Lady."
Want to hear the blatant racism of the Republican Party. Here it is.... It is a piece from NPR about an event with the American Legion today and Ann Romney, Obama-hating Veterans and it focuses n ...
Gangster Octopus 08/30/2012 238 482 6 3579
The "Struggles" of Ann and Mitt
In Ann Romney's speech last night she discussed how they "struggled" to get by: We walked to class together, shared the housekeeping, ate a lot of pasta and Tuna fish. Our just was a door propped ...
Gangster Octopus 08/29/2012 20 28 - 146
Akin Apology Outtakes (NSFW language)
So Akin came out with an apology video,. Shocked! Although I have to admit it is probably a good idea politically, it probably keeps his campaign viable. But it wasn't that easy for him as you can ...
Gangster Octopus 08/21/2012 3 - - 69
Help me Find Some Quotes Re Bin Laden
AN unusual diary, but I need help finding the quotes by the folks who led the mission to kill bin laden about how important Obama's role was. I have a recollection that someone or multiple people ...
Gangster Octopus 08/17/2012 9 1 - 39
It's the Civil Rights, Stupid (I wish)
I get it, I really do, the economy effects folks way of life, there ability to live and retire and provide. I am not naive enough to think that the election will be primarily driven by the economy.
Gangster Octopus 08/14/2012 6 3 - 29
CONGRESSman Paul Ryan
Poll after poll after poll shows the same thing: Americans hate Congress . Approval ratings in the mid-teens, disapproval ratings in the high 70s, there are few institutions folks hate more than ...
Gangster Octopus 08/13/2012 5 3 - 38
Steve King, You so Crazy
ThinkProgress is highlighting another piece of crazy from Steve "Raped Girls Can Get Abortions by being kidnapped, because animal rights suck" King has an idea that would make August Ferdinand Mö...
Gangster Octopus 08/09/2012 5 6 - 76
Andrea Saul was right and that is why they are S*&##ing themselves
So there are a couple of Recommended diaries about Andrea Saul and her statement about Romneycare riling up the right wing base, which is all good theater. But pay attention to what isn't being ...
Gangster Octopus 08/09/2012 11 18 - 201
Pizza-nomics 101
As noted in a Recced Diary, Papa John's CEO JOhn Schnatter threatened Vote for Romney or we'll raise our prices . Or more precisely he said: Papa John's CEO John Schnatter says that Obamacare will ...
Gangster Octopus 08/08/2012 12 4 - 68
If Only There Was Some Way For Romney to Disprove Reid
If only.....
Gangster Octopus 08/03/2012 29 19 - 214
Love for All
Will and Erwynn met at church and fell in love. But they had a big problem slate....
Gangster Octopus 07/18/2012 1 3 - 27
My "vote" for Bush and my "support" for the Iraq War Explained....Away
Look now, while it is true that if you are able to look back at some of the things I said and did back in the early 2000's, it would seem that I voted for and even supported George W. Bush and ...
Gangster Octopus 07/17/2012 7 1 - 60
Cheney's Response to ACA Ruling
It's not very nuanced to say the least. Below the fold...
Gangster Octopus 06/28/2012 5 3 - 203
First 538 Presidential Forecast of the 2012 Season
Nate Silver, quite possibly the most rigorous, thoughtful election analyst, has posted his first Electoral Forecast of the Presidential Race . I t show Obama with approximately a 60% chance of ...
Gangster Octopus 06/08/2012 9 7 - 166
Marriages Spontaneously Destroyed!
WASHINGTON, DC –Snark News International – In a sudden and almost cataclysmic burst, tens of thousands of marriages across the United States were destroyed. In what one formerly married woman ...
Gangster Octopus 05/09/2012 7 9 - 74
BREAKING: Romney Responsible for Osama Death
Sources who are Mitt Romney reports that that Mitt Romney actually ordered the Operation to kill Osama Bin Laden, adding to his considerable accomplishments that include saving the auto industry, ...
Gangster Octopus 05/08/2012 24 7 - 155
Who Said What Now?
"I really believe we should treat marijuana the way we treat beverage alcohol. I've never used marijuana and I don't intend to, but it's just one of those things that I think: this war on drugs just ...
Gangster Octopus 03/08/2012 10 6 - 73
Black Barry From Illinois Rapes White Girl While Hippie Liberal Parents Watch!
This is from Mike Adams at Townhall Trouble began for Allison when she was in junior high school. A ...
Gangster Octopus 01/06/2012 21 10 - 422
The Anti-Pledge Affirmation
There is nothing more irritating and maddening than the special interest pledge that politicians are asked to sign. And while this tactic has been used by both sides the most notrious and harmful ...
Gangster Octopus 12/08/2011 5 4 - 36
Yes, Please Let's Make Governement Spending as Responsible as a Household
A common meme of the loony right is that of austerity is the key to success and specifically that "I have to balance my budget (FALSE) and so should the government." And I agree the federal ...
Gangster Octopus 10/19/2011 4 - - 51
A Reflection on Some of My Favorite Entertainers
Buddy Job Creator was one of the all-time great jazz drummers and band leader. Kids today don't know what real drumming is. I remember Job Creator Little and his amazing impressions growing up. "...
Gangster Octopus 09/21/2011 5 1 - 47
Heartwarming Video of Gay Soldier Coming Out to His Dad
Gangster Octopus 09/20/2011 8 13 - 125
Limbaugh-gic: Obama wanted more Irene Destruction
So Rush has employed his usual own form of logic, you know the kind of logic that is anti-logic, colored by the fact that there is a black man as President. Like here where he think that for ...
Gangster Octopus 08/29/2011 18 5 - 144
Here's my Theory on Obama That No One Asked For
Everybody has a theory on who Obama is, what he's doing, where he truly stands on issues, etc. Obama is awful and great and brilliant and passive. Of course President Obama is really, like almost ...
Gangster Octopus 08/03/2011 17 9 - 148
Coming to an Election Near You: Dems Weak on Defense
While progressives we think that the fact that it is great that defense cuts are included (and it is a good thing), the old adage, be careful what you wish for, may come into play. Can you not see ...
Gangster Octopus 08/01/2011 6 - - 20
Dear Creditor,
Dear Student Loan/Auto Loan/Mortgage/Credit Card Company, Hey, I have recently come to the conclusion that I pay for too much shit and I don't make enough money to pay for all this shit. So I am ...
Gangster Octopus 07/29/2011 7 6 - 72
Remember Back in 2007 when...
In 2007 the Defense Department asked for almost $100 billion in emergency appropriations. This would go toward increased equipment for the protection of our military, training and pay and benefits.
Gangster Octopus 07/27/2011 4 2 - 54
Never Forget that This "Crisis" is COMPLETELY Manufactured by the Republicans
As words of bi-partisanship and compromise are bandied about there is one thing we must not forget, this whole crisis is 100% created by the Republicans putting conditions on raising the debt ceiling.
Gangster Octopus 07/25/2011 40 28 - 203
A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words
Gangster Octopus 07/18/2011 9 2 - 97
Google+ Invites Up: DKos Circle, Hangout, Spark?
I am still trying to figure out Google+, but invites are back up and I want to create Dkos circle for myself and I'm not sure how, but a Hangout and a Spark or any other group inspired opportunities.
Gangster Octopus 07/11/2011 27 6 2 154
Stockholm Syndrome
Stockholm Syndrome (Wikipedia): In psychology, Stockholm syndrome is a term used to describe a real paradoxical ...
Gangster Octopus 07/07/2011 12 3 - 124
(Update) (Not Even) SWAT Team DID NOT raid because of a Student Loan Default
Statement from DOE: Yesterday, the Department of Education's Office of Inspector General executed a search warrant at a Stockton, Calif., residence with the presence of local law ...
Gangster Octopus 06/08/2011 368 178 2 2532
12-Year old Red Sox Fan Gets Team to Support "It Gets Better"
Meet 12-year old Sam Maden , an all-star pitcher and catcher for his team the Nashua North Angels, ...
Gangster Octopus 06/06/2011 10 22 - 113
Palin Press Effect (PPE)
Ivan Pavlov IV, a Russian born American scientist, and great great great great grandson of the famous Russina scientis Ivan Pavlov released a study today that mimics his famous forefathers work. As ...
Gangster Octopus 06/06/2011 3 3 - 48
Four Pinocchios for Palin
The Washington Post has done a little fact-checking on Sarah Palin and her interview with Greta von Sustern and lo and behold she is wrong, wrong, wrong on almost everything. In fact they ...
Gangster Octopus 06/03/2011 8 12 - 99
SF Giants Add their Voices to "It Gets Better" (UPDATED w/ Transcript)
The San Francisco Giants added their voice with an "It Gets Better" Video"
Gangster Octopus 06/01/2011 47 80 2 354
Meta Diary on Using Quotes in Diary Titles
I have noticed in a few very good, recommended diaries very bad titles that make the same mistake. The diary titles have a quote in them that is not actually said by the person attributed in the ...
Gangster Octopus 05/24/2011 22 25 - 147
Wis Gov Walker Turns the Hate Up to 11
There is a scene in This is Spinal Tap where the band is examining their new album covers, which are completely black and one of them comments: Nigel Tufnel: It's like, how ...
Gangster Octopus 05/19/2011 17 24 - 235
STUDY: 44 Million Would be Uninsured Under Ryan Plan
I'll just let the Kaiser Family Foundation news Release speak for itself: WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Converting Medicaid into a ...
Gangster Octopus 05/10/2011 10 14 1 71
Fighting Back Against A Facebook Meme
If you are on Facebook there is a good chance you have seen this: Lets be clear on this: OBAMA did NOT kill Bin Laden, an American Soldier, who Obama just a few weeks ago was debating ...
Gangster Octopus 05/03/2011 19 12 1 170
TomP's Recced Diary: "So long as this President is black, nothing will be good enough..."
So long as this President is black, nothing will be good enough...
Gangster Octopus 05/02/2011 24 18 1 331
I Still Have A Few Questions About Obama's Citizenship
While some may think that the alleged release of the so-called long form supposed birth certificate will squelch any discussion about whether "President" Obama is indeed a citizen (I use quotes ...
Gangster Octopus 04/27/2011 13 13 - 184
Tax the Rich
Gangster Octopus 04/21/2011 10 5 1 53
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