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Honda vs Khanna: a Ro rerun in #CA17
In the months since losing to Rep. Mike Honda in California’s 17th Congressional district, Ro Khanna has been busy reinventing himself as the climate-friendly populist candidate. “I’ve ...
Glen The Plumber 05/30/2015 34 38 - -
Welcome New Users: Groups
In your "Welcome Back" box you will find many helpful links including your "stream" and "groups" Groucho Marx, or some other dead guy once said, “I would never be a member of a club that would ...
Glen The Plumber 05/09/2015 117 50 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing
Surely you’ve heard the incessant whining of Californians about the drought, “Oh noes! We only have one year of water left!” Even here in KTK, some kibitzers are assigning blame as we glare at ...
Glen The Plumber 03/27/2015 63 48 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: 3-18
Kitchen Table Kibitzing is a community series for those who wish to share part of the evening around a virtual kitchen table with kossacks who are caring and supportive of one another. So bring ...
Glen The Plumber 03/18/2015 94 30 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: Bill Kristol's #47traitors
Much ado has been made about the 47 Senators and their open letter to the leaders of Iran. Headlines proclaim " traitors ", while petitions at ...
Glen The Plumber 03/11/2015 115 75 1 -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: Cowards
Little Rock, AR (1957) Young students had to be escorted by the U.S. Army as crowds of angry white racists jeered and spat on the children.
Glen The Plumber 02/04/2015 145 42 - -
Climate Action Hub: March for Climate Leadership
Our Water, Our Health, Our California Climate activists from across California are heading to Gov. Brown’s longtime home of Oakland to encourage him to be a Climate Leader. With the state ...
Glen The Plumber 02/02/2015 17 39 - -
Saturday Morning Home Repair: 1/31
The Saturday Morning Home Repair Blog (SMHRB) is where we gather to discuss the many and varied aspects of home repair. Some here are trained professionals. Some, talented DIYers. All are welcome.
Glen The Plumber 01/31/2015 115 43 1 -
Saturday Morning Home Repair 1/24
The Saturday Morning Home Repair Blog (SMHRB) is where we gather to discuss the many and varied aspects of home repair. Some here are trained professionals. Some, talented DIYers. All are ...
Glen The Plumber 01/24/2015 103 34 - -
This Sunday: The Threat of Oil Trains in San Jose
If Phillips 66 gets approval to expand its railway spur and refinery , the tracks in San Jose and other California cities will get a lot busier. Five days a week mile-long trains carrying crude oil ...
Glen The Plumber 01/20/2015 28 31 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: 1/14/15
Glen The Plumber 01/14/2015 61 53 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: CA SoS Padilla asks, “How do we #BoostTheVote?”
After ...
Glen The Plumber 01/08/2015 46 36 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: Leftovers
...It's what's for dinner. A beautiful diary from noise of rain about the new Paris Light Brigade. h/t... belinda ...
Glen The Plumber 01/07/2015 156 39 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: Iconic
Rosa Parks ~ ...
Glen The Plumber 12/01/2014 89 46 - -
Saturday Morning Home Repair: 11-29
The Saturday Morning Home Repair Blog (SMHRB) is where we gather to discuss the many and varied aspects of home repair. Some here are trained professionals. Some talented DIYers. All are welcome. ...
Glen The Plumber 11/29/2014 83 47 - -
#BlackoutBlackFriday: The Time Has Come video
Priorities in America? On the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, parking lots are found empty. But on the Friday after the last Thursday in November, people are found fighting for ...
Glen The Plumber 11/28/2014 16 32 - -
Updated: Silicon Valley Kos Black Friday Events
See below, new times and locations for Silicon Valley Kos meet-ups Also added: Shuttles will be provided from the Fremont BART station for the Walmart event only. Shuttles will start at 1:30pm and ...
Glen The Plumber 11/26/2014 9 23 - -
Silicon Valley Kos: Black Friday Rally and Meetup
This is the country we’ve become: one wealthy family owns more wealth than the bottom 40% of Americans combined . They also ...
Glen The Plumber 11/23/2014 12 22 - -
Wall Street’s #1 Democrat in the country: Ro Khanna in #CA17
According to the Center for Responsive Politics’ list of candidates receiving the most money from Wall Street donors, Ro Khanna is #3. He finds himself at the ...
Glen The Plumber 11/03/2014 26 55 1 -
Tales from the Trail: Getting Out the Vote in #CA17
I intended my final GOTV article to cover the $330,000 that was dumped into Ro Khanna’s super PAC after the FEC filing deadline allowing those donors to remain anonymous until after the election, ...
Glen The Plumber 11/02/2014 12 24 2 -
Fight back against big money in #CA17: GOTV for Mike Honda
How can we fight back against the Venture Capital and Enron hedge fund money pouring into California’s 17th congressional district? Get Out The Vote by going door to door or by phone to make sure ...
Glen The Plumber 10/28/2014 4 27 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: Regrets
Surely you all can imagine I’ve had a few, but worry not, today I will share only one. It is a reoccurring regret that relates to our local mayoral race, one of the nastier in history. San Jose’...
Glen The Plumber 10/26/2014 39 35 1 -
Bold Progressive Alan Grayson wants you to GOTV for Mike Honda in #CA17
In an effort to counter opponent Ro Khanna’s support from a billionaire funded Super Pac, congressperson Alan Grayson and Progressive Change Campaign Committee ( have joined ...
Glen The Plumber 10/24/2014 6 26 - -
Mike Honda pushes back in #CA17 with new ad.
Since entering the race for California’s congressional district 17, the Ro Khanna campaign has flooded the district with despicable, malicious, and misleading attacks ...
Glen The Plumber 10/20/2014 29 77 1 -
GOTV: Howard Dean, “A Battle for the Future of the Democratic Party” #CA17
When patent-lawyer and ex-Deputy Assistant Secretary at Obama’s Commerce Department, Ro Khanna, announced his intentions to run against incumbent Democrat Mike Honda, the national media was a buzz -
Glen The Plumber 10/17/2014 56 132 2 -
Silicon Valley Kossacks: Honda/Khanna Debate Open Thread CA17
The debate between Democratic Congressman Mike Honda and challenger Ro Khanna, for California's 17th district will be aired at 6:30 PDT on NBC Bay Area. The debate is hosted by Huffington Post and ...
Glen The Plumber 10/06/2014 18 18 - -
Ro Khanna’s campaign drags the #CA17 race into the mud ...with the help of his media pals
As Election Day nears, the battle for California’s 17th congressional district has gotten ugly; with Ro Khanna’s campaign realizing their only hope is to fling mud at the well-respected, ...
Glen The Plumber 10/06/2014 17 31 - -
Silicon Valley Kossacks Day of Action 10/11: Bonus Mike Honda’s new ad
Mike Honda running for ...
Glen The Plumber 09/29/2014 11 19 - -
Silicon Valley Kossack’s Day of Action with the Mike Honda campaign 10/11
A recent email was sent out by Howard Dean and Democracy for America (DFA), the subject line proclaimed, “The Dean Dozen: Taking the fight to the GOP”. Being part of the San Francisco bay area, ...
Glen The Plumber 09/19/2014 22 26 - -
Ro Khanna has a Big Money problem #CA17
…But it is not the kind shared by many working-class Americans. The new start-up “CrowdPac” is seeking to provide easy to digest information to voters, the kind usually only available to ...
Glen The Plumber 09/06/2014 24 47 - -
Ro Khanna: The Distortion Candidate #CA17
Distort |disˈtôrt| give a misleading or false account or impression of. Mike Honda, Peace Corp I’ve seen the website, Truth Squad 17 , a site "committed to a campaign ...
Glen The Plumber 09/01/2014 41 47 1 -
Ro Khanna is “right-of-center on tech and business issues”
…And who am I to disagree. Last week when the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce PAC announced their endorsement of Democratic candidate Ro Khanna, praising him as “right-...
Glen The Plumber 08/26/2014 20 41 - -
Ro Khanna fails his first leadership test
Good leaders lead by example. Seems obvious to parents, who without pause would say to their children, “If your friend is bullying somebody, you tell your friend to stop. If your friend doesn't ...
Glen The Plumber 08/19/2014 53 65 1 -
Silicon Valley Kossacks: Meet Up This Sunday
Whether a Daily Kos registered user or a casual reader, you are welcome to join us this Sunday. Not being centered on a specific event or topic, this will be a chance to meet other like-minded ...
Glen The Plumber 08/14/2014 18 17 - -
Teabaggers Join the Carpetbagger to Unseat Mike Honda
Noted misogynist and one-term congressmember Ernie Konnyu (pronounced, con you) of San Jose, is attempting to garner funds and the support of the Tea Party Express to unseat Democratic ...
Glen The Plumber 08/08/2014 15 26 - -
Open Carry Boobs vs. Open Carry Boobs
This is too good not to share. But I must warn you, the video is NSFW. Only in America would we find women walking around with boobs more offensive then boobs walking around with AK-47's. It seems ...
Glen The Plumber 07/28/2014 255 203 2 -
"She said, 'Don’t shoot me, I’m pregnant…' and I shot her anyway"
Even if you have never had something stolen or your house broken into, many of can imagine the anger and fear you would feel, the sense of invasion. Our home is our castle, a safe haven from the ...
Glen The Plumber 07/25/2014 341 108 2 -
The Real Problem with America
Only 18.2 million citizens of 122.8 eligible to vote actually cast a ballot in the 15 recent primary elections. Only 1.5 of every 10 citizens eligible to vote even bothered.
Glen The Plumber 07/21/2014 155 124 3 -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: In the Year 2525…
...if man is still alive, if woman can survive, they may find.
Glen The Plumber 07/20/2014 146 37 - -
Welcome New Users: Scooch Over and Make Room for the Newbies
For the last year, Daily Kos has been working hard to improve an already powerful tool for activists and bloggers, even supporting an effort to take the Daily Kos experience offline with the ...
Glen The Plumber 05/04/2014 110 100 1 -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: Would you rather fast or meet with John Boehner?
I must admit, neither sound appealing, but across America over 1200 moms are hoping to do both. No, they did not go crazy; they have a message for Boehner, “Bring immigration reform to a vote now!��
Glen The Plumber 04/04/2014 133 59 1 -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing 3/19/14: Do You Believe?
Do you believe that grass is green? Do you believe that fire is hot? Do you believe that Climate Change is happening? No, it is not a belief; it’s what we know . Marshall Shepherd ...
Glen The Plumber 03/19/2014 47 44 - -
Silicon Valley Kossacks: Upcoming Events
Grassroots Kick-Off with Rep. Mike Honda This Saturday! This weekend is going to be a big one for the campaign: Congressman Honda is going to be kicking off our grassroots efforts at our campaign ...
Glen The Plumber 03/19/2014 10 16 - -
Saturday Morning Home Repair Blog: 3-1-14
The Saturday Morning Home Repair Blog (SMHRB) is where we gather to discuss the many and varied aspects of home repair. Some here are trained professionals. Some, talented DIYers. Some, hopeless ...
Glen The Plumber 03/01/2014 98 51 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing 1/21/14: Plumber vs. Theoretical Physicist
Recently I read an article by a Theoretical Physicist titled, “Polar Vortex, Climate Change, Red Herring?” and he seems like a ...
Glen The Plumber 01/21/2014 93 59 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: 1-3-14
Having been under the weather for the last week, I missed much of the Kibitzers bringing in the New Year. Below the fold you will not find a sentimental video or thoughtful quotes, just a few ...
Glen The Plumber 01/03/2014 198 58 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing 12/26/13
Kitchen Table Kibitzing is a community series for those who wish to share part of the evening around a virtual kitchen table with kossacks who are caring and supportive of one another. So bring ...
Glen The Plumber 12/26/2013 55 32 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: 12-20-13
Happy Friday Kibitzers! Hopefully most of you are getting ready to enjoy a couple weeks off the big hamster wheel of life to spend time with friends and family, so tonight I’ll make it easy …...
Glen The Plumber 12/20/2013 134 37 - -
Reno Shooting: 2 Injured - 2 Dead Including Shooter
Another day, another shooting. Will update below as more info becomes available. Don't just sit there something. Moms Demand Action Americans for Responsible Solutions ~ Gabby ...
Glen The Plumber 12/17/2013 55 56 - -
We Are All Newtown: 12/14 Blogathon
Today we try to pay tribute to victims of gun violence in Newtown, and every town across the country. Please help amplify our message by recommending these diaries and sharing them through social ...
Glen The Plumber 12/14/2013 72 86 - -
Saturday Morning Home Repair: Compost Bins
A few years ago while considering ways to reduce our trash stream, we started composting at our house. It seemed a waste to dump food scraps in with the garbage destined for the landfill when we ...
Glen The Plumber 12/07/2013 180 143 16 -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing 12/6/13: Consumed with Consuming
Like many families in America, last Thursday we gathered together to celebrate Thanksgiving. For me, it is time spent enjoying the company of my family, and a time to be thankful for what I ...
Glen The Plumber 12/06/2013 157 48 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing 11/27/13: A Little Girl Determined to Share Her Message with Obama
Welcome Kibitzers! Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Soon the sun will set at the Plumbers’ house and the menorah will be lit, kicking off the first night of Hanukkah. When combined with Thanksgiving break ...
Glen The Plumber 11/27/2013 92 61 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing 11/22/13
After weeks of reading the recipe diaries by side pocket, Chrislove and bastrop, I thought I would submit my own. Up to the attic I went, plying through boxes of old family recipes. We’ve all seen ...
Glen The Plumber 11/22/2013 141 53 - -
Firearms Law and Policy: Sunnyvale, CA Measure C
Mayor Tony Spitaleri Earlier this month in Sunnyvale, CA, with the threat of an NRA lawsuit hanging over their heads, voters passed Measure C with over 66% of the vote. Motivated by the tragedy at ...
Glen The Plumber 11/20/2013 58 46 1 -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing 11/6/13
Welcome Kibitzers! Yes, tonight the plumber will be setting the table. Please check seats for errant forks. You may wonder why I’m guest hosting on a Wednesday. Well, tonight is a special ...
Glen The Plumber 11/06/2013 135 45 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing 10/25: Gordon goes to the White House
As the Official Daily Kos Plumber* I often find little treasures floating among the muck of the intertubes. Just this week I found a little gem flowing off the recent list. * not intended to be a ...
Glen The Plumber 10/25/2013 55 47 2 -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: 10/11/13
Halloween is just around the corner and soon little kids across the country will be dressing up as their favorite movie characters. My little one chose to be Frankenstein's monster which should be ...
Glen The Plumber 10/11/2013 116 51 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: 10/5/13 Shutoff the Shutdown
After a week of #GOPShutdown insanity this news junkie needs to shut it off or at least change the channel for a bit. Haven’t we seen enough of these sociopathic anti-government public servants ...
Glen The Plumber 10/05/2013 72 38 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: 9/20/13
Happy Friday Kibitzers! Yes, I have wrestled the controls back from palantir. I mean really, chess? This place was overrun with brainiacs and intelligent conversation. But worry not my friends, I ...
Glen The Plumber 09/20/2013 89 49 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing:9/11/13
Kitchen Table Kibitzing is a community series for those who wish to share part of their evening around a virtual kitchen table with kossacks who are caring and supportive of one another. So bring ...
Glen The Plumber 09/11/2013 132 42 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: 9/6/13
Happy Friday Kibitzers! As always feel free to kibitz away. palantir will be hosting next Friday’s KTK post. I predict something science related, maybe a video? Next week ...
Glen The Plumber 09/06/2013 186 60 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzers: 8/30/13
Happy Friday Kibitzers, as always you are free to skip all this gibberish and head straight for the comment section. That is where the real fun is and I know you've been waiting all day to post ...
Glen The Plumber 08/30/2013 105 49 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing 8/21/13: If I had been at the Daily Kos Caucus
Happy Friday Wednesday Kibitzers. Please feel free to kibitz at will. At Netroots Nation ’13 in the Orange Room, Daily Kos staff caucused with members to share some upcoming improvements and ...
Glen The Plumber 08/21/2013 51 34 - -
Chevron's Richmond Refinery
August 6 was the 68th anniversary of the day we dropped the bomb on Hiroshima and marked the 1-year anniversary of the Chevron refinery explosion in Richmond, CA. It became apparent in the years ...
Glen The Plumber 08/20/2013 91 143 3 -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: “Don’t Fund Evil”
Happy Friday Kibitzers! Please feel free to kibitz at will. Speaking of kibitzing, 350 Silicon Valley has an email chat group with many members kibitzing about all ...
Glen The Plumber 08/16/2013 144 75 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing
Welcome or welcome back to Kitchen Table Kibitzing, a community series that posts nightly at 8:00 Eastern. remembrance and nomandates came up with the idea for this series during Netroots Nation ...
Glen The Plumber 07/31/2013 119 50 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing
Welcome to Kitchen Table Kibitzing, a new community series that will post nightly at 5:00 Pacific, 6:00 Mountain, 7:00 Central, 8:00 Eastern. remembrance and nomandates came up with the idea for ...
Glen The Plumber 07/25/2013 140 55 1 -
Six Meet-Ups in One Day ...But Only One Had Scat and Carcasses: SFKossacks Rule!
All across the country Kossacks gathered to meet up with like-minded people, sharing drink, food and great conversation. The SFKossacks were one of these groups, but we took it to a different level.
Glen The Plumber 07/21/2013 202 106 1 -
Kos Katalogue: How to Bring the Beauty of Nature Into Your Home
Before we get to the real show I’d like to remind you to “Hotlist” the Kos Katalogue Mothership. Just click the encircled + under the title , you can add a note to yourself such as, “I love ...
Glen The Plumber 07/12/2013 62 59 5 -
SMHRB: Joan McCarter is Unhinged is true and you can help. "um...excuse me...can Joan come out and play?" Well it is not actually that type of unhinged.
Glen The Plumber 07/06/2013 330 156 2 -
350 Silicon Valley: Obama's Palo Alto Visit w/ Photos
Thursday June 6th President Obama came to Palo Alto, CA for a fundraiser. 350 Silicon Valley was determined to make sure he heard our opposition to the KXL pipeline. Thursday was also my nephew’s ...
Glen The Plumber 06/08/2013 87 119 5 -
“Hey Canada! Take Your Carbon and Stick It… Back in the Ground!”
That is what we wish President Obama would say to Canada, but that is not likely to happen. We will be lucky if he tells them they can’t transport their dirty Tar Sands oil across our country. ...
Glen The Plumber 06/06/2013 52 88 2 -
Benghazi!! Umbrella!! 400ppm? ...Yawn
While Congress is busy chasing the next great conspiracy in Benghazi or voting to repeal Obamacare for the 37 millionth time - the arctic icecap is quickly disappearing. In early April, Carlos ...
Glen The Plumber 05/20/2013 75 114 - -
Okiciyap Quilt Auction: Helping the Helpers Who Helped the Helpers
I have watched and supported the Okiciyap (we help) group since I came upon a call for supplies for the Isabel community of South Dakota. The 8500 residents living on the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe ...
Glen The Plumber 03/18/2013 54 58 - -
Sandy Hook Ride on Washington: Day 1 Wrap-up
The Team 26 riders have completed the first leg of their journey to Washington, DC. Tonight they rest for leg two of a four-day quest to bring attention to their town’s call for “common sense ...
Glen The Plumber 03/09/2013 45 91 1 -
Are Californians Ready to Add Their Voices Against Citizens United?
California State Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski (D-Fremont) has just introduced AB 644, a ballot measure sponsored by Common Cause asking Californians to add their voices to the growing number of ...
Glen The Plumber 02/21/2013 22 35 2 -
Forward on Climate: 350 Silicon Valley...A Call to Action
The Obama administration has done environmentalists a favor by delaying the Keystone XL pipeline decision until June. This will allow activists across the country extra time to raise awareness. Of ...
Glen The Plumber 02/11/2013 48 102 3 -
Saturday Morning Home Repair Blog: Solder Joints
The Saturday Morning Home Repair Blog (SMHRB) is where we gather to discuss the many and varied aspects of home repair. Some here are trained professionals. Some, talented DIYers. Some, hopeless ...
Glen The Plumber 01/26/2013 158 108 7 -
Joe Biden Discusses Gun Violence: Updated with Video
Gun violence has not stopped, neither has the conversation on how to reduce it. Today Joe Biden continues the discussion at
Glen The Plumber 01/24/2013 20 35 - - Do The Math…So Simple Even a Plumber Can Understand
Recently my wife and I attended Bill McKibben’s “Do the Math” tour, we were both excited, yet a little nervous. Would we understand the math…would we understand the science? Neither of us ...
Glen The Plumber 12/03/2012 84 180 2 -
Saturday Morning Home Repair: v7.16
The Saturday Morning Home Repair Blog (SMHRB) is where we gather to discuss the many and varied aspects of home repair. Some here are trained professionals. Some, talented DIYers. Some, hopeless ...
Glen The Plumber 12/01/2012 150 54 - -
Must See...and Share Video
Since the debate many here have been freaking out. "Oh noes..!!..Romney is winning..!!..Romney has Obama on the ropes..!!" I'm sorry, but you can't win a debate with lies and this debate is not over.
Glen The Plumber 10/09/2012 45 25 - 163
Shining a Light on Voter Registration Fraud in Florida
After ACORN reported some voter registration forms that appeared to be fraudulent, the media and Republicans jumped into action. Of course in their usual “shoot first, aim later” fashion, they ...
Glen The Plumber 09/27/2012 28 32 - 166
Dream Menders: Save Our State
Californians will be voting on two propositions this November and the stakes are high. Will we reject Brown’s tax proposal and drown an already sinking public school system? Will we be tricked ...
Glen The Plumber 09/23/2012 39 51 1 201
Saturday Morning Home Repair: Building an Experience
::Creak:: goes the door as we open the shop. I’m very excited to be hosting the SMHRB! This is the first community I stumbled upon after joining DK. Every Saturday morning claude and his crew ...
Glen The Plumber 05/19/2012 70 74 1 313
Dream Menders: Holding on to the American Dream
We have lost our grip on the American Dream, the corporatist and bankers are trying to snatch it out of our hands. I always felt if you kept yourself informed and made educated votes that as a ...
Glen The Plumber 01/16/2012 51 50 - 216
Daily Kos Subscriptions and the nOOb
Glen The Plumber 12/18/2011 124 83 3 650
Farmworkers Reality Tour: A Smack in the Face.
Having lived my entire life within a 1 hour drive of Watsonville I was not completely naive of the migrant farm worker’s plight. My early years were spent growing up in a “comfortable” lower ...
Glen The Plumber 11/13/2011 66 92 2 480
Occupy San Jose – Day 20 (Occupiers Arrested)
Friday morning brought news that Police had arrested the San Jose Occupiers . All tents and supplies had been confiscated. Some have been released, while others are ...
Glen The Plumber 10/22/2011 35 43 1 204
Occupy San Jose -€“ Day 14 and a personal note.
Friday morning my mother passed away. We lost an important member of our family and a friend of many. We kissed, hugged and told her good-bye as the warmth of her life slowly left her body. I could ...
Glen The Plumber 10/15/2011 82 71 1 290
Occupy San Jose - Day 8
Today’s Occupy San Jose had the feel of a street fair with a wide range of people. You saw families with kids, people with dogs and lizards. Groups working on posters. Food and drinks had been ...
Glen The Plumber 10/09/2011 51 57 - 276
Occupy San Jose: Threatened with arrest tonight at 11:00
I had planned on posting a diary this weekend on Occupy San Jose . San Jose is not known for wild protest. The group I ...
Glen The Plumber 10/07/2011 42 37 1 259
I must...
After watching my DK friends struggle in frustration for weeks since MB left, fighting for what they believe is right, at times almost begging for moderation and direction only to to banned or have ...
Glen The Plumber 09/11/2011 5 20 - 108
Max the Cat Needs A Home
You may have heard the story of Max The Cat’s reluctant rise to fame . Max became famous by no choice of his own when ...
Glen The Plumber 09/11/2011 53 115 - 642
The Crapture is upon us...
I have sat quietly by all week as the non-plumbers pondered the implications of the coming crapture and found many to have erroneous ideas of how they will fare on judgment day. After 25 years of ...
Glen The Plumber 05/20/2011 29 20 - 151
The Fric 'n' "Frack" Shim Sham
After reading Meteor Blades' excellent ...
Glen The Plumber 04/19/2011 1 6 - 137
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