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Not Just Any Democrat
The conundrum for progressive Democrats is: Just when does it become acceptable in the face of a clearly bad candidate to bear the Hobson’s choice and put being a Democrat first and a ...
GeorgeFishDisgruntledLeftist 10/31/2014 4 - - -
Israel Has Gone Too Far
It has to be stated bluntly: Israel’s land and air attacks on Gaza, which began July 8 ostensibly in “self-defense” against Hamas rocket launches into Israel, have clearly gone too far. Israel�
GeorgeFishDisgruntledLeftist 07/26/2014 34 25 1 -
Blunt Talk on "Privilege"
Tal Fortgang, the Princeton freshman become famous overnight as the “Poster Child of White Privilege” because of his published screed defending his exalted socio-economic status as his natural ...
GeorgeFishDisgruntledLeftist 06/14/2014 129 25 2 -
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