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Social Security is Not Even Close to Being a Ponzi or Pyramid Scheme
I have had it with the lie most prominently proclaimed of late by the latest theocon Texan whom wants to be an anti New Deal President that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. That’s a through the ...
Gregory Paul 09/09/2011 11 3 - 39
Can We Please Stop Pretending that Christianity is Anti-Socialism? Please? Pt 1
Part 1: Why Are Many Christians Randian/Miserian Influenced Social Darwinists Instead of the Socialists The Bible Prefers? “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some ...
Gregory Paul 08/30/2011 19 11 1 124
The Death of Human Space Flight
What with the shuttle having made its last flight, there is a way you can get a sense that humaned (manned is sexist) space flight is a dead end proposition that has no long term place to go.
Gregory Paul 07/21/2011 32 3 - 107
Stop Picking on Atheists (or Knock Off the Anti-Atheist Bigotry)
The below essay is an expanded version of an op-ed published on 4/30/11 on the opinion pages of the Washington Post(print version; online version www.washingtonpost....
Gregory Paul 05/11/2011 1082 455 35 3169
Ronnie’s Birthday Gift to Ameroatheism
What with all the hoopla about Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday, it is a good time to explain how he did serious damage to popular religion in America without having a clue that he his ...
Gregory Paul 02/07/2011 2 6 - 74
Why Aren’t Bible Believing Conservatives the Socialists the Bible Demands They Be?
Conservative Christian American’s believe that God blesses these United States, an exceptional nation that stands as Reagan’s Shining City on a Hill to the rest of the world. Because ...
Gregory Paul 12/16/2010 49 12 3 110
Rachel Maddow For President! (And if not Her, Someone Like Her)
Rachel Maddow should run for President of the United States of America. Seriously Rachel, you should. This is not because I want to see President Obama not have a second term. He has ...
Gregory Paul 12/05/2010 14 3 - 60
Those Damn Republican Landmines
Dragging drearily and endlessly on, the Gulf oil calamity did not help Obama, the Democrats and the progressive cause as the mid terms approached. This is ironic in that Obama et al. do not bear the ...
Gregory Paul 09/30/2010 1 3 1 14
Why Those Who Oppose the Muslim Center near Ground Zero are Religious Bigots as Much as They Deny It
Those who oppose the Muslim establishment near Ground Zero protest that they are doing so merely because they are concerned about the feelings of the survivors of the relatives of those slain in the ...
Gregory Paul 09/10/2010 8 5 1 31
At Long Last the Catholic Church Must Be Destroyed
As the Nathan character said in The Searchers, that tears it. The last shred of the Catholic claim to being an ethical institution has been eliminated by the cruel perfidy of its clerics. It is time ...
Gregory Paul 06/08/2010 134 9 1 104
Libertarian America: What the Ayn-Rand-Paulian Wing of the Tea Party Really Wants the USA to Become
There is a strong libertarian streak to the Tea Party crowd. In some recent elections where they have had an impact, such as the election of Ron Brown to the late Ted Kennedy’s seat, the TPs ...
Gregory Paul 06/04/2010 83 19 3 63
Pope Claims Jesus Had the Brain of a Caveman!
Not literally, but he is dangerously close to doing so. Here’s how it works. The notorious Shroud of Turin has been purported to be the burial shroud of the crucified and resurrected Christ ...
Gregory Paul 05/13/2010 21 10 1 13
Why Making Pope Pious XII a Saint is a Very Bad Idea
That there is something very wrong with the ethics of the Vatican is yet again coming to global attention with the latest wave of revelations of priestly pedophilia and higher level cover ups that ...
Gregory Paul 03/29/2010 26 6 1 24
Promoting Universal Health Care: Progressive's Really Big Mistake
Advocates of universal health care have made an enormous mistake, one that more than anything else explains why most Americans are balking at adopting the kind of comprehensive health coverage ...
Gregory Paul 03/03/2010 4 7 2 23
The Conservative Sleaze Factor
The Modern Conservative Sleaze Factor Now, Ameroconservatives who believe in the existence of a creator lord think they along are the true, godly Americans who alone hew to the genuine American ...
Gregory Paul 02/02/2010 4 7 - 12
The failed Christmas airliner attack is inspiring a lot of bad thinking across political spectrum
The right is trying to leverage the incident to discredit the security credentials of the Obama-Biden administration. The attempt would be more credible if this were 2012, or if the current ...
Gregory Paul 01/21/2010 6 5 - 8
Anti-Choice Madness, and Why God is Not Pro-Life
So the judge presiding over the case of Scott Roeder, the anti-abortionist who is charged with assassinating abortion service providing doctor George Tiller, has ruled that the defense can use Roeder&
Gregory Paul 01/19/2010 34 12 - 29
Conservative Christian Whiners
So Brit Hume is upset that his advice that Tiger Woods accept Jesus as his savior has been slammed. Humes and his conservative Christian allies have cited the reaction as yet more evidence that ...
Gregory Paul 01/18/2010 57 18 - 27
Bringing Creationism to Heel Requires Making America Less Socially Darwinistic
150 years after Charles Darwin’s globe altering On the Origin of the Species was published there are signs of a fresh change in the air regarding the struggle between the forces that favor ...
Gregory Paul 12/02/2009 53 9 1 68
The Gays Are Winning: Why That's Big Trouble for the Religious Right
The gays are winning. The culture war. That might not seem true with the laws and amendments banning same sex marriage, Proposition 8 being the latest example, as well as their still being banned ...
Gregory Paul 02/26/2009 24 23 2 51
The True War on Christmas
Here we go again. It’s become a yearly tradition. Led by Bill O’Reilly, theocon elitists denounce the War on Christmas wherein liberal secularists, aided and abetted by wimpy retailers, ...
Gregory Paul 12/18/2008 9 7 - 20
Why the Republicans and Their Religious Base Are in a Lot More Trouble Than They Realize
Once upon a time the great Republican operative Karl Rove had a political dream. Using George Bush Jr. as his vessel, he was going to play the political margins to establish a conservative majority ...
Gregory Paul 12/17/2008 82 109 24 341
John McCain, Fighter Pilot
McCain has abandoned any practical pretense of conducting an honorable campaign that is based on contending positions on the issues. The man who once suggested that he and Obama conduct a series of ...
Gregory Paul 09/19/2008 4 2 - 7
Todd Palin: Future Co-President?
That McCain and his Republicans left the voters and the media with just weeks to vet Sarah Palin as potential Vice President and perhaps the President is a neat trick because it precludes figuring ...
Gregory Paul 09/17/2008 10 8 - -
The Liar From Nowhere
Has there ever been a presidential campaign in living memory in which one of the members of the two tickets was willing to brazenly lie with such by golly enthusiasm as Sarah Palin has been doing ...
Gregory Paul 09/12/2008 3 1 - -
Why the Right is Pulling Our Legs When They Say Big Government is Bad For America, and Bad for Them
Your typical conservative Republican, at least the male of the species, likes to imagine himself as something of a 21st century cowboy, a rugged libertarian individualist, striding like an ...
Gregory Paul 09/10/2008 4 2 - 41
Of Course It Matters
The revelation that the 17 year old daughter of Sarah Palin is pregnant has been greeted with a chorus of calls to pretend that the matter is a private family matter that has no bearing upon which ...
Gregory Paul 09/08/2008 6 2 - 10
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