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Dinesh D'Souza Just Straight-Up Lying to People Now
We are all familiar with the sad, sad saga of Dinesh D'Souza (or Double D, as I like to call him). Disgraced, convicted of violating federal campaign finance law, and living in a halfway house, DD ...
Glaze72 10/31/2014 96 16 1 -
What the President should say on Thursday
As we all know, the Republican party has gone comepletly and totally off the rails. According to Steve Benen on the Maddow blog, there are rumors that they intend to pass their poison-pill laden "...
Glaze72 10/15/2013 8 2 - -
The Story of Ted Cruz, Democratic Mole
Once there was a plucky young lad who was born in Canada. Steeped in the gentle traditions of our friendly neighbor to the north, he wanted to bestow upon his adopted homeland the benefits of the ...
Glaze72 10/12/2013 65 79 2 -
Your advice needed
Hello. Beware of bankers bearing gifts. There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. These thoughts crossed my mind when a rep from my bank called up this morning, offering to help me get on the HARP ...
Glaze72 04/10/2013 9 3 - -
4 Things Republican Will Never Understand About Poor People
This is not my article. I read it online this morning, and as a person who comes from a family that seemed to always be straddling the line between working class and working poor during my childhood,
Glaze72 02/24/2013 11 14 - -
New Poll Just Released! Obama +2!
I can't believe that no one has referenced this yet. Apparently this was released yesterday. I am not sure who the polling outfit is, but it was all over the news. How can you all have missed it? I ...
Glaze72 11/07/2012 21 23 - -
I am a Democrat
I believe that the law should apply to all people equally, regardless of race, age, gender, wealth, who your father is, who your mother is, sexual orientation, criminal history, and religious ...
Glaze72 11/05/2012 2 1 - -
John Scalzi is Awesome
Nothing that I can write, nothing that I have read here over the last few days, nothing that I could ever articulate better encapsulates the fury, disgust, and loathing that we feel toward Akin, ...
Glaze72 10/25/2012 18 20 - -
A little help here?
OK. I may be a moron, but I need some help.
Glaze72 08/17/2012 8 4 - 206
"A cube of Jell-O wrapped in hundred-dollar bills"
As you may know from reading my diaries (although, based on my latest diary, not many people read it), I was born and raised in down-state Illinois. Despite the fact that the President claims ...
Glaze72 05/12/2012 74 239 1 1452
A Fundamental Misunderstanding
Hello All. It's been a while since I posted on here. My last diary was ripped to shreds by people who had the belief that I was a shill for a telecom company, rather than an employee of said ...
Glaze72 03/11/2012 1 5 - 53
Despise AT & T? Live in the Midwest? Want to save your business some money? See below.
Hello All: Most of my diaries on this website have revolved around the 2008 presidential election, with some forays into humor and my life growing up in central Illinois. However, I have long ...
Glaze72 11/14/2009 20 7 - 40
OK. Is this appropriate?
Question for all of the Kossacks out there, because I do not want to breach board ettiquette. I am not sure what I am thinking about is appropriate or not.
Glaze72 11/09/2009 16 1 - 14
Living on Government Cheese
This diary is inspired by Cynthia Davis, the brain-dead political hack from Missouri who thinks that supplying food to hungry children is somehow a bad thing. I won't argue her point. To argue this ...
Glaze72 06/27/2009 41 49 - 190
There are no problems!
I was watching Bill Maher earlier this evening (a process which I find both fascinating and repugnant, since Bill's talent is often overshadowed by his smarminess and ego) and during his interview ...
Glaze72 02/27/2009 14 7 - 5
Time is running out on McCain
I first stumbled across the mad geniuses at Five Thirty-Eight through Daily Kos. I was immediately hooked. It became my habit to chart the progress of the race very few weeks to see how events were ...
Glaze72 10/09/2008 3 - 1 2
Barack Obama is Jackie Robinson
Other than politics, my other passion is baseball. I have been a fan of the game for as long as I can remember. I have been priveleged enough to be a fan of one of the premier franchises of baseball (
Glaze72 10/07/2008 45 32 4 38
An Opin Letter to Free-Markit Republika...Repulbic...Re​epub...Ah, t'Hell with it
Dear Free-Market Republicans: Hello! How are you? I am not so fine. I know that you-all are awful busy right now, what with all the shananigans and goings-on that seem to be occurrin' on Wail ...
Glaze72 09/19/2008 8 1 1 2
How much is the ground game worth?
Hello All: Not to take away attention from Gustav and Palin (you know, if you combine the names you get the evil genius in a James Bond movie) but there is something that I have been wondering ...
Glaze72 08/31/2008 51 2 1 4
What the heck is up with Rasmussen?
I was over at Pollster earlier this evening (part of my daily fix, which includes Real Clear Politics, Five Thirty-Eight, and Electoral-Vote) and I noticed something very interesting on the tracker ...
Glaze72 08/08/2008 47 7 - 27
Preserve, protect, and defend
I was thinking this evening about what future generations will think about our almost universally despised, soon-to-be ex-president. Despite his delusions to the contrary, history has already ...
Glaze72 02/22/2008 13 2 - 1
Calling myself out
To tell the truth, I haven't always been a Democrat. When I was a teenager, I rooted for Bush Senior in the 1988 presidential election. I cannot really explain myself, other to reference a childhood ...
Glaze72 02/20/2008 3 8 - 5
Is the current poll format useless?
To make this diary as honest as possible, I will admit straight off the bat that I voted for Obama in the Illinois primary. I originally supported John Edwards, and was disappointed that he could ...
Glaze72 02/18/2008 6 - - 1
Another lost cause to support (with poll)
Hello again: Since it seems like I can't get anyone to read my diaries when I am serious (see my formal epistles on President Bush) I thought that I would return to my natural silliness. The ...
Glaze72 09/21/2007 8 1 1 6
Most of my diaries have been fairky silly. Snark about the president, not-terribly-subtle jokes about the Republican contenders for the nomination, but in this one I am being absolutely serious. It ...
Glaze72 09/15/2007 5 4 - 1
My letter to the President
I was having a discussion with a co-worker today. A joke has been making the rounds at my place of employment. Whenever a customer asks for something that is totally ridiculous, we have moved beyond ...
Glaze72 09/14/2007 1 1 - 1
Putting my money (and my back) where my mouth is
Like many of you (maybe even most of you) I consider myself to be an environmentalist. I recycle, I take public transportation to work (60 miles round-trip), I use the new lightbulbs, and I keep my ...
Glaze72 04/07/2007 14 6 1 2
At least he doesn't have a son
Over dinner tonight with a good friend of mine, I was discussing the projcted field for the presidential election next year. While he is way more conservative than I am, he is a good person and I ...
Glaze72 03/25/2007 11 3 - 2
Who's best for us in '08? (No silly, not Democrats)
Hello All: While taking my nightly constitutional around my humble abode this evening, I started to ponder about the potential Republican presidential candidate, and which one would best serve ...
Glaze72 01/25/2007 27 4 - 3
IL- 13: Let's go for the Hail Mary!
Glaze72 10/09/2006 20 14 1 22
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