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Michelle Was Right: I Have Never Been More Proud of My Country
This is the second best day of my life. This is the day on which I am more proud of my country, fellow countrymen, and democratic government than I have ever been before. Michelle was right, when ...
GirlZero 01/20/2009 11 12 - 16
Top 10 "I'd Laugh but it Hurts" Political Moments of 2008
There were so many, it's hard to narrow it down to just 10. But these are the top moments that you either just had to laugh at, or, if you couldn't, made you groan out loud and shake your head. Enjoy!
GirlZero 12/31/2008 59 18 3 21
Illinois Senate Seat Now a Racial Appointment?
If you missed the Blagojevich press conference, please look it up on one of the network news sites... as soon as local Chicago media gets it up, I'll embed here. Burris' statement:
GirlZero 12/30/2008 33 2 - 8
Sarah Palin, Pin-Up Gal & 2nd Most Popular Woman in America
Gross. The former Deputy Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, who apparently does a little photography on the side, has created a 2009 wall calendar featuring none other than America's Snow Queen Sweetheart ...
GirlZero 12/26/2008 118 2 1 87
"World Peace" Most Influenced by These Ten Nations
UPDATE: Please, please, please do not insinuate that because some conflicts and nations are not mentioned in this diary that I somehow don't care about them. This diary is about the ten ...
GirlZero 12/04/2008 32 4 1 5
Why My Mortgage Payment Suddenly Jumped $400 a Month
Last night, I opened my mortgage statement to find that it was $400 higher than usual... an unusual occurance, because I have a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage. Panicking and short of breath, I called ...
GirlZero 12/03/2008 97 20 1 17
The Most "Pro-America" American was at My Thanksgiving Dinner
Would Sarah Palin and John McCain believe that the most "Pro-America" American would be an 83-year-old Mexican immigrant who has survived malaria, skin cancer, AND West Nile Virus?
GirlZero 12/02/2008 15 56 2 168
McCain Hosts Joe the Plumber, Palin Family for Thanksgiving
Thursday, November 27, 2008 Phoenix, Arizona A Hummer minivan pulls up in front of a home on a tree-lined street in a Phoenix suburb. "Okay, guys, let's get to it!" Sarah Palin shouts into the ...
GirlZero 11/26/2008 15 3 - 20
Thanksgiving Parade to Feature New "Foreclosure Freddie" Float
This year, as with every fourth Thursday in November, families will line the streets of Manhattan to watch Snoopy, Garfield, and all the usual suspects tower over the crowds. And this year, taking ...
GirlZero 11/25/2008 3 1 - -
Next On Bailout List: Our Schools, Homeless Vets, Medical Debt
I just got off the phone with a medical collection agency, having satisfied a $60 debt for medication that actually made me feel worse than I did prior to treatment. Another medical bill for $200, ...
GirlZero 11/24/2008 6 3 - -
UPDATE: Bush Authorizes First Military Execution since 1961
UPDATE: Thank you all for sharing your insights with me; I'm definitely leaning toward opposing all together. Lame but not without power, President Bush approved the military's ...
GirlZero 11/21/2008 134 26 - 31
Bailout Failout: WARNING Don't Check Your 401K Today
Morgan Stanley closed today at around $9 a share. Earlier this year, it traded at around $55 a share. Goldman Sachs closed today at around $52 a share. Earlier this year, it traded at around $234 ...
GirlZero 11/20/2008 66 15 1 31
Problem Solved: Make Joe Lieberman an Ambassador
Space: the Final Frontier. What better place for a visionary like Connecticut's own Senator Joe Lieberman (I to the R to the D?) to exercise his diplomatic leadership?
GirlZero 11/19/2008 38 8 - 18
New Bush Plan Exempts Doctors from Giving Out EC
Our lame duck president has taken one last swipe at reproductive rights by granting pro-life health care providers a "pass" card to use when asked to distribute emergency contraception.
GirlZero 11/18/2008 8 6 - -
No One Bailed Me Out: And I'm Glad
UPDATE: I should preface this by saying I'm not for nor strongly against federal bailouts. I'm simply against the attitude I hear so many people espousing, which is that "Bailouts ...
GirlZero 11/17/2008 13 5 - 6
Sarah Palin Doesn't Shatter Glass Ceilings; She Raises Them
"Although we weren't able to shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling this time, thanks to you, it's got about 18 million cracks in it." - Hillary Clinton concession speech, June 7, ...
GirlZero 11/14/2008 108 35 3 106
Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden? This Guy Knows.
The future hubby and I were looking for a movie to watch via Comcast On-Demand last weekend, and scrolled all the way through the "new" listings without finding anything until we reached the very ...
GirlZero 11/12/2008 9 2 - -
UPDATED Palin: I Won't Hesitate to "Plow Through" in 2012
Per the Chicago Tribune: Palin has been fielding questions about her political future since the ...
GirlZero 11/11/2008 169 12 1 24
2016 Presidential Candidates: Rising Democrat Stars to Keep Your Eye On
It's spring 2015 and the primary to replace two-term Democratic President Barack Obama is underway. The country is enjoying a period of economic comfort, with a balanced budget, restored reputation ...
GirlZero 11/09/2008 49 4 1 183
No Taxes for Gay Citizens in California, Arizona, Florida
Even prisoners are entitled to something for their tax dollars, namely a roof over their heads and food in their bellies. After the passage of Proposition 8 this week, gay Californians will be ...
GirlZero 11/07/2008 24 5 - 15
I Know it Stings, But Can We Please Talk About Bachmann's Victory?
I've never been to Minnesota, save a few layovers in the airport and weekly visits to Lake Wobegone with Garrison Keeler on Saturday afternoons. I was born and raised in New Jersey, went to college ...
GirlZero 11/06/2008 55 8 - 10
What Recession? My Investment Return Just Made Me Rich!
I only invested about $150, but thanks to that small gamble, I am now set for the next eight years. I'm getting a big tax break, better health care, a greener planet, enhanced civil rights... all ...
GirlZero 11/05/2008 26 35 1 26
Look, folks. I've written many substantial, lengthy diaries in my time on Daily Kos. But as I sit here in my Chicago living room, surrounded by crying friends, and family, and even puppies, overcome ...
GirlZero 11/04/2008 1 1 - -
This Election Has Cost Me 500 Hours, a Friend, the Superbowl, and $500
Since the Democratic primaries got underway, I have spent at least 90 minutes a day blogging. I have written more than 20 mass emails to friends and family, imploring them to vote. I have watched ...
GirlZero 11/03/2008 16 14 - -
Sarah Palin: Deaf, Dumb, or Just Plain Evil?
NEW PORT RICHEY, Florida ( CNN ) — With a smiling Gov. Charlie Crist at her side, Republican vice presidential ...
GirlZero 11/01/2008 27 4 - 10
Attack of the Living Stepford Conserva-Blondes
'Twas All Hallow's Eve and all through the land Crazy blonde Republifemmes were making their stand:
GirlZero 10/31/2008 42 10 - 5
McCain Campaign Screwed by McCain Legislation
I was reading Newsweek (which I proudly have a free subscription to just because I'm a "High Fidelity"-level donor to Chicago Public Radio) in bed last night and came across the ...
GirlZero 10/30/2008 15 3 - 8
Palin Linked to Arabic Artist, Constitution Party, U.S. Capitol, Refrigeration
Edit: Please ignore the troll thread three comments in and feel free to actually comment on the diary below :) Sarah Palin today accused Barack Obama of ties to Rashid Khalidi, a ...
GirlZero 10/29/2008 66 3 - 3
Liberals are MEAN... and I Love It
Four years ago, we gave up without a fight.
GirlZero 10/24/2008 16 8 1 1
The Who Presents "Barack" the Rock Opera! (ACT I)
SCENE I: Curtain opens on an ecomonically-ravaged American town, Election Day, 2008. Outside a polling place, two Democrats wait in line to vote. [To the tune of "1921"] DEM #...
GirlZero 10/23/2008 49 25 1 18
Welcome Kossacks to the United States of Faux-merica!
Congratulations, you! Your participation on has earned you first-class citizenship in the United States of Faux-merica.
GirlZero 10/22/2008 126 2 - 12
So, You Think Sarah Palin Styles Her Own Hair?
This diary is a lot less shallow than its title, so I beg you to stay with me and you'll get it. Sarah Palin claims to represent the Hockey Moms, the working class, "Joe" the "Plumber" (actually,
GirlZero 10/21/2008 125 20 1 21
Kossacks, You MUST Vote for Family Values on Nov. 4
On November 4, the very definition of the American family is on the line. Electing one candidate will jeopardize the modern and future American family; electing the other secures progress and hope ...
GirlZero 10/20/2008 16 9 - 6
The Founding Fathers Would Never Vote McCain/Palin. With Poll.
As promised yesterday ... John McCain, Sarah Palin, and Republican mouthpieces like Michelle Bachmann seem fond of ...
GirlZero 10/18/2008 32 15 5 18
This isn't an Election; It's a War
Perhaps you and I don't view this election as a war, but our opponents do. Conservatives and Republicans view this election as a deciding moment in history for very different reasons than ...
GirlZero 10/17/2008 54 17 - 15
UPDATE - Sarah Palin: Some "Champion" for Special Needs Children
UPDATE: Just wanted to let you know that I shared this with my mom, and she was really touched by everyone's sentiments. So thank you! --- Christopher Reeve. Eunice Kennedy Shriver.
GirlZero 10/16/2008 33 25 1 45
What Would You Tell a Person Who Screams "Kill Him" at McCain/Palin Rallies
I'm interested in all of your thoughts on this. For the past week now, hateful McCain/Palin supporters have shouted barbaric, inappropriate things about Barack Obama in public rallies. I agree ...
GirlZero 10/15/2008 46 6 - 16
Cindy McCain: Always Proud to Be a Martyr When the Cameras are On
Cindy McCain first got under my skin in February 2008, when she responded to Michelle Obama's "for the first time" comment about being proud of her country. "I’m proud of my ...
GirlZero 10/14/2008 46 13 - 3
Breaking: McCain Attacks Chicago, Yet Again
Just in from CNN's Political Ticker: CNN's Political Ticker John McCain is slated to raise questions about Barack Obama's ...
GirlZero 10/06/2008 80 15 - -
Despite McCain's Efforts, Obama Ahead in 16 Battleground States
Looks like the majority of battleground states are as fed up with McPain's dirty tactics and tired rhetoric as we are. View the happy ...
GirlZero 10/05/2008 26 11 1 11
Sarah Palin, Please Stop Dressing Like Jackie O.
It's bad enough she's pirating Barack Obama's Pakistan strategy. Does she have to rip off a Democratic icon's fashion sense too?
GirlZero 09/30/2008 90 7 - -
Bailout Shocker: Republicans Care More About Selves than Constituents
As the country held its breath, waiting for the vote tallies on the $700 billion Wall Street bailout package, Republicans in the House asked themselves which was more important: our nation's ...
GirlZero 09/29/2008 15 3 1 -
McCain's Inability to Make Eye Contact will Cost Him (UPDATE)
You know the saying, "You shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth?" Well John McCain must know it well, because at tonight's debate, he barely glanced anywhere in the vicinity of Barack Obama, who ...
GirlZero 09/26/2008 115 27 - 28
Being a Veteran Does Not Make You a BETTER American
I was set to write a very different diary this morning, until FOX News linked to a blog I posted in February defending Michelle ...
GirlZero 09/21/2008 34 13 - -
Cheney to Palin: Keep Enemies Close, Shoot Your Friends
Don't you just hate it when you're on a quail hunt and your damned friend gets between you and a prize ...
GirlZero 09/19/2008 11 2 - 8
"To Serve Man": Pod People of the GOP
The other day, when Carly Fiorina claimed that both McCain and Palin were unfit to serve as CEOs for HP, but perfectly capable of running the country, ...
GirlZero 09/18/2008 20 6 1 10
"Change" You Can Poop On
John McCain and Sarah Palin's calls for "reform" are as hollow as Bush's insistence on the presence of WMDs in Iraq. Their arguments that they are the real change ticket don't strike their ...
GirlZero 09/17/2008 21 5 - 8
You Can Survive This Economy, But You MUST:
As someone who works in both real estate and politics, and the daughter of someone who has worked in investment banking for 35 years, I have compiled this important message. The following is of ...
GirlZero 09/16/2008 44 33 1 29
If this is a Depression, then Rethugs are Hogging the Paxil
Welcome back to our Depression, fellow Democrats! Oh, you thought this was a national ...
GirlZero 09/15/2008 4 - 1 6
The Palin Core Curriculum
At Princess Palin University in scenic Wasilla, Alaska, students receive a strong educational foundation that will enable them to make monumental life decisions without a moment's hesitation. ...
GirlZero 09/12/2008 3 1 1 7
Palin WAS a Journalist: Why won’t she let the Media do their jobs?
Not every person that goes to journalism school becomes a good journalist, and not every good journalist went to J-school. But journalism schools as well as undergraduate journalism programs exist ...
GirlZero 09/11/2008 8 4 - -
McCain Rated WORST SENATOR for Children
The McCain campaign has released another disgusting ad, this time claiming that Obama wants to teach sex-ed to Kindergartners.
GirlZero 09/10/2008 27 18 - -
Obama's Rape Kit Legislation vs. Wasilla Billing the Victims
Rightly, we are all horrified and enraged that the town of Wasilla, while Sarah Palin served as its mayor,
GirlZero 09/09/2008 52 53 2 175
UPDATE: Just Another Sexist Moment for Maverick McCain
The man who made headlines picking a woman as his running mate certainly has no problem pushing women around. As ...
GirlZero 09/08/2008 10 10 - -
The "Family Values" Party - US, not them
The American Family Association: a wholesome-sounding, seemingly positive title for a non-profit, right? Not until you read their mission statement: :
GirlZero 09/05/2008 17 4 - 14
GOP Delegate Demographics Closer to Alaska than US
Sarah Palin went to great lengths to allege that Barack Obama spoke differently to audiences in San Francisco than he did to audiences in Scranton. After examining the demographics of the delegates ...
GirlZero 09/04/2008 21 7 2 85
How Many Evacuees is McCain Housing?
John McCain has canceled all but the most necessary Republican Convention functions, is debating giving his acceptance speech from the Gulf Coast instead of the Convention Floor, and is giving his ...
GirlZero 09/01/2008 7 7 - -
Obama-Bayh Stickers, Obama-Biden Tees, Obama-Huckabee Banjos
UPDATE 12:12 AM CST: CNN called it for Biden, and I still haven't received my damned text message! Obama camp, thanks for picking someone with some spirit and passion to add to the dream ticket. ...
GirlZero 08/22/2008 76 6 - 167
The Bitter Battle Ends, Whether She Likes it or Not (And She Doesn't)
"Wake up, have your Starbucks, and concede, Senator Clinton. You're blowing your best last chance to be remembered as anything but self-absorbed and self-obsessed. She reminds me of the child who ...
GirlZero 06/04/2008 24 10 - -
Yes, We Did: Obama's Movement Swept a Nation
Cross posted from my blog. This is the story of a movement that swept a nation, overthrew a political regime, and has already ...
GirlZero 06/03/2008 7 9 1 -
Bernstein: Hillary has "Difficult Relationship with the Truth"
Cross-posted from my blog. Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame (Woodward’s other ...
GirlZero 03/26/2008 45 34 2 6
"Boutique, Latte-Sipping" States Make Florida and Ohio Insignificant
Cross posted from My Blog. With his victory in Wyoming last night, Barack Obama ...
GirlZero 03/09/2008 7 2 - 16
Clinton Campaign: "Latte-Sipping, Boutique" States Vote Obama
Cross-posted from my blog. Forget an Obama aide calling Hillary Clinton a monster. ...
GirlZero 03/08/2008 29 5 1 -
Hillary's Most Rovian Tactic Yet
Cross posted in my blog. As anyone with a television has heard by now, the desperate Clinton campaign is throwing allegations of plagiarism at Barack Obama. ...
GirlZero 02/19/2008 57 19 - 7
You Show Me Yours, Part II: Credit Card Debt Update
On Monday, I wrote a diary titled "You Show Me Yours, I'll Show You Mine: Credit Card Debt," which turned into a frank yet polite discussion ...
GirlZero 02/14/2008 52 23 1 8
You Show Me Yours, I'll Show You Mine: Credit Card Debt
As a college student, I did what everyone on my campus did and signed up for a credit card with a $2000 limit in order to score some cool red plastic cups in which to pour beer and possibly a tee-...
GirlZero 02/11/2008 112 14 1 -
The Twilight of the GOP: Why Huckabee's Win is Great for Democrats
It seems like a no-brainer. Mitt Romney drops out, McCain becomes the landslide frontrunner and offers Mike Huckabee a place on the GOP ticket for November, which the former Arkansas Governor ...
GirlZero 02/09/2008 45 9 - -
FIGHT ON: How Dean's "Arrangement" Will Undermine This Party
As someone who has supported Howard Dean from Day One, as a candidate and as the DNC Chairman, it's hard for me to find a way to put this delicately, so I'm just going to rip off the band-aid.
GirlZero 02/08/2008 69 5 - -
What Superbowl? Manning the Obama phone bank during the big game.
It's the fourth quarter of the Superbowl. The Patriots lead the Giants by an unimpressive 7-3 in what appears to be one of the least interesting sports contests I've ever seen. Not that it ...
GirlZero 02/03/2008 23 8 - 10
Life after the 2008 Elections: What's really at Stake?
Cross-posted in my blog. It's easy to experience anticipation, impatience, excitement, and elation about the prospect of new leadership and new direction for a ...
GirlZero 01/27/2008 4 6 - 4
UPDATE: 7:18 PM EST: Barack Obama will give his victory speech at 9 PM EST. UPDATE: 7:15 PM EST: Obama received about 81% of African American women's votes! UPDATE: 7:...
GirlZero 01/26/2008 32 7 - 5
Medical Debt/An Endometriosis Sufferer's Tale: UPDATE & SUPPORT GROUP INFO
EDIT: Women interested in the proposed support group, please email me at so you don't have to post your email addresses on here. Two nights ago, kept awake by ...
GirlZero 01/25/2008 33 22 - 13
What About the Medical Debt I Already Have? An Endometriosis Sufferer's Tale
I got home from work today to find yet another trademark double window white business envelope with a return address reading "so and so Medical Services, Inc." These envelopes make me nervous. Just ...
GirlZero 01/22/2008 100 42 3 151
UPDATE: Football and Democrats
Is there a trend in which candidates and NFL championship teams Democrats support? PLEASE participate in this poll, I'll summarize the results at the end of the day!
GirlZero 01/20/2008 53 5 - 5
BIG UPDATE: Nevada Live Bloggin'
They've called it for Hillary. With just over half the tally in. You know the drill. 3:51 P.M. EST With 50.04% of precincts reporting Senator Hillary Clinton: 50.09%
GirlZero 01/19/2008 195 49 - 15
Here's $800. Don't Spend It.
With Dick Cheney and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson hovering at his sides, President Bush addressed the nation this morning to call for ...
GirlZero 01/18/2008 126 26 - 16
Women Please Read: An Often Overlooked Women's Health Issue - Fat and Self-Esteem
I just forwarded the article I'm about to mention to all of my female friends and relatives, and encourage anyone with young women in their lives to do the same. I have tried to avoid any "CNN ...
GirlZero 01/16/2008 66 31 1 159
Please just censure Bush already - NON CANDIDATE DIARY
George W. Bush was in the United Arab Emirates today, where, as reports, he had a few words for Iran .
GirlZero 01/13/2008 44 18 - 1
The "E" word & why Hillary's campaign ticks people off
I respect that Senator Clinton knows her way around Washington, D.C. But I resent the way she touts her ”experience” as though she outright deserves the presidency, and that John Edwards ...
GirlZero 01/11/2008 33 8 1 -
The non-validity of Clinton's Patriot Act criticism of Obama
cross posted in my blog. In virtually every speech since Iowa, Hillary has accused Obama of being against the Patriot Act, then voting to re-authorize it as ...
GirlZero 01/09/2008 21 16 1 17
I am so unbelievably disappointed.
I've been on Kos for about two years. This morning I witnesses some of the most disappointing conduct on here that I've ever seen, in the diary ...
GirlZero 01/06/2008 44 18 - 4
While we weren't looking - what Bush might be plotting for 2008
Throughout the country on the night of January 3, 2008, televisions were tuned to the cable news networks as a nation waited with bated breath for an early indication of who might be the next ...
GirlZero 01/04/2008 19 4 1 -
Young women uniting for Obama
MSNBC is reporting that young voter turn out is tremendous this year, which is fantastic for the Democratic party in general, but is turning out to be a huge advantage for Barack Obama. "Change ...
GirlZero 01/03/2008 13 11 - -
Raise your hand if you hate polls
Every five minutes, some new poll pops up showing a candidate three or four points ahead of or behind where we thought they were. OR how likeable or unlikeable they are. Or their popularity as a ...
GirlZero 01/02/2008 29 4 - -
"On America's Watch": Bhutto's death on whose hands?
Say what you will about the New York Times , but Roger Cohen's op-ed piece "...
GirlZero 12/31/2007 4 4 - 5
Best Idiots of 2007 - Because we haven't talked about Ann Coulter in awhile
Because we've all been so tense lately battling each other in candidate wars, I thought it would be a refreshing breather to reflect upon the Best Idiots of 2007. I'd like to compile a list of maybe ...
GirlZero 12/30/2007 16 8 - -
Please GOP, Vote ABG! (Anyone But Giuliani)
The Iowa caucuses are just days away, and Giuliani has decided to formulate his closing argument around his favorite subject: 9/11. Today’...
GirlZero 12/29/2007 21 2 - -
World Peace: not just for beauty pageants anymore
From public and private conversations she'd had in the days leading up to and since her return to Pakistan, it was clear that Benazir Bhutto was aware that assassination was a real and ever-present ...
GirlZero 12/27/2007 6 3 - 4
When it comes to candidates' experience in Washington, I'll take the one with the least
Anyone who has ever lived in or around Capitol Hill knows that the two-square-mile Washington D.C. neighborhood is hardly representative of Main Street U.S.A. While in session, Congress members' ...
GirlZero 12/26/2007 32 12 - -
Endorsing Barack Obama for President in 2008
Cross-posted in my blog. Friends and relatives have chastised me, as a woman, for passing over Senator Hillary Clinton. They’ve questioned my ...
GirlZero 12/22/2007 432 156 3 24
Time to tax the wealthy? Your thoughts
Cross-posted from my blog: Liberal and conservative readers alike, what is your one strongest point for, or ...
GirlZero 11/09/2007 120 9 - 8
Republicans Catch a Ride on the Sex Scandal Express
cross posted from my blog. In 1999, Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho) was one of 45 Senators who voted that President Clinton should be convicted of perjury, and ...
GirlZero 08/30/2007 5 - - -
Held to Higher Standards: Clinton, Gonzales, Hilton, Lohan, Vick?
Bill Clinton’s marital infidelity cost him his reputation as a president and saw him impeached. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales tangled web of lies may see him losing his office and several ...
GirlZero 07/26/2007 10 2 - 3
Remember when Elections were fun?
I have fond memories of being allowed to stay up past bedtime in 1992 and 1996 to watch Bill Clinton's glorious victories. My mom had plastered a "Clinton-Gore" sticker on my pink lunchbox. I was ...
GirlZero 07/25/2007 20 9 - 128
Congress Fed Up with Gonzales? JUST PICK ONE ALREADY!!!!
Seemingly content with letting the crooked Executive Branch remain intact, Congress tore into Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on the Hill today, as the Senate Judiciary Committee accused the AG of ...
GirlZero 07/24/2007 13 8 - 4
Iraqi Men "Worth Shooting Twice" says Marine
EDIT: see bottom In a disturbing article entitled Marine testimony: All Iraqi men viewed as insurgents ,
GirlZero 07/15/2007 13 18 1 9
Bush's Approval Rating: How Low Will it Go?
When Richard Nixon left office in 1974, his approval rating was 24. He had resigned under threat of guaranteed impeachment for a criminal scandal, had escalated a violent, disasterous war in ...
GirlZero 07/14/2007 48 6 - 6
Congress in Wartime: more legal power than just "appropriating money"
Something Bush said during his little press conference on Thursday really stuck with me, and that was when he attempted to explain to the press corps what, in his opinion, Congress' role in a war is.
GirlZero 07/13/2007 9 3 - 15
Breaking: Successes in Iraq! -or- Why I didn't fail my geometry final
As Bush blabbers through his press conference on the television behind me, I am becoming increasingly sick to my stomach. Helen Thomas has just asked Bush why he wouldn't end the war in Iraq ...
GirlZero 07/12/2007 13 3 - -
New terror "Warnings" just a distraction from Iraq, Libby, "Sicko", Surgeon Generals, et al.
Anyone who has ever worked in PR knows that your goal is always to counter bad press with good, and pronto . And with the hearings on Capitol Hill, reaction from the Libby commutation,
GirlZero 07/11/2007 11 3 - -
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