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Send a Cop a Constitution
Quick diary here. As many of you know, on 1/29, Diarist Jen Hayden posted this diary about the ridiculous arrest of Deputy Public Defender Jami Tillotson while she was representing her client in a ...
Graff4Dean 02/02/2015 7 7 - -
Amen, brother.
Today I got extremely lucky. I switched out the CD in my car, and when that happened, the radio clicked on to our local NPR station. Lo and behold, Senator Harry Reid was on the State of Nevada ...
Graff4Dean 01/15/2013 5 6 - -
I should be dead...but I'm not - A story for Yom Kippur
I should be dead. If what happened on July 5th of 2010 had happened on July 5th of 1990, I probably would have not have survived. On July 5, 2010, I was involved in a really, really bad car accident.
Graff4Dean 09/18/2010 14 35 - 190
No Dean scream in 2008!
The windbags in the traditional media are at it again. Now, supporters of Senator Obama are members of a cult of ...
Graff4Dean 02/16/2008 9 1 - -
Two helicopters collide, killing 4...
Lifting shamelessly from CNN... (CNN) -- Four people were killed Friday afternoon when helicopters from two rival TV news stations in Phoenix, Arizona, collided while shooting a police ...
Graff4Dean 07/27/2007 23 9 2 -
With apologies to Thomas Jefferson, improved!
Last time around hardly anyone read this, and because I think that it is really important, I've reposted it. Also, to give it a better effect of comparison to the actual Declaration of Independence, ...
Graff4Dean 01/14/2007 3 3 - -
With sincerest apologies to Thomas Jefferson (repost)
Last time around hardly anyone read this, and because I think that it is really important, I've reposted it. As a first year law student, I have the privilege of instruction in the area of ...
Graff4Dean 01/11/2007 6 4 - -
Thank you, Howard
Graff4Dean 11/08/2006 1 4 - -
Taking back our elections
Graff4Dean 06/22/2006 25 35 - 141
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