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Geraldo and Ventura: Elitists (my opinion). Next
I love you Geraldo. I really do, but you never answer the e-mails I send you, the ones that are always about one subject, crooked Mexico, a subject you and I hold dear. I took the time to read ...
Gary Stein 05/18/2009 8 - - 6
Mexico: My Last Rant (No mas, por favor)
Mr. Presidente of Mexico (Or any facsimile thereof) “bienvenido paisano” ( and everbody else 20 minutes of your time please), I live in the United States where my wife ...
Gary Stein 05/15/2009 15 4 - 1
Stein for NJGov. Mobile Hdqts. Toronto
(To be forwarded to my arms length e-mail contact list of media hot shots (elitists) who I bug even more then I do you, as I did even yesterday. I’m sorry (kossacks) but you have to fill ...
Gary Stein 05/01/2009 6 - - 6
Mexico City: Enough press to fill an empty soccer stadium
Better late then never sometimes works but not this week it doesn’t. The good friend, the illegal, the one who lived with us for 5 years, the one who lives one hour outside Mexico City- the ...
Gary Stein 04/28/2009 51 1 - 8
Who needed the Kos? I had my own blog in 07. I forgot
As I write this diary I’m thinking of last weeks headline Love song from Al Capone ...
Gary Stein 04/23/2009 5 - - 8
Dear Matt Lauer
Nothing wrong seeing you doing an interview with Wal-Mart’s new CEO Mike Duke at a Philadelphia store this morning on Today, however I was in several Wal-Marts in Mexico last year, far away ...
Gary Stein 04/15/2009 11 - - 14
Beck you imbecile I had them eating out of the palm of
my hand I was changing them around they were going my way until you truly went off the deep end. I can ...
Gary Stein 04/10/2009 42 - - 14
Richard Cohen, not your bailiwick, and it’s a prime piece of populist propaganda
“So GM and Chrysler are broke- better them than me” Mr. Cohen, perhaps you recognize the author of this letter, I e-mail you at least once a week. I’m one of the little ...
Gary Stein 04/06/2009 22 - - 9
Jon Stewart take that imaginary phone and do you know what to yourself
Jim Cramer do you want your self respect back? Or you can just read this and gloat*. I’ve never, ever watched Stewarts show but everybody is instantly aware of everything now, and of course ...
Gary Stein 04/02/2009 258 1 - 89
Rank Discrimination
Another diary tanks after I mention, one, that I’m a Republican and that I’m in the office cleaning business, and two, while posting using a real name. Can we analyze this? Never in ...
Gary Stein 03/30/2009 41 2 - 18
Sheriff Joe Arpaio (Boo hiss) and the PBS show NOW
You Kossacks (means I’m a fellow Kossack too?) are invited to read another private e-mail to my friends in the snob media. I’m always hoping for an exception and for that special ...
Gary Stein 03/28/2009 7 3 - 10
What! We’re Smarter than Detroit? Fiddlesticks!
Lincoln Logs, An Ape named Travis, a 5000 DOW, and mendacity. Fellow American’s- What a serious case of the pot calling the kettle black. Home of the brave, land of the free; welcome ...
Gary Stein 03/05/2009 20 2 - 15
open e-mail to Cavuto
Neil here’s why things will never change. A janitor, a registered Republican for 27 of his 52 years, (7 yrs. spent as a Dem. in his tender youth), runs as an independent against his ...
Gary Stein 02/25/2009 11 - - 8
Yokel redux, don’t be that way
Rogue Republican Stein steps in from the cold. Feels his way, leers, removes a jacket, swiftly turns on the home computer, gives the password and posts. Is this man a defector or a double agent? A ...
Gary Stein 02/22/2009 15 - - 36
Me - Republican. Its ground hog day 24/7
Below the fold, and picking up right here now for you Kosers, is a stream of consciousness that I am thinking of e-mailing to Charles Krauthammer who I like very much by the way. A few spell checks ...
Gary Stein 02/21/2009 4 - - -
 In this Yokels opinion Bill Maher is not God
Nope, Bill Maher is not my messiah, but I suspect Maher is probably off the adulation charts on this site. If you didn't know how he feels about perfection, go see the movie Religulous; it came and ...
Gary Stein 02/13/2009 319 1 - 18
Subject Mexico. “Shovel Ready”
“(Who cares about them? So I’ll add an environmental twist tonight.),” was the way my diary began last week. And then a little further along was this.... " A shame ...
Gary Stein 02/09/2009 27 - 2 16
Subject Mexico. Another Bite at the Apple
(Who cares about them? So I’ll add an environmental twist tonight.) My Mexican sojourn, spread out over several episodes in the Kos, is not being greeted with any enthusiasm at all, judging by ...
Gary Stein 02/02/2009 108 6 1 14
A Democratic Primary Debate in Jeff Flakes District Revisited
What started as an e-mail to Chris Gramazio Dear Mr. Gramazio, I just visited your web site. I see you are going to run as an independent in 2010. A line ...
Gary Stein 01/26/2009 2 1 - 15
I crave feedback. I introduce Israel into my Hispanic immigration debate?
Sporadic update: First in a series ( if I get out alive ). If you’d blundered into my other diaries you’d know I sheltered two undocumented aliens in my house for 5 years. I ...
Gary Stein 01/06/2009 10 1 - 10
08 Stick a Fork in Me
Here’s to the losers, and 12 more months of irrelevance for this superstar. I started out last January in obscurity wondering how I could tell an important story, in this peon’s opinion,
Gary Stein 01/02/2009 14 - - 17
I was a political candidate in 08. I re-register in 09 to highest bidder.
For about two weeks in the election just passed, a few hucksters floated the idea of Joe the Plumber in 2010. Not so fast, in 2008 we had a real candidate for national political office ...
Gary Stein 12/25/2008 6 1 - 21
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