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Death Threats and Taxes
Several Pennsylvania legislators - 4 of 5 of whom are Republicans - have received threats and harassment after being featured in a Wanted-style poster for their opposition to a property tax bill, HB ...
Glacial Erratic 10/25/2013 1 2 - -
PA-Gov Corbett receives "F" for the environment
PennEnvironment released its evaluation of Governor Tom Corbett's environmental record. Big Surprise: it ain't good. PennEnvironment’s report card includes some of the most hotly-debated ...
Glacial Erratic 10/11/2013 5 6 - -
Bill Cahir, former Dem candidate for PA-05, killed in Afghanistan
This is just awful. If any of you were following the race for the open seat in PA-05 last fall, either in my diaries, or otherwise, Bill Cahir's name will be familiar to you. He was one of three ...
Glacial Erratic 08/14/2009 153 418 3 304
Specter in State College, PA this morning
I attended the town hall in State College this morning, along with about 400 others. An additional 1600 or so were shut out in the overflow.
Glacial Erratic 08/12/2009 43 24 1 40
Penn State students made to vote provisionally
Here's a quickie to alert everyone what's happening in Centre County, PA From Common Cause : Word has just come in from ...
Glacial Erratic 11/04/2008 54 74 1 37
PA-05: GOP worried; Dem McCracken could win
Boy, it's a really bad year for Republicans if they have to sweat hanging on to Pennsylvania's 5th Congressional district. But that seems to be what's happening. I've been hearing rumors of internal ...
Glacial Erratic 10/27/2008 21 6 - 30
PA-05: We Are Penn State, and we saved the day
What's that? Tired of Pennsylvania. I know. I just wanted to share this with everyone so they can appreciate just what young voters did for Obama on Tuesday (actually, it started months before ...
Glacial Erratic 04/24/2008 41 31 - 46
PA-05: east vs. west, or why I was so wrong
Congratulations to Mark McCracken , the Democratic nominee for Pennsylvania's 5th district. I've said numerous times I would be happy with ...
Glacial Erratic 04/23/2008 31 6 - 28
PA-05: 12 candidate sextravaganza! with video!
Did I hook you with the title? There is video, and there is a sex scandal. Scandaliscious details on the flip . . . It's getting close now to Pennsylvania's primary on Tuesday, and I probably won't ...
Glacial Erratic 04/18/2008 5 4 - 5
PA-05: Update: Walker charged! the Republicans go negative, w/ videos
Update: Holy crap. This rumor has been going around the comment boards but now Walker has been charged with ...
Glacial Erratic 04/17/2008 10 5 - 73
Updated: Obama camp response to BitterGate protests
This is a follow-up to 2 diaries yesterday (one from poblano and one ...
Glacial Erratic 04/15/2008 23 21 - 42
PA-05: UPDATE - Peterson endorses! fundraising; race narrowing
UPDATE: Peterson has endorsed Glenn Thompson! Well, this changes the dynamic a bit. There will be no western ...
Glacial Erratic 04/11/2008 35 3 - 18
PA-05: GOP spending and internal polling
Watching the 9-man GOP free-for-all primary race for Pennsylvania's only open seat is pretty entertaining. Keep it real ugly, boys - it only helps the eventual Democratic nominee. (For those not ...
Glacial Erratic 04/09/2008 14 8 - 1
PA-05: Uh-oh, Club for Growth backs Shaner
Hi all PA 5th-ers and other interested parties. I've been on vacation and have missed a lot of activity here. I missed Obama speaking to ...
Glacial Erratic 04/08/2008 19 6 - 2
PA-05: The wingnuttiest candidate Part 2
Yesterday I rated 4 of the 9 Republicans running for the nomination in this open seat district on a wingnuterry scale. ...
Glacial Erratic 03/25/2008 26 6 - 26
PA-05: Rating the wingnuttiest GOP candidate
There are 12 candidates running to replace the retiring John Peterson in Pennsylvania's 5th Congressional district, 9 Republicans and 3 Democrats. This is a large, mostly rural district in northwest/...
Glacial Erratic 03/24/2008 17 3 - 48
PA-05: comparing 3 Dems on healthcare
The 12-man field in Pennsylvania's only open seat race keeps plugging along, now with added attention since the Obama and Clinton campaigns have set up shop here and are making a massive push for ...
Glacial Erratic 03/18/2008 15 5 - 38
PA-05: Comparing 3 Dem Candidates: Economy
Here is my second diary comparing the 3 Democratic candidates in Pennsylvania's 5th Congressional district, Mark McCracken ,
Glacial Erratic 03/07/2008 16 6 - 36
PA-05: Can we flip it?
Ahhh, primary season . . An open Congressional seat. An historic and inspiring close presidential primary race. Does it get any better for a political junkie in Pennsylvania? I think not. I'm going ...
Glacial Erratic 03/06/2008 26 10 - 30
The Keystone State
I'm not exactly happy about last night's events (I really thought Obama would pull off Texas) but I'm pretty excited about all the attention that will be lavished on me, yes ME, over the next 7 weeks.
Glacial Erratic 03/05/2008 43 6 1 5
PA-05: Comparing 3 Dem candidates: Iraq
I have been writing about the race in my distirct, Pennsylvania's 5th, since right after incumbent Republican John "drill drill drill" Peterson announced his surprise retirement in January. First, ...
Glacial Erratic 03/03/2008 9 5 - 44
PA-05: Dem primary developments
All 3 of the Democratic Candidates running to replace retiring Rep. John Peterson in Pennsylvania's 5th district now have websites and ActBlue pages. Bill Cahir: ...
Glacial Erratic 02/27/2008 33 4 - 13
Pennsylvania matters . . maybe
Though I'm safely on the O-train, I kind of hope that Hillary Clinton survives March 4th somehow. If she does, that means my own perennially too-late-to-the-game Pennsylvania will be receiving 6 ...
Glacial Erratic 02/21/2008 25 4 - 2
PA-05: GOP hopeful Keith Richardson reads DKos
My last diary was a run-down of the 12 candidates who have filed to replace retiring Rep. John Peterson. Looking at my previous diaries, it should be clear that I read a lot about this race. Oh, the ...
Glacial Erratic 02/18/2008 24 26 - 174
PA-05: 12 candidates filed petitions
It's official . 9 Republicans and 3 Democrats will vie for the nomination to replace retiring Rep. John Peterson. Yesterday was ...
Glacial Erratic 02/13/2008 11 5 - 12
PA-05: Paul Hackett endorses Bill Cahir
Of the 4 democrats running for the nomination to replace retiring Rep. John Peterson, ...
Glacial Erratic 02/04/2008 13 1 - 23
PA-05: Meet the Democrats
We are up to 4 declared Democratic candidates in the hunt for the soon-to-be open 5th district seat. 2 of these candidates have declared in the last week, and I will rehash some of what I've written ...
Glacial Erratic 01/28/2008 14 5 - 16
PA-05: latest updates on crowded field
Lots happening behind the scenes in Pennsylvania's 5th District, among the Republicans at least. 2 of them have dropped out, and another has entered. Dan Klees will not run due to a family illness, ...
Glacial Erratic 01/22/2008 8 5 1 40
PA-05: both primaries fill up
There have been some more overnight developments in the race to replace retiring Rep. John Peterson. Yesterday, ...
Glacial Erratic 01/15/2008 15 5 1 4
PA-05: a fighting Dem enters the race
Woo-hoo! A Democrat has stepped up to take a crack at this long-shot race. His name: Bill Cahir. I don't know anything more about him ...
Glacial Erratic 01/14/2008 9 11 - 8
PA-05: Exarchos to challenge Shaner in primary
The race to replace retiring GOP Congressman John Peterson is getting interestinger and interestinger. This is a rural R+10 district, so the hopes of a turnover are small, but the Republicans sure ...
Glacial Erratic 01/11/2008 12 5 - 10
PA-05: Neither Corman, Conklin running
To the small group of people who care about the inner workings of the lovely 5th Congressional district of PA: Republican State Sen. Jake Corman, the prohibitive favorite to succeed Peterson,
Glacial Erratic 01/08/2008 47 7 - 24
Turkish troops into Iraq; Kirkuk referendum delayed
Things are going swimmingly in Iraq. About 300 Turkish soldiers, carrying only light weapons, entered an area of the ...
Glacial Erratic 12/18/2007 15 6 - 2
Freeloading cities
Tell me if this sounds familiar: "We hard-working, regular people of [insert state name here] already pay for those freeloading people in [insert city name here]." In particular, I'm referring to ...
Glacial Erratic 10/17/2007 46 13 2 26
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