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More AZ H8
Just as AZ begins to dust the shame off of itself after the anti LGBT bill SB1062 (thankfully vetoed) I discovered that the desire to discriminate is alive and well in the retirement community of ...
Gilmore 02/28/2014 8 19 - -
Next Walmart Walkout - Noon: Christmas Eve
The Black Friday job actions were successful in that they drew attention to the plight of Walmart workers. The sad new is Walmart booked record sales with the expanded hours on Thursday night. ...
Gilmore 11/24/2012 5 10 - -
Mother Jones: Twinkies on Her Grave
Mother Jones, known to many as the name of a magazine. Her real name was Mary Harris Jones and she was an Irish American labor activist. I leave her life for you to investigate dear reader. I could ...
Gilmore 11/21/2012 12 17 - -
Sheriff Crazy in AZ - Round 2
Arizona: Great weather Spring Training Baseball Crazy But not necessarily in that order. . .
Gilmore 03/26/2012 10 10 - 100
Dkos for the Cure ?
Dkos for the Cure ? My first inclination was this was bad. Very bad. Sticking our nose into Republicans business. Bad in a way that would ruin Dkos, like Komen for the Cure will fail to weather ...
Gilmore 02/16/2012 9 - - 62
Cain: Unfit for Duty or Presidency
I work in the nuclear power field. Cornerstones of both worker and public safety are that a utility requires that all workers be fit for duty. Many diverse regulations, all of which have a singular ...
Gilmore 11/15/2011 7 5 - 69
It's a Black Thang.
It's a Black Thang. You wouldn't understand. That's from a diary by Robinswing and I don't understand. And I don't ...
Gilmore 09/11/2011 3 9 - 143
Nuclear Update
Below is an update on whats going on in the nuclear world. It is provided to give you information about the problems we are having nuclear “stuff”. Included is a correction of a misstatement of ...
Gilmore 06/29/2011 10 22 - 197
Put back your hide rating
I've never been one for "opposing diaries" but now I see the point in them. . . It's been a DK tradition that Front Pager's don't edit out their mistakes, the insert the correct ...
Gilmore 06/07/2011 26 1 - 273
Fukushima ROV #56 Meltdown Doubt Dispelled
Updated: 5/18 This is another clearinghouse diary for the posting of additional news (with links to their source) and intelligent commentary about the ...
Gilmore 05/18/2011 157 53 2 870
(Hopefully) Alan Grayson's Next Speech
This is the text of I speech I would love Alan Grayson to give. What do you think?
Gilmore 10/13/2009 5 1 - 38
Prop 8.1, The Sanctity of Marriage
Those who claim their religious beliefs can trump the individual rights of American citizens should at least have the intestinal fortitude to stand behind their words and their vote. I cannot so ...
Gilmore 11/11/2008 12 2 - 1
I Almost Helped to Install a McCain Sign
Although I am a firm believer in Kos's sentiment of "crush their spirit and toss them an anvil", afterward we must take time to try and heal our country. Today I started the healing process.
Gilmore 10/19/2008 13 11 1 2
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