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Rejected letter to my Congressman
When Michael McCaul (R-Texas 10th District) replaced Lloyd Doggett as my representative in Congress, I signed up for his e-mail newsletter. I like to know what the people who represent me in ...
Gary of Austin 10/14/2013 5 8 - -
Lindsey Graham, I want answers NOW!
Today on Face the Nation , Lindsey Graham expressed his outrage at the deficits in our intelligence regarding the Benghazi affair. Why didn’t we know what was happening there? Why did it take so ...
Gary of Austin 12/02/2012 69 207 1 -
Why Class Size Matters
Today I’ve been reading the stories about Mitt Romney’s comments that class sizes don’t matter in how well students do in school, and I’m turning the keyboard over to an experienced high ...
Gary of Austin 05/28/2012 24 10 - 99
I grew up in a family of Roosevelt Democrats, who believed in the New Deal. They grew up in the Dust Bowl days, and their families knew how to stretch a penny. I became a Republican in my ...
Gary of Austin 05/28/2012 6 7 - 62
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