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Afikomen prizes for adults
If you no longer have young children at your Passover Seder, I have a suggestion for an alternative approach to the Afikomen tradition that brings in more of the Jewish sensibility of the ritual ...
Greg306 03/29/2015 14 25 - -
THE question for Rick Perry, Ron Paul, etc.
As we get closer to the 2016 primary season, it's time to (a) get the potential Republican Presidential candidates on the record on topics that may impede them in the unfortunate event that one of ...
Greg306 07/13/2014 8 2 - -
"Can he play?"
Before you make too many assumptions about the Dallas Cowboys and their fans (yes, I have been one since I was a kid in 1970 in New Jersey and certainly could not root for the Jets, Giants, or Eagles)
Greg306 02/10/2014 8 3 - -
Clear line between middle class and wealthier = $113,700
As we head towards another round of debate on the trade-offs between tax increases and spending cuts, a key battle will be fought over the definition of middle class. How we frame the issue of a ...
Greg306 02/09/2013 50 9 1 -
Response to debt limit threat: a Republican poison pill
If we are going to have a stupid fight in the House over the debt limit, it might help the negotiations to have an equally stupid counter-measure to address a failure to raise the debt limit in a ...
Greg306 01/05/2013 11 5 - -
Response to anti-Obama clown ad
I was unusually angered by a Facebook posting this morning of Obama as a clown, and the caption: "Thanking Obama for killing bin Laden is like going into McDonald's and thanking Ronald McDonald for ...
Greg306 05/04/2012 15 5 - 102
Countering anti-Muslim xenophobia: pre-9/11/11 Edition
I had been aware of anti-Islamic beliefs in America for years, but when a favorite author of mine published a novel filled with anti-Islamic themes, I followed-up and found an echo chamber of weak ...
Greg306 09/06/2011 31 23 4 246
NASA had 8.4% of world scientific return in 2010
This is the nineteenth annual calculation of the Science News metric, which can be used to measure NASA contributions to worldwide scientific discovery and technological achievement. This metric ...
Greg306 01/14/2011 58 29 1 64
NASA produced 8.7% of world scientific return in 2009
For several decades I have been calculating a metric to assess the scientific contributions from NASA programs. Back in 1992 as a NASA employee, I led some teams that explored a variety of measures (...
Greg306 01/10/2010 127 135 2 38
Real example of socialized medicine
I received the following email from my brother-in-law regarding his recent hospitalization in Japan. He has allowed me to quote it at length here; his comments speak for themselves.
Greg306 11/27/2009 16 14 - 95
Mobius Republicans: Everything can be one-sided if you twist it in the middle
I am getting weary of repeatedly re-acquainting my Republican friends with why they are wrong. Each new argument requires listening politely to the latest wignuttery, then identifying the fallacies ...
Greg306 09/05/2009 8 5 - 64
"Cash for clunkers" changed my behavior
I don't like buying new cars. And while my family's current financial situation is better than that facing many others, with two kids in private college this fall and economic uncertainty that ...
Greg306 07/29/2009 67 19 - 176
My health care letter to Sen. Feinstein
I am a Feinstein voter who is not pleased with your position on health care reform. I am alive because in 1975 my parents had excellent health insurance that enabled me to get the very best care ...
Greg306 06/22/2009 23 17 1 34
The pigs flying over hell must be wearing parkas
When pigs fly, when hell freezes over, when the bread lands butter-side up.. All of these impossibilities pale compare to what's going on now at Redstate: Email Fox...NOT Fair and ...
Greg306 10/15/2008 9 9 - -
Who is Neel Kashkari, the $700B man?
He's about to be given an awesome amount of financial power, according to emerging ...
Greg306 10/05/2008 28 16 - 68
Punish Bad Behavior: Why Hillary can never be nominated
The most fundamental principle of leadership, management and parenting is one of the simplest: "Reward good behavior and punish bad behavior." If you deviate from this principle, all you will get ...
Greg306 04/30/2008 8 8 - -
Obama Speech on KPCC 89.3 in LA at 7PM
Apologize for the brevity, but during All Things Considered about ten minutes ago, our local NPR station announced that they will play Senator Obama's speech from Constitution Hall in its entirety ...
Greg306 03/18/2008 4 5 1 -
Will Boeing go for Obama?
Large corporations tend to support Republicans because their CEO's see in as being in the immediate interests of their share-holders to do so. However, Boeing today lost a huge contract to EADS, for ...
Greg306 02/29/2008 15 4 - 1
Obama offers hope of redemption to proud Bush supporters
I participate in a bi-partisan on-line forum, and when I logged in on Friday I was stunned to find many of the most vocal conservative/Republican posters discussing whether or not to change ...
Greg306 01/05/2008 11 4 - 1
Immediate threat to human life - Tropical Cyclone Sidr
I am not an expert, but between 100,000 and perhaps far more human beings are at risk tonight in Bangladesh and Western India near Calcutta. Sidr is currently at the high end of the scale for a ...
Greg306 11/14/2007 22 22 - 6
Prediction: Climate Change will be sleeper issue in 2008
This is my second prediction diary (the first predicted the Bush death spiral in Feb 2006, see below). My second prediction is that climate change will be the surprise issue dominating the ...
Greg306 06/29/2007 16 7 - -
Slush fund "subject to the approval of the Vice President"?
I was searching for how the Vice President's Office was described in the federal budget (yes, it's under the appropriation for the Executive Office of the President), but I found something even more ...
Greg306 06/26/2007 11 35 2 36
A different kind of horror movie
Greg306 09/13/2006 4 1 - -
Competition: Best Summary of Democratic Values
Greg306 05/20/2006 9 3 - -
Best evidence yet that the Republicans will lose the House in November
Greg306 03/24/2006 8 8 - -
Senators have a duty to censure and impeach
Greg306 03/13/2006 7 2 - -
Say "No" to Iowa and New Hampshire
Greg306 03/11/2006 28 11 - -
Target Republicans, not Bush (Cheney, Libby, etc.)
Greg306 02/26/2006 12 8 1 -
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