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The man who shrinks brain tumors
Dr. Thomas Seyfried is a cancer researcher awaiting approval for clinical trial on human subjects for testing of cancer management strategies that treat it as a metabolic disease rather than a ...
GoogleBonhoeffer 01/29/2015 59 16 2 -
Citizens United - A nonvoter's perspective
I didn't vote yesterday. I haven't posted here in a couple years. Citizens United changed me. It didn't make me give up on change - but it forced me to think of a new approach to change. I ...
GoogleBonhoeffer 11/06/2014 19 - - -
Dying vets letter and GOP drone on FB
While on FB I just came across the "Dying Vet's Letter" diaried by Vetwife. And I happened to first notice it scroll down my menu while trapped in an argument with a scum-sucking Cheney-Republican -
GoogleBonhoeffer 03/19/2013 1 2 - -
I am not fat
I am not fat. I am a physically fit 38 year old and future Registered Dietitian (RD), not the enemy of people with obesity nor their judge. And for the record, I can't stand the taste of coconut ...
GoogleBonhoeffer 02/10/2013 51 24 1 -
The drugging of our children and Adam Lanza
According to a neighbor of Adam Lanza he was on medication for some type of personality disorder.
GoogleBonhoeffer 12/15/2012 19 14 1 -
Demand release of gunman's "medication" history
Killing requires a lifeless piece of metal and a living breathing human. Without the living human, there is no death. So why aren't we asking questions about the human factors involved while we ...
GoogleBonhoeffer 12/14/2012 87 10 - -
Shorted the sh*t out of R-money, won BIG
Shorting is when you bet against a company based on your prediction the company is overvalued and will lose value in the future. I know a piece of shit when I see one. In this case, the company ...
GoogleBonhoeffer 11/07/2012 11 24 - -
Nervous, sleepless, angry? Yes We Can
My mood in 2008 was high adrenaline pure elation. My energy measured in dollars was $2,500 that I helped raise for the Obama campaign for Hope and Change plus another $200 I kicked in of my own ...
GoogleBonhoeffer 11/05/2012 2 6 - -
Good sign Obama believes NC WINNABLE (UPDATE w/ speculation of O appearance)
Snipet Longtime North Carolina Democratic consultant Gary Pearce said the first lady's appearance is a good sign Obama believes North Carolina is winnable .
GoogleBonhoeffer 11/02/2012 109 239 2 -
Nate Silver unskews Morning Joe
Nate Silver has been the target of rabid right wing extremists lashing out at him for stretching their pea brains with arithmetic, calling him ""a man of very small stature" and "a thin and ...
GoogleBonhoeffer 11/01/2012 299 526 5 -
Skeptic Christie asked for "more science" on climate change
Katrina passed without a serious discussion about climate change. That tragedy parallels the damage caused by the superstorm itself. We squandered a serious opportunity to engage the country in a ...
GoogleBonhoeffer 10/30/2012 10 16 - -
Nail Meets Coffin - Obama's final attack ad
On Yahoo mainpage of ALL places (I've been especially pissed off at them on a daily basis for their bias and recently remarked here on dailykos that Democrats need to do something about Yahoo. The ...
GoogleBonhoeffer 10/27/2012 105 282 4 -
Obama IS "doubling down" in FL, VA and NC
Obama For America IS "doubling down" in FL, VA and NC. Last week Romney retreated to Ohio claiming his campaign had locked up NC, VA and FL. Bullshit, Mitt. You're boxed into Ohio and you know ...
GoogleBonhoeffer 10/26/2012 190 199 3 -
PPP NC O 48 R 48
President Obama now TIED in ...
GoogleBonhoeffer 10/25/2012 24 19 - -
I think POTUS just sank Romney's battleship
SMASHING debate. My vote for most crushing blow delivered by our rope-a-dope Commander In Chief I think POTUS just sank Romney's battleship — John Kerry (@JohnKerry) October 23, ...
GoogleBonhoeffer 10/22/2012 20 27 1 -
Romney offered "sketchy" deal last night
The moment that stood out to me most in the debate is when President Obama hammered Mitt for offering America a “sketchy deal” on taxes that not even Romney himself would ever accept as a smart ...
GoogleBonhoeffer 10/17/2012 1 2 - -
Who does this remind you of?
Who does this 30-second clip from the 1980's remind you of? Please tell me I'm not the only one!
GoogleBonhoeffer 10/12/2012 3 3 - -
Better Off 4 Years Ago: I Remember
Are you better off than you were four years ago? Jesus of Nazareth on a Dinosaur! Is this a trick question or something? Did our species suddenly lose its ability to think back further than 4 ...
GoogleBonhoeffer 09/06/2012 7 6 - 64
The most destructive trick on Wall St
When you own a home or office building, nobody is entitled to a stake in your property unless they have provided you with capital beforehand. If someone provides you with capital investment in ...
GoogleBonhoeffer 10/22/2011 17 15 - 134
The real reason why you lost and you should know it
I'm really struggling to understand why anyone feels stunned by the outcome of the 2010 Election. I am amazed, however, at how quick some are to assume near full blame for it. And I strongly ...
GoogleBonhoeffer 11/03/2010 55 19 - 46
David Sirota: ClearChannel Tool (revised)
David Sirota, author of THIS smear job and anti-Obama rant is blindly ...
GoogleBonhoeffer 08/05/2010 237 14 - 52
Obama calls for media boycott, for real.  w/update
In case your were wondering, it appears as though Barack Obama is totally fed up with the mainstream media right along with us. In fact, he's asking us to do something unprecedented in ...
GoogleBonhoeffer 08/25/2008 587 1205 36 118
Obama beat McCain's brains out last night
In one hour flat, regardless of style or performance or substance or pundit analysis, Obama successfully disarmed the GOP attack machine by catapulting above the Muslim question. He accomplished ...
GoogleBonhoeffer 08/17/2008 83 50 - 35
To make a long story short, I shook hands with Senator Obama but the most memorable moment of the evening came from one of the other audience members. Midway through his speech, Obama talked about ...
GoogleBonhoeffer 01/12/2008 42 18 - 19
The GOP prefers Hillary to Obama 2 to 1
If you decide to launch an attack a perceived terrorist threat, you must continue the occupation of that country even when their innocence has been revealed. Sadam was not conspiring with Osama and ...
GoogleBonhoeffer 12/09/2007 46 2 - 1
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