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D.C. Residents: Too poor or too black?
As the District of Columbia busies itself throwing sand in the gears of the latest Supreme Court ruling, I can't help but be reminded of the Jim Crow laws in the deep south. I see gun control as ...
GoSlash27 06/30/2008 40 1 - 18
VT one year later
It has been nearly a year since the tragic Virginia Tech massacre and that fact is dominating the current news cycle . As the debate rages on ...
GoSlash27 04/12/2008 52 1 - 18
Plan B?
When discussing the 2nd Amendment with gun control advocates, the discourse will often drift to the original intent; giving "We the People" the means with which to defend ourselves from a ...
GoSlash27 05/13/2007 28 2 - 2
The Case of the The Fifty Caliber Pink Elephant
The '06 midterm election can fairly be called the most spectacular congressional ass-whuppin' in recent history. The People swept the incumbents out of power as the inevitable consequence of hubris,
GoSlash27 05/12/2007 139 11 - 8
Why is MSNBC lying?
As we all know, MSNBC hosted the first Republican debate of the '08 cycle at the Reagan presidential library Thursday night. They also set up a poll at their website to rate the candidates. They ...
GoSlash27 05/05/2007 58 28 2 11
Gun control advocates: You been had.
Show of hands: How many of you gun control advocates actually believe what the Brady website tells you? Today I'm going to point out every single outright lie in just one pamphlet and prove to you ...
GoSlash27 04/30/2007 87 6 - 83
A few questions for the gun control crowd
We have a habit of getting lost in all the noise about Constitutionality, Judicial review, "cop-killer" bullets, and political expediency. All of these issues are moot if we can't establish that ...
GoSlash27 04/29/2007 102 4 1 9
Virginia Tech: How to fix the system
Okay, so the Brady background check didn't catch the madman; didn't keep him from acquiring handguns. One of the central tenets of gun control has been exposed as less-than-ideal and the next ...
GoSlash27 04/24/2007 5 1 - -
The Virginia Maxim
"Guns are incapable of obeying the law and psychopaths are disinclined"-GoSlash27 Last night I requested proposals for ...
GoSlash27 04/20/2007 11 4 1 7
Virginia Tech: Gun control failure?
The senseless massacre at Virginia Tech has once again ignited the gun control debate. Proponents of gun control are proclaiming that more rigid controls might have prevented the bloodshed while ...
GoSlash27 04/19/2007 156 6 1 16
Gun control by the numbers part 2: Suicide
The previous entry in this series dealt ...
GoSlash27 03/31/2007 57 5 - -
Gun control by the numbers
Another diary in a series that exposes the Washington emotional manipulation of a fundamental American right. Gun control: the myth of the accidental firearm discharge...
GoSlash27 03/28/2007 112 2 - 30
DailyKos: A pro-gun community
At least, according to my highly unscientific poll conducted just last night .
GoSlash27 03/17/2007 220 7 3 17
I'm pro-gun. So are you.
It took me a long while to catch on, but I finally did it. It all started with last week's ...
GoSlash27 03/16/2007 189 12 - 27
Wonkette: Makin' it up as they go
When I penned (so to speak) my original diatribe against ...
GoSlash27 12/25/2006 49 4 3 51
Wonkette: Liar
Perusing the internets last night led me to a highly suspect entry on her blog:
GoSlash27 12/23/2006 127 6 - 92
Not this time.
GoSlash27 11/16/2006 2 3 - 2
Adventures of a moderate
GoSlash27 08/21/2005 20 - - 12
Thank God for Neo-cons
GoSlash27 11/07/2004 - - - -
Like pullin' teeth...
GoSlash27 11/06/2004 3 1 - -
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